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  • Dave

    My order went through 15min after the links went live, credit cards were pulling up fraud alerts…adorama sent a confirmation email. And then this morning another saying backordered, do they do that for every pre order or does that mean I definitely did not get in the first batch?

    • disqus_hlLLDdz9K1

      same here, my order placed this morning though. call them and rep said everyone should receive such an email but nothing to worry about. Also the status of my order if ‘Not Verified’. Not sure if someone else have same experience?

      • Dave

        Mine says not verified as well…assuming that means they haven’t pulled the money yet, I just got a $1 charge from them so far.

    • Nicole

      I ordered within 2 minutes of the link going live on adorama. I received the same back order email and it says not verified on my order status as well. I called and they said don’t worry it’s just because it’s not released yet.

  • Blair Wright

    No NPS preorders yet, hopefully soon

  • Fly Moon

    New Item – Coming Soon, Will begin shipping 2017-09-07

  • John

    Can it do beyond 30seconds without remote?

    • Fly Moon

      I always wondered why limit it to 30 seconds! I don’t know why!

  • EnPassant

    Why are prices rising in Europe while they are on the same level in USA?
    The answer is changing value of USD and Euro.
    A chart for exchange rates for the last ten years show this clearly.
    In 2014 when D810 was released 1 € was almost 1.4 USD. Today the rate is 1.18x, but for a year, until not long ago was 1.1x:

    • A. F.O.

      what was the release price of the D810 in 2014 (in US and in Europe)?…

      • EnPassant

        In USA it was the same as for the D850, $3,299.95.
        In Europe, where I live the price at release with exchange rate at that time was the eqivalent of around $3,675.00 without VAT.
        But since then the dollar got stronger explaining why the price in Europe translated to USD actually got cheaper and now is about the same for D810, as the price in Europe was not adjusted for the change in exchange rate vs USD.

    • nwcs

      There are also potentially other things. It may be that the volume Nikon expects to sell in the US is sufficient to warrant a lower price. Also they have to consider the price points of their competitors. Each market has a different balance of those things plus different legal requirements beyond tax that add to the cost of a product.

    • Fly Moon

      I think DT made “a deal” with Nikon 😉
      He negotiated the best deal. An amazing deal! The greatest deal ever!

  • Photoman

    Are you guys concerned of any potential bugs that might surface from the first batch?

    • FountainHead

      I’ll not buy a first-batch Nikon for a very long time.
      Other people can do Nikon’s beta testing for them.

      • D700s

        That would be me. I’m a Beta Tester. It’s only money and so far I’ve been a winner on that bet. No problems with any of the last 5 Nikons I preordered.

        • FountainHead

          Glad it’s working out for you. (I do understands the lemon ratio isn’t 100%!) Hope it continues.

    • Andrew Jay

      No more so than with the first release of any new product or model. Been through D70s, D200, D300, D700, D3S, D3X, D810 without a single problem.

      • eric

        What about the d800 and the d750?

        • Andrew Jay

          I didn’t own either of those bodies, so cannot comment on them. My statement was referring to Nikon DSLRs that I’ve owned, used, and have personal experience with.

  • Ulrich Wydler

    Latest Price in Switzerland is CHF 3584. I placed a pr order, great staff!

    • tomskyphoto

      Where? And is it imported – grey – or official Nikon Switzerland merchandise?

      I just checked some Swiss price comparison websites but the cheapest offers I could find were around CHF 3,900.

      • Ulrich Wydler

        Light + Byte Zurich, official Nikon dealer

        • tomskyphoto

          Thanks – gonna look into it.

  • Allan

    Nikon sent me the following email; apparently, we’re buddies now.

    “Full frame glory.

    Allan, today Nikon proudly introduces D850, a revolutionary
    FX-format (full frame) camera capable of capturing the sharpest, most
    lifelike photos and videos of any Nikon DSLR yet—in lower light and at
    speeds faster than your D7100. If you’ve ever considered stepping up to
    full frame, D850 is for you.”

    Ok, Nikon, my new buddy, I’ll consider it.


  • Aldo

    I wonder how long the 9fps ‘hack’ will take… like with the d700

  • Neopulse

    A little disappointed with Nikon (not the camera) that they didn’t release the D850 with the updated 14-24mm f/2.8E lens to finish the holy trinity line up.

  • They can troll as much as they want over there – I could care less. I have an issue however when they come here.

  • Michiel953
  • Russell Ferris

    sweet, new webcam.

  • Michiel953

    Tbh, nothing we didn’t already know (including Little Shao), but it was good to handle the camera.

  • iain logan

    Hopefully a third-party will make a battery grip that isn’t $400. My 5 year-old phottix grip has held up just fine!

  • John Turner

    Peter, firstly my sincere thanks to you for posting only verified information around the likley specification for the D850, and as expected you were spot on all the way!

    The second part of my comment is aimed squarely at Nikon UK/ Europe about the price of what I dont doubt will be a superb camera. I’ve long accepted that EU prices are always more than what you can buy the same equipment for in the US in particular even though in recent years and allowing for UK/ EU VAT additions they started to show parity. As an example I can buy a new D5 with EU warranty etc fo £5K vs $6.5K from B&H and as of todays exchange rate I’d buy from the UK as its a no brainer.

    How do you (Nikon) justify charging £3.5K for your new D850 in the UK vs $3.3K in the US which as others have already stated is some $1200 over the US prices. Those aware of this difference will also likley have friends in the US should they choose to purchase via this route. Your new D850 has some very nice upgrades over the D810 some of which are features I’d like to have on a camera but with the current disparity in pricing, as a point of principal (read this word again) I’m not going to be placing an order as the increased cost is not justifed particularly when I can buy the same camera in the US for some 40% less.

