Nikon D3 – the camera of choice for this 3 years old boy

This 3 years old boy doesn't need the newly released Coolpix S30 - he is shooting with the Nikon D3!

Thanks @RickWilks

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  • Sub

    Wow, a 3 year old child that is capable of pressing a button!

    • Paul

      Seriously…I agree.

      • Jacky Mason

        Wow! Who cares! Useless Post Admin!

        • Yeah

          Great post!! Watched the whole thing. The kid actually has decent framing of shots & good composition some adults wouldn’t have.

          • Excuse mebut that statement is completely void, the kid does not get up move, or change his vantage point…. He just hangs on a stool and shoots a face.

            My 3 year old nephew actually understands a camera, and im teaching him the understanding of camera controls, but he has already mastered the concept of color balance…

    • Kon_head

      If a monkey can do it…. so can a ….

    • no-nikon-no

      faker than fake, lamer than lamerer

  • Justin Knight

    You can’t start ’em too early!

    • Joe B

      apparently you cannot start too early, just think if a child that interested is guided along by a knoweledgble photographer family, and assuming he stays with it. How good could he become. I would like to see this develop over several years where one could see th improvements and advancments if and when they come.

  • Ron Scubadiver


  • T.I.M

    *** SAD NEWS***SAD NEWS***SAD NEWS ***
    *** B&H customers products reviews are fake***

    Hi guys,
    I bought a high end SONY 46″ 46HX820 HDTV to display my pictures (as I do on my
    Samsung 21″ monitors).
    The picture’s quality is fantastic.

    But the TV WILL NOT READ pictures that have been modified on a computer
    (croped, re-sized or corrected in any way).

    I contacted SONY and they told me that it’s because the TV’s processor don’t
    read JPEG (or TIFF, BMP, etc) that have been modified from the original

    I wrote a review on B&H website (the only review published so far for that
    TV) and discribed the Sony 46HX820 as a very good TV for movies, videos,
    etc…. but not for pictures because it can’t read pictures files that have
    been modified.

    They totally changed my review, take a look:

    I contacted B&H by phone, they told me that they will “investigate” and call
    me back, I’m still waiting for the phone call….

    I am very disapointed because I’m a B&H customer for many years and I found
    the product review to be very helpfull.

    Alex- Florida

    • andy

      And this is relevant how?

      • + 1,000,000

        • assholio

          Who Cares…You use sony…lol

    • What the hell does this have to do with ANYTHING on this post or Nikon Rumors?

      • T.I.M

        @Sean Molin
        Because I buy TONS of NIKON products from B&H ?

        • Andy

          Oh, well that’s alright then. Spam away…..

    • Daniel

      Waaah, Waaaaaah, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!



    • munt

      wait, you mean before that you actually trusted user’s reviews?

      • WindyCityShooter

        +1 =P

    • Dchino

      Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I appreciate the news since I was planning to buy new equipment from B&H.


      • joe b low

        I trust B&H more than some random guy on the internet thats running around spreading false rumors about the company. This is pure BS.

        • T.I.M

          @joe b low
          Did you look at the review ?
          I am more devastated than you, I thrusted B&H for so many years…
          I’m still waiting for B&H to call me back.
          Very sad from a big seller like B&H.

          • Daniel

            You “thrusted” B&H? No wonder they hate you. I would hate you too if you “thrusted” me!

            • MTP

              That’s what she said!!

        • Grandma

          Boys, boys, boys…..T.I.M. has been posting on NR for
          a while now and his opinions and humor are valued.

          One does not expect this kind of ‘crap’ (pardon my French
          T.I.M.) from a shop like B&H.

      • Yea, wrong place – but I would like to hear any update on this.
        I spent $7,000 with them last month, I expect better ethics from B&H than this.

        • T.I.M

          @Steven Georges
          I will keep buying from them because they have the lowest prices and a great customer service but I sure won’t spend anymore time reading the products reviews….

          If they did not like my (honest) review they should not publish it, but change the review contenent (while keeping my name…) is not nice.

          • Erikz

            One thing is that they change a review….kinda disgusting in itself.

            But in this case they are actually posting a direct lie about the TV….is that legal at all ?…..I mean that’s a very strange behavior…a customer clarifies a TV’s capabilities then changed to say the complete opposite….wich is totally misguiding.

            This should not be legal

          • Camaman

            The sad thing is how does that Sony even knows that jpegs are not from a camera!! They must have worked especially not to allow this to be reproduced out of some logic only known to them… I mean a simple JPEG. I bet that “feature” is written nowhere

            What Now I cant draw a picture in Paint or Photoshop and save it as jpeg and look at it on TV from usb…

            Tipical Sony, there is always something missing. Better buy LG next time. Sony is always lagging behind the trend.

