Another Nikon D400 book shows up in Germany

There was already a Nikon D400 book listed on Amazon Germany a year ago. The publisher came out officially and said that this was a mistake. Few months later they released the same book (same ISBN) with a Nikon D300s name instead.

Now we have a new Nikon D400 book listed on Amazon Germany (from a different author:Β Klaus Kindermann).

The same book is listed also on Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Japan. The book is not listed on Amazon US.

The "product details": 320 pages, there is date reference of May 2010 (ISBN-10: 364560037X,Β ISBN-13: 978-3645600378):

The publisher is Franzis Verlag - could not find any other information on their website.

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  • alfredo F.


  • mnm

    It has begun.

  • alfredo F.


    • ednafzger

      Hola amigo de peru todos esta bien? i also have a nikon d200 with mb200 and nikon 50 mm 1.4 tokina 16-50 2:8 nikon 70-300 mm vr and an sigma 170-500 wich i will sell next year i think due to buy a or a 300 f2:8 vr + tc 20 e 3 or 70-200 vr2 and tc 20e3 and buy the way i live in Medellin Colombia origial Dutch have fun with your D200

  • Geoff

    Do not get too excited because even though it will be able to shoot in TOTAL darkness with it’s 896k ISO rating, it will still only be 12MP. ;-P

    • Biziclop

      The D600 (available in 2014) will finally match its 12Mpixel resolution with 12M ISO.

  • Vladi

    D400 has to be one killer of a camera. It has to better the already great D300s and Canon’s fantastic 7D. My spec wishlist:
    – 16mp APSC
    – 100% viewfinder
    – 7fps
    – 1080HD video
    – weather sealed like D700
    This would be my perfect DX camera for the next 3 years.

    • WoutK89

      14MP, and the D700 has the same sealing as the D300(s) has, right?

      • Vladi

        I think D700 got the same seals as D3. I think D300 is not the same, but correct me if I’m wrong.

        • WoutK89

          Assuming the D300(s) and D700 essentially share the same body, I would think it unlikely for the D700 to feature other seals, and go D3 style (whatever that is :-D)

    • stephen

      @Vladi .. this will be your camera for the next 3 years???

      I don’t undertand why people is willing to change their camera every X years..

      • jay

        because some people have to take 100K+ photos to make a living? Duh

      • Anonymous

        Good question. The same goes for my car: why do I change it every 3 years?don’t know, warranty, new tech, got money to spend…
        But look where we been 3 years ago: best Nikon cam was D2x. Now in 2010 it’s still good cam but current technology makes it really obsolete.
        Would be great if I could swap sensor from D90 into it, would get mew lease of life for sure. Camera bodies don’t really get obsolete but sensors do.

    • Tabitha Green

      I wouldn’t want more than 12mpx in an APS-C camera. :/ When I go full-frame then hit me with the 24mpx! πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    oh joy, release the D400 and shortly after the D4 :). How’s end of 2010 for the D400 and the first months of 2011 for the D4. Got a big pile of money stashed away for that D4! πŸ˜€

  • Twoomy

    I’ve stopped getting excited about any dSLR reports. Only leads to disappointment. Before a D400 can come out, the high-res D700 or D700 replacements need to come out and that won’t be for another five years. So expect that D400 in 2017.

  • papadope

    begging the question..full of this cr@p.I am getting a life and letting nikon to wake me up.

    • WoutK89

      “I am getting a life”
      Do they sell those on eBay? πŸ˜›

  • The book isn’t going to pre-date the camera.. or even come out near the release date of the camera.

    And if they actually had a D400 to write a book about, they wouldn’t be so dumb as to break the NDA to post a product announcement on Amazon about it.

    Busted before it walked in the door.

  • joebee

    Also listed at, see

    Coming in may 2010 – it has begun!

  • obald
  • Absurd Burglar

    I’m presently finishing up my D900 book and am accepting fully paid pre-orders, cash only.

    • JorPet

      Yours should be a good companion volume for my nearly completed D700s book. Perhaps we can bundle them and split the proceeds 50/50.

      • dave

        Neither will be as popular as my book on the D8000 (the sub $1500 FX-sensor based version of the D90).

  • Daf

    SHowing up on Amazon UK + FR too – but a German title still of course

  • tim

    At this point im at the ill believe it when i hold it.

