Nikon to announce the first waterproof, shockproof Coolpix camera for kids

The current Coolpix lineup

With the next batch of Coolpix cameras, Nikon will introduce also a new point and shoot product line for kids. The first camera will be waterproof, shockproof and will have some unique built-in features (probably some fun image editing). The US price is expected to be under $120. This will be the second Nikon Coolpix waterproof camera after the AW100.

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  • chris

    i don’t care about coolpix, but for kids thats a good idea. i don’t like this vtech – kidizoom stuff aso.

    • Not Surprised

      I thought the entire COOLPIX brand-line was ALREADY for kids only!

      Anyway, if they want a real kids camera, it should be branded as Nikon (not coolpix, because that could go away over their lifetime), and have fun kids games in it with tons of stupid filters. That would indelibly mark the brand in some kids minds.

      I hope it comes with a band to clip to clothing loops such as pants belt loops, so they don’t lose it.

      • Andrew

        Not just for kids, but for adults that want to travel light. And if your photographic skills are advanced, you can also take some award winning pictures.

    • steph

      Thats it……i’m selling my D700, this is what i was waiting for (if it comes in green with purple dots).

    • sylvesterii

      Done and Done. I bought my daughter (who is 3) the vtech one, and it is complete garbage. However, it does have the “add a mustache” filter, which I want on my D300.

  • Ant

    This sounds fun. I’d consider getting it for my niece as a birthday or Christmas present.

    • Andrew

      I will consider getting this for myself. Nikon brand, $120, and waterproof. This is disposable cash and I can use it where a more expensive camera might be damaged.

  • Yagion

    Interesting. Great idea, and great way to train future photogs.. 🙂

    • Boing Wronkwell


      All you do is point and shoot…

      “Daddy, it’s slower and way bigger than my iPhone 4s…”

      • Daniel

        5 years old kid uses iphone4s? iphone4s is not designed for shockproof and waterproof, get your 12 year old young man an iphone4s.

        • Capnjack

          Right, Daniel. It seems some people will find fault in anything they don’t get. If they have children or have half of a brain for understanding marketing, they would see that this is a great idea both for kids and for Nikon.

      • Yagion

        As previous post mentioned, iPhone is not waterproof or shockproof. Try give that to your 5 yrs old. Yes, that’s a point & shoot. Do you expect a kid to want to learn a DSLR???

        • actually giving a kid manual only DSLR is the best you can do for him if you want that he follows your photography past.
          so did i. old D40, hot glued M mode, disabled flash, fixed ISO 400, 35G f1.8 when he was 6. you would be surprised how fast kids learn.
          It started with “daddy, pics are too white” to that he sold already many prints from school trips

          • Rossco

            Yeah right! You REALLY want to give a 5-year old a manual camera? Give them a point and shoot; let them get inspired, break every rule… But most of all; have fun.

            THEN; if it isn’t a nine day wonder for them; get them something better when they are old enough! Adults could learn a lot from kids art…. Don’t force rules on them too early (in any art endeavour). You’ll end up seeing much more creative work from kids than you will ever see on a DPReview and similar sites etc. Waaaaay too many “rule followers” there… Cheers 🙂

            • Pat

              I started on an old manual Minolta when I was 5. My dad told me to get the lever to the center of the meter, focus, press the shutter advance. It’s really not difficult when you break down the steps.

            • all he will learn from P&S is to make P&S photos. compose on LCD, never catch the moment and zoom back and there. he will get no idea of composition, focusing or mettering, and never understand even what aperture and shutter speed is.
              for our kid it worked as before.
              besides kids loves challenges and “adult” toys.

            • GeoffK

              I agree. Don’t give a 5 or 6 year old a heavy old camera. Give them a fun one to play with. They will be less likely to damage it and it wont weigh more than they can comfortable handle.

          • photdog

            The question of what the appropriate age is depends certainly on the individual upbringing and development of a child. Thus I think its hard to give a statement of general validity.

            In any event I dispute the “just have fun” approach of Rossco. Because in my observation this fun approach leads more often than not eventually to letting down everything which appears to become strenuous of some sort.
            I think that kids should be challenged to learn already in an early stage. Therefore I think that the experience Harold Ellis shared is a good real life example.
            When kids are handling a PC, iPad or smartphone in an early age it goes Wow. So why not with a camera like Harold did it? In my opinion it’s even better compared to the other electronics mentioned above because the kids learn at the same time to enlarge their world and their perception while the computer stuff often leads to slipping into a virtual world before the real world is explored.

