Nikon D850 presentation slides

Photography Blog published the slides from the official Nikon D850 presentation - some interesting information there (including the shipping date: September 7th):

Pre-orders: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | WEX | Jessops

Nikon D850 Facebook Page | Nikon D850 Facebook Group

Nikon D850 directory

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  • Carl Coleman

    I wonder if it’ll have issues like the 750…should I wait a year for it to get flushed out?

    • Vince Vinnyp

      750 is three years old so to be on the safe best wait until 2020 😛

    • BlackRipleyDog

      I suspect that Nikon is going to be super-vigilant to address any QA/QC issues that crop up on the D850. They got their heads handed to them with the muddled response on the D600 and the D750.
      This is the product that helps ensure whether the company goes another 100 years.

    • akkual

      There has not been any major defects on D810, D4(s) or D5. D800 had some AF issues, but in general these full magnesium pro-bodies have been top quality.

  • Eric Calabros

    I was wrong.. I said they won’t put the price info in slides. They did.

    • Allan

      Maybe somebody read your comment on Nikon Rumors, and then included the price info in the slides to bug you.


  • Gavin Hornak

    Does the “sales start date” of September 7th mean shipment September 7th?

    • that’s what I was told too – the US date will be later by few days

      • any words about if there will be more stock ready for shipping this time or are we going to play the waiting game again like with the D800? 🙂

        • no idea bout stock yet – we have to wait and see

      • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

        I wonder how many they’ll have on day one. When I got the D800 I had to wait a week.

        • they better have a lot otherwise it will be out of stock for months

  • Wonder how much they’re asking for the slide duper? Will it handle negatives?

    • brian valente

      I think they said around $150. There is a feature that converts negatives into positives.

    • approx 160 euro, same in $ i guess.

  • Chris Phillips

    Much better than the Chinese i must say lol.

  • Wait–face detection on the image plane? Is it using the previous shot for AF calculations? If so, that’s brilliant! The D5/D500 should do this too!

    • The D810 also does that IIRC.

      • Many models have found faces after the fact. None (so far) have appeared to use that data in AF calculations.

        • I think it was either the D4 or the D4s which was the first Nikon to use face detection in determining AF. It’s done by the metering system.

          • Yes, I’m aware of that. I’m describing something different, that I don’t think is actually being done…but maybe should. I’m describing using the previously shot image in AF calculations. I imagine MILC cameras are doing this already, in continuous AF mode. Why not on a DSLR too?

  • Next thing i am after is a download of the user Manual please 🙂

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    Just found out there over 30 preorders ahead of mine… oh well…

    • this is pretty good if it is a major retailer – you will get it from the first batch

  • Jørn

    What do they mean by “Shutter counter balancer has been adopted”? Is that just a (not so) fancy way of saying electronic shutter or a way of “balancing” the use of the shutter?

    • Counter balance means it’s using some sort of weighted thing swung in a opposite direction to offset the recoil of whatevers moving–in this case, the shutter. They’re trying to minimize shutter shake for the high res sensor. This actually isn’t anything new at all. They may be claiming it’s “new” because they’re doing it a little different, that’s all.

      • Jørn

        Thanks for the clarification. Since it’s also possible to shoot with a completely electronic shutter on the D850, might this be an indication that it will have a fair amount of rolling shutter artefacts? Shutter vibration isn’t really an issue unless you have your camera on a tripod (right?), and once on a tripod I can’t really see why one wouldn’t use the electronic shutter (apart from rolling shutter issues).

  • Richard Reed

    I wanted another proper DSLR to go along w/ my Fuji gear. Might have to wait a year for the D850 to hit the used/refurb market.

  • Mike A

    Why are the Displays so Small? Especially if they are touch enabled??

  • Yoms

    I don’t understanding something. If you only possess the D850 and the SB-5000, can you fire the flash at a distance? Or do you need to buy the WR10?
    It’s kind of weird to state radio controlled wireless capacity if you need to buy an extra device.

    • You need the WR-10 kit. It’s not that expensive, but there are better off-brand alternatives. The only good thing about the WR-10 is the size. Otherwise, there are alternatives that offer a lot more power (Cheetah, PC Buff, etc…)

      • Yoms

        Ah OK. Thank you for clarifying. I probably got confused because I think Canon 7D2 or 5D4 have this embedded in the camera. Well, I guess…


    If anyone has the second slide in a readable way i will be glad.

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