    • papadope


  • C Benson

    Well everyone says “it begins”. I say ‘begins, begins, begins, begins, begins, begins, begins”, so on , so on, so on………. When will people start learn???

  • Daf

    That guys other books
    Book : Dec 2009
    Camera : July 2009

    Book : Aug 2009
    Camera : April 2009

    4-5month delay.
    If it were to be released May then that would camera would be out about now.
    I doubt it will – so another publisher being trigger happy IMHO.

  • frage

    it is nearly the same description text as for D300, only some words are different. maybe the author wants to get some attraction.

    was there in the past any similiar book announcement of an unannouced dslr and that the dslr was announced some days later?

  • Nikkorian

    hell i don’t want any more than 12mpx. should the D90 successor have more, i’ll still buy the D90.

    by the way, is the email-addy of the author. why don’t you ask him directly, nikonrumors-guy?

  • nick

    Yeah 12MP is fine with me. Just give me high iso performance so I can maintain some decent shutter speeds

  • Nikkorian

    I think Canon and Nikon have found a nice way to share the market. Canon aims at resolution freaks and Nikon at quality freaks. I’m glad it’s not the other way round. And everybody’s happy, aye?

    By the way, Nikon wouldn’t bring a camera model on the market just to have the follow-up ready six months later. The earliest date for the D400 would be xmas 2010, I rather expect a spring 2011 release though.

    • dave

      Historically speaking, ‘s’ models come out around 11 to 15 months before the next true upgrade. I suspect part of that time is based on market forces and while the recently introduced Canon 7D beats the D300s in video and resolution, the D300s (and even the D300) tie or win in every other category, so as long as Nikon doesn’t see the D300s sales get hurt by the 7D, Nikon isn’t going to worry too much about getting the D400 out the door. A good showing by the anticipated Canon 60D, though, could prompt a D400 sooner rather than later. While the rumored specs for the 60D last summer turned out to be very close to the 7D specs, if the 60D concentrates on low light IQ instead of resolution (a common complaint of the 50D owners I know), the 60D could turn into a D300s killer.

      • Anonymous

        60D will have same res as 550D and 7D that is if there will be 60D. Canon won’t lower the mpx, we already seen that too many times.

  • Rhyan

    I suppose this year a new D90 and a new D700 should be announced. D400 next spring or more likely summer. It is obvious that the D300s will have to last one more year but it will turn out a great disappointment as there are really few users exchanging the D300 to a new D300s…
    D90 is almost 2 years old, so I suppose it is about time to be replaced. The Canon competition is really robust with the 7D and 50D, and I think that new D90 should go somewhere in between to get a good market share. D300s is on the losing side this time I suppose as it does not offer anything really attractive. The D700 is also a 2 year old product but performs exceptionally so it may last for a few more month prior it gets updated.
    Still I would bet on a new D90s and a D700s rather than a D400.

    • Anonymous

      Canon 50D is their worst cam in a long time. 40D beats it in IQ, 7D beats it in IQ and every other aspect. D90 is much better cam than 50D, the question is, is there enough market gap between 550D and 7D for new 60D?

  • nick

    Do you guys think the DX format is going to eventually die out .. and just be replaced by lighter FX cameras?

    I’m wondering if my investment in DX lenses was a bad idea

    • Peter Koch

      I don’t know, but you could be right. Maybe the DX format will die out and the D300(s) will be replaced with a lighter FX model. And the lower-end DX cameras will be replaced with a new mirror-less camera system with DX-sized sensors.

      It’s just speculation. Only time will tell.

      • WoutK89

        DX will die out when FX bodies have the same resolution in DX crop as the D3x has, at least. Price needs to come down on FX and FX lenses.

      • Rhyan

        I doubt nikon will go in a mirrorless direction. It is not impossible, but I don’t expect good results within next 2-3 years. A mirrorless camera means brand new lens and will be a completely different system.

        I suppose D300 will not become a lighter FX, as you can see even Canon did not forfeit the DX for their 7D, which I personally think is a D300S killer.

