New Nikon Coolpix S2600 camera listed on Imaging website

Under today's date (December 14th, 2011) there is a new Coolpix S2600 camera listed on Nikon Imaging website:

Not sure if this is a mistake or a late announcement. Full specs and sample images can be found here.

Effective pixels
14.0 million
Image sensor
1/2.3-in. type CCD; total pixels: approx. 14.48 million
5x zoom NIKKOR; 4.6-23.0 mm (35 mm [135] format angle of view: 26-130 mm); f/3.2-6.5; Digital zoom: up to 4x (35 mm [135] format angle of view: Approx. 520 mm)
Focus range
(from front of lens)
50 cm (1 ft 8 in.) to infinity (∞), Macro mode: 10 cm (4 in.) to infinity (∞)
6.7 cm (2.7-in.), approx. 230k-dot, TFT LCD
Storage media
SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card*1
Image size (pixels)
14M (high image quality) [4320 x 3240★], 14M [4320 x 3240], 8M [3264 x 2448], 4M [2272 x 1704], 2M [1600 x 1200], VGA [640 x 480], 16:9 [4224 x 2376]
Vibration Reduction (VR)
Electronic VR
ISO sensitivity
ISO 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200*2, Auto (auto gain from ISO 80 to 1600), Fixed range auto (ISO 80 to 400, 80 to 800)
Hi-Speed USB
Power sources
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL19 (supplied), Charging AC Adapter EH-69P (supplied), AC Adapter EH-62G (optional), Battery Charger MH-66 (optional)
Battery life*3
Approx. 220 shots with EN-EL19 battery
(W x H x D)
Approx. 93.8 x 58.4 x 19.5 mm (3.7 x 2.3 x 0.8 in.) excluding projections*4
Approx. 121 g (4.3 oz) with battery and SD memory card*4
Supplied accessories*5
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL19, Charging AC Adapter EH-69P, USB Cable UC-E6, Audio Video Cable EG-CP14, Strap, ViewNX 2 Installer CD
Optional accessories
AC Adapter EH-62G, Battery Charger MH-66
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  • Maybe same error like with the 50mm f/1.8?

    Usually Nikon announces Coolpix cameras in February. If the S2600 listing gets removed, the new compact cameras could be announced for PMA in January.

    • Mike

      I was beginning to like the night shots till I saw the disclaimer:

      “Note : Images shown on this page are simulated.”


      • PeterO

        The S2500 has the same “simulated” pictures. Does that mean they both can’t take “real” pictures?

        • Everlast

          Yep, they are just for posing…

      • Simon

        Welcome to truth in advertising.

    • Mimmo

      But never ever an error with the new D800??

  • nips

    It. Has. Begun.

    • jeff

      +1 😛

  • Capture nxFAIL

    Do we really need another Point and Shoot? Would really have LOVED to have seen a nikon competitor to the s100, otherwise, it’s back to waiting for the d800. LOL

    • Everlast

      I honestly can not undestnd why there are soooo many models in Nikon’s coolpix range?!?

      Only the S series have
      S8xxx and
      WTF? And they have the P series!

  • FX DX

    Yeah Nikon. Kick us when we are down.

    • Spooky


  • T.I.M

    An other coolpix camera ?
    Cool, Nikon must have a Coolpix factory on the moon, where there is not moonquakes, tsunami or flooding !



    • nobody

      your keyboard seems to be broken, it’s writing capitals only.


  • Aldo

    Awesome!! The D700 replacement is finally here!!

    oh… wait…

  • T.I.M

    Welcome to the 27th Coolpix camera, the family is getting big !

    We need a picture with all of them !

    No, let’s wait few more weeks and we’ll take the picture with the new 28th Coolpix that will show up at the PMA.

    • craig ross

      New reality show:

      27 Coolpix PoS (I mean P&S) and Counting – No new DSLRs

      Thanks Nikon.

  • why?

    Meanwhile in Canon we have a 5DII for 1600€

    Great strategy Nikon ^0^

  • Been there guy

    I wonder if they would sneak in the D800 too…

  • Don

    I am very disappointed. It doesn’t come in lime green!

  • Ben

    14 MP, 26-130 mm f3.2 – f6.5 zoom….. wow, a world apart from the S2500 (12 MP, 27-108).

  • Just what all the Nikon costumers are waiting for!

    Adding a 5D to my Nikon Set , new beggining has begun!

    • FX DX

      At $1999 5D is looking very tempting. Canon gear is very reasonably priced. If I sell all my Nikon gear and switch to 5D, I will still have some money left. I am just scared that I will switch over and will end up regretting my decision.

