Few last minute Nikon D800 updates





The French magazine Chasseur d'Images posted few new bits of information for the upcoming Nikon D800:

  • The D800 will have a Sony Exmor sensor with a design similar to the APS-C version used in the NEX-7, providing clean images up to 1600 ISO for A2 format prints
  • Only 2 crop options in video (Nikon D4 has 3)
  • TheD800 with AA filter should costs less than €3000 in France (same price was reported back in October, 2011), the high version without the AA filter should cost €300 - €500 more
  • The D800 will be 100g lighter than the D700

For the remaining specs check this post.

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  • AXV

    !!! IT IS NOT ABOUT ISO !!!

    It’s about IQ (Dynamic range, signal to noise ratio, sharpness, color depth, smooth transitions, color accuracy, etc.)

    You want high ISO, then you have the D4 ISO monster. People here really have no idea what they need.. Ken Rockwell was right…

    • Even Ken Rockwell doesn’t know what he really needs. His website is worse than the bible when it comes to contradictions.

      • w.stillman

        OK. I thought I was the only one to see that.

      • ISP

        + 1 000 000

      • AXV

        Hahahahah it was fun to think people would take the bait when I named “he who shall not be named”, but now I feel ashamed, ashamed of you.
        Because that’s the only thing people read when his name’s in a comment. His writing is as true as there is truth in the words of the bible (and there is), but it should be taken like/with a grain of salt.

        Only dumb people would turn to KR or the bible for advice…

        Still he’s right when he says photographers are dumb, mostly uneducated, and basically poor/starving artists. How many of you drive a 2012 bmw/merc. Or better yet a porsche or any very nice new car?

        And don’t claim that is is for the art, because shooting ugly brides or photoshopping celulitis is not art.

        Probably Sean Molin would be a good “bar” to measure upon, because from looking at his webpage, he looks like he’s at the top of the game at least in his city. But he probably accounts less than 5-10% or even less of “pro-photographers” the rest are just namely crap or hobbysts wanting to be “pro” because they can do nothing else.

        I, who has never charged a cent for a photograph because my business is in tourism, am thinking of getting a D800 because just as many readers here, I do not eat from photography, photography and cars are where I spend (burn) my hard earned money on, and to think that I don’t give it a second thought on spending on a camera as expensive as that, but a full time pro-photographer does, is quite sad.

        But even more sad is photographers complaining about camera specs of cameras that are better than the one they hold in their hands, or that just have no idea what their purpose is.

        • Not Surprised


          Maybe you guys should go get a room somewhere…

        • AXV, you do have a point, but I am unable to see who these critics are aimed at. you basically tell us that you are just a dude with a camera, and you criticize those that actually base their life on photography. you also said its quite sad when the pros spend money on their equipment. Why? According to you, you are the only one here who knows what’s art and what isn’t.

          I’m not a pro and I do not earn any money from photography. (even though I might spend 10+ hours making one astronomy photo) Just like you I have another profession (Automation), but when I talk with a pro photographer, I do so with respect. I do so because he shows he’s able to perform well in a profession that is becoming more and more demanding in today’s market…

          no hard feelings, but you sound quite negative towards what might be the most diverse profession in the world.

        • The Other Steve

          If you think you can buy your way into believing you have more talent than everyone else, well, enjoy your new camera . . . and have fun in Neverland.

          • everybody should just use their cellphone then. amazingly the job gets done even though all the pros lives in neverland.

            why not buy the camera that fits their price range? for a pro, the D4 is a more of a logical choice compared to the d3100. another thing is that their client often don’t approve of cheap equipment.

            anyway, the minority of photographers think resolution and iso is the main thing i photography, though perhaps not in neverland..

      • D800

        Please don’t compare Ken Rockwell with the bible because they are no where in the same category

    • Banksie

      AVX: that’s right.

      This is about having a file size and IQ to make exhibition prints. But the majority of people here were born into the digital age and have absolutely no idea about producing prints and the skill that it takes (either digital inkjet or analog Lightjet.) All they seem to have ever done is post images on the web, or make baby prints (if ever.) During their whole life it’s been nothing but Flickr photographs.

      This will also be a good studio camera (where lighting is under your control) for double page spreads, etc..

      This is not a low light sports, wedding, or paparazzi camera. That’s not what it is about. The D4 is for that.

