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  • ipdouglas

    I am a bit worried about the BSI Sensor. I am not sure I want my back side illuminated 🙁

    • Antonio

      Cover it well and nobody will even notice… 🙂

  • ipdouglas

    A good question as this might be useful if it matches similar 20MPx cameras (D500) when extra ‘reach’ is needed with a telephoto

    • bharat

      Its 19.4 to be precise…So, in DX mode, it will be a D500……That is why they released this 2 years down the line of the D500, else it would have most likely cannabilized it.

      • David Peterson

        The D850 is not cannabilizing sales of the D500, as it is priced waaaaaaaaaaaaay higher than the D500!

        I’d consider maybe maybe buying the D500, but never the D850 at this point in time.

        • bharat

          Do you have Nikon sales figures of D500 after the release of the D850?

          • David Peterson

            Well if you want to be pedantic, it is cannablising the small amount of sales that people who only want one more camera that is both high resolution and high FPS that has the budget for a D850 etc etc etc

            But I very strongly suspect many D500 buyers do not fit into that tiny niche of a niche.

  • Alexandros Logaras

    I haven’t really been online in the past couple of days. Do we know the average raw file size for the 45mpixel photo?

    • Dinosaur

      Keep hearing 75-80mp

      • Matti6950 .


      • Alexandros Logaras

        If it’s 75-80 MB, it’s better than expected. I estimated them around 100 MB.

      • Kyle

        I know photos from my buddies a7r2 with similar sized sensor are 80mb.

        Need beefy system to edit if using LR or PS.

    • D700s

      JPEG 25MB NEF 54MB Just downloaded some D850 photos. Straight out of camera. Nikon Rep gave us SD cards to keep the photos.

      • Alexandros Logaras

        Only 54 mb?? Wow I expected almost double the amount

    • Michael Cary Arellano

      I just got some 128GB XQD’s (ouch!) for my D850’s on order. Does 1,500-1,750 +/- lossless compressed 14-bit RAW images sound about right for a 128GB card?

      • Robert

        I compared the D800 (36 MP) to the D750 (24 MP) and extrapolated to the D850 (45 MP), which gave a a little over 1200 lossless compressed 14-bit RAW. That is what will be indicated on the displays. In my experience that is a rather conservative estimate so if you shoot in good light you should be able to get around 25% more i.e. ca 1500 NEFs.

  • ZoetMB

    I don’t think this preview video was posted here, so here it is:
    I think it’s a nice take on the camera. It made me want the camera and I originally was going to either wait for a price drop or wait a few years for the next model.

  • Nika

    If someone wants to go for grip then,
    MB-D18 + En el 18 a/b + MH-26 aAk Charger + BL- 5 Battery Cover
    $900+$3300 =$ 4100 Approximately.
    D4,D4s, D5 owners can save on charger as they already have it

    • Fdfas Jlkjl

      I’ll buy the knockoff versions for a fraction of that, thanks 🙂

  • Nika
  • Stuart Crowther
    • Fdfas Jlkjl

      I’d never pay the Aussie retail price – they are robbers. I’ll wait for a grey market one or buy one in Asia.

    • Mike Gregory

      Nikon claims there is import duties. ????

      Don’t think so on cameras, just GST

  • Dinosaur

    Any EN-EL18 battery aficionados out there? So what’s the difference between the EN-EL18/a/b? 3 different batteries? I have a D800 and if I get the D850 I would rather run both from a shared battery. Anyone know if a EN-EL18a is something a D800 can use? Also I keep seeing comflicting reports about the D850 being able to use both EN-EL18a/b batteries and some reports only the b version can be used?

    • Allen_Wentz

      Until lots of batteries are tested on lots of non-prototype bodies under lots of conditions we may not really know. Nikon is probably intentionally keeping folks clueless so we can be the beta testers to answer such battery questions.

    • Michael Cary Arellano

      The 18a/b batteries are interchangeable: anything that uses one can use the other. You can use either one with a D800/810/850 with the corresponding grip + BL-5 battery door cover.

    • chromedome

      Yes, they are interchangeable, and as mentioned, you can use them with your D800 grip by getting the door cover. Another possible advantage (for me anyway) is that using it seems to avoid (or delay) the mysterious D810/800 lock up issue. Over time, I had it happen a few times, and it *seemed* to be happening around the point when the camera would switch from the grip battery to the in-body battery. The EL18s have much greater capacity, and since using them I have never used them up, much less approached the auto-switch to the in-body battery.

