Nikon D4 behind the scene studio shoot live right now

You can watch the live video right now on KelbyTV. Send your questions to the Nikon reps on Twitter with the hashtag #d4live.

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  • T.I.M

    Merci beaucoup Peter !
    Any tip on the D800 release date ?

  • Martin

    By the way, in Germany the D7000 body is available only in two of 36 online shops:

    A few months ago it was possible to get it for ~850 Euros, now you can invest 1100!

    Is this caused by the floods in Thailand? Or is it maybe hint towards a D7100 to b announced very soon?

    • nobody cares for D7000 replacement (it is rubish to think they would replace such recent model anyway).
      We need D800 and D700s announced now

      • Martin

        I’m with you in waiting for D800. Just think about selling my D7000… and now seems to be a good time 🙂

    • Markus

      No, it’s economically related

    • WoutK89

      In Holland they have a message on the page of Nikon products that it is related to the floods in Thailand.

    • Karesz

      Same here in Hungary. Even if we are a small market, almost every shops are out of stock of D7000.

  • Ray Justice

    Just watched the kive D4 Kelby shoot. The D4 looks great. I do have one question, What, if any, is the difference in the WT-5 and the WT-5A and when will the WT-5 be available?
    And I love the fact that when shooting tethered, both the card and the laptop will retain the images. On the D3S, the laptop only retained the images…..

    • WoutK89

      The difference in numbers is a difference in country releases. There different electronic regions on the world with different regulations.

  • I just missed the presentation. UGH!

      • The version linked to above has horrible video quality. This version is a lot better:

        In the beginning you hear a lot more about studio photography and Photoshop than the D4. It’s worth viewing if you skip around to find the D4 parts.

        I still want to know why the WiFi adapter is $875 when you can get WiFi adapters for free in any $300 netbook :(. The software looks pretty sweet, but I sure wish they could have built it into the camera …


  • To [NR]ADMIN : Don’t you think it’s about time to update the “Nikon Buying Guide” ( ) ?

    …or maybe, you ‘re just waiting a few days to add the D800 as well… ;-p

    • yes, it’s on my to do list – will try to do it by the end of the week

  • Art K.

    where is that video on that site? no search function there…

  • Andreas

    I can’t find it on KelbyTV. Can someone tell me what episode it is?

  • What lens does he have on the camera?

    • WoutK89

      Looks to me like the 70-200VRII lens.

      • Thanks WoutK89!

        • David

          Hi, I don’t think it’s the 70-200 vr II, it doesn’t have that type of lens shade – the vr II has a petal type shade.

          • petal sun shades are for noobs. too big, not collapsible and dont dump the hit

            • bratvlad

              my only complain was is hood on that 70-200 VR2, Love the 24-70mm lens Hood, but the other is seems to be a little small. Why didn’t they keep the same hood as the 70-200 VR1 has?

          • WillConnect

            That’s the Mamiya 77mm screw-in Hood. One of the Kelby fav.

          • Frankey

            I think it is a 70-200 (or similar) … look what he has in his left hand … golden rings (= PRO lens) … zoom + focus rubber ring …

    • わからない

      I think they said it was a 24-120 f/4 vr.

      • わからない

        BTW, based on the wireless website performance, I’d imagine this will be REALLY hot for the target news/sports pro market.

      • WoutK89

        Haha, 24-120 is not that big.

      • KL

        That was on Scott’s (NPS) D4.

  • Jon

    There’s a link to the video on this google+ page…

  • Jon

    Well I can’t get it to play at all in Chrome. Any clues please?

  • broxibear

    Just had a chance to watch this video, the two things that jumped out at me were the comments about back orders and Scott Kelby’s comments about high iso.
    The Nikon rep said that after the first batch of D4 bodies went out the back orders would take 6 months, so you might have to wait until August for your D4 to arrive, ouch…I can hear the complaints already.
    I thought it was telling that Scott said the highest iso he’d ever used on his D3 and D3s was 6400, he’s never needed anything higher shooting sports. I think some photographers bump up their iso just becuse they can rather than what’s needed for the situation.
    Worth watching if you haven’t already…and since there was a model holding an American football, Go Pats ! Giants?…giant losers lol. (yes, I’m in the UK but I’ve been watching NFL games since school, many years ago).

  • Jon

    Broxibear – thanks mate. That has worked a treat.



    • broxibear

      No problem.

  • KL

    Hey folks, don’t really understand this WT5 gadget. Can you help. If you are say in an area with no wifi, eg in the middle of a field, can you still shoot with the D4+WT5 and send the signal to a very close laptop as long as it has IE or some browser installed it.

    • CanadaWins

      Yes you can, as long as the receiving laptop is very close by, let’s say next to you or even in a backpack on your back. For longer distances you’d want a wireless relay in between.. such as a wireless router hooked up to a battery pack, as the wt5 range is very limited.

      Do remember two things. The wt-5 is only compatible with the D4 and it costs $900

  • Andreas


    Yes that is correct.

  • Ale

    Any news for D4x?

    • CanadaWins

      it comes out in a month…

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