            • Sir-weet

              Do you have kids of your own?

              Doesn’t sound to me you know kids at all.

              I have a 7 year-old who has won junior national piano competitions since he was 5. Last year was his 3rd in a row. He started playing at the age of 3 when he saw my wife and sister did a piano duet during the X’mas holiday.

              To him, playing piano was fun and he was hooked ever since.

          • dave

            Not every kid learns the same, and every kid’s attention span is different (and most are short if they aren’t having fun right away). The important thing is to give the child something he or she can get excited about, keeps their attention, and allows them to keep taking pictures.

            We gave my son the Fisher Price digital camera for Christmas when he was three and a half (the “and a half” part is important to a child). He filled the memory card before we were done opening Christmas presents. The resolution is crappy and the lens doesn’t help much and the flash is a joke. He was using an old Olympus C-5050 by the time he was 4 and he’s been using a Canon A720IS for the past two years (he’s 7 now). And he gets to take pictures with the DSLR from time to time.

  • Baraldi

    Dig deal!
    That’s all I wanted to know!

    is the camera that I was dreaming!
    Kick the ass of Canon (under water / maybe)!

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Oh I am so excited… Have to ask Daddy to get me one of those waterproof, shockproof ones.

    Wonder if they do it in Ashton bum-fluffy-beard color. All the girls at school will be so jealous.


    • Ant

      If I were your “Daddy” I’d probably be thinking about revoking your internet access right about now.

      I’d be happy to give the young ‘uns tools that they could use to get an instinctive idea of composition, without destroying the thing at the first outing. Got to be better than just sneering about how it’s not half the tool that a DSLR is then reverting to my superiority-complex comfort-zone.

  • broxibear

    Maybe this projector-equipped coolpix is one of them ?

  • why?

    WOW! Who wants a D800 now?

    • Bip

      Why wait for the D800 when the D4 is already out, and is better and way cooler?

      I bet the D4 will smoke the don’t-know-when-it-will-be-released D800 anytime of the day.

  • I think it is a great idea and something that Apple has seemed to understand for quite some time now. Every time I go into my local Apple store there are groups of kids playing games on the iMacs at the child dedicated station. Those kids want those games and they want to play them on those computers, and will be very likely to continue those wants as adults. It’s a brilliant investment into the future of the company. I see this as quite a parallel; get Nikons into the hands of the future and they will remember their first camera, they will potentially be lifelong Nikon users.

    My son will get one.

    • Joe

      Are you crazy?? GAMES on an eiMac??

  • The camera is also loss proof. It is surgically attached to the child.

  • everybody is a photographer might as well join us

  • canapé

    aren’t all coolpixes for kids?

    • Capnjack

      Spoken like a true SLR snob. Some of the new Coolpix models are very useful and have some really advanced features. Look into them before you shoot them down with your obviously superior intellect. I own 3 coolpix models as well as 2 D7000s and a D700. Sometimes it comes in handy to have a camera that fits in your pocket.

      • Duckeld Don

        “Spoken like a true SLR snob.”

        He ASKED for it.

        “Look into them before you shoot them down with your obviously superior intellect.”

        I think you know NOTHING about his intellect, but that you “maybe” don’t got his (not really good) sarcasm, says much about yours 😉

  • Worminator

    A simple, *-proof camera that doesn’t completely suck would sell well even without the “for kids” moniker.

    To do this though you have to go the iPhone route : drop the slow optical zoom lens in favor of fast, fixed focal length optics.

  • Terry

    This is killing me! I just want to know is whether or not I’ll be able to get a D400 soon so I’ll have time to learn it before wedding season, and all Nikon can do is come out with more of these toys! ARRRGH!

  • Terry

    Sorry, I’m really stressing out here. I’m sure they are wonderful and necessary cameras. I’ll continue to be patient. What’s another year or so.

  • Craig

    $120….for a kid…….no way I am buying a kid a camera at that price. Sorry.

    • Bernd

      Agree. It would need to be way under $ 120 if I would buy it for my kids.

      • John Richardson

        Well, how about $119.95? Is that way under?

