More rumors on the two upcoming Nikon lenses

More info regarding the new Nikon lenses that might be announced with the D800:

  • The new DX lens will be replacing one of the current superzooms (not a pro-level lens).
  • Theย FX lens will be an update to one of the current AF-D prime lenses and probably will not be wide angle. If this is correct, the new lens should replace one of the following (see all 74 current Nikkor lenses here):

[NR] probability rating: 60%, just not enough information in order to bump the probability.

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  • PeterO

    Hopefully whatever is announced isn’t made in flooded Thailand. Delivery will be months later. Sadly, Nikon will be suffering just before the biggest buying season of the year. There seems to be a lot of pent up demand with little stock to satisfy that demand.

    Are businesses still operating under the “just in time” philosophy? Obviously mother nature is screwing with that.

  • Phei

    >AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D

    Yes please.

    • YES! That’s what I want. Would be a good portrait lens to go with the D800.

      • 300mm

        Could be a 300mm/4 VR!

        • Donz

          yeah, bring it on. Been a long time coming!

    • Tony5787

      Hopefully Nikon will put the 85mm 1.8G in the same body of the 1.4G or a similar body that uses a 77mm filter. If they can do it with the 50mm 1.4G and 1.8G I don’t see why they can’t with the 85mm 1.8G.

    • Chester B. Tan

      Yeah. If I can’t get the 85mm f/1.4G then the f/1.8G will have to do.

  • Daniel

    MICRO 200mm PLZZZ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Peter,
    time ago there wasnt a rumor about a 105 F/2 VRII ? Was it just a mistake you didnt include in your list ?

  • Ron Scubadiver

    113mm f/6.3 please!!

    • Dyslexic

      Hopefully he’s dyslexic and means:

      311 f/3.6 (VR) — that would be sweet.

  • Please gave us 100-500 f/4-5.6, The 200-400 f/4L Killer~!!!

    • IanZ28

      that’d be the same size and cost of a 200-400. You have plans to buy a $5000 lens?

    • Anonymous

      Nikon has a great 200-400/4 VR and VRII. Both are great glass.

  • 28-135mm VR, 28-135m

    a 28-135mm VR

    i’d like something like that, better built quality than available lenses but yet not terribly expensive (600-)

  • AM

    I’d wish Nikon announced an AF-S DX 50-150mm f/2.8 VR. I know this doesn’t replace an existing lens, but it is something that’s been missing in the line-up for the enthusiast, a space that Sigma is going to try to fill in with its version of this lens.

    • Sigma and tokina already offer this lens..

      • Fabio27

        That’s the problem

  • broxibear

    It’s been suggested that this might be the D800 it’s one of the few images I’ve come across…so far.

    • Oh! Nice find! I’m willing to bet this is a D800 or another FX Nikon that has not been released. Look at the prism housing and the shape of the side profile. It’s deffinatly not a current Nikon DSLR. I can almost make out a huge rear screen cover/protector in the side profile.

      • broxibear

        Yeah, I had a good look at all the current range and none of them have that shape to the prism, you’re right about the rear it looks thicker.
        It’s a bit more interesting than prices and rebates.

    • looks like a joke with that dude in the front – weeD800?

  • KnightPhoto

    just tagging the thread…

  • Seems like we’re taking the release of the D800 as a given now. I sure hope so!

  • Trevor

    Well, I was hoping for a 24 f/2.8 DX, but if it’s a zoom and not a 17-55 replacement I would really hope for something constant f/4. Everything is covered between 3.5-5.6 and they would want a fortune for anything 2.8.

    A 17-70 f/4 for $500 – $600 would be a reasonable step up from the kit glass and be decent for video. Maybe it could be paired with a D400?

  • Timo

    @Admin: What do you consider a pro-level DX zoom lens? Just the 17-55 (which is actually not a superzoom)? Or also the 16-85?
    I’d be interested in a slightly faster replacement for the 16-85, something like f/3.5-4.5 (f/2.8-4 would be nicer, but Nikon doesn’t make that).

    • IanZ28

      Nikon did make the FX equivalent of what you are asking for:

      Nikon Zoom – 24 mm – 85 mm – F/2.8-4.0d

      • Timo

        Well, I forgot about this one. But it’s not the fx equivalent. The equivalent would be 24-135.

        • John

          Well, it would be perfect if Nikon made an excellent 24-105/3.5-4.5 AFS.
          For some reason they can’t seem to make a decent 24-120/3.5-5.6VR, so how about scaling back the long end just a bit to make it easier.

          The 24-85AFS is a very nice lens as is the 28-105AF-D – come on Nikon!

    • actually this is not about what I consider pro DX lens – I was told that the next DX lens will be for consumers

  • I think, there is 80% probability, that the new FX lens would be 85/1.8 AF-S with no VR.

