“Nikon D3200 for Dummies” book now available for pre-order

The first Nikon D3200 book is already listed on Amazon UK and on Amazon Germany. The more interesting listing is on Amazon France where the book is currently available for pre-order:

The book shipment is listed to starts in 10-12 days. We had several D400 and D800 books appear in the past, but they were never available for pre-order.

The camera pictured on the cover looks identical to the current Nikon D3100 model:

The Nikon D3000 was announced on July 30, 2009, the D3100 was announced on August 19, 2010.

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  • Vuro Bega

    rumors that i want to hear… 😀

    • AWESOME!


  • I’ve noticed over the years that these various pre-order books for yet-to-be-released camera bodies are always in other languages, but never English.

    • Hermann Kloeti

      ……and with Nikon Corp. being an American company that really hurts, right?

      • kami

        Nikon Corp is Japanese, not American…
        source: http://www.nikon.com/about/info/history/chronology/index.htm

        • Worminator


        • Elmar

          Wait, wait, wait! Stop everything! Isn’t it a british company?

      • roy

        Nikon, American?!!
        who are you dude?

        • Dave

          Whoops – guess someone missed the irony there! (Or was it sarcasm?)

          • Markus

            Hahaha indeed indeed!

      • >> ……and with Nikon Corp. being an American company that really hurts, right?

        Where in my comment did I say that this “hurt” me, or bothered me in any way, you fucking retarted assuming piece of shit? It was an observation. I find it interesting.

        • david distefano

          as a special education teacher for 20 years who works with severely handicapped children, please refrain from using the word “retarded” when you want to put someone down.

          • Sven Johnson

            Don’t be so lame.

            • Boing Wronkwell

              Now then children. Your swearing and anger about this only reveal your lack of maturity in this matter. spend some time on something constructive and go here:


              And LEARN something.

            • Steve

              Lame ? I used to work with horses….so please refrain…

              Actually, I never understood why people say things like this. After all, a put down is an insult so why be mild and polite ? That’s contrary to being insulting.

              Better not to insult at all ? Fat chance. Sorry to all you fatties out there.

          • GeoffK

            do not feed the trolls …. the angrier you get over it the more people laugh about the use of the word. Hell, I admit I laughed. /shrugs

            • Distanted

              I saw no anger in his reply. He was simply asking another poster to not use the word retarded as an insult. Those of us who have been around special needs children and grown-ups understand the stigma they face from a largely ignorant and sometimes cruel society. If you don’t have a child with special needs, be grateful that you don’t have to experience the gut-wrenching pain of watching your child try to get by in a world where his peers would rather taunt him than return his friendship.

          • Markus

            Well, that’s a good one. I know that many retards join the army. Ans as a proof, in movies on the internet officers often call their soldiers retards and no reaction follows of the soldiers, I guess most retards don’t know it…happily. A retard is already bad enough, but an angry one…oh boy, they will piss on your grave.

        • Alan

          suprchunk wrote:
          “We call those Canadians. You call them countrymen.”

          Nice one, I think we can all assume your American.

          • Michael


            When you try to insult people it helps if you don’t make mistakes that make you look stupid.


  • Trevor

    Weird. I would expect the video record button to be moved up year the shutter release, and I haven’t heard anything about a new sensor (unless NIKON custom makes one just for this body again). It would be really weird to throw the d7000/d5100 sensor in there. I wonder what they’re up to.

    • Metten

      Would it be weird? Sony uses the 16MP sensor in their entry level Alpha A35 as well as the NEX-C3. Why wouldn’t Nikon drop the 14MP sensor as well?

      • Trevor

        I wouldn’t find it weird for them to use more mp, but using the same sensor from D7000 down to D3200 would seem odd to me.

        Then again, it could be a bunch of video updates, etc.

        • WoutK89

          They did the same with D300, D90, D5000. Essentially the same sensor in all three cams. The D5200 will most probably have the same sensor as the D7100, so they can as well use the D7000 sensor in the D3200

    • LRH

      I most certainly hope that they DO NOT move the movie button near the shutter release, as they have done with the D5100, unless the button is re-mappable to a stills function.