        • jake

          How about buy it used two months later fur sub $90.

          It doesn’t really matter, if I had the extra cash I’d grab it for my 2 year old to play with, and so will others with extra cash.

          If you think it’s silly, it’s obviously not marketed towards you……

  • Darklight


    • Boernie

      That’s right! I often talked with my wife about that, like “my first sony”. I think I’ll buy this thing for my daughter. Of course, she doesn’t want any vtec garbage as long daddy has Nikon…

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Tokyo, Japan, 24-01-2012

    Over the past years, we have made a tireless effort to give our (potential) customers the kind of products they really need. After careful study, we came to the conclusion that many of our valued (potential) customers are not quite sure what they really want.
    In response, we have assembled an elite team of dedicated forensic linguists and clinical psychologists, who have been gathering and interpreting the negative comments about our products in the various online photographic communities. After careful analysis, we have discarded 73% of the comments, as these were clearly posted under instruction from Canon Inc.

    The remaining 27% however gave us a valuable insight into the demographics of that “impossible to please” customer base.

    Our team of forensic linguists and clinical psychologists, overseen by Mr. Horatio Cane, has generated a clear profile of the (potential) dissatisfied customer. After a year of intensive research and analysis of who you -our most prolifically posting dissatisfied customer- really are, we are proud to announce the one product that will truly match who you are. The product that truly matches your mindset, helps you push your photographics skills to the next level and perfectly suits your lifestyle.



    • BenS

      lol @ ” After careful analysis, we have discarded 73% of the comments, as these were clearly posted under instruction from Canon Inc.”

      I have nothing against Canon users .. this comment just made me laugh.

      Cheers !

    • Jabs



      What’s the new Product – a brain transplant or a new creative ‘EYE’ for them – lol.

      Humans will always complain and thus you cannot get rid of that. The obvious problem here is people who try and steer you towards another Brand of Camera by making inconsequential complaints and then cannot explain anything themselves = paid ‘shills’ maybe!

      Nikon was slighted for 12megs on FX
      Nikon was slighted for using cards with exposed pins
      Nikon was slighted for not offering 1080p HD and clean HD output via HDMI

      Now that these have all been done and now released, they now try and con us with some complaint about the new XQD cards as being mindless (LOL). To me, the complaints here almost always focus on what Nikon gets right over others and thus don’t care as they don’t seem to be real Nikon users or even realists.

      They want what they want, so perhaps you point them to Maya or Blender 3D and a 3D printer so that they can make their ideal camera but unfortunately for them, their prized ultimate body will be nothing more than a Museum piece devoid of reality and it does nothing except please them and their egos – lol.

      ONLY thing – they also have to have talent to use the above 3D Programs, so complaining is easier for them – Hot air!

  • Photo snobs (not that there are any here, right?) have no idea if they think this will be a dud. This is a great idea, I’m definitely buying at least one for my kids guaranteed. They love their Fisher Price digital cams and are pretty good with them, but they are terrible for the most part and this will be the next step (my wife and I both shoot, so they have seen cameras lying around the house their whole lives and are very curious and interested in them)

  • InfraRed

    Admin: I wonder what percentage of people on this site are interested in any type of Coolpix announcement! The appetite for Nikon 1 news is already “fairly” limited so reading about new P&S cameras is most likely “very-very” limited.
    Tell us more about new DSLRs and lenses planned for 2012 (including Photokina). That’s what brings me here (perhaps it’s just me but I doubt).

    • I told you all I know so far.

      • jodjac

        For the record, I have kids and have been looking for something like this for years. I tried giving them a point and shoot- it lasted a single day. They loved it while it lasted…

        • I also think this is a great idea. As far as I know no other major manufacturer is offering something similar.

          • Nik

            I too think it’s a great idea, and an untapped market. My kids (6, 4, 3, and 16 mos) all know how to take a picture with our cameras and phones (well, the baby can maneuver the phone and say “cheese!”, but has trouble with the d700), and something like this would be great for the older two.
            We currently have two of these, which are fun but useless as far as the images go:

          • Ren Kockwell

            I think it’s a great idea, too. I just doubt Nikon will do it A) correctly or B) affordably. I just bought a Powershot for my kid two months ago. Interface was much more intuitive than Coolpixes (although their DSLR interfaces are a different story), and buttons were easy to understand.

