Weekly Nikon news flash #147

  • New video shot with the Nikon D4 by Joe McNally:

  • Behind the scenes video:

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  • Th Scott Kelby video is dead !

  • I’m curious if we’ll see any last minute leaks on the D800 model(s). It’s going to be a long 1.5 week before we finally get the official announcement ;).

  • Unfortunately Scott Kelby’s Nikon D4 studio shoot has been removed. Do you have any other link to watch?

    • FX DX

      I am seriously thinking about buying a D5100 for video and as a backup body for my D700, but I want to see what D800 has to offer first.

      • FX DX

        Darn it. I hate when I end up posting my comments as a response to someone’s post.

    • weird, it was online few days ago – I believe he even twitted this link, I will remove it from the post

      • John Richardson

        I got it off of iTunes.

    • me

      Probably he removed because all Canon user bitching not doing one on the 1dx.

      Here’s a link to a lesser quality video

  • heh, I was in that Grid video. Scott didn’t take any of my questions though. 🙁

  • Shkacas

    Nikon logo painting robot (@6:00 in the first of two videos) is absolutely adorable! :)))

    • I agree, I wonder if they still use it

      • probably not, because nowadays it is cheaper to let chinese kids do it with the brush

    • Anonymus Maximus


  • Magnus

    Rumors are of a 22 megapixel canon mark 5. If so, Nikon are seriously dropping the ball with this 36mp model.

    • Josh

      And yet it the D800 will sell like hot cakes and will be an amazing camera.

      You Magnus, are a moron! Go back under the bridge, you troll!

    • preston

      The ironic part is that the Canon high megapixel crowd will be complaining if the 5dIII drops in MP’s also. No camera can be for everybody! (unless you have a made to order system where you pick your body style and then select which sensor, autofocus system, metering capabilities, etc to go in it like they have with laptops)

    • FX DX

      This time it will be the other way around. I feel that 5D Mark III will do a little better than D800, but for everything else (including video) D800 will be the king. We shall see in a week. 5D Mark III will never touch the build quality of D800 or any other semi pro Nikon (including D7000 and D300S).

      • I

        D300s is fully pro body, check it on official Nikon site. D7000 is consumer, D300s is pro.

        • WoutK89

          The D7000 is regarded prosumer. There is nothing like it in Nikon’s range at the moment. The D300s is outdated, it has a few features the D7000 lacks, but the D7000 trumps the D300s in quality of pictures (and abilities of video).

          • I

            D700 lacks ergonomics, button layout is amateurish, memory buffer is small, less AF cross points, so for real work I prefer D300s.

            • I

              Sorry, meant D7000, not D700 🙂

            • WoutK89

              But still the D7000 is leaning more towards “pro” than consumer, looking at specs alone, just because Nikon labels it consumer, doesnt mean it is so much worse.

  • Useful news, but not exciting.

  • Tommy

    85mm f/1.0 – do want!

    “You can get Ultra supersonic-resolution images and maximum photo art by her”
    “Vignettings 0 %
    Distortion 0.0000 %
    Resolution 200 lines/mm”
    …makes my eyes bleed.

  • Tiger1050Rider

    If you are in the UK and want an almost free Point & Shoot camera then look no further.


    – S5100
    – Photoshop Elements 10
    – 4Gb SD Card

    all for £89.99 inc VAT.

    As Elements is around £50.00… well you do the sums.

    • WoutK89

      Isnt the S5100 hopelessly outdated anyway? How else do you sell them, than practically giving them away for free.

      • Tiger1050Rider

        If you want a P&S camera for use when you don’t have your DSLR with you then as long as it takes decent piccies does it really matter if it is last years model?

        I was out at the weekend using my 30+yr old FT3. By your reasoning, I should’nt be using it now should I?

        • WoutK89

          If something is outdated in the store, means probably no one will buy it, if you own it, it is a different story. Think before you comment. I was commenting on SELLING a camera.

  • RK

    Am I right in thinking that 85mm f1 won’t focus out to infinity? If it does it would make an awesome portrait lens.

  • broxibear
    • thanks broxi – those guys already emailed me 🙂

  • Spacedog

    Sendai opens on 28th FEBRUARY.
    I think they will have some D800 bodies in stock 😉

  • toad

    I really don’t understand why this filter holder should cost $350. I’m sure it’s a very nicely machined piece of metal, but isn’t that really all it is?

  • Patch

    How can an 85mm focal length lens have a 52mm front thread diameter and yet still be f/1.0? I thought that for an 85mm lens to have f/1.0 it has a theoretical minimum lens diameter of 85mm, too.. 85/52=~f/1.6

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