      • Junior

        If you call B&H as I did and talk to them, they will strongly recommend that you buy CANON instead of Nikon as they did to me. They say long term, Nikon is getting financial problems…

    • Nikon Shooter

      B&H are a bunch of crooks for sure. They tried to rip me off when I bought a used lens rated with their equivalent of “Like New”. What I received looked like a 10-year-old rental lens, which was also unacceptably soft on one side. I was very upset because I was going to use the lens for an assignment. I called and complained and they agreed to take it back after rudely trying to convince me that it’s my camera that’s soft and not the lens! When I finally received the refund I was shocked to find out that they had the nerve to charge me for shipping both ways! I had to fight with them yet again. The whole experience was simply disgusting and had completely turned me off from doing any future business with B&H.

    • Regaro

      You’ve only noticed that recently? If you checked B&H often, you’d find that most of the reviews are canned responses setup by their review minions. Especially, the most oftenly used phrase “I WILL BUY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN”. Ain’t that some BS.

    • chmod6755

      I agree, totally wrong place to post this, but…

      I have a Sony Bravia TV and have found that it will only display JPEGs that are saved in “Standard” format. If you use other formats, like Photoshop’s “Baseline Optimized” or “Progressive”, they are not recognised.

  • Rob Banks

    That tells you how much skill needs to be a portrait photographer.

    • Tommy

      Good one!

    • haha x)

    • That tells you how much skill needs to be a *bad* portrait photographer.

      fixed for ya

  • And AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED N hehe

  • FM2Fan

    the key skill is: building a relationship … technology is just a tool

    • sirin

      totally – the client will always love every picture you take of her… when she’s your mom.

  • dmgabe

    I will be impressed when they post the video of him setting up the strobes, and adjusting camera settings.

    • And setting up the Nikon CLS or Pocket Lizards. Really is just more gratuitous attention seeking. I’m kind of sad that Admin even posted this here.

  • It’s bad enough shooting next to rich doctors, now even a 3-year-old has a better setup than I do.

    At least till I get my D4, then I’ll show HIM who’s the REAL photographer!

    • 700geek

      hew won’t appreciate the lecture, because he can’t tell the difference between “3” and “4”.

      • holy, i feel sorry for you man. my two daugthers can both count up to ten by 2 years old. you think a 3 year old cant tell between 3 and 4? btw, my daughter shot with my D2X as well, and she got her 1st camera, olympus E-410, at 2 year old. and now she owns my D100 at age 4.

        • tonyc123

          Really jealous! My son is 17 and no interest in photography or cameras whatsoever…

        • dillydally

          Thats just sad. Take your kids out to the fun park or something rather than trying desperately to steer them into something they will hate you for =)
          As for the wee nipper shooting the d3..thats just redonkulous.

          Yes i got kids. yes they can count. Who cares how high they could count at 2..except you of course.

          Someone post a url for a nikon rumours site please, i seem to have stumbled upon im a stupid tw*t dot com

        • bob spagget

          I feel sorry for your 2 daughters =)

        • 700geek

          In tomorrow’s video the kid will make the same photos with the D800.
          (would love to photograph all the faces of the participants here when they see this).
          Can your daughters count to 800 by then?

  • ennan

    I’m a proud D3 owner. Fantastic camera and certainly a game chager for Nikon. Will happily shoot with mine for years to come even though the D4 looks tasty.

  • PeterO

    Uh-oh. Obviously Nikon hasn’t done their research homework. Here they are announcing another round of Coolpixes, when kids are actually shooting D3’s. Oh, and here we’ve been spending oodles of cash on super duper tripods, when we could have been using a stool!

  • grantourismo

    Admin, please can you tell me/us what you think of the chances of D800 being announced on feb 7:th? 70% 90%? Please answer, i need to know what you think.

    • PeterO

      In the previous post about pink coolpixes, Admin said he was 99.99% sure that the D800 will be announced next week.

      • grantourismo

        Thanx PeterO.

  • My son is 5 and he operates my D3. Though it gets pretty heavy for him, especially with the 24-70. I rather give him a D70 to play with. I wish I could play with such gear when I was that young!

    • Markus

      ? you mean you have a D70 and both you and your son dream they have a D3 with a 24-70 😉

    • spender

      i dont know whats more insane…that admin posted this tripe; some numpties let there toddlers loose with expensive kit or that the same people think we care and that they are cool for it. wtf?
      Daddy can i have a dolly for Christmas? No you are getting a full frame dslr and you WILL like it. Now take my car and go get me some chicken wings. Dont forget you booster seat. K…

  • BTW – I would never hand a $5,000 camera (with expensive lens) that didn’t have a strap over to a 3-year-old kid.
    He did look like he was having fun. I, on the other hand, was a nerves reck waiting for him to drop the camera.