          • Molesworth

            Sony had considerable success with its My First Sony line of portable audio products (back in the analog days)…….

          • peterw

            Well, there are pink and purple camera’s for sale with quite big rubber ‘sealing’. Look rather shockproof to me. They don’t take real pictures though.

            Our seven year old made great pictures with a Canon s95 or whatever it is called. Strong colours but a good white balance and smoothly balanced fill flash. I just think the D700 is a tiny bit more alert responding to the exposure button. As is the D300, as is…
            But those are way to heavy for her, and her perspective and subjects are refreshing to look at. That’s what counts!

            Good idea Nikon. Make is as good as the S95.

            • Ren Kockwell

              If they made something as good as the S95, I would buy it!

      • Steven Georges

        Yes, but is it safe? 😉

        • PeterO

          Yikes, it’s Marathon Man!

        • Darklight

          And will it blend? 😉

    • AM

      If DSLR’s is what brings you here, why do you care about reading non-DSLR posts and even make useless comments on them?

    • WoutK89

      Not every reader is a commenter! The people you hear shouting loudest on this type of news (“nobody waits for coolpixes”) are probably people with too much time on their hands and wish to have their own website called
      If you dont like this news, just skip it. Nobody forces you to read them or take part in the discussions.

    • JorPet

      Well, perhaps this is why the site isn’t called NikonDSLRRumors.

      I appreciate ALL the Nikon news that is posted. Everything from Nikon financials to every CoolPix announcement, to lens and DSLR rumors and announcements.

      It’s all good!

  • Merv

    This is more like a business/marketing move; they are trying to find a new market as they have probably extracted the most they can from their normal users/market with the camera technology they currently have.

  • bobby

    cant wait to see the specs

  • Arthur

    Great Idea. I was just thinking of getting my kids a AW100 when the price went down!

    You should see how fast my little 1 year old daughter pull the lens my old canon point and shoot. Turn it into a no zoom or focus camera in 5 minutes.

  • Jade

    Dont’ worry D800 announcement is now FAST approaching guys

  • josh

    Next is a bite – chew proof cam for our dogs

    • BartyL

      The dog photographer market has been very poorly serviced IMO.

      • Oh, that’s a dogs rights infringement!

      • Zoot

        “Poorly serviced” only by Nikon.

        A rival company has developed the Canine 1DX.

        • BartyL

          That’s good.

        • Ren Kockwell

          The Pentax K9.

          • peterw


      • Calibrator

        Why have photos if you can get a live stream video?
        There was a small dog with a vid cam in the collar in the last episode of “Castle” – the owner of the dog was a soap opera actress. Very interesting for the paparazzi following her…

    • Nicole

      What about Cats? They need cameras too.

      Surely someone could develop a camera that fits the accessory socket/pencil-sharpener at the rear, and is activated when the tail is raised? Of course, it would have to have a mirror, otherwise you would only get rearward facing images. (Perhaps a CATadioptric lens?)

      • PeterO


      • peterw

        off course cats don’t need camera’s.
        Cats are models don’t you know.

        From the very first moment camera’s were invented cats were subject number 1.
        Some of Nikons best lenses were made especially to capture cats.
        Like the 8mm f1/3,5 ais and more recently the 16 f1/2,8D AF.

  • fredflash

    Unfortunately, there was no such Coolpix last year. So I had to buy an Olympus for my daughter for our hollidays at the Croatian coast. Yes, I do have a D7000 – but for some fun shots in the water – perfect. Well done, Nikon.

  • Nicolas

    It should be very reactive (no shutter lag…) as kids think the picture is taken once they have pressed the shutter release button…

    Would buy one for my son….

  • Travis
    • Ren Kockwell

      You’re about two days late on this, troll.

  • 5d mkiii
  • k2

    Looks like a great idea. If the kid takes an interest in photography it would increase the likehood of he/she getting a Nikon 1 or DSLR in the future.

  • photdog

    Quo vadis Nikon?

    What we can observe is a maker pursuing the mass markets and the high end league. There is a demand for simplicity and fun on the one hand and a quality-approach with a premium on video (in the past 3 years) on the other end.
    Will we see Nikon in cooperation with Sony developing kinda photography-Wii, where you don’t need to go out but simulate taking photos at your home tv screen placing yourself in front of the Empire State Building or Big Ben?
    How comes that Fuji -at least since last Photokina- raises more interest in the lower and semi pro market than Nikon does?