      I absolutely NEVER use video mode on my Nikon D5000 d-SLR & I don’t want any buttons associated with it getting in the way of my stills-only shooting. The location as it is on the D5100 is totally in the way & confusing if you’re coming from the D40-D3000 etc as that is where INFO has been located all this time. If it was remappable to (say) ISO then it would be okay, as it is it’s very much in the way.

  • the alvix

    mmh…so no D800 the 7th ? ..

    • Mundek

      Maybe YES…

  • anon

    anyone know what the camera in the picture on nikon.com next to the d4 is? looks like it maybe has the same new-style red grip accent as the d4 and d800 pics, but with a dx lens?

  • Dimitrii1130

    d4, d800, (d400), d7100, d5200, d3200.. i love 2012

    • OMR

      Only D5200 for 2013.

      • WoutK89

        indeed, the D5200 should come after the D7100, and the D7100 is “planned” for august/september. So we will not see the D5200 this year yet.

        Nikon D90 august 2008 – Nikon D5000 april 2009
        Nikon D7000 september 2010 – Nikon D5100 april 2011
        Nikon D7100 aug/sept 2012 – Nikon D5200 april 2013

        Because so far the the D5x00 line got the sensor from the D90/D7000 line, I assume Nikon will continue this way. The D3x00 and other before that have been less easy to predict, the D40 had a sensor similar to the D70/D50. The D40x, D60 and D3000 had similar to the D80 and the D3100 got one of its own.

        • WoutK89

          Photokina 2012 is 18 through 23 september this year, so I can bet the D7100 will be same time as D7000. So expect the D7100 in early september.

  • John

    This is weird. I thought Nikon would move entirely to even model numbers after D4. So basically this camera should be D4000?

    • Ren Kockwell

      3200 is not an even number?

      • kaygeebonds

        Maybe they should start using prime numbers!

        • Sounds like a fun idea. And after awhile prime numbers get so rare that they’ll spend 2 years just looking for the next model’s prime number 😀

          • BartyL

            This is a dangerous direction to head in. Primes only increase in length as they become more difficult to find. If we are to avoid DSLR bodies the size of Volkswagen Beetles (at first, then Transporters & so on) you need to write to Nikon immediately and dissuade them from this approach.

    • Worminator

      The D4000 is surely planned for, but not this round I guess.

      D3100 was quite a big change form the D3000, but I have a feeling that there isn’t much in store for the D3200 except more megapixels and some additional video shooting modes.

  • Teun

    For those wondering, there is nothing mebtioned in the cover text about the specs, except for the full HD of course

  • Another hint!
    Editions Générales First (23. Februar 2012)

  • Martin

    sorry, I pressed “enter” too soon!

    At the german Amazon site there’s another hint.
    publisher: Editions Générales First (23. Februar 2012)

    the book is not available at the moment


  • amien

    D3200 = D3100 with updated screen and updated firmware for manual video controls.
    That’s about it.

    • Adam

      Maybe the new Expeed 3 processor as well? A bump in resolution of the screen would be welcome.

      • amien

        They could have integrated the higher resolution-screen IQ & full manual controls in the D3100, but now that the D4 is out, their no threat anymore for the ones juts wanting to buy a DSLR to shoot video.

        A friend of mine bought the 3100 and his screen looked way crappier than the one on my D40X… bravo Nikon !

      • PHB

        The D3200 would almost certainly use the same processor and as much of the firmware as possible from the Nikon 1. Reducing component count and number of components across the product line keeps costs low.

        The flooding in Thailand coming after the tsunami has almost certainly upended all previous product planning. The normal thing to do would be to update the consumer models ahead of Xmas with the D3100 being first so that the D5200 can have the latest and greatest. But with two major supply disruptions there will probably have been an series of product changes forced by availability.

        Updating the D3200 to announce the fact that it now has full HD etc, etc. is probably a smart move. Even if this is only a software update it is something they want buyers to know is a new feature.

      • Worminator

        Upgrade to the latest expeed IC is a certainty, as is the additional video modes this enables. An extra 2 MP highly likely. Upgrade to a hi-res LCD from the current 230k one seems a good bet, but Nikon is notoriously stingy on this front. (Pentax K-r has had this screen since two years ago…)

  • T.I.M

    What ? People who use a D3200 know how to read ?

    • PeterO

      No, but there are a lot of pictures to help understand 🙂

      • GeoffK

        ROFL @ your comment.