    • John

      I agree. If it’s a new prime they are going to do one that they can sell a lot of and the 85/1.8G AFS would be it.

  • Moth Flopwell

    I wish Nikon would do…what they did for 24mm 1.4G, 35mm 1.4G and 85mm 1.4G

    that larger size….with the 50mm 1.4 The current 50 is puny. lol

    • 35isPuny

      The 35mm is puny, actually. They made it 62mm cap, I believe??

      I was so pissed off — the 35 should have been 77mm cap, just like the 24 & 85, so that we could exchange filters. And whats worse the 35 and 50 don’t match up either!!

      But whatever Nikon. Whatever.

      Some things you just have to be idiots about, right?

      • the visible man

        idiots? more like business people.

  • Miro

    AF-S 85mm/f1.8 G would be a good choice.

    • LeastNeeded

      Ugh. This is the LEAST needed lens. Nikon is going to deliberately makes its bokeh shifty compared to the 85/1.4. Like they always do. On purpose. Just get the current 85.

      When is the 70-400/VR-III arriving?

  • pavel

    I wish for 65mm macro. Canon has a new patent for it and Nikon still nothing. I need macro lens that can do 5x life size and nothing else comes close to quality and convenience of the 65mm macro from Canon.

    • Sure it does. An 85mm-105mm 5x F/2.8 life size macro lens. ๐Ÿ˜€


    • MB

      I wonder why Nikon dropped support for larger than 1:1 …
      They used to have fantastic macro system (bellows, extension rings and similar) …

    • mcvmjr


  • I am mostly interested in wide stuff, and a solid 50mm f1.2 or f1.4 I don’t really care as long as it’s built more like a tank. The extra third stop wouldn’t do much except maybe it would be sharper at a wider aperture, so it looks like I’ll be disappointed.

    My two cents

    Please give me a replacement of my 20mm f2.8 (maybe at f2)

    Or a replacement of my 17-35mm (why produce a body for landscapers and not replace their glass)

    The 135 is the sharpest tack in my kit, doesn’t need replacing.

    I might look at the micro if it’s sharper than the 105, and replace my 105 with a DC (if I can find one)

    This post is for the benefit of NIKON – PLEASE READ, lol

    • Cuius

      17-55/2.8 but with VRII as an outside bet.

    • the visible man

      totally agree bout the 17-35. its weak…. lacks sharpness. the 16-35 f4 vr is garbage too.

      • silmasan

        Are you sure you guys are talking about the AFS 17-35/2.8? Good copy?

        It’s center is supremely sharp. It’s one of the few lenses that outresolves the D3X… BUT if you’re talking about its border/corner performance at larger aperture, then you are both right, it could use some 14-24 AFS-like treatment…

        Stopped down to about f/8 the 17-35 is just great for landscape throughout the zoom range, so you need to be more specific.

  • MB

    Only DX superzoom is 18-200 and it is very recent.
    Only other lens that fits description and may need replacing is 16-85, currently the best Nikon DX mid zoom besides 17-55.
    I would be happier with 17-55 with VR, but faster 16-85 would also do nicely on D7000.

  • @ admin

    On another note, have you ever done the sums on how many posts relating to D700 replacement versus other posts. I sometimes wake up (here in oz, 7:30am is your previous pm) to hundreds of posts on a new thread.

    • actually I think I got more comments/visitors when the D7000 was announced last year – almost 400k pageviews for one day (September 14th)

  • Eduardnic

    For the DX system Nikon will replace the existing 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VRII with 17-70mm f/2.8-4 VRII.
    For the FX system – the obscure 70-180mm f/4.5-5.6D ED will reborn in 70-150mm f/2 VRII… maximum magnification ratio is 1:1!

    • Geoff

      I would kill for 70-150 f/2. We need some lower than f/2.8 zooms.

      • Anon

        Are you sure? I’m certain the weight of that 70-150 f/2 will kill you before anything ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 135mm f2 on par with Canons would be perfect, don’t care about DC or not. The 135 and the 17 TS/e are the only two lenses that they have that we don’t.

  • Robert

    This is pretty much a no-brainer: If the rumor is true, then the new FX prime will be the 85mm f/1.8G AF-S. Why? None of the other options would sell as much and be useful for both FX and DX sensor users.

  • @Admin:

    It seems like a non-bayer sensor (true RGB) could be an explanation for the insane MP count that none of us were expecting. Instead of producing 36mp files from the 36mp sensor, it could produce instead a 12mp image but true RGB.

    Any chance this upcoming sensor is true RGB and 12mp final output as JBorg speculates on the older D800 thread?

    • A Foveon non-Bayer sensor would be interesting. I’ve always admired the Foveon design, even though the Sigma version isnt all that great. I always wondered what Nikon could do with such a sensor design. This would explain the exclusion of the AA filter and also might explain Nikon’s patent lawsuits with Sigma, even though that was in refference to VR tech, supposedly.