    Well, it was often said –may be too often– that due to the disasters Nikon’s plans have been severely disarranged. It is undeniable that the disasters had an impact. But I’m increasingly tempted to put a huge questionmark, on the most spread theories of what kind the impact really was. I more come to think, that the disasters have been a welcome scapegoat for explaining developments, which in fact had different reasons although accordingly areas might have been concerned as well. I’m talking about a major shift in favor to the simplicity & fun buyers and second a change of program in the upper line up. I think it was in 2010 when NR reported, a photog had spotted a Nikon tester with a pre-series D4. The specs reported seemed to line up with the common expectations back then of what a worthy successor of the D3/D3x would be, coming along with a 30+ MP sensor and other improvements. The D4 we see now is quite a different beast. After the smoke went down concerning the speculations about the D4, the specs reported about the D800 appeared to make sense in so far, as the D4 would be the high ISO, high speed reporter and sports photog cam while the D800 would lean toward the field of studio and landscape photography – where in both areas no “big” bodies are required or desirable.
    But in the meantime a lot of criticism came up about 36 MP would be too much of the good and would outperform the glass actual offered. (I’m not going there if these assumptions are right) However, I think it be possible, that in case Canon have decided not to pursue the high MP route with their awaited 5DIII, that then Nikon would change plans again. Of course some might embrace that, others will not. Since the development from the D300 to the D300s was rather a tweak than a major update, the “real” successor of the D300 is awaited since long. And what I’ve said above seems to match again. Not only that there is not the least bit of information, what a D400 would be, it even seems to be open, if Nikon would still stay with a semi-pro DX in the future. In the CES interview Nikon accentuated, that they would listen to the customers a lot. Well, this may be true for the D4. But the things we can observe in the recent past, could not really convince us, that they would do the same concerning the upper class below the D4. What eventually comes out, seems rather to be determined by guessing the next move of the competitors, Canon in the first place.
    Though Coolpix is no toolpiece in my consideration (not even the P7100 can really hold up with what the market offers as of now) but a Funpix, we are apparently see an altogether development of the branch. Leading photo magazines, entirely dedicated to the SLR customers in former times, now only devote a third or a fourth of the content to the “serious” DSLR photography, if at all. (they lost me on this route cause it doesn’t make sense to me, spending time and money on a magazine in which ¾ is not for me) Dpreview recently decided to go the same avenue and NR reports a lot of this section too, now giving us the “hottest” news about a cam for baby boy.
    I don’t know, but it appears as if this means dealing with quite a different league. Watching the comments here in the D3200 thread, I was quite a bit astonished about the trash-language entertained. I’ve never perceived that in a thread about the upper class DSLRs. Coincidence?

    Interestingly, this development has apparently created a new niche, in which Fuji understood pretty well to slip in with their X-line. When Nikon let out an unspecific message about something really big earlier last year, I thought of something like the X100 or the X Pro 1 rather than a Nikon 1 system. Again, I’m not against the Nikon 1, but I hold up that Nikon 1’s premium is again on simplicity & fun, not aiming to be a tool.

    In the long run my prediction to the date would be, that the customers of the D300/D400, D700/D800 will hardly be able to obtain as much attention from Nikon as they traditionally are used to get. In the worst case it might even be a smart move to “bunker” these cams cause it is hardly to see, that it is getting any better concerning the makers priorities.

    • tldr dude. get a life

      • FX DX

        Best comment on this post. You sound like a fellow redditor.

      • photdog

        Well, like in every blog people come there with different needs. Some may look for confirmation as reading somebody else places his Wow! or Yawn! at the same point they would or buy the same cam they would. This can be done in a few words. And this is all good.

        However, there are also some very skilled persons among the bloggers and I like to trigger discussions with them to learn something. And if it is to see the bigger picture or to find out about wider developments.
        No, I’m not an editor. But I’m also not only a photog but have wide spread interests. If that means an overload for some, I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. Its my freedom to write and the freedom of other to skip it.

    • John Richardson

      Youngsters who start out with a Nikon, may be predisposed to purchase Nikon in the future. I don’t see the problem with releasing a item target for kids that may result in future sales. Perhaps they will less inclined to whine “I’m jumping to Canon because Nikon didn’t listen to me personally and design a camera JUST FOR ME.” , you know like many people here do…

      Good move Nikon, branding for the future. This is not the first time a major company has done it and it won’t be the last.

