New Nikon Coolpix cameras available for pre-order

The new Coolpix cameras are now available for pre-order (I got a pink S30, side by side comparison with the D800 coming soon):

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  • Yay! I just per-ordered 3 pink ones! Just kidding…..awaiting next week to see what will be my next camera.

    • Not Surprised

      The pink “Niklopse” is definitely going to break records.

      • bunz

        I bet the D800 will come in pink and will actually be a coolpix camera! Ahahaha! lol

  • PeterT

    Still no RAW with P310 – disappointing!


    • BartyL

      No. The mooted f1.8 – 2.6 lens didn’t materialise either.

      Seems it got the body shell and some dials and functionality from the J1 and P7100.

      • St.

        NO RAW
        NO fast lens on the entire length
        NO 1/1.7 sensor
        NO buy P310

        I’m curious how a man can steady hold P510 with the 1000x zoom for a steady shot or video???

        • St.

          Sorry, I meant 1000mm (40x)

  • I guess I am don’t understand something..
    Nikon just announced new CoollPix cameras.
    Coolpix P510 – is one of them.
    16.0 megapixels –> and a Sensor size = 1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm) ???
    I think it is too small ! and we can’t expect a good quality images out of this sensor.
    Or……… I do not understand something about new sensors.. (btw, this is a Sensor type: BSI-CMOS )
    Just for an example new Sony NEX-7 has a 23.5 x 15.6 mm sensor… I know.. it a different kind of camera with 24.3 megapixels….. –> but still…

  • Duh!

  • Ralph

    I mentioned the rediculous comparison of the S30 with the D800 to my girlfriend and she totally agreed that it was rediculous. She claims no overweight ugly black thing could hold a candle to such a cute little pink camera!!! I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer and kept my mouth shut.

    • InTheMist

      Best comment ever! So true.

    • Rygle

      That is why you still have a girlfriend.

  • tonyc123

    Pink d800! Are you sure? 🙂

    • Ralph

      Now that’s not a bad idea!! I’m preordering a D800 anyway but I’d get so much less resistance if it were her favourite colour, pink.

      • Steve

        … with a free bedazzler ? Actually, I would like a peach body with a pink telephoto and an unusually shaped lens cap. Sure to get people smiling.

  • Nicola

    We need the comparison with the D800 NOW!!!

    • hula

      why?????????? I think this is a different sort of cameras.

    • Tof

      Yes, Coolpix S30 Vs D800. Wich will be the winner !!! suspence….
      So, now, i m so confus for buy the D800.

  • Nikonnut

    P310 still only has the 2/3 sensor, 1.8-4.9 lens, no raw or gps, improvement is 16 mps and has HDR. Not bad but not good enough.

  • ibini

    regarding the specs and the price tags, I must say that the small cameras are able to deliver a lot. For many of us they may look like toys (me, too, haha), but for upcoming people they may be a first step into photography, and for m kids, too.

  • Mimmo

    This is your last chance! If I don’t see a Nikon D800 in a few days I’ll take a plane and I’ll fly to Japan to take MY D800!

  • Razvan T.

    at nikon L25 in the video they said 10x zoom, at first I thought that is impresive, but it actualy has only 5x if you check the press release.

  • TCD

    Everywhere says the p310 only comes in black, but in the youtube clip they show a black and silver version around the 1:30 mark…

    • black or silver, it is still coolpix man

      • TCD

        It is still a coolpix, but my wife needs a new P&S to chase our little guy around with. Might as well give Nikon a little more money.

    • PeterT

      At there´s also displayed a white P310.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Hey, I want a camouflage-green D800 🙂

    • Jade

      Camouflage for studio or landscape?? better ask a camo D4 🙂

  • Roeder

    The S30 is shockproof. It can withstand drops up to 2.6 feet! Perfect camera for a clumsy dwarf.

    • The Other Mel Gibson

      That’s more robust than some Nikon pro lenses!!

    • Hamish

      That’s more robust than some Nikon pro lenses!!!

    • Nicolas

      Totally agree !!! 80cm…

      If it’s aimed for kids, it should be more !!!

      Go buy the new Panasonic…

  • Lio

    S30 seem amazing, picture quality is amazing, but wait … “Note : Images shown on this page are simulated.” (From Nikon web site).
    Nikon is transforming itself into picture manipulation, the upcoming product will be the PhotoShop on the go D800 ?!

