Second chance to download a free copy of the Wildlife Photography book

This time I am giving you an advance notice. Last weekend we crashed Uwe's website and he is now giving you a second chance to download a full PDF version of his book Wildlife Photography: On Safari with your DSLR: Equipment, Techniques, Workflow. The English and German copy of the book will be available for a free download again on Sunday, December 18, 2011 from  midnight till 11.59pm CET (starting 6:00pm EST on December 17th).

Please respect the author's copyright and do not share this book online. All links to external sources will be deleted.

The author Uwe Skrzypczak is a Nikon shooter and all pictures inside the book were taken with Nikon equipment. You can see the Sample Pages and Table Of Contents.

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  • Randy Wilson

    Thank you so much!!! I finally was able to download it. It’s beautiful and a great teaching tool.

    • dipakjena

      Hi Randy,

      I missed the opertunity. Can you please share the pdf to me . my emailid is


  • T.I.M

    Any link to download the D800 owner’s manual ?

    • I shoot Nikon

      Any chance you D800 geeks would choose to read an actual photography book over a camera manual?

      • Me too shoot Nikon


  • Kicsicserje

    Really Nice of him!

  • Mike

    Any idea of how many GB of data so I can reserve space on my drive?

    • enesunkie

      Size is 13.2 MB (13,857,213 bytes) and the PDF is 237 pages long.

      • Mike

        Fantastic! I was expecting a MUCH larger file!!!

        • Plamen

          How many pdf books in GB do you know???

  • I downloaded the English version last week and it is about 13.5 MB, a good read too. I could not download it from the link provided, I literally tried for hours, so I dropped Uwe a quick note to say thanks for the thought and he sent me an alternative connection. I’ve not read it all yet but it looks like an interesting read, esp. as I am off to that part of the world end of Jan 🙂

  • T.I.M
  • Let’s see if it works better next time, I was shut out.

    • Juergen.

      There was at least one alternative mentioned in the discussion on dpreview which worked instantly for me (ca. 13.5 MB) while Uwe’s website didin’t even load (and as Uwe I’m in Germany) …
      I think he very, very clearly underestimated the interest in his (nice btw.!) book.

      dpreview states that next sunday the book will be hosted on the dpr servers to handle the high demand.

  • mikils

    there was simply no clickable link when I tried, I’m glad we can have another try

  • broxibear

    Anyone know what this is ?, it just popped up on the www, it’s not a D3,D3s or D3x ?

    • Did you took this picture broxibear?

      • broxibear

        No…It popped up on google images a few hours ago ?

        • I think those are fake- I have seen those images before and Nikon will not do a poster without their logo.

          • broxibear

            Here I found the site, it’s a design competition of some sort, but that camera is different from the D3. There are more images too…
            This isn’t a D3

          • Juergen.

            Under the photos/graphics at
            is stated:

            School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Student
            United States – New York

            Branding 6 Technology

            Client Nikon
            Design Firm SAIC

            • broxibear

              Hi Juergen, I don’t “make up stories” as you put it…the images popped up on an image search, hence I asked “Anyone know what this is ?”
              The first image of the three posters doesn’t look like a D3, the button looks different.
              The fact that you found that illustration to confirm it was an older D3 image was exactly was exactly why I asked.
              Had I posted under the headline “Look here’s the new Nikon dslr” then you’d have a point, but don’t accuse me of making up stories when I plainly haven’t.
              I don’t make up stories, you’re welcome to email admin/Peter and ask him if I’ve ever done anything of the sort.
              Maybe next time you could take a breath and read what’s actually posted before vomiting the verbal diarrhea ?

          • Juergen.

            It’s a design concept, note the combined “N” and “i” being the new “logo”.

            • Juergen.

              As I don’t have any “Reply” link on your above posting I’ll answer here:
              You wrote
              “This isn’t a D3
              and NOT something like “is that a D3?”.
              If you’d have done so I’d chosen other words.

              And you wrote “The first image of the three posters doesn’t look like a D3, the button looks different.”

              If you mean the poster on the very left in
     it at first glance seems so – but upon closer inspection (compared with my D3 in front of me) it looks like a D3/D3s/D3x but with the white “Nikon” lettering in front of the prism blacked-out.

              “Maybe next time you could take a breath and read what’s actually posted before vomiting the verbal diarrhea ?”
              Do you think after stating “This isn’t a D3” your wording is really appreciate? (rhetoric question, I don’t have any time for any flaming).
              The only thing which interests me in this thread is if these new Nikon designs were made upon Nikon’s request (which personally I don’t think) or if the designer did them as a practice.

            • I shoot Nikon


              You obviously misread what broxibear was saying. He was only pointing out that to him the images looked nothing like what he’d seen before and was inquiring as to what they were of. Anyhow, trying to prove that someone is “making up stories” when you can’t read two short sentences without completely missing the point is a paradox in itself. Do you want to guess who is the one “making up stories” here?

  • What time will that be in England?

  • Thanks, I didn’t learn about the last downlaod until it was over.

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