B&H: Nikon D850 expected availability is Thursday, September 7th

A quick update: B&H confirmed on their website - the new Nikon D850 camera will start shipping on Thursday, September 7th.

Pre-orders: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | WEX | Jessops

Nikon D850 Facebook Page | Nikon D850 Facebook Group

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  • nek4life

    Wow that’s fast.

    • yes, Nikon is on a roll…

      • Dartagnan McCalister

        I haven’t had anything backordered for quite some time and I’m unsure of Nikon’s relationship with backorders for their cameras at Adorama/B&H. With this said, do you think that I would still receive my order within a month of the original release date?

        • depends when you placed your order – I am sure the first batch will not be sufficient to cover all existing pre-orders

          • Dartagnan McCalister

            Darn, I figured that as well. I pre-ordered around 9 EST this morning. I tried to do it earlier as soon as the time hit, but I have to revaluate based on Amazon’s sales tax. (I was unaware there were no tax options at other sites)

            TLDR: I hope to get it before mid-October based on an event for my company. Thank you for the insight!

  • Lihkin

    And they also upgraded all shipping to overnight. So, hopefully I get my camera on the 8th (a day before I leave for my Alaska vacation). Woohoo!

    • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

      You are cutting it so short lol!! Hope you get it, but do you know where you are on your waiting list?

      • Lihkin

        LOL! I know, it’s wishful thinking. I actually bought it the moment the link went live (I had my auto-refresh plug-in active). If it doesn’t come on time, then I will just have to “make do” with my “obsolete” D800e. 😉

  • Dave

    Man if the camera really does perform as well it sounds, then I feel like this launch could be a great case study on how to make a comeback. I was on the fence of switching to Sony if this camera was just an incremental update, but they seemed to do enough for the video side to meet my needs till I have clients requiring a black magic or Red camera, and the still photo side seems fantastic, and at such a great price point and short timespan between announcement and shipping.

  • Color Crush

    They are going to have to ramp up manufacturing for the holidays. If there’s a holiday rebate, I can see these on backorder until March.

    • eric

      They’ll have plenty in stock. This is Nikon not Leica.

      • Color Crush

        lol I hope so because that’s when m money is going to be ready. D850 or back to the a99II. We’ll see.

        • eric

          really…have you ever thought about the d810? it’s an amazing camera that has a solid track record with no sensor issues and it’s about $1k less than d850. it’s good enough for me so im passing on d850 and waiting to see what Nikon does with mirrorless. i am hesitant to buy more nikon gear before i get a better idea of where there headed.

          • Color Crush

            I learned about the a7R before the D810 and couldn’t afford both at the time. Now I’m in a better position, I rather have the a7RII grey import over the D810 at this point. It’s either D850 or a99II. Given that I shoot with manual glass that needs to be stabilized, I may find myself back with the a99II.

  • Andy B

    I’ve not seen it mentioned yet but possibly or rather probably I’ve missed it but I was a little confused about the price.
    I believe it’s $3300 USD? Here in the UK it’s £3500 so that’s like an extra $1000. I understand there are import taxes etc but I could get a flight to the states, buy the camera there, fly home and still save hundreds of pounds. Its crazy

    • eric

      At least you have a national healthcare system…it’s cheaper in US because we’re a cheap country, especially when it comes to taxes. i betting very few people will be paying any taxes here on there new d850.

    • Vince Vinnyp

      Closer to £900 difference really. Import duty would be about 550. So we are paying about 10 percent more before tax for all the reasons people have said.

  • Conrad

    It keeps getting better!

    Yes Nikon!

    Rise from the ashes like a Phoenix you majestic, sexy 100-year old beast!

  • Chandra Venkataramani

    So any of you know how NPS shipments are handled at B&H. I had called them last week and they said that NPS members are better off placing the order on the phone. So, I waited till this morning they opened and placed the order on the phone. The person on the phone claimed he noted it on the order that it was a NPS priority order. Having said that, the order confirmation email doesn’t say anything to that effect. I submitted the Nikon form but that only gets the camera to B&H and it is still up to them to fill the order

  • 120_300 OS for nikon

    Same price as out come of the D800/E

  • eric

    Just to throw out some unconventional wisdom. I have a successful friend in nyc who has shot with the d750 for several years. He hasn’t upgraded because his set up works for him and his clients are happy. So the idea of getting the d850 so you can take better pictures is not accurate from a professional stand point. If you truly want to take better photos, invest in a workshop with pros, or learn how to really use Photoshop or similar a program. Getting a new camera may be a solution for amateurs wanting the newest thing but it isn’t something that’s going to take your photographs to the next level. For that you’re going to have to learn how to craft a final image and of course build a great portfolio.

  • Has anyone seen any info about what battery chamber cover the MB-D18 grip will use in conjunction with the EN-EL18 batterries? I haven’t been able to find any info about it on the Nikon site.

    • FerpectShotz

      I think its the std BL-5 Battery cover thats used on most grips. Even though in description its says that only works for the D800 grip, i know guys who use it on their D500 grips

      • James Fennessy

        “EN-EL18a/b battery can also be used in conjunction with an optional BL-5 Battery Chamber Cover in order to achieve a faster 9 fps shooting rate”

  • Does everyone else who ordered from B&H last night have their status listed as ‘back ordered’ in their order details page?

    Also, as a heads up, I was able to get next day shipping applied to my order by sending a note to customer service pointing out that Adorama camera had free next day with the same cost.

    • NJD

      Mine does, but so does my separate order for the grip. We should know what that means by the 7th. My guess is that it isn’t in stock so “hopefully” a computer default to “backordered”.

  • Ilja

    Guys you are so lucky, pre-order in China costs you USD 4474 (converted) and delivery time unknown!!!!!

  • James Fennessy

    If you shoot fast wildlife, sports, or anything requiring instantly fast snappy autofocus (of the D5/D500) and the great dynamic range of the D810, then the D850 seems like a must have. But, if I shot mostly landscapes, portraits and slow moving objects, I would stick with the D810. I am heading to Kenya next month and hope to have this baby in my hand if I get any shots at Cheetah running down wildebeest. But if I were shooting big slow brown bear in Alaska, I wouldn’t switch from the D810.

  • Greg Scranton
  • Dave Stoltzfus

    Mine just shipped from B&H. I got in on the early window that was only open a few hours the day before it was supposed to open.

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