  • AM

    Wow! They are already on sale. You save 0.95 if you pre-order today. Cool!

  • Boing Wronkwell


    Ordered five. My Girlfriends will be SOOOOOO happy.

    Now all we need is a cell phone built in and it’ll be a huge hit.

    Who’s going to buy a compact camera when cell phones are almost destroying the market.


    • arizonaSteve

      True, but how many cell phones can you take under water (and still have it work)? I seriously might buy one for my kids. It had better be durable.

    • arizonaSteve

      Oh, and one other thing. My kids don’t have cell phones (they will when they are older), but still love to shoot stills and video with point and shoot cameras.

      But I agree that generally point and shoots are dying and giving way to cell phone cameras.

  • D

    Bored now. Moving on.

  • Baraldi


    I think the only nice thing about this news is the fact that the “Pinkon coolpix” has been announced as scheduled, increasing the hope that the D800 is in fact announced on February 7.

    we can consider 99% – D800 was announced on February 7?

    • Luke


    • yes, 99.99% the D800 will be announced next week

  • are they following pentax in their color schemes i guess my new lens must match my new camera also

  • Jennifer

    Admin, I just wanted to thank you for posting the information on the new Coolpix update. I am a casual user and have recently looked to your site for updates and news. I know Coolpix isn’t the “cool” thing here but it is to me, so I thank you!

    • I do like the S30 – waterproof camera for $120 is a good deal. The P310 is also interesting, especially if Nikon adds RAW support.

    • BartyL

      Don’t let ’em grind ya down, Jennifer. There’s an awful lot of snobbery displayed here at times and like snobbery in general it’s mostly unfounded.

      A ‘good’ camera is the one that’s right for your needs.

  • Siggi

    Real manz can, and will, use any camera towards the desired outcome. Besides, like ole Steve-o said, “Pink is my fav-o-rite ca-ray-yawn!” The next time I find myself shut-out, or forced to work in *stealth-mode, because some venue prohibits the use of “professional [looking] cameras” at/ in their venue, I’ll wish I had one (of any five? yeah, right) girlfriend’s pink Coolpix to shoot with. (BTW Mine shoots for Nat Geo… But I digress.)

    *Most any high-end P&S — say, something that retails about $1K — will do for this purpose. Merely shroud it in the cardboard skin of a Fujifilm disposable, then shoot Beyonce to your heart’s delight. Just remember to posture yourself like a dweebe. If you go all Crouching Tiger/Yoga Master whilst shooting, you risk some reasonably informed rent-a-creep tossing you, and your camera, out the gate. And if your camera gets trashed in the process, you’ll wish it was a Coolpix.

    • BartyL

      Excellent. Thanks for the tips!

  • R!


  • D700guy

    Moving right along now, nothing to see here

  • I’m going to hold out for the D800 and D4 in Pink!

    How about a Victoria Secrets version while we’re at it??

  • loris

    bah the new sonys will destroy all nikons p&s and dslr too! prepare

  • I knew I’d order a D4.

    I had a pretty good idea that I’d order a D800.

    I had no idea I’d be ordering a camera for a child.

  • juicebox81

    no need for D800 announcement anymore.


  • Moe Jacknally

    We want that side by side comparison with the D800, now!

  • PAG

    I saw that pink camera and immediately wondered if Admin was simply trolling. The answer is, of course, “yes”. When readers pull up this page I imagine several heads will explode (a la the movie “Scanners”).

  • Kevin

    cool… hopefully nikon can tap into the mainstream consumer market and generate some more revenue for dslr/high end P&S R&D!

  • Jim

    nice color for some ear-muffs

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    • OsoSolitario

      Welcome to the Reality, my friend….

    • BartyL

      Look up ‘astro-turfing’ TIM, it’s everywhere, all the time.

    • Rygel

      They don’t have any review for that TV

  • Yona

    S30 sounds like a good idea for my 4 year old daughter… she can’t wait to take a cam to her swim lesson, or taking pics with her dolls in bubble bath, goes to the beach, or when she plays mud pies… although she prefers a yellow one lol

  • Jim

    I wonder if the pink one comes with a lollipop.

    • AM

      Actually you can lick it and it tastes like bubblegum.

  • Foolishcfo

    More Cool Crap! Yeah!…NOT! Where is the D400? We need a high end DX refresh since Nikon has discontinued the 300s!

  • ORDER order OrDeR ^_^ many of choice

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