      If Nikon was able to bring D3s quality to a FX 12+12+12 Foveon RGB array, it would bring the industry to it’s knees.

    • This sounds more like D4 technology, I have no idea but it is definitely a possibility

    • Landscape Photo

      Oh no, this means forever stuck at 12mp.

      All I need is a 24mp D700x !!! Neither 12 nor 36mp… But I’ll anyway get this D800 if it has an upscaled sensor of D7000.

    • zeroanalogue

      +1 billion

  • Nino N.

    85mm f/1.8G would be awesome!

  • David

    Am I the only one wishing really hard for something like a 24mm f/1.8 for under $500 ?

    • zeroanalogue

      I’m right there with you. I don’t need a 1.4 for wide angle stuff, and surely don’t want to pay through the nose for this very useful focal length just to get afs/better glass. Also, weight is an issue. Wide primes are nice when they are lighter and smaller than zooms, at the same or better speed… C’mon Nikon!

  • EvanK

    Dammit, Nikon! Didn’t you just replace the 18-200?

    • Rahul

      That lens was creepy. literally !

  • neopavlik

    Hoping its the update to the 85mm 1.8 or the 135mm 2, even though it’ll take me awhile to afford them.

  • Ralph

    Its going to be the 200 Micro, I’m certain of it. How do I know? I recently bought the Sigma 150mm, sick of waiting on the 200 update. The Sigma 150 is absolutely brilliant and I’m so happy with it, especially at the much lower price. The Sihma is so good I will look at alternative brands in future instead of just jumping to Nikon like I once did.

  • Craig

    Was there a patent (or did I imagine it) for a 300mm f4 with built in 1.4t/c? That would get me saving…
    As would a new version of the 17-55 – I do think that will be updated at some point – hopefully before my sigma collapses…

  • Dweeb

    How about listening to your customers and giving them what they want. I don’t need another 50-135 micro-nikkor half frame flower lense you seem to specialize in these days. How about a 2.8 WA prime less than a FEW GRAND?

  • MC

    I’m ready to put my hand on fire that Nikon will release a 70-200/4 VRII or an 100-300/4 VRII (which make more sense)… They need to complete the f4 zoom trio before to upgrade other lenses…

  • malaika

    Hmmm I hope for AF-S 105/2G ED or 135/2…

    • silmasan

      AF-S Portrait Zoom-Nikkor 85-135mm f/1.4-2.0


      I’m gonna post this again in the future!

  • RondoX

    On the DX side of things, perhaps Nikon will update the ever aging but stil optically solid 18-70mm or perhaps the forgotten 18-135mm??

  • Landscape Photo

    Can anyone who knows Chinese translate these words on the graphs below:


    I guess these are the parameters about res, iso, dr, fps, etc. But please a translation…

    • jason

      Nothing related, its screen size, battery life, zoom range, mobility, and anti shake ability and resolution.

      • Landscape Photo

        Thank you.

  • Robert M

    My hopes are an 85 1.8G : )

    • Anon

      There is already a non-G version of 85mm, which is one of the best optics Nikon ever made: Then what’s wrong with having the aperture scale?

      Let Nikon make some of the missing focals instead of repeating similar ones with minor & mostly unnecessary changes just for the sake of a change. For example where is the real compact walkabout FX Nikkor zoom?

      • silmasan

        You’re right about the aperture scale (ring actually).

        The “G” moniker represents a lack, not an extra/better/positive. People confuse it with the other real features such as fast AF-S (not AF-Slow), ED glass etc, then they think that a “G” is better than a “D”… ๐Ÿ˜€

        I have to disagree with your second paragraph though. The new versions/designs generally improve quite a bit from the older lenses, especially in the border/corner sharpness, besides giving a bit smoother look in the out-of-focus area. And just like the 50/1.8 AFS makes for a great alternative (faster too) to a 50/1.4 AFS, the 85/1.8 AFS would be at least very interesting.

  • MagicMonkey

    What about a replacement for the 300mm f/4 D! For example, a 300mm f/4 VR G would be mighty nice!

  • Nikon please Replace 80-400mm with a better lens ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sue

      Second that! 100-400 vrii f/4.5-5.6 please!

  • Landscape Photo

    A compact VR 28-135mm quality walkabout with the D800…

    Corner-to-corner sharpness at all focals @ f/8 or f/11, low distortion.

    • silmasan

      compact + walkabout smells very DX but a 24-135 f/4 VR sounds great (esp. with a small FX body D600) ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Shm

    300mm F4 VRII or 80mm – 400mm F4,5 – F5,6 VRII.

    Plus an 36Mpix D800. Hopfully not 4FPS – 6FPS but 5 FPS – 8 FPS (or faster…)

    My savings will run dry.


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