Weekly Nikon news flash #146


  • Another epic battle:

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  • Moo Shu

    Burrito Lens Wrap or Dirty Diaper?

    • Not Surprised

      Because-OF COURSE-the cloth wrapped item in the bag full of camera gear that does not smell like burritos will not be… a very expensive piece of camera gear.

  • FM2 fan

    The 14-24 filter solution is GREAT – I wonder, why Nikon can’t produce it … (probably it would cost even more …)

    • I believe Lee filters also makes a solution for the 14-24, but it is more expensive and they only sell ND grad filters for it currently. The idea of being able to use a CPL with my 14-24 F2.8 AND it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, looks like I figured out what I’m spending some of my tax money on.

      I do have to wonder about the quality of the filters included. Clearly at that price, when you go with a filter that large they had to cut corners somewhere?

      Personally, I thought the 14-24 already looked like some sort of ridiculous lens with the DVD sized primary element. This thing would make it a supermassive black hole! (All the more impressive when someone with an ordinary lens takes a look at that beast!)

  • Tony S.

    $200.00 ? I’ll take my chances.

    • I’ve just ordered the Fotodiox Pro. Filter Adapter + 1 UV filter + 1 Polarizer filter…

      Hopefully it’s as good as it looks !

      • FM2Fan

        Please report back here, if it is really fulfilling the demans for a CPL on this lens. Any report with images would be just great. THANK YOU!

        • Yes, please do report back here. (or hit me up on my blog) I’m considering one myself but wouldn’t mind some user feedback on it first.

          • I’m interested as well… Love the lens, but have always wished I could use a good quality CP with it…

        • I will let you know what I think of it…

          • You’ll have to patient…

            We are sorry to inform you that this item has just been placed on
            backorder, the estimated shipping date will be 2/1/12.

  • how much are those filters going to cost at that size?!

    Oh, i just checked $80 each isnt the worst…

  • NG42

    Looks like the older models (which are really cheap) are the best selling compact system models. In fact, the Panasonic G3 is doing better than the Nikon 1- the first Nikon comes in at #7. I wonder if Nikon is pleased with how they are selling? I figure they must be. These things probably cost less than most compacts to make.

  • Glad to see that Nikon will stick to OVF.


    Get rid of those crappy focusing screens which do not allow to rely on the eye and do not allow to observe true depth of field.

    • FX DX

      Seriously, if you want filter that much, just buy the 16-35 f/4 and be happy with it. If you are shooting wide angle, you should be OK with a little slower f/4 speed and it has VR as well.

      • Wrong quote. 😉

        • Discontinued

          But I am right here.

          +1 on focusing screens to Slow Gin.

        • FX DX

          Sorry dude. I wasn’t replying to your message. I was just posting a comment and it somehow it took that as a reply to your post.

      • FM2Fan

        If you use it at 2.8 and close up, then you have no alternative – do you?

        • Yeah, the Tokina 11-16 works great on crop sensors at 11mm, and ~15mm on full-frame sensors. I’d call that close enough. 77mm filters only fit on FX at 16mm though, I suppose I should admit. But still, anyone who complains about 14mm vs 16mm and yet shoots in environments where they *need* a filter, well, I dunno what to say to that…


          • Discontinued

            >>well, I dunno what to say to that…<<

            You could pretend to be in the urgent need for a 13.58 mm lens that takes filters and still not to be satisfied by 14. How about that?

        • david distefano

          if you want wide, use the schneider 38mm xl lens and 4×5 film. it will cover and it comes out to be a 10mm on your dslr and you can use all the filters you want and drum scanned you have yourself a 500mp image. kind of makes your 24mp or 20mp images a little puny.

      • tonyc123

        I agree, in fact, the cost of a full set of 150mm Lee filters & adaptor is not too far off the cost of the 16-35! Academic though as they are always on back order.

    • PHB

      The guy said that Nikon would stick to an optical viewfinder in an SLR.

      Which is like Mercedes saying that they will stick to making internal combustion engines that run on hydrocarbons.

      The only reason to have that mirror in the design is to support the optical viewfinder. Nikon can make much better lenses for a rangefinder camera than for an SLR. Nikon might possibly introduce a second electronic viewfinder line aimed at the pro shooter one day, but it would not be an SLR.

  • Pixel peers looks really new.

    • New and deserted in fact. Who wants to drop a monthly fee into something that hasn’t got any members????

      • Anand

        Looks like its been designed by a non-designer…the typography is horrible and the whole site looks non-professional.