  • Dinosaur

    True, but in 4-6 months there will be a hack that bypasses it and gets 9fps with the battery grip using en-el15

    • Thom Hogan

      Not likely. But there will be–and maybe already is–a D5 battery clone that will work.

  • Arindom Saikia

    What is upgrade of d750 and expected time?

    • a14k

      The D810 was announced in Jun 26, 2014. The D750 was announced 2 and 1/2 month shortly after that, in Sep 12, 2014.
      However, I don’t think there is a pattern of Nikon new camera announcements.

      • The D5 series have been on the same schedule for a while (2 years refresh cycle).

    • Allen_Wentz

      As I have opined here before, Nikon should be in the process of rearranging model lines in response both to worldwide falling DSLR sales and to fit upcoming Nikon mirrorless response into its camera product mix. Therefore IMO we should not be looking for business-as-usual as regards product upgrades.

  • XT
  • John Matthews

    Is it just me, or is there a strange lack of comparison of high ISO / DR vs. the D750 (or the D5, perhaps)? It seems that’s the camera to beat.

    Not that we’ll have to wait long since release day is so soon, of course.

    • ToastyFlake

      I think one problem has been the lack of RAW support for the D850 right now. Most reviews are based on jpegs because they don’t have support for the RAW files yet. Hopefully proper comparisons will come soon, but hopefully I’ll already have my D850 in hand.

    • Allen_Wentz

      There probably are very few bodies out that are actual production models, and pix from prototypes, although interesting, are irrelevant.

  • D700s

    Just got back from a Nikon D850 hands on reveal at pictureline camera in Salt Lake City. The Nikon rep gave us SD cards and allowed us to shoot photos in the room and take the card with us. Downloading now. Love the touchscreen now being able to scroll through the menus. It feels like my D500. Very similar in the hand. The mechanical shutter seems to be a bit quieter as well. The silent shutter is, just that, silent.

  • D700s

    D850 files in ACR screenshot

    • D700s

      The camera we played with was a PRODUCTION model. Not a prototype. The rep received it yesterday. Gotta tell ya, I liked everything about it but I’m no pro so it’s more a convenience thing as the ergonomics match my D5 and D500. No more searching for buttons and controls when grabbing another camera. The tilt screen is a bonus. Oh, the touchscreen for menus and zoom and focus/shutter are nice too.

    • D700s

      For reference, 38 JPEG and 42 NEF files filled a 4GB SD Card.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Wow. That is limiting storage. I will be curious to see how much capacity was taken by overhead on such a small card. I.e. how many (NEF+JPEG Fine) will fit on a 128 GB XQD card, which is the way many pros will use the D850.

  • Joe Russo

    Question: Are the files from the D850 still ‘ISO invariant’ like the D810 files?

    • Allen_Wentz

      Thom Hogan has an interesting article at but it predates the D850.

  • Mike Gregory

    With all the talk of the D850 killing the D500 I have my doubts. Sure most of the features are the same and the pixel density puts the D850 crop very close to the D500.
    But, always a but.
    If the target is smaller than the D850 crop frame then it is getting very small in the viewfinder. The crop view is smaller than the entry level D3000 and everybody cited that as making it useless. The D500 viewfinder image is 33% larger than the D850 croped viewfinder so i will be keeping mine if i get the 850.
    Hint Nikon Aus. Only happen if you remove the Nikon Aus surcharge

  • WoodyM

    I am calling Adorama Sunday to see if I made the first batch. Any one else order from them? Also what is the best charger to use on the Nikon EN-EL18b battery?

    • Let us know if they give you any info.

      • WoodyM

        Adorama had no info on the D850 shipping. The guy on the phone said they did not know how many they were getting. I did get my order in a few hours after live on there site.

        • this is how it is usually – they don’t know till the last moment

          • WoodyM

            As of today, I emailed the guy I bought the camera from, Adorama shipping my D850 with in the week.

  • Jonno

    This and the new 28mm and I might finally make the jump to digital.

  • Murray Miller

    OK I’ll admit it. I have a problem when I see obvious mistakes in advertising, especially. If the banner photo for this post it lists 7fps but it says CONTINUES shooting instead of CONTINUOUS shooting. You’d think B&H proofreaders would have caught that.

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