    I’ve used your equipment which I rate highly for many years, but similarly, I’m not going to be taken for a ride with prices and whilst I’m not looking to change manufacturers, more importantly as far as you’re concerned I’m not upgrading to a D850 with the current disparity in prices.

    • I do not understand that – the price difference is huge.

      • John Turner

        Thats precisely my point Peter, the price diference for the same camerea is HUGE between the US and EU and the only explanation is additional profit!

        • Maybe because they think they can sell more in the US?

          • Proto

            US is a gigantic market (6 times larger than UK) and price sensitive (gotta have a deal).

            Put an attractive price = get high sales volume.

            • tomskyphoto

              The EU, still including the UK, is a huge single market. The same economic effects of scale should apply here.

              Nikon is just playing the rip-off game because they seem to think, justified or not doesn’t matter, that Europeans might have bit more disposable income.

              But as the rip-off scheme Down Under already seems to soften up I expect the same happening here quite soon.

        • tomskyphoto

          Yep, Nikon thinks that there are more wealthy people in Europe willing to pay that much than in the US and want to skim that cream first.

          Once that customer segment has been milked they’ll slowly adjust the price downwards.

      • Pells

        They made the comment that they were surprised how important video was to US users. Maybe they priced it lower thinking that the US users might be turned away by the video specs? It is arguably the only (albeit somewhat) weak part of the camera and Nikon’s entire lineup.

    • tomskyphoto

      Most of my photographic equipment purchases, not exclusively Nikon, in the past years have been pretty close to the US retail prices without the VAT. Sounds logical as the EU is a harmonized single market that’s also quite large so effects of scale should apply. That there was still a little markup compared to the US is also understandable due to higher wages and better warranty and consumer rights over here.

      But the £3.500/€3.800 (20% VAT EU countries) asking price in Europe is just an insult. Not to mention Australia…

      • John Turner

        I totally agree and as you say the Australians really have drawn the short straw here.

        • Stuart Crowther

          Things are starting to look a little better in Australia, one store in Melbourne has pre orders for $400 off at $4995 which is where the retail price will settle, then maybe by the end of the year Nikon will have a $300 rebate.

  • Jirka

    Is 3300 USD with tax included( in US)? Here in the middle of europe the price is 4300 USD.

    • Allan


  • Kob12

    Heads-up: B&H will be closed for the holidays starting on Sept 20th, lasting at least to the 25th. Good to know in case stock arrives later than expected.

  • D700s

    You know you have something great when all the Sony fanboys start bashing it. Canon shooters are mixed on what they think. Most of them say this is what Canon should have done with the 5D MkIV. The Sony children just want to justify their new found import car. You know, dressing it up with a big lens that doesn’t really fit but talking about how wonderful it is because they are lesser men and can’t handle the weight. That’s all for now. I’m off to snoop some more sites to see how bad the D850 is. Oh, almost forgot all the Nikon brethren that think I’m crazy because I’m a Beta tester. I like to think I’m bold and not afraid to leap. It’s only money.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      True on that, people should be happy with what they shoot and Sony + Canon produce some great cameras like the 5D, A7, etc. Nikon punching quite well at middle Aps -> pro line and probably need a mirrorless offering soon and possible a new 1″ coolpix and consolidate coolpix line offering on couple of models only.

      Reviewing my D8xx images and even now this camera is a knock your sock off camera and in 2 minds in upgrading it or keeping it.
      I probably save up gradually for the D850 and may sell some old non camera stuff to fund for it and hopefully the £ vs yen will remain stable and kim Gone Mooney behaves himself also.

  • David Gottlieb

    I use the Plustek film scanner with silverfast software which is great. There is quite a learning curve on silverfast, but it is worth it. You can buy the ebook on silverfast which is very technical, but it helped me quite a bit. The TIFFs can be quite large – 250mb and larger.
    Silverfast gets rid of scratches and other defects.
    Then you can import it to your favorite image editing software and mess around more and develop it into a jpeg…..

    • David Gottlieb


  • David Gottlieb

    The following photo was taken on September 12, 2001 – the day after the 9-11 attack. May those who died rest in peace. May those who suffered find peace in this lifetime. May we never forget.
    Photographed on either a Nikon F2 or F3 – with either a 24mm f/2 Ais or a 35mm f/1/4 Ais lens. Tri-x developed in D76 1;1
    Scanned on a Plustek 7200 scanner with silverfast software.
    Click the photo twice to see the quality of this low res image.

  • James King

    ¥RMB. How much ?

    • disqus_hlLLDdz9K1


  • Andrew

    That D750 is a camera that was released years ago. The D750 was released in September 2014, 3 years ago! Nikon issues recall on their cameras for issues that most users do not notice. Other camera makers do not issue any recall and stick it to their users. So Nikon is providing exceptional customer service to its loyal customers.

    There are many professional photographers reporting on this blog that they are not experiencing the problem Nikon is issuing a recall on. Nikon is behaving as the #1 camera brand by giving us professional service years after our warranty expires. And for that, we appreciate Nikon!

  • Nika

    If someone wants to go for grip then,
    MB-D18 + En el 18 a/b + MH-26 aAk Charger + BL- 5 Battery Cover = $900+$3300 =$ 4100 Approximately.
    D4,D4s D5 owners can save on charger as they already have it

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