The winner of the Spyder 3 Elite giveaway is…

The winner of the Datacolor Spyder 3 Elite display calibration system giveaway is Ben Dekock (pending verification). Congratulation!

If you did not win, the Spyder 3 Elite currently has $30 mail-in rebate.

There were 2454 entries for this giveaway. I selected the winner by running a SQL script that randomly picked one of the 2454 comments:

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  • Caires

    Congratulations Ben Dekock (pending verification). 😉

    You may have just won yourself a nice piece of hardware.

    • D4ve

      Congratulations Ben Dekock (pending verification)

      sounds suspicious. wonder if he knows a guy named Jack Mayhofffer or maybe Rod Stiffington?

      • VJ

        I’d be more worried about the last part… “Yes, mr. Dekock (pending verification), your table is ready. Will you partner mrs. Doe (awaiting confirmation) be joining you?”
        Who has a name with a part between brackets?

        Anyway, gefeliciteerd (with the name Dekock, I assume you can read this)!

  • juicebox81

    when is the D4 giveaway happening?!

    • FX DX

      It is a week after D800 giveaway.

    • Roger D

      The D4 giveaway is when you come up with the bucks to buy one. I own 2 D3s cameras and I no reason to buy a D4,

  • Congratulations Ben!

  • Anon

    damn it. i made 4 different email accounts under 4 different names nd i still didn’t win.
    it’s gonna be 10 times for the next competition.

    • random guy

      and i hope you still don’t win.

  • Haha, awesome name.

  • Congrats to the winner. 🙂

  • anon743

    Ben will soon face the problems with Datacolor’s software activation scheme.

    Peter, next time try holding an XRite iOne Display Pro sweepstakes. You’ll end up with more entries than this time.

  • Fake contest entry

    Who is going to verify “Dekock”s information?

  • Ben Dover

    This guy is a rip off!

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