    • canapé

      in the third world there is are a lot of people that can read (and take good photos too), but can’t afford a d700 or even a d7000

      • Poor ba#%ard

        Loot of guys in the 1st world can’t afford D700/D7000 – what’s your point

  • Unknown

    Does anyone know the release date of the Nikon D3200? 2012? Thanks a lot!

  • D700guy

    Well that figures. Announce the D4, and then leapfrog over the D800 & D400 and bring out the Coolcraps and more low end DSLR’s

    • WoutK89

      Humbug 😀

      • WoutK89

        Ok, did some research, to give you a better view. The D3000 (now D3200) was announced together with the D300s (now D800) so it is all possible if you look at the history.

    • PeterO

      Unfortunately I think they need to do this to compete against the “update every 6 months Rebel”. They sell a lot more of these than the D800/400, but I’ve wondered how many they have to sell? I can’t think that the profit margin on these is particularly high. As for the Coolpixes, someone at Nikon will eventually figure out that they are going the way of the dodo. Perhaps they should look into supplying camera makers with lenses. Silly people are easily impressed with things like – “our cellphones now have Nikkor lenses”

      • KyleSTL

        The upper Rebels (XSi, T1i, T2i, T3i) are updated every 12 months. The XS (D40/D3000 competitor) lasted for 972 days (2 years and 8 months). The shortest update for the Rebel line was the T1i at 320 days. The longest upper Rebel was the XT at 553 days.

        On the Nikon side, there is less uniformity. The D40X was the shortest lived Nikon DSLR at less than 11 months (329 days) before the D60 replaced it (with fewer changes than the T2i to T3i update). The rest of the updates range from 385 days (13 months, D3000) to 987 days (2 years and 8 months, D40). The longest ‘upper-entry’ Nikon was the D5000 at 721 days.

        I don’t see that Canon’s updates are signicantly more often than Nikon.

        • BartyL

          Facts and evidence-based reasoning are sooo mid-20th century.

          • KyleSTL

            My hat, sir, is off to you.

  • EnPassant

    D3200 is expected this year as we didn’t see an update of D3100 for a very long time. The cycle for this class of cameras is about 12-18 months, which means D3100 under normal conditions should be imminent for an update. But because of delays caused by floodings of the Nikonplant in Thailand it can be released as late as to Photokina.

    Being a budgetcamera and usually bestseller I bet Nikon is rushing to release it as soon as possible.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if it got the 16 MP sensor or an updated version of it or something similar and has improved videorecording.

    The D7000 is after all expected to be updated to D7100 for Photokina. It will have a new sensor. Propably Sony’s 24 MP. And if Nikon follow the same pattern starting with D90 and d5000 we will see a D5200 next year with the same sensor as in D7100.

    D400 is a bit more unclear. When/If it is released I expect it to be faster than any previous Nikon DX-camera. It will propably use a new 16 MP sensor for best high ISO performance ever found in a DX-camera, as good as or even better than D3/D700.

    • Unknown

      Thank you very much for these informations! I wanted to buy a D3100 but I think I’ll wait for the D3200. Moreover the D3100 now has a price of ~410 € in Germany, in november it was ~320 €. Maybe Nikon want to sell the last D3100’s for a good price, before the release of the D3200. I don’t know. 😀

      • WoutK89

        In general prices at stores are what the store decides to sell them for. And lately a lot of cameras have been in low supply, so it wouldnt surprise me that they keep the price a little higher to not run out of stock too fast, and still make some money from what they have left in stock.

    • PeterO

      Interesting. Most of the speculation up until now has been that the D400 would have a juiced up version of Sony’s 24MP sensor. Your reasoning seems sound, but I think the only question is when. There is too huge a gap between the D7000 and the D700/800 that Nikon needs to fill.

    • enesunkie

      If the plan is to put the 24 MP sensor into the D7100, then I would think this same sensor would come out in the D400/D9000 first,?

  • John Richardson

    More worry some is that people still speak French, I thought it was a dead language like Latin.

    • Mike

      Lol! Official language of 55 countries worldwide. I guess you’ll have to wait a little more to see it die and join latin… 😉

    • Calibrator

      You should improve your command of English before you disrespect other languages.
      (hint: worrisome)


      • Steve

        I’m not sure the collocation “speak French” is correct. I thought you have to ooze French ?