        I suppose a better DX camera will be released wich will beat the 50D and the 7D. My guesses or more likely a wish list are:
        1. More pixels – 15-18, while I doubt it will be more than 15…
        2. Artificial horizon
        3. Lens correction within body like pro cameras (back/front focus correction)
        4. 97% pentaprism viewfinder
        5. FullHD video with external microphone jack for stereo sound recording
        6. Brighter and larger screen, eventually with some rotating capabilities
        7. Weather sealing of body
        8. Built in wifi connection or radio flash trigger
        9. Higher usable ISO rating (around 6400 or 12800 to be usable file)
        10. More FPS – somewhere around 6.5-7
        And of course a swarm of autofocus sensors πŸ˜€
        Still DX…

        • WoutK89

          point 3, already in the D300, micro AF adjust
          point 4, why 97%? The D300 already has 100%
          point 10, more fps means 9 and up, the D300s already does 7 without, and 8fps with grip

          Seems like you dont want it to become a “killer” if you ask me, only 2-3 points really make me go wow πŸ˜›

        • dave

          1 – I’ve cropped images out of a 10MP D80 down to 8MP and then printed them at 16×20 with better results than some of the 11x13s I did from film. 12mp is fine with me. As long as they can increase low light sensativity and IQ as they increase the MP that is fine with me. But to be honest, I’d rather a DX sensor with 10MP and close to D700 high ISO IQ than a 16MP DX sensor with the same or slightly worse than D300 high ISO IQ.
          2 – D300s has it already
          3 – it’s in there
          4 – 100% is better than 97%… you even looked at a D300s?
          5 – already got the steareo external jack. I can live with 720p. 30fps would be nice though.
          6 – You get much bigger than 3″ and you won’t have room for buttons or the viewfinder! But I agree that physical screen articulation would be a plus if they can keep the same resolution
          7 – It’s in there.. you really don’t know much about the D300 or D300s, do you?
          8 – Wifi would be nice, yes, but not necessary and probably not in this price range for a while. I can live without it. CLS works great. A switch to RF means dumping the expensive strobes I already have or buying some proprietary adapter (cha-ching). I don’t think so.
          9 – Agreed… I’d prefer this before an increase in MP.
          10 – How’s 8 sound? Get a grip… it’s in there.
          Sounds to me like the D300s is ALMOST the camera of your dreams.

        • Dan

          How about lower ISO rating. I’d love to see ISO 50, or at least 100 native.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Currently there is a high flux of change happening to the technological aspects of photography, as far as I reckon as an amateur: these are uncertain times to ‘invest’ in a certain line of glass/mounts. The stable era of 35mm film has gone.

      I even see FX as questionable…maybe the future is not FX or DX but something else when I look at developments like micro 4/3, Sony’s APS mirrorless prototypes, olympus (or was it pentax) announcement that their camera’s will be mirrorless within 2years.

      The question is if we ever see a stable era as with 35mm film ever again.

      • Nikkorian


        • dave

          This is the thinking that led to the Hassleblaad. A square frame maximizes the amount of light one can put on film from an image circle.

  • Who care about a D400 ?
    What we need is a D900.

    • ….what I need is money! πŸ˜‰

      • Sash

        Good one!

  • ABC

    I would hate to invest in a D700 and then have it replaced by a better model in just a few months. I don’t mind spending the coin for a good product but Nikon better anti up and release their next D800 or D900…….Like NOW!!!!!!

    • I sold my D700, bought a F100 (like new) for $240 on Ebay.
      I use velvia 100F (slides) scan the slides with my Nikon scanner, I get 20-30MP.
      Also, the F100 is full frame and works with my AF-S, VR, and G lenses !

      • Anonymous

        True but you are locked to 100 ISO.

        • papadope

          why is that?

          • WoutK89

            Ever tried changing ISO on a film? πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Dear Nikon,

    I am sitting on the fence, which is quite painful by the way, wondering what step to take. You see, I am willing to spend money, but I am waiting for the next camera that your competition seems to be producing on a regular basis. The longer you wait, the longer I hold onto my money because I don’t want to purchase a product that could potentially be obsolete in a few months and suffer buyers remorse. Now, I don’t want to know your secrets, but would like a better estimation of when a new product in my purchasing category would come out. See, I know when the new cars will be on the market, every year. I also know when new processors will be installed into new computers, very regularly with announcements. But for some strange reason, the secretive DSLR market just has no clue as to when something new is right around the corner. Unfortunately, since I have no clue as to when you will be providing me with the product that I so desperately desire to use, I will just have to buy tires for my car with the money I wanted to spend with you. Plus, my butt hurts from sitting on this fence and the cat is wondering if I’m going to join him in a midnight serenade.