        Oh…and why again are we to join yet another photography community??? Is NikonRumours not enough??? Jeez

        • Not to mention, running a message forum takes very little work once it is set up. As long as you don’t have rowdy users or get an enormous amount of traffic.

          I ran a very popular automotive enthusiast forum for a number of years and left it free to new users. It became so popular that we had over 100,000 registered users and typically 500-4000 people online at once. We tossed around the idea of making it a pay site, but after polling the users, the vast majority said they would not be willing to pay to use it.

          Their are plenty of FREE forums and other communities online that are both established and full of good content and users already. (Not to mention free.) I don’t see a point in paying for something that provides me with nothing more than I can get elsewhere for nothing.

      • If Thomas Hawk is to be believed, Google Plus is the hot ticket for social photo sharing. He says flickr is on the decline. I also tried 500px, but found it unsatisfactory. If anyone on there has a grudge against you they can put negative votes on your images and there is no way to block them since the voting is anonymous.

        • John

          “Google Plus is the hot ticket for social photo sharing.”.

          LOL! In Eric Schmidt’s fantasies, maybe…

        • Calibrator

          > He says flickr is on the decline.

          Based on what? Page hits?

    • RG

      haha.. i hope u were sarcastic… its a WordPress blog with a fancy theme…

      $9 month?? too funny

      • David

        RG please stop posting slanderous statements regarding our company in an online forum.

        Only somebody that hasn’t been inside the members area would say something like that since it isn’t based on wordpress or even anything remotely close to it.

  • Jim

    the filter holder looks nice. But too late… Nikon will bring up a new 12-24 FX later this year. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to stay with the 77mm standard but went to 82mm filter thread…

    If I wanted a filter holder for the 14-24 so bad, i’d rather had it handmade by a turning lathe from alloy. It couldn’t be more than 200 bucks but then it had my name on it 🙂

    • Calibrator

      “the filter holder looks nice. But too late… Nikon will bring up a new 12-24 FX later this year.”

      And do you already know how it will perform, too?

    • 12mm FX with 82mm filter threads? I don’t see how that is physically possible. As far as I know, the widest full-frame focal length that accepts filters is 16mm. Everything wider has full-time lens hoods.


  • Folks: Read the Nikon interview. It will inform us with all the little improvements made to this camera. Does not seem that the D4 is only a marginal improvement; in many areas breakthroughs have occured in speed and performance.

    • “…this new sensor, this new 16.3-megapixel sensor, was chosen because of its balance between image quality, high ISO performance and burst rate, so that the camera can do all that. So it’s a carefully choreographed balance of how well these features work together.”

      “The voice of the customer is very, very important for all of our products, whether it be Coolpix, or Nikon 1, or DSLR, as you know. But on the professional community side, through our NPS activities around the world, we know a lot of photographers, so we welcome that kind of feedback, and for many years that feedback has always been provided, and so then we take a careful look at what photographers have been saying who use the cameras on a daily basis, and then they decide again, I guess it’s a balance of where you can change the controls, and how you can improve it.”

      This is why I choose Nikon. I believe Nikon when they say these things. They say things like “carefully choreographed balance”, which I translate as: ‘We care about our customer and putting their most important needs first — even at the risk of looking vulnerable by our competitors when they start putting out their marketing spin.’

      Of course, believing their words is easy: the results of these strong philosophies are evident in their products.

      Oh, and remember all those bitter comments about how the Nikon 1 Series wouldn’t sell worth a darn?

      • Ron, does this matter that my prayers about focusing screens will be listened?

        • Slow Gin —

          I’m guessing you want a wider array of focus points or some similar focusing issue? Is this what you’re referring to?

          There’s no doubt that there are features I’d personally like to see in these cameras which Nikon may NEVER implement. That doesn’t mean they don’t listen to their customers, even if I’m not alone in requesting that particular feature. No company can satisfy every customer, so the best approach is to satisfy your most loyal (and largest) base first, then find ways to build in value for the remaining customers where possible. For the rest, they can choose another brand, and that’s ok too.

          It sounded like NPS was their primary group of customers who have Nikon’s ear. I haven’t ever taken the time to become an NPS member, but when the D4 is released, I imagine I’ll do so knowing that is where they spend their time learning about their customers’ needs.

