Nikon Coolpix P7100 will not be replaced this time around

Several readers asked me if the Nikon P7100 will be refreshed in the next round of Coolpix announcements. Nikon releases point and shoot cameras twice a year, but the different models are usually refreshed every 12 months. This time around we can expect an update of the cameras announced back in February, 2011P300, P500, S9100, L120, S6100, S3100, S4100, and L24. Later this year (usually in August) we can see new versions of the cameras announced in August, 2011: P7100, AW100, S1200pj, S8200, S6200, S4150, S6150 and S100.

Expect to see more Coolpix cameras with built-in GPS functionality.

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  • Mike

    I wonder how exciting this is, given that Nikon-1 is selling like a hot cake, taking on whatever Coolpix market is remaining after being eaten by the likes of other mirrorless and phone cameras.

    • Adam

      I would love to see Nikon announce additional 1 lenses, especially a fast prime!

      • Adde

        13mm/F1.8, 18mm/F1.8 or 34mm/F1.8 please

        • CRB

          Yes, nikon need these lenses…the ones available are not that good…

        • sylvesterii

          I doubt you’ll see a 34 1.8. On pure speculation, I’m guessing Nikon will rely on the FT-1 Adapter and 35 1.8/40 2.8 Micro (which now makes a whole lot more sense 40mmx2.7=108mm)/50 1.8/85 1.8 for the long lenses.

          Would love to see the 13 1.8.

    • Rye

      It’s a marketing strategy, apple has done it to stay afloat.
      I forgot the actual term for it, it’s something that sounds like … self cannibalism or something, where they have to eat their own sales to make more sales. For example, They had compacts, and SLR’s and no bridge in between, they had to make that bridge (Nikon 1) and suffer from their Coolpix sales but in the end they gain customers interests in buying the higher end camera….. benefits? they really are better than coolpix, but if you are strapped for size and cash, you would go with the p7100 vs buying an Nikon 1 and dropping money on lenses.

      OTHER GOOD SIDE, I’ve seen people say “if im going to drop 1500$ on it for lenses, i might as well get a whole DSLR” bam, nikon sells itself.

      • Adde

        “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will”

        – Steve Jobs

    • Ren Kockwell

      No, there is a different need here. The 1 system is simply not compact.

  • Craig

    Does anyone actually know someone who uses the P7100 (or the Canon G12, for that matter)?

    Who is this camera for?

    • Henrik

      I use a G9. Very small and handy when compared to my D90. It still makes good pics in good light. It is ready for an update – G12? – G13? – or perhaps V1 🙂

    • saelee

      I know many photographers that use the G12, a few of them are die hard Nikon shooters too. But I don’t know anyone with the p7100/7000 though.

      They are people who still wants high quality image but don’t want the size of a Dale.

      • I’ve just started using the Nikon P7100, it’s a very nice cam. A good alternative when I don’t want to carry my D700 and big step up over a small point and shoot (IMHO). I did think about about the Canon G12, but what convinced me on the P7100 was the extra zoom range, and the fact I already have a SB-400 flash which makes a great combo with the P7100. The P7100 is now only 35,000yen here in Japan, so my wife approved the purchase!

    • David Busch

      I use the Nikon P7100, but that’s mostly because my wife won’t give me access to the G12 as often as I’d like. The P7100 is a good camera, but doesn’t offer that much more than I need over the G12. I’ve got the Nikon V1 and J1, too, but tend to use the P7100 more when I want a compact camera. My FT-1 adapter arrived today, so that may change. I’m looking forward to trying out my 300mm lens on it.

      • Michal

        David, as a user of both, P7100 and G12, can you please shortly describe what you found better on G12 and opposite? I am choosing a compact camera as complement to DSLR and in my final selection is P7100 and G12.


  • broxibear

    “Several readers asked me if the Nikon P7100 will be refreshed in the next round of Coolpix announcements.”
    Really ? I thought the P7100 only came out in September 2011…are these “Several readers” also asking when the D4 will be updated ?
    Great, cameras being updated before they’re released lol.

    • Maddog

      Yup, and I want the successor to the D800 before it comes out 🙂

  • Chandra


    Do you still expect some announcement tomorrow late evening? Any further update on D800?

    • David

      Is there speculation that a d800 announcement will happen tomorrow? I sure hope so, desperate to upgrade to full frame from my d90. I just hope the noise performsnce will be as good as the d700

      • WoutK89

        It is said that January 25th Nikon has a presentation somewhere… May or may not be interesting, we will know on January 25th.

        • There is another event on February 7th, still not sure what will be going on on those dates.

          • broxibear

            Looks like the 5D Mark III might be happening on that date too Peter. Should be an interesting marketing battle to watch ?