    The Customer

    • zzddrr

      That was hillarious. πŸ™‚

      Actually he makes some sense. It is interesting that Sony revealed some kind of “roadmap” when it will have new products market ready. I think loyal users benefit from such communication.

      • Markus

        It doesn’t make sense at all. The car industry is a whole different industry and even then you have the ridiculous ‘on purpose’ spy shots of new cars…better said half of the cars ‘presented’ by car companies are not even taken into production…you like that from Nikon?
        For example:
        Nikon presenting a flashy future model, which is not even thoroughly tested and then pooped out by the marketing department as the next big thing to buy and it never will come or it takes 5 years…sounds a bit like RED

        Now in relation to chips etc, a chip is not a final product an Apple computer is (although that is sometimes questionable.) If you know Apple, it’s completely not open to it’s fans and the same counts for many other computer brands, and why would they.

        Mr. anonymous “desires” if he “needs” a camera as the competition has, he already bought it. And about value…buy gold if you plan to invest in something to keep it’s value, electronics are not the best thing…

    • nick

      You make a wonderful point.

      Why. Why is the photography market so secretive? What other industry benefits from so much secrecy?

      They only get away with this because we are locked in with $1000s of dollars worth of lenses.

      • zzddrr

        Yes. That is my point. At this level when many of us already has significant money in lenses I guess honest communication helps keeping the “anger” under control. I mean, they do it with cars. If you are brand loyal because you like your choice than either you wait or buy the current model but keeping people in the dark is not the best option.

        I must tell you that it is very simpathetic what sony did. They came out and plainly said that they are not ready but this is how far we go so far and this is when you can expect delivery.

    • Nikkorian

      Two major differences to the car industry can be made responsible for the situation:

      1.) With really only two companies competing with newest technology, the competition is hard – as everybody knows. Differences are small, but they are magnified by loads of hair-splitting tests.

      2.) Digital DSLRs are a very new product, so new features or properties could completely run the market. Nobody wants to lose anything in this situation.

  • I am almost sure the d400 will be a fx camera, makes for me now sense to relase another dx after the d300s. Wat nikon and the most people want and buy is a cheap(er) fx camera. So I persume it will bw a 12mp sort of small d700. what do you think: I am austrian so I read the amazon ads for this d400 book and also the swiss ad. seems to me quite original and not a fake. Hopefully i am right!

    • WoutK89

      D400 will be DX, but what you want, is “below” D400, you want a D90 style FX to come out, right?

      • Robert

        Yes exactly, I talked to some shopkeepers of camera shops here in Austria. And the thing is that the most people want to have a FX camera – BUT they are not proffessional and they dont want to spend 2000€. So the only logic thing for me is now that nikon will make a cheap FX camera, 12mp, higher ISO someting like d700 and some. This would be the only camera which will raise the marketshare of Nikon against Canon. I think a price arround 1000€ would be fine. I am 100% sure Canon will bring a FX Camera under the 5D this year for less than 1000€ .

        The d900/800 will be a improvement to the D700 hopefully with 16MP GPS and WIFI and full IPTC adding in camera

  • JamesT

    I’m sure the D400 will come out at some point. However, listing on Amazon doesn’t signify too much at this point. I’m working on a book myself that just got listed on Amazon US & Europe, but this is just because it has a publishing contract. However, the release date is subject to change (ours was listed and is now 8 months delayed), and at least in my case the content still isn’t finished. I would bet that this author has a publishing contract and is committed to writing a book about the D400 when it comes out. I don’t think this narrows down the release of this camera more than what we already knew…it will happen sometime.

  • The so-called D400 book may not be purchased, it’s a wishlist item. Anyway, where is the D800 or D900 book πŸ™‚

    Btw, it was first D700x, then D800. I ‘ve recently seen a google-seach comparison graph that D900 peaked last month but retreated to its original position nowadays. Who made the name D900 popular?

  • Zoetmb

    You never learn your lesson. As I’ve posted (and been correct), so many times before, this is absolutely meaningless. I can be a publisher and reserve ISBNs/EANs for books about the Nikon D4, D5, D10 and D1000 if I want to. IT MEANS NOTHING. You’re grasping at straws. In fact, one of these days, just to drive you guys crazy, I’m going to title a book “The Nikon/Canon Merger” and send the metadata to R.R. Bowker, the publisher of Books In Print in the United States. It will get listed everywhere and you guys will go insane.

