Nikon D400 will not be announced before the D800/D4

Nikon D400

Image: Anders Relling

As of today I don't have any details on the Nikon D400 DSLR camera (or whatever the D300s replacement will be called). The only information I received is that the Nikon D400 will be released in 2012 after the D800/D4 announcements (I was told in March). It's just too early to consider this information as reliable. Maybe Nikon will really try to get it out before the London Olympics. The Nikon D400 is supposed to be a "bigger D7000" with a monster burst rate and tweaked AF system from the D4.

In 2012 Nikon will be announcing the D4/D800 plus a D7000 replacement (probably in August). Adding the D400 on top of those three cameras will really make 2012 a "Nikon DSLR year".

I am also getting some tips that a new Nikkor AF-S 24mm f/1.8G DX (no VR) lens is currently being tested. With the success of the AF-S 35mm f/1.8G DX, I will not be surprised if Nikon releases another DX prime lens.

[NR] probability rating for everything in this post is low at that point, about 30%.

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  • The D400 will be the advanced amateur/pro DX that fills the $2K slot in the lineup. By refreshing the D300s with some new features and more mpx, Nikon can bump the price to $1995 and sell a bazillion of them. A lot of pros will carry the D400 as their backup and wildlife body.

    • Canon’s answer is the 7d. Big body aps sensor

  • Franco DMD

    Wait… Call me dumb but what will be the announcement in March, the D800/D4 or the D400???

    • WoutK89

      D4 is January, D800 probably around March, D400 before/around the Olympics

  • Kingyo

    “Nikon DSLR year”
    I like the sound of that..3 great camera releases in 2012..

    • Karlosak

      But none of them interests me… Where is the actual D700 replacement?

  • Zim

    I can wait till march but it would be nice if it is announced in January and available to buy in March.

    • BibiFoc

      You are dreaming buddy

      D400 will be released in Oct 2012 (earliest)

      • Spooky

        I agree with that. 100%

      • another reason that’ll buy the d800 even if it’s not for wildlife, I want fx and more I can’t wait the rlz of d400 too long (+2years with d90). A really good camera but now I know is limit and I’m miss a lot of shots because of the gear (even if a lot of people say gear don’t make the photographer, these people often have a big dslr pro…

  • Paulo G

    Nikon is still no alternative to Canon 7D (D7000 is much lower). The D400 is crucial for the brand (and for me!). Nature photographers requires durable and reliable professional bodies. The DX range has the advantage of factor of 1.5 and a weight and a smaller size.

    • rich in tx

      what? Nikon has nothing to compare to the 7D? Sure they do. The D300s. Nobody has said the D7000 is equal to the 7D; the 7D is no spring chicken either.
      I sold my D700 and am waiting for the D400. Dont need FX and would rather have the increased reach that the cropped sensor gives. Dont shoot as much wide angle as I thought I would… I would rather spend the money I will save on good glass

    • leruss

      Is D7000 much lower? I wanted good video, so I sold D90 and bought 7D, I spent a year with 7D. It’s a decent camera, but I am a Nikon guy, 7d never felt good for me, so I sold 7d when D7000 has been introduced. I don’t understand why d7000 is “much” lower. I am not sure if it is even slightly lower. What exactly is lower? For me, all what matters is equal or better.

  • I bet the D400 will offer plenty of great value to photographers wanting to upgrade their D300s. I bet it will also have impressive new video capabilities to boot. That is essential if Nikon wants to stay competitive with Canon in that market. I don’t think Nikon wants to diminish the impact that the D800/D4 will have on the photo/video community, therefore my guess is that D400 announcement will come well after the release of D800/D4. This should be a great year for Nikon.

  • Steve Starr

    Too many primes and overlapping zooms.

    I’m waiting for Nikon to come out with something “Really Revolutionary” like a 5mm-14mm f/2.8 zoom in FX format to compliment their sharper 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm f/2.8 zooms. Sharp as a tack and low distortion too, or correctable in some after-the-fact software. Cost $3,000 ??

