Nikon D850 product tour and promo videos

TCSTV live - Nikon D850 hands-on impressions:

Nikon D850 product tour and promo videos:

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  • sgredsch

    FIRST 😀

    • silmasan

      WTF, I clicked on the notification as soon as it appeared but didn’t make a comment… What am I doing with my life! 😀

  • JJ168


  • Carmine


  • Fly Moon

    Excellent Landscape photos from the video

    • XT

      How much of it was post?

      • Fly Moon

        Don’t care.
        The camera is only one stage for creating the end result. This is not a documentary shooting.

  • silmasan

    Peter, imaging-resource has a hands-on preview!

  • Fly Moon

    Holy sh!t!! Have you seen those 8K time-lapse video/photos?

    I am sure there lots of credit goes to the photographer but the camera does help.

    • silmasan

      The one in youtube seems to be 1080p max? Is there at least a 4K/UHD option somewhere? (well that’s the highest res display I’ve currently got anyway)

      • Fly Moon

        I was impressed with the photos not the “videoing” itself. I am not a videographer myself

        • silmasan

          I mean I want to see those same photos in higher-res..

  • silmasan

    The only video higher than 1080p is the “Dream Shot” one and that’s at 1440p, not 2160p… And even then it keeps giving me an error… I guess I’ll have to wait a little bit… :-/

  • David Gottlieb

    Okay – I said I was going to wait before I upgraded. Well, that is now only partially true. I will wait four months for my second D850, but I will be buying one of these babies rather shortly and hope that Nikon has its act together and there won’t be any oil on sensor, left focus issues, overheating… etc…. I hate jumping the gun, but some of my equipment is getting old. Time to sell my D800 and D4 and the D700 backup here in East Africa, where I can get a bit of a premium compared to the USA used market. Maybe I’ll keep the D4, as I love the color, but does it really make any sense to do so??? This D850 sounds incredible. And it will do it all. Hopefully. The next step will be fullframe mirrorless.

  • Gosh1

    The report back on interview with the Nikon engineers makes for the most interesting reading! go to Imaging Resource

    • alphab

      Indeed, thanks for the link. Holy shit, same or better DR at low ISO, and a full stop improvement at high ISO at the same time (according to the engineers), this is simply fantastic.

    • Gosh1

      And low light performance was not apparently the primary aim of the new sensor designed in-house – “Nikon says that the bigger advantage in the case of the D850’s [BSI] sensor is that it allowed Nikon more flexibility in wiring, which improves the sensor’s readout speed and the camera’s overall performance.”

  • Nikkor300f4VR

    Woof, woof, woof!!! 😀

    • Dinosaur

      Peter, any knowledge of the quality of the medium and small RAW files?

      • No, sorry

        • Dinosaur

          How about if the D950 is being produced in Thailand, China or Japan?

  • NinjaTurtles

    I wonder if the sRAW and mRAW have been changed to have full set of data rather than compromised as in the previous iteration.

    • Mike

      This is what I want to know; is the mRAW actually RAW or JPEG on ‘roids.

  • John Gadd

    Very Very bad luck for Aussies!!

    Aussies have to fork out $5399.00 AUD to the greedy Nikon Aussie retail stores.

    I see a lot of people in Australia buying this great D850 camera on line via the USA , DWI or Becextec and definitely not local Aussie shops where the prices are way over what every one else in the world pays .

    I defiantly won’ buy in Australia.

  • John Gadd

    Notice how every one else isn’t worried about price, its because the price is reasonable everywhere else in the world except Japans closet neighbour Australia, why are the Aussies getting stitched up so much ?

  • silmasan

    The D850 First Look Video Part 1 and Part 2… who made those? They’ve been deleted…

  • I have a 5 year old D800 that has been awesome with no need to upgrade, but the more videos and specs I read and watch about this D850 the more I start to break. Damn… I may have to get one sooner than later. I think Nikon hit a home run.

    • Dinosaur

      I have a D800e and I have pre-ordered the 850 and will keep the 800 as a backup/second shooter

      • Thats exactly what I was thinking. I will probably wait for the initial pre order madness to wear off and then buy one. 2018 is going to be a great year:-)

        • Dinosaur

          Honestly man, with the 3 year gap instead of the 2 year time period between model upgrades I think Nikon took the extra time to iron out any problems(D600/D750 type issues) Nikon may just raise their pricing for the holiday season based off this initial pre-order sales spike, I know I would. Plenty of U.S. People screaming how 3700-3800 would have been fair for the 850 spec sheet. And a one of the last iterations of DSLR before mirrorless models come out the 850 value should hold on much better than previous models, and if electronic shutter doesn’t register on the shutter count many wedding/ceremony photographer’s gear will have lower shutter counts. I say get 1 now at 3300, no taxes if you get with B&H or Adorama if you don’t live in NY state. I don’t understand why people buy with Amazon and pay taxes

          • Those are good points. I always use B&H. I live in Washington State and tax is 10.2 here:-0 Definitely not buying from Amazon lol!

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