          • I am begging for focusing screen which will allow me to focus by eye and observe true depth of field. That will do me part with autofocus philosophy which I don’t like. The problem could be less perceptible if Nikon had something like Eg-S on Canon side. Additional replacement screens for D700 are sharing split-focusing technology which is inconvenient by affixment to center of the frame. It forces to recompose and lose focus due to different point of view and specific field curvature of the lens. It could be not that troublesome if accessories set had Eg-S equivalent, but it has nothing alike. Nikon dropped everyone who is still familiar with MFing, so that’s a point of deal braking for me. Since I have no FF body yet, I don’t think that if I’ll return back to Canon I’ll gain something better than D700 could provide, but definitely 5D mkII looks sweeter in that regard. I have some Nikon AF lenses (one of them is broken) and I’m tired of issues that are running by my side from the time I’ve got Nikon. For example, it is winter now. AF system fails to focus on object when the temperature is below zero. When I’m getting back in warm environment, everything becomes as it should be. Pair that issue with AF point layout inconvenience and you’ll see the advantage of manual control. Granted, Nikon shouldn’t listen to someone’s unique opinion, but I’m not alone in my hate to AF philosophy.

            • Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t aware of this Eg-S solution on the Canon side you speak of. Either I’ve never noticed it in my use of Canon bodies, or it wasn’t activated.

              Either way, I’m not sure I understand. Is it an electronic equivalent of the old focus screens that had either split image or the grid pattern when out of focus? Or is it something different?

            • Ron, Discontinued made it right: Eg-S is just a piece of old-school matte glass. It makes VF slightly darker (just a little) but it helps like nothing else!

              Take a look here:
              It’s a russian site but you can judge just by sample pictures.

              I’m willing to get the D700 body, so the solution is:

              At the end of the day, from the specific point of view I can’t get why third-party manufacturer cares about such things unlike native manufacturer…

          • Discontinued

            Slow Gin ist talking of old fashioned focusing screens that actually allow for proper DOF-control and accurate MFing. Canon has 10 different types of focusing screens (Ec) for the EOS-1Ds MK III. I wish Nikon would pay the same attention on focusing screens. Funny enough, Nikons still support the old MF-lenses whereas Canon-shooters get focusing screens but can’t mount the old Canon lenses.

            • I believe Canon provides such wide choice of focusing screens because they understand importance of speciality tools for users with unique needs. Among SLR systems EF is the most universal one thanks to significantly shorter flange focal distance of them all. You are free to mount lenses of many different systems without significant changes in the tail of the lens. Also there are myriads of third-party manufacturers to support native Canon mount.

              On the other hand, despite supporting historical bayonet, Nikon dropped the ability to use old manual lenses at full potential. It is easy to manage critical focus looking through FM2’s viewfinder and oh God, how it is difficult with current camera!

            • Discontinued

              >>and oh God, how it is difficult with current camera!<<

              Hi Slow Gin,
              I couldn't agree more. It all started with that fashion of EXTRA BRIGHT acute matte screens. They are damned see-throughs rather than real screens. What a shame!
              As much as I appreciate Nikon for carrying AIS-"support" and DOF-"control" all the way through I find it inconsistent and truly annoying that they are not doing it consequently. It's always amazing how DOF differs between VF-image and a shot, shot wide open. But painful MFing concerns me more.

            • Thumbs up, mate!

              I have to add the fact that ‘extra bright see-through’ fails to connect with photographer’s mentality and thus vision. Newcomers may not notice that but old fashioned guys who is still in warm with good film days will do: when you see the difference between actual look in viewfinder and the end image, something is wrong. Way too wrong. I, photographer, am responsible for what have to be in focus and what not. I build the image in my mind and wish the photogrpah to be identical to what was imagined. When you see through conventional viewfinder, you just always wondering.

              The different thing is rangefinder photography: you have to wonder all the time: distance, f-stop, focusing and recomposing, parallax correction at closer distances and other things. But taking into account advantages of RFing over SLRing, those shortcomings go unimportant. Still, I don’t wish to build my mindset in a rangefinder way when I’m using my reflex camera. I don’t like crossroads.

      • Ron, that is a good post, but this restricting repair parts thing is not so customer friendly. They could at lest make a subset of items available like grips and battery covers. The list price policy isn’t too thrilling either. It is done in other sorts of products (Rolex, TAG and Oakley) but I have not seen that sort of pricing in cameras or electronics since fair trade went out decades ago.

        • Restricting repair parts may not seem customer-friendly, but it very well might be the most customer-friendly move they can make. Less options doesn’t necessarily mean worse, especially if the restricted options were bad for the customer experience. It’s obvious that these cameras are incredibly complex. I have no doubt that repairs are likewise very complex as well. I can only assume there is an appreciable difference in quality of work between repair centers that are independent vs. actual Nikon-owned centers.