            • Nikon & Canon always announce new products at the same time

    • This will probably be a closed doors event, the “real announcement(s)” should be in the first 8 days of February I believe. I still cannot get a confirmation that the D800 will be announced, but I still think it will happen.

  • T.I.M

    If you plan to buy a HD TV to view your pictures, don’t get a SONY one (but works great as a regulat TV).

    • preston


      • T.I.M

        Can’t read pictures files that have been modified (reseized, croped, etc…)
        I contacted Sony, made a firmware update, still don’t work and I can’t return it to B&H because they don’t take back TVs larger than 37″
        So I’m stuck with my $1400 46″ TV !

  • amien

    WHO Cares ?

  • If they could put GPs module into coolpix why not into the D4 series. Seems like Nikon like charging their customers again to buy a several hundred pound Gps module.

  • Camaman

    OhOh… Surprised by Canon G1X? 😛

  • I’m tired of buying gear… only have it outdated the next year… I wish they would work on firmware updates and slow down the delivery cycle… I guess they gotta make their money but it is so frustrating… I have since boycotted buying pocket cams because it will only be updated the following year and you will lose $100+ value on your camera… 🙁

    • WoutK89

      You should buy a camera that fits your needs, the update 1 year later will only be a marginal update to what you own. I dont get why you are so upset? This recycle time is needed for new customers. Buy what you need, dont look back, and just dont pay too much attention to what will be there next year.

    • tonyc123

      Its us consumers wot done it! While there is room for product improvement/development we will demand it & manufacturers know that they have to feed this demand or fail very quickly. I shot film for 20 years or so & used the same Hasselblad bodies and lenses throughout that time, all it needed was an occasional service. We used to blow our money on expensive lighting kit instead (& ‘location expenses’)

    • Rosco

      I don’t understand the “obsolete every year” argument. Surely a camera is only obsolete if it doesn’t do what you need it for anymore….

    • noFunBen

      sound have got a d700, the way people complain about wanting a d800 already it feels like nikon only updayes the line once a decade

      • Discontinued

        LOL, true we are kind of psyched.

    • Tiger1050Rider

      you can only have more money than sense if you ‘have to slavishly follow every upgrade’.

      I have a D700. 3yrs old tomorrow.
      I’m also having a lot of fun with my 1978 Nikkormat using that funny thing called Film.

      • broxibear

        Ah Tiger1050Rider, there’s nothing like the smell of fix in the morning.
        I don’t know if you know about but it’s thee place for film, paper etc in the UK, used to get my Record Rapid from these guys before I turned to the dark side.
        The marketing depts of various camera manufacturers are very good at convincing people they must have the latest model.

  • David R

    Hi, Is there speculation that a d800 announcement will happen tomorrow? I sure hope so, desperate to upgrade to full frame from my d90. I just hope the noise performsnce will be as good as the d700

    • WoutK89

      hmm double posted? See my reply above.

      • David

        Sorry my mistake

    • D4 Guy

      It will not be as good as the D700, but rather on the same level as the D7000…

  • Ren Kockwell

    Well, Nikon should be worried about the Canon G1X. This is getting closer to what I want as a “take anywhere” camera. A bigger sensor in a compact form. The G1X is still far too big, but it’s not much bigger than the P7100. When I’m going compact, I don’t want other lenses to bother with and get dust and debris into. I want a self-contained camera with one decent lens.

    Canon used too big a sensor. I would love to see the Nikon 1 sensor in a legitimately compact (fits in a jeans pocket without looking like a huge perv) camera. F/1.8-2.8, 24mm-105mm with many external controls. I’d love a VF, but it’s not worth the added weight and cost.

    • >> I would love to see the Nikon 1 sensor in a legitimately compact (fits in a jeans pocket without looking like a huge perv) camera. F/1.8-2.8, 24mm-105mm with many external controls.

      Leica has some pretty decent compacts that fit in the pocket for under $1000. If I was going the route of wanting a really nice compact, I think I would go this direction.

      • WoutK89

        Leica compacts, arent they just rebadged panasonics?

        • Ren Kockwell

          Yes, you’re right, they are, and I have the LX3. You pay quadruple for that red dot, which is the only difference in its Leica counterpart. It’s my current “take everywhere” compact and it’s terrific. But double or triple its sensor size—something like a Sigma DP series or Nikon 1—and you’d have something that’s simply amazing.

          The Leica X1 has a very nice, large sensor, but it isn’t compact enough, its images are not that standout, the lens is pedestrian (for a Leica) and the price is stupid high. The Nikon 1 is actually quite a large form factor considering its relatively small sensor. These are what I would deem, “compact SLR alternatives,” and not true serious compacts that can be taken anywhere. Yes, a larger camera is easier to hold, but that sacrifices portability.