  • Does it have the new XQ-SD cards? 😉

    • Calibrator

      No – but you will be able to buy an XQD card with an integrated D3200!

  • Pete

    The D3200 this year? Then it must be the V2 next year!

    • jivee

      Wait till 2016….when there will be a monster V8 one! 🙂

      • jivee

        I meant to say 2018……

      • BartyL

        Intriguing as the V1 is, I’m hoping the next iteration will feature more external controls (like the P7100) and some semblance of a grip. Therefore I’m interested to see what the ‘V2’ has to offer as well.

  • Don Jose

    Maybe the 3200 is just a pre-printing error and the book is for the D3100 in french.

  • hmm now wassup with this D3200..my guess is nikon might launch D3200 in feb instead of D800.

    • WoutK89

      See my post higher up, just because there is a second camera in the picture, doesnt mean there can only be ONE 😀

  • Hugo da Boss

    LMAO!! The button layout on the left hand side is a total copy of the current Canon 5d mk II and the 7d 😀 Also the video/photo/life-view switch are coppied from the 7d

  • Bjrichus

    Why literal translation is not the way to do this:

    “Avec les nuls, tout deviant facile!” = “With the null ones, all deviating easy!”

    Hmm… I suspect more likely: “With those who don’t know, all learning is easy.”

    But it is funny.

    • jms

      It is: tout deviEnt facile:
      “With the dummies, everything becomes easy”

    • T.I.M

      Can you save me hundreds in car insurance ?

  • David Busch

    Ignore book pre-announcements. Nikon does not give pre-production samples to book authors ahead of time.

    • WoutK89

      How many writers really need a camera to write a book nowadays? You can just copy paste the specs from a newer camera in your old books.

  • Steve Hayes

    Hello Nikonrumors.com readers:

    I’m Steve Hayes and I’m the editor who handles the Nikon titles published in the For Dummies series by John Wiley & Sons (David Busch can vouch for me). I just wanted to let you all know that this title actually doesn’t exist and shouldn’t be listed on Amazon.com.

    We regularly share our anticipated title list with our translation partners. That list contains titles that we anticipate to publish up to two years out, including future camera books. In fact, we build that portion of our list with the help of information we get from this site. In this case, our partners forgot to remove this title from their list of forthcoming translations and it landed on Amazon. We are working to have the listing removed as quickly as possible.

    We don’t claim to have any inside information on Nikon’s camera release schedule (believe me – I asked at CES and they wouldn’t tell me anything). We do plan to continue publishing titles covering Nikon’s entry and mid-level DSLR cameras, including a book on a D3100 update if and when one is announced.

    My apologies if this error on our part caused any concern or unwarranted excitement.


    Steve Hayes
    shayes -at- wiley -dot- com

    • Walkthru

      Well that puts paid to that rumour then!

      • Ken

        Because he says he is, he is?

        • Steve Hayes

          As much as I’d like to think a Dummies editor is a prestigious enough position that it would inspire someone to use it as a false identity online, I can only paraphrase Popeye and say “I yam who I yam.”

          Here’s my LinkedIn profile if anyone would like to connect with me – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/steve-hayes/1/404/b2a

    • Thanks for the clarification Steve. Do you have any idea how this book ended being offered for sale on Amazon in multiple countries? What will happen to the people who pre-ordered it? Who posted this listing on Amazon? Thanks.

      • Steve Hayes

        I can’t say precisely what happened since the listing came from our partner that licenses, translates, and distributes the French language translations of the series. I don’t know their exact processes. I can offer some theories based on the U.S. processes.

        Because we have to plan ahead and prepare for technologies that are in beta or otherwise unannounced, our publishing list usually has a number of subject-to-software or hardware titles we suppress from retail sites like Amazon. Thanks to systems errors or human errors or both, occasionally one slips through and gets announced.

        My guess is our partner saw “Nikon D3100 Update For Dummies” on a list and changed it to “Nikon D3200 For Dummies.” When the partner took the list of titles publishing in the quarter to Amazon, they overlooked the fact the camera had not been announced and left it on the list. I’m also assuming their Amazon sales rep gets placement for French language titles on Amazon’s sites throughout Europe, thus the multiple listings. We’ve asked the partner to get all the listings removed and have Amazon cancel any pre-orders.