      • I’m not switching, i’m adding a 5d to my Nikon Set, just to take a personal side by side comparison. Canon prices are fair, Nikon prices are criminal! LoL


        • RM

          I did that, shot pro with both. You will be using the 5D as a weight for your tripod.

  • BK

    Is anyone going to make a P&S with an optical viewfinder ever again?

    • Anonymus Maximus


      • T.I.M

        Sure, and pay $150 for the hood and filter adapter that should be included ?
        I don’t think so….

        • Anonymus Maximus

          did’t endorse it, just answered the question.

  • PeterO

    I’m just here waiting to see what AnoNemo is going to say. Hey admin, you sure are brave, to announce this 🙂 It’s funny how these Coolpixes seem to pop out like unexpected farts.

  • rEALLy

    Wonderful, just what I was itching for.

    I think it’s called the 2600 because its the 2600th Coolpix released.

    Bravo Nikon.

    Help out, what’s worse, this site reporting when someone at Nikon is thinking of letting out a fart, Nikon releasing garbage like this instead of the D800 or the fan boys who eat this crap up with a spoon?

    What do u think

    • T.I.M

      26000th Coolpix
      Does that you include all colors availables ?

    • Martijn

      maybe u should start your own website, Nik Pro Rumors. this site is for all rumors Nikon, not only pro gear.

    • JorPet

      I think it makes perfect sense for a company to put the emphasis on the products that generate 80% of their income rather than than on those that generate 20%.

      What’s more, I think it makes sense for them to put the emphasis on the products that generate the top 80% of that bottom 20% rather than those that generate the bottom 20% of the bottom 20% (about 4% of total camera income).

      So, what do you think?

  • SK

    How do you think nikon fund R&D on all the higher end cameras? I would love to see the profit margin on the d700/d3s/d3x versus the margin on the low end P&S cameras taking into consideration all R&D and manufacturing costs.
    Bring on the 500,00th coolpix, i hope they sell out and make a tonne of cash for nikon.

    • FX DX

      Canon S100 is the king. Releasing a new Coolpix every month will not generate more money for Nikon. If anything, customers (including Nikon Fans) are now going for Canon P&S cameras. It’s lame! Nikon cameras are becoming “Zune” of the camera world.

      • Nikon’s cameras don’t have a “squirt” feature. Sorry. We all know that’s what did Zune in. haha.

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Wake me up before you go-go…

    ,,,Last one out turn off the light.

  • Steve Starr

    Another Coolpix … already? My dealer can’t get rid of the old prior 20 something Coolpix models he already has. He’ll be howling mad at yet another one.

    All these minicams are looking very much alike too. Probably some old 1st gen iPhone plant cranking them out to whatever manufacturer wants them. If Canon could sell their $500 9000 Mark II printer for $50 at Adorama, or even free with their camera rebate thing, imagine what these Coolpixes really cost? Things must cost $2 to make, and cheaper than some over-priced ink cartridge too.

    Oh well. By morning, they’ll be up to maybe the Generation 38 Coolpixs at this rate. The Jan. CES show will be Coolpixs Galore and probably no DSLRs at all.

    Good luck trying to get rid of the old Coolpix stock anytime soon.

    • Andrew

      Put a Coolpix in the hands of a real professional photographer, and you will be wondering what awesome SLR took those pictures.

      • Anonymus Maximus

        you are dead wrong!

        You will be wondering how good a pictute he can make despite the coolpix limitations.

  • jojo

    twp piece of info:

    tonight at Adorama, their store ad TV has a D800 flashed by for a second; i asked Joe McNally, who was giving a talk, how’s his D4 he was playing with, he said he never heard of that combination

  • It’s budget camera only available in poor country, like my country. 😛

  • Thomas

    Do you guys ever get tired on complaining about P&S cameras?
    I’m quite sure without these P&S cashcows there would’t be any Nikon DSLRs.

    • danei

      Well, nikon’s dslr is already over-priced. Look at 5D2 vs D700, the only reason I chose D700 is because of many nikkor lens I already have.
      And about P&S cameras, I see no reason buying a coolpix rather than LX5 or S100/G12. None of nikon’s P&S cameras is competitive. You know, nikon could sell its coolpix only because of their reputation in slr. Without top class slr and nikkor lens, nikon is nothing better than any camera manufacturers in China.

