Zeiss Distagon T* 25mm f/2.0 ZF.2 lens, Fantasea FP7100 now shipping

B&H is now shipping the new Zeiss Distagon T* 25mm f/2.0 ZF.2 lens (F mount) and the Fantasea Line FP7100 underwater housing for Nikon Coolpix P7100.

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  • Nikkor 24 1.4 better choice.

    • Albert Ang

      I’m also curious, with no AF, slower aperture, what makes it a better choice than super sharp 24mm 1.4G?

      • El Aura

        For everybody interested in very precise focus, LV + manual focussing helicoid is more precise than PD-AF. PD-AF can be very precise if everything is adjusted perfectly and everything else works out fine. Often enough if you let PD-AF focus on the very same target multiple times, the focus position will differ between the different shots.
        Apart from the movie crowd which mainly does MF as well (and a manual focussing heliocoid is easier to use for that and more precise than the small throw AF lens equivalent).

        And naturally: price, size, weight

        • nebus

          It’s not just manual focus we like – for animation manual aperture is better for flicker free animation – the Zeiss prime series work very well for this.

      • Worminator

        If you are curious, buy one of the ZF lenses and try for yourself. I’m sorry but that’s the only way. Asking on the internet will just get you another Zeiss/Nikon flame war.

        • sorosoro

          don’t try it

          • simpleguy

            do try it

            • jah

              +1 do try it.

            • J

              Are we talking lens or dilmah tea here?

    • Samuel

      These Zeiss MF prime lenses will redefine your look at photography from scratch 🙂 just try and you will see yourself 🙂 this same apply for lower budget Samyang lenses 🙂

    • ich bins

      haha, that´s a dream. Zeiss outperforms Nikon in any case, including mechanical quality.

      • sure. it is almost like leica. but.

        oh well.

        almost got dragged again into discussion about senseless spending

        so short: no, it makes no sense to buy this lens. but if you want to be able to say on internet forums that you make AWESOME ZEISS 3D looking photos? well for that you either need to lie (nobody will find it) or own zeiss.

  • I Should Be Shooting

    For the money, I think so…

  • The Fantasea housing is priced right @ $400.

    $1700 for a 25mm f/2 lens with with MF. I suppose it works for someone. I would love to have a reasonably priced 24 f/2 AF not any larger than the Zeiss.

    • tsy

      zeiss glass typically delivers images that are very unique… almost magicial. You really do just have to try one out to see why they cost so much yet people still fall in love…

      If i didnt already have the 24g, I would consider getting the zeiss.

  • Collins

    It really is something you need to try once.

    I have a 35mm 1.8 DX lens
    and i bought a Zeiss 35/2
    (I know the DX lens is outclassed in the comparison.)

    When im just doing quick street shots yah the 35 dx lens is my friend.

    But i was just surprised at how much better the resolving power, and bokeh is on my Zeiss 35/2. There is a different look to it. I find myself constantly using it when i need control.

    But comparing this Zeiss to a Nikkor 24/1.4
    I’m pretty sure i’d go for the Nikkor. Auto focus still has it’s place, and The two lenses are at least on th same playing field. (plus who doesn’t love large apertures ^__^)

  • frAnk

    If the product is only as good as, not way better than, where is the marketing power?
    Not to mention this lens doesn’t even fill any niche market either.
    It is just another me-too product resting on the past laurels, and on it’s last leg.

    • jah

      Might be on its last leg but i just picked one up for canon a week ago and the solid wonderful brick of a lens is so buttery smooth on the focus and ridiculously sharp on the image. Silly, yet somewhat accurate comments like yours, could never make me regret buying it. It and all my zeiss lenses are such a joy to shoot with, its worth the extra bucks if you dont need autofocus.

  • Bill Stickers

    Zeiss Rumors

  • Dr Motmot

    I am very tempted by the Zeiss 100mm f2 macro but I already have the Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR. Has anyone seen a side by side comparison of these two lenses? Would the image quality from the Zeiss be noticeably better or will it just have a different ‘feel’?

    • jason

      I had both lenses and zeiss is definitely much shaper and much better bokeh. Purple fringing however is a problem for the zeiss when used wide open. I do say zeiss is 9.5/10 while Nikon is 8.5-9/10.

      • jah

        I have the 100mm zeiss macro, its by far my favorite lens. So insanely sharp and like all zeiss lenses has amazingly smooth focus. I guess it depends on what type of shooter you are. If you intend to use a tripod for most of your work, especially any video, then the zeiss is a good way to go. If you are a freehand shooter or need autofocus then perhaps the nikon is more suitable.

        • Dr Motmot

          Good point, I do a lot of events and street photography, don’t often use a tripod except for night shots. Don’t shoot any video. Just have a desire to use the sharpest possible glass (Zeiss 100mm and Nikkor 200mm f2 are apparently 2 of the sharpest lenses for Nikon mount). Might rent one to see for myself.

    • helloworld

      I have seen a comparison between the ZF 100 and the 105 micro-nikkor on a subscription-only review site. The gap in performance is about equivalent to that between a $300 “consumer” zoom and Nikon’s 24-70.

  • neversink

    Guess what….

    You can always focus the 24 mm / 1.4 Nikon lens manually if you like.

    Nothing against Zeiss, I love them on my old Exacta vxii a from the early 1950s. But honestly, the 24 1.4 Nikon is incredible, and I also have a great 24mm F2 Nikon ai s lens.

    Hard to believe the bokeh is better on the Zeiss than on the 1.2, particularly when it is wide open. I will do some tests when I am at the photo store.

    I can’t believe we are talking abut precise focus on a wide angle lens like the 24 mm. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!

    • neversink

      Also love the Zeiss lenses on my Hassy’s… but then again.. what else would you use on a Hassy?????

  • broxibear

    Talking about third party components…
    Canon and Panasonic interested in XQD, says Sony ?
    “Sony today told Pocket-lint that Canon and Panasonic have both expressed an interest in their latest format of memory card,”
    “We asked if Sony would be incorporating the new format into their own NEX or Alpha line of cameras and, of course, Sony said that they couldn’t speculate on whether they would or wouldn’t.
    Of course, expressing an interest in a new technology isn’t confirmation that there is a new product on the way that supports it,”
    “Currently the only camera that supports the new format of card is Nikon’s flagship pro DSLR, the D4, which hasn’t yet shipped. With the recent announcement of the Canon EOS 1D X (which will accept two CompactFlash cards), it’s unlikely that the new card format would find its way into the very top-end of Canon’s DSLR line, any time soon.”
    Full article here http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/44122/canon-panasonic-xqd-cameras-sony

  • broxibear

    Nikon S3 2000 Limited Reissued Rangefinder RF Silver (never-used condition) on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220938618508+&item=220938618508&lgeo=1&vectorid=229466

  • Peter

    I hear some of the comments… when it comes to considering your Nikon option, the 24mm is imho the strongest contender. The 24mm f/1.4 is such a killer lens. For 35mm and 50mm, I go Zeiss, but 24mm and 85mm, I’m quite happy with my Nikon f/1.4 G lenses.

  • The only strange thing is that B/H must have some inner channels since for Zeiss website the lens isn’t available yet “will be available within 1st quarter 2012” https://photo-shop.zeiss.com/en/Products/1871-767

  • While being drawn into these lenses, it occurred to me that a few hundred more would get me the 24-70mm Nikkor, which is a terrific lens.

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