        To clear up one thing in the original post, that most likely is a D3100 on the cover. We do draft covers for all For Dummies titles shortly after they pass our approval process. For camera books, we usually use an image of the current model until the new one is available.

        I’ll check back in over the next couple days and will be happy to answer any questions anyone has about this incident or our titles in general. You can also send me an e-mail at the address listed in the original message.

        Thanks to nikonrumors.com for pointing out this error and giving us the opportunity to clarify.

        • Thanks for the clarification.

          • AnoNemo

            NR Admin,

            I think it would be useful if you could add as an “update” Steve’s explanation to your original post.

    • what a buzzkill.

      Well, at least he wasn’t blowing a hole in a D800 rumor.


      • Steve Hayes

        I’m waiting for that one myself.

    • Calibrator

      “We do plan to continue publishing titles covering Nikon’s entry and mid-level DSLR cameras”

      Steve, your company should also publish books for the high-end Nikons, like the D4.
      Several people here seem in dire need of one of those…

  • tonyc123

    Judging by the comments so far, I would say that Nikon has a profound understanding of who this product is aimed at. It also explains why they didn’t put too many long words in their own manual. 🙂

  • Well lets hope now people can calm down and resume normal business, whatever that may be.. 🙂

    If you do look at Amazon.com and check the release dates of the ‘Dummies’ books by Julie Adair King, they are usually available 3-4 months after a camera is announced/released.

    Also on Wileys official page there is no mention of this book. Also having a D3100 image on a D3200 book was a bit of a giveaway.

    So for all us waiting for a D800 in feb, we can stop loading our guns or put away the razor blades for now…

  • just marked a bunch of comments as spam, keep it civil please

    • Markus

      You forgot a few…but better to leave them.

  • BBhaswaran

    When will the Nikon D3300 be released ? It is really hurting to see no information about the D3300 ..

  • K. Presleywell

    The d3200 will have more curves, the “bannana” swoosh, a movie button on the top plate, and the 24 megapickle sensor from sony.

    • Markus

      Small explanation: every one as a seller/printer/publisher can upload a book title to Amazon, you can ask for an isbn as well. I can assure you, the publisher/author did not see the camera him/herself yet.

      Place a title and and own home brewed picture with it (of a fake/current model). By that you’re the first on the publishers’ list at amazon and get already attention from websites like these And if the camera does not come out, you just remove it from Amazon. Amazon nor any other shopping website doesn’t mind it’s fake, you as a visitor, visit the site with a possible click to some other real items on sale.

      • David Busch

        Great answer. Amazon, camera store owners, and Nikon reps are among the least viable sources for information, simply because they have nothing to lose by spreading rumors based on guesses, and at least a modicum of potential gain. (All three want to keep you interested and engaged.)

        The tech reps seem to get called in a little before the introduction for a briefing, but from experience I know they don’t get a lot of information, and there is little cross-pollination among the product line specialists. At PhotoPlus Expo in October, I got passed up the line from Level 1 to Level 2, or whatever, reps, in a tedious attempt to find the oneguy in the whole booth who was able to describe the Nikon 1’s “S” firmware to me in detail.

        The people who actually know have signed NDAs and won’t risk their careers for a little egoboo. There’s always the odd factory worker who leaks something, but the real poop seems to start about two weeks before the announcement, either through deliberate leaks by Nikon, clumsiness at various Nikon web sites, or slip-ups at the handful of media sites who do get “preproduction” cameras under strict non-disclosure.

        Book authors and publishers are far down on the food chain. For example, for every camera I write about, I buy one camera at retail, and often two (so my tech editor has one), because it’s easier and more reliable than trying to get one from the vendor. I jump to the head of the line whenever possible, and usually have my camera(s) on the first day they are available to the public. It gets expensive: for the Nikon 1 cameras I purchased a V1, J1, all four lenses, the SB-N5, FT-1, AS-N1000, GP-N100, and ME-1, but that’s the way it works.

        Chasing rumors is fun, because anticipation is half the joy. But, trust me, book publication schedules never bear fruit.

    • Ojojo

      Nikon keep entry level MP below mid range models; no way will it be 24MP

  • Donz

    24 MP goodness me! What would a D7100 have then?!!

  • Dominik

    24mp on a crop sensor? Noise at higher ISO and visible diffraction at smaller apertures would be hell.

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