      Nobody complained about the D3x’s ISO capabilities because the choice was to get the D3s for low light action photography and the D3x was for studio and more contemplated high IQ photography.

  • Sina

    Wrong. It will be the same sensor designas the NEX-5N, not NEX-7, which is actually a good thing. A NEX-7/A77 sensor would actually be 55 megapixels if blown up to full frame.

    • …actually, same pixel pitch as the Nex 5/D3000, not the 5n/d7000. See: ratio of full to crop on the D3 and D3x.

  • roos

    To all of you worrying about ISO. Youll have a year more modern tech than the D7000 at the same pixel density. Add 2.25 more light to work with to that equation and stop worrying unless you plan to buy a screen or printer with 2.25x the size and resolution of your old one

    • pointshooter

      Personally I’m a bit more worried about the pricetag rather than the ISO performance. :/

      • Emanuele


  • Jimmy

    “Similar to the NEX 7 design”?

    Since and FX sensor has 2.34x the surface area of an APS-C sensor, and we’re going from 24 MP to 36 MP is it strange for me to ask where the similarities are?

    • EnPassant

      Design can be similar even if pixel pitch is different. Since NEX-7 have the latest Sony sensor design don’t we want it in the latest Nikon camera as well?

      • Jimmy

        Yes we do. Sony are doing a sterling job with sensor designs.

        I’m more intrigued to find out how the ISO performs with a sensor over double the size to that of a NEX-7, yet only a 50% increase in MP. From the Dx0 Mark tests, the NEX-7 had a similar ISO score to the D7000.

  • Jesse

    Makes no sense to me. Specs say it’s a completely new line, BUT the naming convention AND the fact that the D700 has just been discontinued indicate this is the replacement to do the D700. Which still makes no sense to me, either way.

    While I understand that a high MP / mini-D3X is in demand by studio photographers, this now leaves a boat load of professionals with currently no replacement (and a discontinued) D700, which was a full frame, low light, relatively fast fps, small body.

    For those that are saying “upgrade to D4” if you need high ISO performance… you’re ignoring the fact that it’s considerably more $, and more importantly (for those professionals who can afford the $) that it’s a bigger and heavier body to carry around for 10-16 hours (never mind those that carry two bodies on their person throughout their day of shooting events and the sort).

    On top of all of that, with an APS-C sensor, your investment in lenses is thrown off. The 24mm is closer to 35mm, the 35mm is closer to 50mm, etc. This completely changes your lens line-up and will require you re-thinking and possibly buying new lenses that you previously didn’t need to spend thousands on.

    • oli

      it doesn’t have an aps-c sized sensor, its full frame just with a similar design to a nex sensor

      • Jesse

        Ah. I guess the “D800 will have a Sony Exmor sensor with a design similar to the APS-C version used in the NEX-7” part through me off. Thanks for that correction.

    • FussyBob

      I think that the D800 body with a D4 sensor will follow within a year, or less, of the D800 launch when Nikon doesn’t sell the D800 to the low noise Hi-ISO crowd.

      You can sure bet that there is the D800/D4 sensor combination, and others, in the the field being tested right now……Nikon marketing is not dumb!

      • AXV

        I for one, couldn’t care less about ISO, if it had iso from 100 up to 400 I would still get it, my needs are far greater than petty ISO.

        You want high iso? Get a D4. Can’t afford it? Stick with your D700.

        • Jesse

          And of course the world revolves around your needs.

          Let me use your line of thinking back on you:

          You want high MP? Then buy a MF camera. Can’t afford it? Stick with whatever you got.

          (and stop assuming everyone has the same needs you do)

    • AXV

      Has your D700 stopped working? I think so because if you have been using it, I see no reason to stop using it just because another one is out.
      I don’t see you changing you car just because the 2012 model is out.

      If you can’t afford the top of the line camera for your business you should reconsider your line of work.

      • Jesse

        Instead of making assumptions, which you’ve done in both of your replies, why don’t you take the time to read. Here, re-read my original post (if your attention span can reach beyond your own little wants and needs), specifically the second part of this statement:

        “For those that are saying “upgrade to D4″ if you need high ISO performance… you’re ignoring the fact that it’s considerably more $, and more importantly (for those professionals who can afford the $) that it’s a bigger and heavier body to carry around for 10-16 hours (never mind those that carry two bodies on their person throughout their day of shooting events and the sort).”