    • Zoetmb, I cannot write about something that I do not know much about (ISBN #). I just report the fact. I did not say that D400 is coming because of this book, I just wrote that a new book called D400 showed up online. That’s it. I learned my lesson already πŸ™‚
      Just FYI – I did mention it in the post already, the last D400 book was release two months later with the same ISBN and different name. Good guess on their site.

      • hybris

        why not buy the book then we know 4 sure

    • Daf

      It’s a rumour.
      This is a rumour site.

      • ZoetMB’s not a rumor. It’s a suspicion of a rumor based on completely meaningless data. You can’t base rumors on anything, there has to be some credibility and source information behind them. An ISBN listing with a made-up book title is not it.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    If true, here is the question to be answered!

    D400 = DX or FX?

    • ArtTwisted

      DX, unless Nikon plans on making a sub 2k FX body with the frame rate in the D300’s as thats a huge reason a lot of sports shooters go for those cameras. Even IF nikon made a cheap FX camera, it would not be fast, and the only fast option left would be what, the top end D3s / D4 ? not happening for now.

  • zoltar


    • fotosniper

      53rd? : (

  • I just called my brother in law who live in Germany, he said that D400 in German mean D900 in English.

    • enesunkie

      I talk to a Fench friend that has a cousin that lives in Italy who goes to Germany for holiday and he said D400 in German means D40s in English.

      • WoutK89

        Or will it be 60D after all, and does Nikon really mean Canon in hieroglyphs? πŸ˜›

  • dude

    there wont’ be a d400 before a D4 with iso 819200

  • iamnomad


  • Anonymous Coward

    Release/Annoucement dates:

    D100 Februari 2002
    D200 November 2005 (33 months after D100)
    D300 August 2007 (22 months…)
    D300s July 2009 (24 months…)

    D1 Juni 1999
    D1H Februari 2001 (21 months…)
    D2H July 2003 (30 months…)
    D2Hs Feb 2005 (20 months…)
    D3 August 2007 (31 months…)
    D3s Oktober 2009 (27 months…)

    D1 Juni 1999
    D1X Februari 2001 (21 months…)
    D2X September 2004 (31 months…)
    D2Xs Juni 2006 (22 months…)
    D3X December 2008 (31 months…)

    An follow-up to the D300s is to be expected around Q4 2011 and not much sooner. In above’s list you see that the ‘s’ models have a longer cycle then the non-s predecessors…..

    From a financial/economical, logistical pov I don’t expect Nikon to shorten it’s cycle dramatically.

    If the D3x and D700 get the s-treatment later this year I reckon there will be no lower-cost FF hi-rez body (aka D700x/D900).

    We’ll have to see if the D700 get’s updated to ‘s’ later this year, if not, this may be a hint…

  • ozawa

    there will be no D90 replacement before D400. D300s is really a minor upgrade of D300, Nikon released it only because they somehow got to know that Canon 7D appears on the market. But 7D outsold D300s by a large margin, so they will have to work on D400. D90 was introduced just after a year when D300 is released and it has the same sensor with better high ISO performance than D300. It was supposed to be D300 in a smaller body, just like D700 was supposed to be D3 in a more compact body. D700 will be replaced soon because there are D3x and D3s. There are D300s, but unlike D3s, it uses the same sensor as D300 with only video mode in it. So there is no sense of urgency for Nikon to replace D90 now which already has a video mode.

  • ugh. not this again. I fell for this story last year in the high hopes of a d400 coming out. I won’t fall for that trick again. pure nonsense.

  • getanalogue

    same title, same story? I doubt that. We will see a D400 one day in the future anyway, question is when. And I’m sure it will be DX. Look at D3s: Imagine a D400 with 14/15 MP and only half the high ISO performance as D3s. Great!

  • Dan

    More dynamic range! That’s why I change my DX camera every few years! Can’t wait for the D400.

  • Berlin

    Get real!

    Any Nikon D90 replacement will not arrive until late 2011.

    C’mon now. D80 was released on August 2006 and D90 exactly 2 years later.

    ‘Til then, expect more half-assed dslr’s from Nikon.

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