      • Tiger1050Rider

        Every one of my Canon 5D2 owning friends recognise that in so many areas the D700 is a far better camera.
        not every DSLR user wants to shoot Video you know…
        One of them has decided ‘enough is enough’ with Canon and will be moving to Nikon as soon as funds allow. He decided after his 5D2 went back to Canon for the 4th time and borrowed my D700 for a week. I had to prize it out of his hands at the end. Oh, and he has been using Canon since before the EOS range was even thought of.

        • danei

          Well, I don’t care much about video…nor the pixel.
          I use split screen to do MF and I have some nice zeiss lens so yes D700 has better AF but I don’t care either.
          All I care is image quality/price. In fact, when shooting in low resolution and iso, 5D2 is no way worse than D700. ppl arguing that 5d2 has more noise must shoot in full resolution and compare the pixels 1:1 with another low-resolution camera. If you don’t care extra pixels, just don’t use full-resolution.
          So why D700 should be sold 400 bulks more than 5d2? I see no reason. Built-in flash? I could buy a ring flash much better than the built-in one within 50 dollars.
          What I don’t like D700 is that it’s crippled by nikon: the 94% view finder, the limited buffer, poor battery life, and chaos setting, etc. It’s just a crippled D3, rather than a small-sized, simplified one. I’d rather buy a almost-new second-hand D3 which costs the same as D700, or if I’m a newcomer to full-frame, I’d buy 5D2. Nikon don’t have to do that. To expand the view finder to near 100% won’t cost them extra 50 bulks.
          Nikon has made many outstanding slrs, like d3x and d3s I’m using, and F90 and FM which have been sold. But D700 is not one of them, nor is any coolpix. So my point is, nikon should keep its reputation in optical area, which is the reason why its dslrs are often more expensive than canon/sony/pentax/etc, but ppl are still willing to buy them.
          Some of my friends(nikon fans) have L or S series coolpix, and I have to say, the image quality is worse than a Sharp cellphone…even my ancient 5 MP samsung works better. I don’t think a newbie who tried coolpix first and compared it with a panasonic or canon will have faith in nikon’s dslr.

  • CamaMan

    Simulated sample images?! Looool!:-) niiiice!
    Why dont they just post some D800 simulated images and set the internet on fiiiiiireeeee!!!

    Where’s your Jollyday spirit nikon?:-)

  • simpleguy

    This damn coolpix cam’s are really starting to get on my nerves , another useless product by nikon
    nobody is using them anymore !!!!

    give us pro gear , plz !

    • Jabs

      Here is a little repeat of a wakeup call for many here.
      Certain cameras are not dead but indeed are now saving Nikon as two major disasters in one year.

      The list changes hourly almost, but right now when I am posting, the Nikon 1 has 17 of the top 20 positions.

      Maybe you need to be patient or learn what really sells to pay for the Research and Funding for your awesome Nikon Pro gear. Sort of not knowing what side your bread is buttered on – to coin an old saying.

      And YES, CoolPix cameras do sell a lot because they are well regarded by many, including me.

      Different tools for different uses as not everyone wants or needs much above a small sensor 10meg digital camera for a few dollars.

      NO iPhone camera equals any current CoolPix camera is picture quality too!!!

    • People that own Mitsubishi EVO’s aren’t mad at Mitsubishi for making cheaper low-end cars. They understand; it’s the cheaper, more affordable cars that allow Mitsubishi to stay afloat and also allow Mitsubishi to focus on their high-end EVO. I don’t know of a single EVO owner that howls at the moon for a new EVO every time Mitsubishi updates it’s lower end lines (I personally own a 2005 EVO VIII with 620 AWHP and think they should of left the Evolution alone in 2008, when they released the Evo X). Again, they understand. They also understand it takes time to update such a high-end performance car. The EVO is not totally redesigned/updated every year. If it’s not totally broke and the design is still proven, they don’t need to fix it with a complete redesign every year. The lower-end Galant get’s updated much more, to stay competitive in the lower-end market. As-a-matter-of-fact, making too few lower-end cars and quality control issues on the lower-end almost caused Mitsubishi Motors to fold some time ago. The only car they made that was worth it’s salt was the Evolution and that hurt them badly, because the Evo was their “halo” car – Mitsubishi didn’t make a lot of them and the profit margin was thin. They spent more time making a perfect EVO then they did their controlling quality in their lower-line. While the EVO was top-notch, their low-end lines suffered badly, which meant lower overall profit.

      Enter Nikon. Turns out, like Mitsubishi Motors, Nikon is a Mitsubishi company. They’re lower-end Coolpix cameras fund the upper-end pro-gear and halo products. Why do you guys hate this fact so much? It’s simply the way the system works and will continue to work. Just because you’re not getting updates to your gear every year, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with Nikon’s current Pro line-up. If you need as new camera, simply hold-out until the newer models are released. The “older” pro gear is still the best you can buy in it’s segment.