    They need something new for their wide-angle FX format than what they now have which is zero. Shouldn’t have to wait for Samyang to make it.

    Revolutionary may be their FX 36MP D800 if true, but they need something brand new in ‘Lens Land’ and not rehashes of old stuff and redundant overlaps of a gain of 1/2-1 stop lenses.

    • simon

      what? 5mm FX and what kind of pictures are you planning on taking? how is the 14-24 0? sorry your post doesn’t seem to make any sense.

    • Spooky

      14-24mm with an option to put filters in would already be enough. But that is really needed!

  • jodjac

    Irony, yesterday after commenting that NR loads well and is stable on my iPhone 4s, it’s starts acting up! Constant crashing of the browser and occasionally a section of comments is blurry. Every other comment may be blurry, while the ones in between are not. This plus frequent crashes are frustrating my favorite pastime, reading gripes! Is this going on with anyone else and can someone explain what is going on here?

  • Trent

    So basically, Nikon got rid of the “affordable” FX camera. Why Nikon, why?

    • PewPew

      It is called D700. Want a new toy? Pay the price…

      • Toad

        I think it’s Nikon that’s going to pay the price for not having an FX camera at a price that serious amateurs are willing to pay. It would be a very foolish decision to abandon that market, yet I fear that’s what they are doing.

        I don’t have sales figures, but I think the D700 has been a popular camera. Why they don’t want to offer an upgrade at a comparable price is mysterious and annoying.

        If their strategy is US$6K-9K for somewhat specialized FX cameras and DX for everything else, leaving a big gap for Canon, I think it’s a big mistake.

        • Jon

          This is why I think the D400 will be FX. It’s just not good enough fOr Nikon to only have really expensive bodies for FX. They won’t stay competitive. Hopefully the D400 will be a good FX sort of D7000.

  • Yayo

    To all people waiting for D400 for its “crop factor advantage” – ya’ll dreamin.

    D800 – 36Mp, D400 – 24Mp

    Same pixel density – same cropability.

    • Fabrice

      I thought same pixel density on DX was 16 ?

    • Apollo18

      Actually 36mp FX translates to about 15-16mp DX. So the pixel density on a 24mp DX D400 would be rather higher than that on a 36mp FX D800.

      • Jim

        The Sony a65 has 24.3 mp on a dx size sensor.

    • 120-300 os

      No crop Trim is needed

  • CAT

    For the D400, wonder whether Nikon can add their own special toppings to the Sony 24mp sensor in the NEX-7??

    With pro AF and pro Nikkor glass, a D400 might be a truly worthy successor to the battle tested D300!

  • Yay… this is what I’ve been waiting to hear.

    I have a D7000 as a backup to my D300 and I’ve always said that a high speed, version with the d7000 sensor would be the way to go. 🙂

    • Stranger

      It smells like some wildlife photographers around here will have to wait another full year to replace their semi pro DX camera…or will have to eat grass and stones to buy a D4.

  • Bullsnot

    Admin, do you have anything on the D7000 replacement yet? Is it going to make the jump to 24mp also?

    Personally, my D7k has more than enough resolution already… I really don’t want any more, and my zooms can’t make use of 16mp (10-24 and 18-200). I have primes that will out resolve it, but still, the need for that resolution is pretty small. Keeping the sensor at 16mp and offering better noise performance is what I’d like to see.

    Is it possible that the “high speed” D300s replacement will use the 16mp sensor and the D7k replacement will use the newer 24mp sensor? This would follow the trend in the FX camera bodies where the “pro” model has high speed and the “amateur/studio” model has high resolution. Thoughts?

  • kokko

    I think that D400 will be announced at Photokina. And D7100 at 2013 with the same sensor.

  • Carsten

    24mm/1.8 – sweet – I’ll order it together with the D400

    • Gio

      I’mma be waiting for some affordable 1.8 primes Nikon!

  • javaone

    As a D300 user what will make me upgrade to a D400:

    1. Better low light performance
    2. Faster focusing (Auto Area AF mode is too slow now)
    3. In camera HDR (Why do you only get this in low end systems)
    4. DX – I don’t want to pay for a big sensor.