  • where_is_our_d800…

    ALL all you need for this is a RICH father, not the ability to press the shutter release button.

    • Am-Expat

      ….and parents who spend time with their kid and have patience. The most important element of the clip was a family having a good time while the kid was exploring new experiences. He will remember that session all his life…

  • jake

    sorry, but i really dont care about a 3 year old taking pictures. = /

  • BrD

    Dear NR Admin, please do not post such a sh*t like this again. Seriously… we are here for other things. Thanks in advance 😉

  • logandiana

    The next Joey L ??

  • Jade

    ok guys..we are now on the bottom of the’s time for THE announcement or serious photos leaks that are still on the corner of the table. that’s the most unuseful article of this entire website ahaha

  • Thanos

    This only shows one thing… Nikon cameras are ergonomically designed and easy to use, even for a 3-year child!!!

    • Donji hogfan

      No it just shows that with the right equipment even a baby can take the picture.

      In other words it implies that many rely on their equipment to do the job for them. That is also the reason for the high price.

      Give that child a film camera if you want to see whether it knows anything about photography.

  • Eric Calabros

    not so strange.. in a Justin Buyber world

  • just dont drop it

  • chris zeller

    Photography has nothing to do with the gear you use or pressing the button. The mom is actually the photographer in this case. She set up the studio, chose the camera/lens, chose her clothing/makup, her own poses and is even directing him in the shoot. Not that any of these choices she made were very good BTW. All of these elements are the art of photography. A monkey can push a button–this just proves it.

  • tonyc123

    Feeling threatened?!! 🙂

  • Razæc

    Admin: you do have tons of visitors here. Before you make any posts, kindly proof read everything or you are putting yourself into shame… Check your grammar!

  • I can’t believe you guys actually posted this.

  • William

    Now this is by far the shittiest article on NikonRumors ever (apologies for the harsh tone).
    The good thing is it’s the only one or among the very, very few (and hopefully the last one).

    Otherwise, thank you admin for an otherwise, magnificent website.

  • KL

    Okay, do we have a date for the D4 to ship?

  • Button masher!

    Shame on the kid for not fixing that ugly flat lighting first. 😉

  • Alexander Bohn

    What the hell is with all the negative comments towards the kid? Its meant to simply be a cute video, he’s obviously not set out to create award winning images — he’s 3 for Pete’s sake!

    All you jealous adults need to grow up. This is pathetic.

    • I guess people lost their sense of humor today.

  • Along the same thread, here is a shot of my 3 year old daughter shooting a model with a Hasselblad H1 and a Phase One P30 31mp digital back. The D800 wasn’t out yet 😉 . Done as a promo for my day rental studio and photo gear rental house and digital tech services. She really did do the shoot. She has also done a nice prortrait of my wife and I with the H3DII-39 and 300mm f4.5 HC lens. I also shoot Nikon, but she prefers the “big guns”.

  • First off, I cant beleive how childish some of you have been, I’m that little boys dad and it makes my blood boil that some of you “photographers” have slagged off a 3 year old for having fun with a camera, it makes me sad to think that there are people like you on this planet.
    Secondly, that Video was made purely because he has family all over the country and it was posted to show them their little grandson having fun with his mum.
    He loves playing with camera’s and often fools around with my phone and a D70, he loves taking pics of our dog and his brothers, please dont give him a hard time or think this video has been put up to show off. He just like’s taking photo’s thats what photography is all about. Dont hate.!!Jjust think that they’re others out there that love photography as much as you do, from the very young to the very old, do me a favour and take a good long look at yourselves and think about why your itching to get your hands on a D800, it’s simple, it’s because you love photography and you think the D800 will help you get that shot you want, thats all he wanted, to get a picture he liked and i’m pleased to say he did and now it sits at the end of his bed in a frame and tonight he looked at it and said “I took that picture daddy”. Try looking at life and seeing things in a good light, we all know bad light = a horrible picture.

    • Great comment and great video. Keep doing it and Admin keep posting them!

    • Eric


  • Who cares!!! It’s just for fun!!!! I Want MORE! 🙂

  • it’s just a family having fun. i do the same thing with my kids, they sit right next to me. it’s fun to see the expression on someone’s face as they walk by and see a 10 year old kid shooting with a 600mm on a gimbal head! and he sells his stuff and gets it published, nobody knows how old the photographer is in this email world anymore!!

    enjoy life, take pictures and stop complaining about the world–the hippies didnt have all the answers but they were right about “just being happy”

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