      Let Nikon sell what they need to sell in order to be competitive and healthy. The Pro gear will come and it will be awesome. Until then, Nikon has to survive and fund the gear you and I hold in such high regard. It’s a good thing that Nikon has been working hard to update their compact lines. They’ve done a great job and that means only good things for you and I. I’m overjoyed the the Nikon 1 is selling so well, it means Nikon has money rolling in, especially in times like these.

      p.s. This is There are people here that aren’t professionals. They’re not all after the same thing you and I are. A lot of people are interested in the compact line. 🙂

  • “Hi-Speed USB”
    So it is 2 or 3? If the D800 specs are for USB2, it would be interesting if the P&S outdoes it. Maybe that’s why they only specify “high speed”.

    Also, the close focus distance is 5ocm but 10cm in macro mode. How does macro mode on these cameras work?

  • broxibear

    Competition watchdog fines Nikon…
    “The Competition Commission (Comco) has fined the Swiss subsidiary of Japanese camera company Nikon SFr12.5 million ($13.25 million) for restricting parallel imports.
    In a statement on Thursday, Comco said Nikon had illegally closed off the Swiss market by inserting clauses into foreign distribution contracts restricting exports to Switzerland. Inversely, the company inserted similar clauses into its Swiss distribution contracts to restrict supply abroad.
    Between spring 2008 and autumn 2009, Nikon had also exerted pressure over distributors of parallel imports, resulting in higher prices for the consumer, Comco said.”

    • Spooky

      Thanks for the info, I’m from Switzerland…

    • PeterO

      I’m shocked! Imagine that, yet another camera maker doing naughty things…

    • Sahaja

      How many other countries have a law like this one in Switzerland?

  • AnoNemo

    Ok this is not related to the topic so my apologies but I need a little help. I am thinking about buying this for the significant other

    Has any of you any experience with these Briefcases?

    • PeterO

      That’s a nice bag AnoNemo, I bet you could carry a dozen Coolpixes in that 😉 I had a similar bag that I used for about 15 years. Just use saddle soap and conditioner an it’ll last a long time.

      • AnoNemo


        This is not gonna be for me. If I manage to get then it will be for misses.

        Hey, I agree all the Coolpix would fit in it. 🙂 I wished this company would make something specifically for photography. I mean where I can put all my lenses etc. You know what I am talking about.

        I am not sure what you meant with the saddle soap. Please explain it and give advise. What conditioner did you use?

        I think this is a really nice Briefcase. I like the color and quality.

        • PeterO

          Hey AnoNemo,
          Using Saddle soap on leather cleans, conditions and softens it and keeps it from drying out and cracking – brings out the leather’s colour and makes it last a long time. Many products like can be found easily.

          • AnoNemo

            You’re awesome! Thanks for the link. I think I will try to buy this leather briefcase. It makes sense. Good old style workmanship with real leather that will last. 🙂

            • PeterO

              Glad to help out AnoNemo.

  • T.I.M

    Where did they found that…thing, in a world war 1 museum ?

  • Zim

    So does this mean the rumors are not true again? I would never buy a Nikon pocket camera. I did once and it sucked. But still holding out for the D400! Come on Nikon

  • Jabs


    You missed one other NEW CoolPix camera – the L23 in pink too.

    Not listed on Nikon USA Web site.

  • D700guy

    There are a few things that I know this world will never be without: poverty, prejudice, hunger, venerial disease, and fresh new supplies of coolpix cameras.

  • Ashton Kutcher

    I’m the best thing that has ever happened to Nikon

  • EnPassant

    Just another soapbar I won’t buy as I already have a few with the print Canon!

  • Trevor

    Nikon just released the new NSR-S320F ArF Scanner too. WTH? The NSR-S310F is still state of the art, but they chose that over the D800? What are they thinking? Don’t they know Canon has cameras too? Also, something about a lens that needs to be refreshed.

  • “Note : Images shown on this page are simulated.”

    Needless to say the six pictures are just one. Made by Adobe Fireworks Cs3. Disclaimer or not I consider this method to be cheating.

  • Simon

    So this 2600 weighs more and is slightly larger than the 3100 but in everyother feature is exactly the same. WHY MAKE IT NIKON? Why?

  • Simon

    Oh, now I see we get a touch screen. Great!!!!

    • Simon

      Opps, I was looking at the wrong coolpix. I can never tell them apart. They all look alike to me.

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