      • Jesse

        On second thought, never mind re-reading, or replying for that matter (and expect no more replies from me). I just saw some of your earlier posts; you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about and as you expressed (“I, who has never charged a cent for a photograph because my business is in tourism”), you’re not a professional and certainly can’t think like one. Although, do try thinking like a reasonable human being who realizes the world is bigger than they are… that might get you further in life. All the best.

  • Wilson Maldaner

    All I want to know is at which level of iso the IQ becomes worse than d4 because if it’s better at 1600 for IQ than the d4 I think this would be a better choice for me, but then again the burst rate is shiiiittt for sports

  • ericnl

    I really wish that people who don’t need certain specs would stop giving out to people who (say they) do need them. if you can’t put yourself in somebody else’s shoes, then don’t act as their mouth either!

    I just know that I was just scanning all the local sites for a new D700, because with this D800 coming out, I’d rather buy the D700 at (almost) the same price. not one store has them in stock anymore though…

    and: no, I’m not switching to Canon. I’ve made that mistake before…
    (from D90 > 5DmkII > D7000 > hopefully: D700s )

    • Not Surprised

      I really, really want a D700S.

      If Nikon has half-a-brain they are going to come out with a D800S in 2 years that slightly 1-ups the D4.

      They can bring out a D4X at that point.

      It would be good cycling and refreshing.

      • ericnl

        it doesn’t need to one-up the D4, as long as it one-ups the D700 !!!
        it can one-down the D800 in a lot of respects as far as I care.
        maybe just add one stop of useable iso and video to what the D700 had. done.

  • kevin

    so the D800 will have up to ISO 1600 A2 size paper without noise!
    How does that compare to the D700? If its worse than d700, id buy the d700 instead!

    • Moe Jacknally

      A2= 23.8 x 16.7 inches

      But they can’t prove their guesswork…

  • Adrian

    I do documentary photography and I need to switch my personal camera to full frame this spring, and it’s really tough to decide between D700/D800.

    I would have loved a new small body that would shoot video, because I might get into that, but 4FPS just seems slow, even though I’m no burst-shooter. There are moments when you just need those extra frames. So I hope NR is wrong about the FPS.

    I’m relatively ok with the 100-6400 ISO, but I’m curious about how will the 36MP sensor would handle the noise.

    I wonder how much computer processing power will the 36MP require. If I’m buying the D800, I may need to upgrade my system too.

    Also 36MP would demand some great deal of processing power, so I might also need to upgrade my computer

  • Eric

    Do you know if it will have sRAW with 9MP and very good DR and High ISO?

  • Varun

    This is what DPReview says about the NEX-7 sensor. “The NEX-7’s image quality is difficult to fault. The 24MP sensor is capable of recording huge amounts of detail (just as long as your lens can deliver it), while also offering excellent high ISO performance for low light work, with quite useable results up to ISO 6400. In this regard it does visibly better than the SLT-A77 we reviewed recently that shares the same sensor, but diverts a substantial fraction of the incoming light to its autofocus sensor. It’s no stretch to say that, at its best, the NEX-7 offers the finest still image quality of any APS-C camera, bar none.”http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sonynex7/page28.asp

    I think that bodes well for this camera. I doubt Nikon will replace the D700 with a camera that’s worse especially where high ISO performance is concerned because Nikon’s noise levels are a part of why people buy them. Also see page 22 of that review.

  • kevline

    I doubt about the ‘less than 3000€’, even if I don’t care, it’s great for those who want to buy it. except if the new politic of nikon is to do ‘an affordable’ price for this quality.

  • Jimmy

    I wonder how they serve the D700 crowd now, myself being one of them. I mainly shoot concerts and simply love the way it handles low-light situations. The D800 (if it’s only clear up to ISO 1600, okay A2 is quite large) would be no option as a replacement, and if my D700 breaks down I see no other option than looking for a used D700/D3/D3s since the D4 is way out of my budget-range.

    So yes, it’s a great cam for landscape/studio artists, but does not meet my demands… on paper. I’ll draw my final verdict when the hands-on reviews appear the upcoming months.

  • Ken

    so it’s almost 0500 in Japan………any news yet 🙂

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