    Nice to have:
    1. GPS – Why can I get this built into a tiny AW100 for $300 and I need add a clumsy expensive attachment for a D300
    2. 1080p Video – Nice to have in a pinch
    3. In viewfinder Virtual Horizon
    4. Face recognition -Allow me to “tag/group” faces in pictures (Major win for event photography)
    5. Built in flash that can be turned up for bounce & trigger

    I have played with D90 and D7000 and they simply are not as good for what I like to shoot.

    • Magnus

      You forgot:
      1.1 Better dynamic range
      2.1 Faster fps
      2.2 Higher resolution (16 Mp?)

      Nice to have:
      1.1 High speed Video (>60 fps) for slow motion

    • From your list, I just want better low light performance for the D400.
      GPS and built-in flash that can be turned for bounce – I don’t think we’ll see in the next 10 years in the D300 succesors.

  • Loris

    I have the d200 for ages now.
    And I’ve been waiting for a 5d mkii competitor so i can upgrade (full frame- video recording)

    So if the d400 will be around the same price as a 5d mkii ($2000), nikon has a problem imho.

    Something doesn’t add up guys.
    5d mkii is selling ALLOT, and after all this time, nikon doesn’t have a direct competitor?

    I think either the d400 will have an fx sensor ( since the d7100 will sort off take the d300s place) or they will release something like a d700s.
    They have to i think.

    • Rich in TX

      D200 huh… sweet.
      I am still rockin’ the D1X while I save for whats next. So I feel ya.


    24 1.8 G dx … fantastic prime lens!
    Nikon please …VR II !!
    Thanks !

  • “Nikon DSLR year” ? So Mayans were right ! :^)

  • NikNik

    As far as I read from all of these rumours, I think NIKON is ready with the development as most new features are more software solutions than mechanical or electronical features.
    The rest ist a matter of the company’s philosophy and marketing.
    To me this means D400 or a D7100 not as buggy as the D7000.
    Let as sit and wait and prey together :o)
    Xmas Greetinx from Germany

  • anon743

    DX models like the D*00 series have played importnat roles in the pro gear lineup.

    Let’s hope Nikon won’t dissolve the D400 for the FF hardware… otherwise it will be a big mistake.

  • Cathy H

    I am wanting to upgrade cameras and not sure if I should wait for the d400 to come out or if I should go with the d300s?! Any opinions out there? I currently have an entry level d3000.

    • Brian

      I would wait if you can. I have a D200 that is getting old now, I’m going to wait on the D400. I’m hoping for binning, but not at all confident the D400 will have it. I also hope it perfoms better in extreme climate. I was in Norway a few weeks ago and the D200 started to malfuntion when it got too cold. I had to take it off the tripod and warm it up under my jacket, then I could use it again for another 15 or 20 minutes. I’ve had the D200 since 2007 and it’s about time for a replacement.

    • zul

      relax,. n be patient,. d400 probably just around the corner.
      even it will be announced on the august,. it’s worth the wait, rather than getting yourself an S version of d300 which has a lower spec than a D7000,. hmmm,. and i wouldn’t mind if you decided to buy D7000 instead,. because D400 wouldn’t be much different,. probably higher sensitivity (iso 64000/125000),. higher number of burst shot, and advance 3D metering/ cross-type + number of focus point.. but else such as resolution,. would probably the same 16MP as D7000 and the new D4,. 🙂 , cheers

  • Phil

    Ok, I understand all that Nikon has had to go through in the last year or so with natural catastrophies, but really, the marketing strategy they are using for all these anticipated upcoming cameras makes little or no sense to me. Wouldn’t they want to release all 3 of the new camera models at the same time so that they could appeal to a wider variety of DSLR users and generate more income all at once to come back from the earth shaking and waves of destruction, then after making all that money from the 3 big releases worry about marketing strategy.

  • 120-300 os

    The D4 is out today yeh now the D400 and D800 please

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