Nikon press invitation for February 7th in Thailand

This is the invitation for the Nikon press conference in Thailand on February 7th, 2012. I believe this will be for the Nikon D800 announcement.

Via Techxcite

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  • Guys/Girls,
    You think we have it bad, I was speaking to a dealer a several days ago that was trying to fill out a Purchase Order request from a commercial account. The account was interested in the Canon 1DX. Canon couldn’t even give a price, and when pressed, indicated that the 1Dx was going to be delayed. (surprise)

  • Photo Dude

    Wow! Im amazed at all the people that want a lighter camera! You need to step in the gym if your that big of a sissy and you cant handle a pro camera! A heavier camera = less camera shake = cleaner shots! HELLO! Ken Rockwell is the biggest girl of them all!

    • enesunkie

      Ya know, cell phones started out about the size of a WWII walkie-talkie. It wasn’t the weight that was the hassle, it was the inconvenience of carrying that huge thing around. I don’t care if they made the D4 as light as a feather, it would still be too big for my “sissy” hands.

      • HUMAN

        Some people are born normal and doesn’t have huge Bigfoot-like hands.
        For me THE ONLY REASON I won’t buy (or I’m not planning to buy so far) D4 is the integrated grip.
        I understand Pro’s need extra battery power, especially if use speed lights. But that’s why there are separate attachable grips.
        I still think ALL cameras should be manufactured without the grip by default. The only disadvantage I see in the water/dust sealing, but since there is underwater sealing, I’m sure something can me done for the grips as well.
        It’s not about being “sissy” – it’s about comfort!

        • The integrated grip is not comparable to a smaller camera + grip.

          The integrated grip will assure the camera’s weather seals, the stronger build and sturdiness in general.

          The pro line needs more power, so they’ll keep the integrated battery grip.

          It also gives you a more comfortable handling experience (unless you have small hands), you get a more balanced system especially when using heavy lenses (not necessarily “big” ones, just some f/2.8 Pro zoom lenses are “heavy”).

          I have a “standard” camera, and I always use the battery grip. I know it’s heavier, but it’s also more comfortable to use, more balanced, and batteries last longer.

          But, it’s not like having it all together… the grip can get broken if you tighten it too much (plastic knobs engaged to metallic gear inside…awful decision to just save a couple of dollars…), or water/snow/ice can get between the camera and the grip, making it a big problem/risk. So you always have to take lot more care in extreme conditions.

          If you take your “standard” camera + battery grip to any “extreme” conditions, you are more likely to suffer LOT of inconveniences, you will have to protect it lot more, or use it without the battery grip.


    • I agree with you that size and weight improves the stability when shooting.

      But I must defend Ken Rockwell here. He has the right to express his opinions as facts on his own web page. Nobody has to visit his page and it’s free to use. He has a very diverse and complete easy guide to equipment and photography. Of course, the more unique your own style develops along the way, the more you get your own opinions.

      But opinions must be expressed with respect and without name callings. I like girls, though. Being a public person doesn’t mean you are immune to insults.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      It depends on how long you carry and use it. One hour is no problem even it’s a D4 + 70-200mm. But think if you are mated with this all the day in a foreign country… Think of the weight after a couple of hours, think of the unwanted attention on the street.

      And because you may be one of the tougher guys than average, it doesn’t give the right to insult Ken Rockwell here!

    • Calibrator

      Would I be wrong if I assume that you only drive cars with electric window lifts?

      I for one am happy with the D7000 and leave the battery grip at home most of the time. I wouldn’t say that buying it was a mistake but I often prefer a lighter setup.

      Concerning Ken Rockwell:

      He probably isn’t the best photographer alive (he never claimed that) and most of his opinions are worthy of discussion (similar to those of most photographers, I’m sure) but he sure as hell has built an informative Nikon lens encyclopedia that is free to use!
      If you read it with a grain of salt and don’t fall for some of his expressions (“The best lens ever” etc.) then there is a wealth of information to make purchase decisions easier and save money in the process.
      Add to this the entertainment that comes from reading articles about exotic lenses most mortals never get access to (for example the Nikkor 13 mm f/5.6).

      This hostility against him is totally unwarranted – even and especially if it comes from people like Jared Polin.

      I do not often visit Ken’s page but IMHO he is a dedicated and respectable guy. He has done more for the community than most of the people online.
      I say: Let him make some bucks by linking the stores to pay for the traffic & his toys so he can write more.

  • malchick743

    Peter, how come many local press assignments are leaked from Thailand?

    Anyway, if you can find more such assignment leaks esp. in the Asia region (just like the D4 last time, if you get my drift) that would be MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated.

  • Tom

    from D800
    check out the exif on the larger image file

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Sorry, that photo looks awful – could it be better were it taken with a Coolpix 🙂 There is not a single sharp point, it’s full of noise reduction-like artifact. It may be better resampled & faked out of some other photo. The writing is obviously added later.

      Image EXIF says:

      Camera: D800
      Date Time: 30/04/2011 – 21:09:07
      Shutter Speed: 1/13 sec
      F-stop: f/2.8
      ISO Speed Ratings: 6400
      Focal Length: 44.0 mm
      Lens: 24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8
      Flash: Did not fire
      Pixel Dimension X: 4912 Y: 7360

      • Moe Jacknally

        you’re right.
        but after looking at his other pics, I have to say that he’s a shitty photographer anyway.
        Look at his other pictures…..

        he also fucks up many of his controlled studio shots he does with a hasselblad….

      • St.

        Oops! You don’t have permission to view this photo.

        • Moe Jacknally

          I’m sure the Admin has already received a copy of that image….

  • Landscape Photo

    D800 must be tested against the MF systems in good light & near base ISO setting.

    I can visualize the panic in the snobby MF manufacturers, ha ha. They’ll soon start to drop their real estate-equivalent prices when seeing most of their customers are rushing to Nikon 🙂

  • roberto

    my nikon 105 mm made in china is 720g on the website is 790 and my nikon 17-55 is 820 gm and on webside is 750 , can some one help me pls

  • marcin

    I am checking this website twice a day since almost two years waiting for new pro Nikon body. D4 specs are great but this camera is designed for sport and journalism. I work as interior and property photographer, so D800 with 36MP sensor would be a dream camera for me. No matter how much it will cost – I want it. I have only 2 worries: ISO performance and announcement date – I simply don’t believe that if will happen before D4 starts shipping. Would be great if Nikon releases new 17-35 2.8 lens with VR as well. It is going to be a long week…

  • Moe Jacknally

    funny – he removed the D800 image but posted a (shitty) poster for his upcoming Nikon D-Movie – maybe it was shot with the D800

    • Moe Jacknally

      the word “tatouage” was also on the picture which tom posted…

  • Moe Jacknally
    • This is from the same person who uploaded a picture taken with the D800 on flickr, right?

  • Moe Jacknally

    Yes it is.

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