          I’ve personally run into this issue: years ago I bought a Nikon 80-200 2.8 from Inkley’s (last purchase I’ll ever make with them). It was a bad copy and in addition to focus breathing, I had other problems. I sent it to Nikon’s official repair center under warranty through my local Inkley’s store for repairs. This was shortly after purchase. While they told me that they sent it to the Nikon repair center each time (we sent it to them a total of three times), it became known that they had in fact sent it to their own repair facility and it never did get fixed. In fact, it’s the worst lens I’ve ever owned, with multiple issues occurring while owning it. I have had screws fall out, parts come loose, etc. I’m certainly suspicious that it’s falling apart largely due to the meddling the Inkley’s repair center did to it — without my consent, and without success.

          Everyone’s trying to make a buck, but Nikon is trying to build — and maintain — a reputable brand. I can appreciate that, especially when the quality of their products is so high. This applies to the pricing policy as well. Nikon is fighting off the sharks. Maybe it will be ineffective (e.g. gun laws only hurt legal gun-owners). But when Nikon is $1k cheaper than the competition for a camera which is arguably superior in every way, what’s to complain about? It’s pretty clear they’re not out to gouge their customers.

  • Steve Starr

    The filter looks nice compared to the Lee design which is a lot more. Too bad it is only 3 stops of ND which isn’t enough for smoothing out water shots. A 7+ stop ND would be more apt. If it had something like a 8-10 stop I would go for it, but it is too limited with what filters it now offers.

    The circular polarizer on a wide like the 14-24mm on an FX is going to take some work in PS to even out the graduation in the sky. Wide lenses just do that.

    • Maybe the filters stack? (I think a little vignetting would be acceptable in this case)

      • peterw

        ‘case’ I read ‘case’… considering this filterholder, which makes me wonder about a bag to hold it.

        It is even wider than the 500 mm F4.

        Nice design though, looks like thorough thinking.

  • mandrake

    Winter15 not working for me. Is it rentals only?

    • Its not working for me ether.

      Can we get a conformation on if this is only for rentals? I would defiantly purchase a used item if this coupon was applicable.

  • arturo

    “the filter holder looks nice. But too late… Nikon will bring up a new 12-24 FX later this year”


  • yauth

    Hi, may I ask,

    is the filter the ONLY one circular shape filter for 14-24 in the market??

    I saw there is another filter for 14-24, but it is Square shape, it’s not convenient.
    can any tell me about this?
    just would like to choose which CIRCULAR filter for 14-24 is better

    THX so much

    • dgs
      • Steve Starr

        Too bad Lee doesn’t offer that 10 stop ND filter for their 14-24mm holder. They only offer what is available for the smaller 100mm holder which holds the 10 stop one they make in that size only. 3 stops of ND isn’t enough for water.

        Back to using the Miller’s welder’s glass I guess and try and correct out the green color of it. Least they are only about $5 at Lowe’s Hardware.

        • javier olmedo

          Hitech provides a filter if you stop for 10 14-24.
          can see it here:

  • Miki

    Admin, do you have any rumors on a new nikon 14-24 upgrade later this year or next? or what is your personal opinion about it?

    • I don’t think Nikon will replace this lens any time soon

  • yauth

    yes ,is this the ONLY circular shape filter for 14-24 in the market??

  • “Nikon is committed to optical viewfinders”


    That is all for now…

    • GeofFx


      I’m just joking with you… but wasn’t it you that said you were going to switch from Nikon if they put a video record button up near the shutter button? 😉

      • Yep, I was overreacting. As predicted, the D4’s “REC” button is allegedly completely reprogrammable. I’m holding out for access to something more important to me, like ISO or something.

        If however the REC button is NOT programmable enough, or doesn’t at least have a “completely off” option, then I will go back to my original assertion- I may continue to shoot my personal work on Nikon, but professionally I might prefer to use the Canon gear owned by the studio I shoot for. As long as the 5D mk3 has awesome AF, although I’m thinking that is FAR less likely than the Nikon REC button being reprogrammable, lol…


        • I guess I don’t understand why they moved away from the record button/switch as found on the D7000. I personally like that, and the still/video switch on the D4 confuses me (granted, I haven’t investigated how the new switches work).

          I don’t really care either way. To me, the D4 video features are incredible, and appear to best (or test) even Canon’s latest announcements in both the C300 and the 1Dx. Finally I can avoid Canon altogether for my more rare 60fps needs. Good riddance — the video quality has always found lacking compared to Nikon’s.

