Watch the Nikon D850 panel discussion today at 1:00 pm EST (plus a D850 giveaway) #BHPhotoLive

The B&H Nikon D850 panel discussion starts today at 1:00 pm EST - watch it live here.

Update: at the end of the panel discussion B&H will give away a Nikon D850 camera.

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  • Allan

    Thanks, Peter.

  • Fly Moon

    I am attending their session tomorrow.

  • CERO

    Good luck to whoever wins that D850!

    • Aldo

      The winner doesn’t need anymore luck xD

      • CERO

        He will, Because he gonna get told he cheated and then get harassed online 😉

  • Kyle

    Snapchick! Didn’t realize she was going to be on there.

    • Aldo

      So now you are going?

    • SnapChick

      I just wandered in! 😉

  • sickheadache

    I think I will sell my giveaway for $4200. Lol

  • Ben Brayev

    such a horrible streaming platform. what is that? i put it on 720p and it doesnt even load.. (on twitch i watch 1080p 60 fps.)

  • Roy Amatore

    I missed it. Is it available to watch somewhere?

  • Chris

    I followed it for 10-15 minutes and I found it horrible.
    I do believe the D850 will be the new standard and I’ll get one, but not because of this stupid marketing talk from that panel.
    Only “amazing”, “unbelievable”, “great”. No criticism at all. This was worse than all Nikon-fanboys together could do.
    /end rant and excuse my bad English 🙂

    • Allan

      Your English is excellent. What is your native tongue?

      • Chris

        I was invited to the NPS meeting last Thursday and even the marketing manager was more objective. 🙂

    • Luboš

      That’s funny. I also just now watched this clip, and after few minutes jump further, and further, and really not exiting at all…..

    • SnapChick

      I used it for hours on Sunday, the day before the panel, and it truly was great. There are no drawbacks that I’ve found other than the ones that I discussed later in the live panel.

  • ToastyFlake

    It was quite cringey how David Flores called Brittany Leigh by her last name the whole time.

    • SnapChick

      Everybody calls me Leigh, including me.

      • ToastyFlake

        Haha. Good to know. Now I feel the cringe. I kept waiting for you to correct him 🙂

      • XT

        Great job on the panel discussion Leigh!

  • Dinosaur

    Brittney Leigh “snap chick” one of the worst things about photography in recent years. Hack who made a name for herself making YouTube videos doing self portraits in boudoir and bikini genres, how boring. Doesn’t even have a portfolio online as much as I know.

    • Dada Kaka

      She is very knowledgeable and honest. I like her videos a lot.

    • This is a very unfair criticism. She does a whole different take on a You Tube photography channel and the images she produces are excellent. Yes, she is very good looking but that doesn’t mean she can’t shoot or didn’t belong on that panel.

  • XT

    I watched both B&H videos and they were worth it for me. Lots of good practical comments by the panelists if you are really buying a D850. I would have loved to see a review by a night photographer since we really push these things to the limit with long exposures and high ISO.

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