  • This is it! This is what I have been waiting for! Cancelling my D800 order RIGHT NOW!

  • PeterO

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Nikon probably wanted to have the Kidspix models out before Christmas. At this point they’re probably trying to get as much product, old and new, out the door as soon as humanly possible.
    With the Canon 5Diii now being leaked, the D800 will definitely be announced in early February. As to photdog’s assumption that Nikon will change the sensor in the D800 based on what the 5Diii has – not a chance. It’s done, it’s ready, it’s being field tested and only the firmware will be updated. I’m thinking the same for the D400 and I’m starting to lean towards a smaller than 24MP sensor.

    • Doners

      Me too i guess this 36MP D800 is placed on a too narrow market i wish Nikon would have worked on a “5DmkIII like” for this D800. I don’t want to sell all my lenses ..but this leaked 5DmkIII looks sexy.

      I am a Nikon customer, so please avoid yelling to the troll”” when i say that the 5DmkIII is the FF that D700 holder are waiting for.

      • mikils

        And you can tell all these things by a fishy picture? go fish troll!

      • peterw

        so very curious how often:
        you mentioned the grass was greener on the other side, without you ever having set a foot on that grass, nor on your own grass for that matter…
        how often other people have mentioned likewise on this site,
        how often on any site concerning nikon
        how often on any site concerning any camera brand…

        and how many times this led to a laugh,
        or just a yawn?
        and how often silly people like me reacted to silly people like you.

        still the world goes round and nikon makes cameras. and over here it is winter and the grass is a bit to green to my taste…

      • Ren Kockwell

        The top of a camera is sexy? Really? So, do you select potential dates by checking out their scalps? If you are that fickle, you really need to just switch already so you know the real differences in the two brands.

    • photdog

      In analogy with what I was saying about the prototype D4 I think that there also might have been more than one prototype of the D800. Now that it seems that there could be a 5DIII with 22 MP Nikon might reconsider their line up in so far, that they pull up a different prototype (compared to what have been leaked about the D800) and take that to put it against the new 5D with what name howsoever. This appears even more likely as the Canon league is now speculating, if there will be a 7D successor at all.
      However, the strategy of both makers as of now, remains to be pretty much in the dark.

  • It seems a little pricey for a kids camera. If I was going to a camera for the son or daughter I don’t have I would rather get a cheaper camera even if I had to sacrifice quality. A five year old isn’t going complain that the resolution isn’t high enough and that it performs poorly in low light.

    • peterw

      looking at these pictures, it might turn out that there are some nice views coming from a five year old.

      1) Almost everybody will be cooperative when a five year old raises a camera.
      2) the perspective is really refreshing, and it doesn’t hurt their knees and backs.

  • Marc Perry

    My God Nikon, How many more coolpix cameras must there be. Enough already !!!

    • AM

      Sales will prove that there are not enough.

  • I’m feeling bad for the guts at Nikon cause Fuji pulled down 3(?) awards for X Pro-1 at CES. Nikon used CES tounveil their D4 flagship camera. They did it with great pride and fanfare. Too bad they didn’t win an award. They didn’t win any awards at CES, did they?

  • Ren Kockwell

    Oh great. An eleven year-old is on his parent’s laptop with no parental controls or supervision. I weep for the future.

  • oldf*rt

    I’d like a Coolpix with just two external controls. An aperture ring around the lens and shutter speed knob on the top. A nod to the past. A bit weird I know but I would buy it! 🙂

  • Hey, I think this is great. I sure hope they don’t blow it with the interface though. I purchased my 2 year olds some drastically marked down digital cameras this Christmas (just under $6 each). I was really excited… but after opening just one of them the control(s) were really terrible..for example the shutter could delete as well as take pictures depending on the setting (which was easy to switch on or off). So the other one still sits in the package.

    I will definitely pick two of these up if they seem up to the task of picture taking and not further bombarding them with excessive high-tech nonsense that distracts from simply taking pictures and a maybe few fun effects here and there… I personally don’t really even care too much about the IQ either. just my opinion 🙂

  • Nikon Coolpix for kids is awesome.. yeah..

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