          • I agree; even on many traditional camcorders, isn’t the “REC” button thumb-operated? I just figured they would allow you to configure the AF-L / AE-L button to REC, or add a switch+button like on the D7000…

            But either way, I’m looking forward to the full spec release so I can check the menu options for that button’s customization potential. If anybody has a link to such info, please post it!


  • El_Pickerel

    I would buy that burrito lens wrap and just keep burritos in it. 😀

    • TSA Agent “Sir, you cannot take food on the plane in your bags.”
      You “But it’s my camera lens…”
      TSA Agent “Sure it is, and I’m Santa Claus.”

  • Nikon_Boy

    NICE…… I can finally purchase this filter for my 14-24mm and use this lens more often now.

    • Please tell me you didn’t spend $1800 on a lens to be too scared to use it…

      • +1,000,000

        I’ve had mine in heavy use for three solid years now and I’ve never been afraid to tell a snowboarder to “come as close to me without hitting me.” No filters. Ever.

  • NR Admin: Thank you for the links posted. The interview with the Nikon engineers sheds light on why the D4 was delayed and how much work went into it.

  • Paco

    Mr. Admin do you expect a sooner relacement of the 14-24?

    • Jim

      Hey guys: my “announcement” of a 12-24 FX with 82mm filter thread was a joke of course. As Matt said, that wouldn’t work out.
      But I found it as hilarious as paying 200 bucks for a plastic lens hood with a filter thread.

      Besides, I paid about 180 bucks for a Nikon 77mm CPL, so what then would be the cost of a 145mm CPL in the SAME quality? Nikon doesn’t have any 145mm CPL filters and so far I don’t know if there is any established Brand who does.

      • netZ

        … where does it say the product is made of plastic? …

        Premium Grade Anodized Aluminum Hood
        145mm x 1mm Standard Thread Enabled.
        Integrated Filter Adapter, Tight Fit like Part of the Lens.
        Included Beautifully Crafed Lens Cap
        Available Filter includes MC UV, CPL, ND4, ND8 Filters
        24 Month Warranty

    • no

  • Regarding this QA from the Nikon interview:

    “Also, did they drop the Lock button altogether?

    LS: No, the Lock button is now in the menu system, so you can lock shutter speed and aperture through the custom settings.”

    Does he mean that you can assign a button (e.g. multi selectors) to AE lock? Or do you actually have to go into a menu every time? I assume it’s the former, but can anyone confirm this?

  • photo-Jack

    Talking about filters…
    Lee ND filters do have a great name, but the set is pretty expensive and, worse, you have to wait forever to get it. Thus I tried cokin ND filter but I’m not sure if they have a bad influence on sharpness (I’ve never done large prints on these ND shots)
    Is anybody out here, who made a comparison between cokin and Lee ND filter? Or can say something to this topic?

    • cokin is a toy that’s all i have to say about it. No experience with Lee though, but they have good name.

  • arturo

    Lee and Fotodiox alternative,check it out:


    • Calibrator

      This is interesting, thanks!
      If I interpret their product portfolio correctly they may even have an adapter for my Sigma 8-16 mm…
      (not cheap, though)

  • Nikon 2000mm F11 REFLEX Lens for $51,673= Rs 25,87,913 …jawdropped

  • cafi
    • Zoot

      Stunning quality. Thanks for the link.

      I wonder if Little Freddie can make me a D4 from an ol’ seegar box.

    • tonyc123

      Really like that.. Interesting post production, soft, flat pastel shades. strangely compelling.

  • broxibear

    Retailer in Thailand sign says D800 available on Feb 16th http://www.techxcite.com/uploads/20120123232225.jpg

  • Chris R

    Proper skills with luminosity masking in CS5 has made me rely much less on filters for my 14-24. Examples can be seen here:


    I own both the Sw-150 and ordered this new Fotodiox filter system (Adapter, CPL, and ND8).
    Consider these few advantages, and the reason why I picked one up:

    1. A CPL will make taking waterfall shots on a cloudy day worthwhile. The “pie shaped” inconsistency you see in skies with wide angle shots will not be an issue when removing reflections in water.

    2. The ND filters are dual thread, so you can get 4 maybe 5 stops of light reduction by combining both the CPL AND ND8 on the filter holder. I’m not sure about vignetting- I will report my findings.

    To me, this filter system is the EXACT answer I have been hoping for. And NO- there is no FX 12-24 coming out. An update on the 17-35 f/2.8 is due soon, but with the new Fotodiox filter system, I see no need to spring for that lens.

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