  • califano

    the new 5d mark III is out it will kill the d800 muahah

    • broxibear

      Love these virtual fights…a camera that’s no out, and little is known about, has been “killed” by another camera that isn’t out and even less is known about ?
      It’s nice to get a half decent spy shot of an unreleased camera for once instead of all the blurred crap that looks fake…I think that could well be the 5D Mark III.

      • califano

        … and when canon will beat up nikon, sony can buy nikon and rule with alphas

        • oppo

          I DONT THINK

        • Ren Kockwell

          So hilarious. He can tell it’s a killer by the top of a camera. Illiterate d-bag.

    • Anonymous

      TROLL ALERT!!!

  • Kabouter buttplug

    Compact camera’s with build in GPS and on a D4 it’s optional. $500 vs $5000, strange world…

    • WoutK89

      Just your name made me ROFL!

      And it is not a strange world. GPS in compacts is far from matured, so why would you want a partly working GPS in a D4? I think GPS significance is still at the level of gadget, not for serious use.

  • I have to say that I own the P7100. Generally I use it as a pocket/travel camera, when I don’t want to use a DSLR. I just found it much more practical and nicer to set up than the 1 series and also the flash can be handy (though I do look like a bit of an idiot with a flash which is bigger than the camera mounted). It is a nice little camera, if I was going to criticise it. I would say that I wish the camera had the Expeed 3 sensor instead of the Expeed 2, which would have helped the speed dramatically (and allowed for 1080p video) and I maybe would have preferred a slightly shorter zoom with better low aperture but this isn’t a real problem.

    • WoutK89

      You know expeed for compacts has very little to do with expeed for DSLRs? They are just named and numbered the same so people that buy this cam think they will get similar perfornance to a D3/ D700 or whatever other camera… marketing got you too

    • Ren Kockwell

      The knocks you’ve just outlined are actually pretty substantial features in this competitive market. The P7100 would have been a nice camera had it been released 4 years earlier. But by its release, it was already being surpassed by models from Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and Ricoh.

    • P7200 go!

      Waiting for a P7100 successor as a pocket/travel camera:

      + Articulated 3″ display 900k!

      + A tripod mount, that doesn’t block the cardslot/battery access!

      + Better lens-build quality at max. focal lens!

      + Faster and more accurate AF at the long end of the zoom

      + Unfailing high quality lens protect mechanism!

      + Much more faster file saving!

      + Full HD 24, 25, 30, 50 fps

      + Faster lens with F2.0-4.0

      + 24-150 mm zoom

      + With build-in metall filter thread

      + ‘Bigger’ 2/3″ sensor with 12 MP

      + Less noise at ISO 200-800

      + Better designed on/off button for use with gloves in cold conditions

      + Manual smooth zoomring (Fuji X10)

      + Better viewfinder with at least 95 % (Fuji X10 = 85 %)

      + Bigger battery capacity for at least 500 shots with display on 😉

      + All matt black in nikon style 🙂

      Love this!

  • nobody

    Maybe there will never be a P7100 successor, just like there is no Canon G12 successor.

    I think it would be a good idea if Nikon followed Canon’s approach and use the 1 sensor for a compact camera with a fixed zoom lens.

    • WoutK89

      I get what you mean, but fixed zoom is kind of useless if taken literally

      • nobody


  • Κωνσταντίνος

    The P7100 replacement i think needs the 1 system sensor with faster lens. It will loose some zoom range but gain image quality.

    Sorry for my bad English

  • photo-Jack

    The P7100 has much of the direct dials and buttons, that I’d wish to have on a compact. But concerning the image quality Nikon 1 is far ahead.
    The V1 comes with some indisputable advancements, but I don’t need a camera for fun. Simplicity in usage might appeal to another target group. Having to look up PASM modi and basic adjustments in menu screens to me is a pain in the ass. I’d prefer Nikon would pursue something like the Fuji X-line. The X100 raised already a lot of attention and the X Pro 1 is supposedly even better. That combined with the “regular” Nikon Speedlights and a FT-1 would thrill me. And imho this would match Nikon’s traditions far better.

  • ronin

    I doubt if the P7100 will be refreshed, since it is already itself a refreshment of the P7000.

    Instead, I expect a P8000- Nikon’s reaction to the Canon Gx, but using the Nikon 1-series chippie, with a porked-out bod.

    But I don’t expect that until 2013- why not milk the current successful P7100 & V1 while they’re hot? I mean it’s all well and good to cannibalize yourself, but doing so before you really need to is, well, CANNIBALIZING yourself.

  • Max Archer

    Nikon! This time, try not shooting yourself in the foot, and give the P300 replacement RAW!

    I still can’t believe they didn’t do it the first time around. They would’ve had a decent S95 competitor, except hardly anybody interested in the S95 was interested in shooting JPEG all the time.

    If I’m allowed to dream, RAWs in .NEF format.

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