Nikon D800 with 24MP in February 2011? *UPDATED*

Amazon UK listed a new book called "Obtenez le maximum du Nikon D800" (translates to "Getting the most from the Nikon D800"):

The book is set to be published on February 9th, 2011.

The same book is also listed on Amazon France and on

The description of the book says (Google translation):

"Sold in August 2008 at a price of 2,800 euros, the Nikon D700 (top of the line) was a great success. He will be replaced in late 2009 by the Nikon D800. Among the improvements of the device: the doubling of the sensor, which increases from 12 to 24 megapixels. The D800 is likely to be sold between 2000 and 2500 euros. This book is a comprehensive guide to discovery, empowerment and development of the Nikon D800."

On several occasions in the past we had a Nikon D400 book listed on multiple websites and the camera never materialized. At the end, the publisher came out and said that this was all a big mistake. What is interesting in this D800 entry are all the details they provided in the book description, including price, MP count and the number of pages.


  • The above description actually mentions D700 and not D800.
  • The URL actually says D80 at the end:

Via AP

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  • m

    i cant remember a “soon to come book”-rumor ever beeing true… from what i know there should have been a D400 in early 2009 according to those 😀

    whatever… nice coverage NR, please keep up the work!

  • Geez, a book author would be my last source of information about an upcoming model. Nikon simply doesn’t give sneak peeks to book authors, and if they did, there would be an iron-clad NDA. If you see a book listed on Amazon or anywhere for a camera that doesn’t exist, the publisher and/or author are just trying to cover their bets. My own Nikon books are usually the top sellers for their models, and although Geoff C. knows me, I don’t get any breaks.

    • Gary

      Thanks David for your informed opinion, and being the voice of reason!

      • Gary, personally I think authors/publishers who pre-announce books of this type to gain attention are foolish. My Nikon D3/D3x book was announced, but then delayed when I decided to incorporate the D3s, too, and I caught huge flak for it. All you really get by announcing a book for a camera that hasn’t been introduced yet are really angry readers.

        Book authors, camera store personnel, and Nikon sales reps, in that order, seem to be the people who purport to know the most, while actually knowing the least. Gimme a leak by some low-level functionary in the bowels of Nikon any day. I think Thom knows some stuff, but is smart enough to talk about only information he gets from other sources, or can speculate on his own. Nobody would violate an NDA and risk being shut out in the future.

  • ja

    well im from the uk and i haven’t seen anything on amazon in regards to the D800 but i did search out this little story
    it may help

  • ja
  • DX2FX

    D800 should come after D4 release.. We should be seeing a D4 book first.
    ….not until I see the ‘ It has begun ‘ comment.

  • joe

    Let the sale of used D3’s and D700’s begin !

  • Exciting if this rumor is not busted.

  • iCookie

    I’m actually pretty scared about this, i have a feeling that the “D800” may just create a new gap between the D700 – D3 series.

    Which is bad for me because… it’ll be one to many $ for me

  • Lola

    Oh no, all you people who pre-ordered a D7000 will have to cancel and spend another 6 months checking nikonrumors for a hint of what the D800 might bring. Then just as you pre-order the D800 rumors will surface about the D4, oh no.
    Or you could just slap yourself in the face, stop being an idiot, start being a photographer and take some pictures instead ?

    • rs

      yes right on

  • Gary

    I do believe that Nikon is intent on amazing the market with each new model release. The D3100 is far better than the D3000, and the D7000 is far better than the D90. I can believe that the D700 replacement (let’s call it the D800) also will be a huge step forward, as will be the D4,the D400, etc.

    That being said, I don’t believe that Nikon will release the D800 before the D4. I don’t believe Nikon will deviate from its past pattern, and the D4 preceded the D700.

  • I hope this satisfies those FX hungry fiends taking a swing at the DX line demanding their FX upgrade ;P All in good time. I hope this camera is a blast!

  • Nice specs for D800. Seems like Nikon is uping the anti with each release (ie; D7000). And now the uping starts with the FX lineup. Next should be the D4 with 24MP & D4x with a 28+MP sensor. Also think it’s time for a “pro” DX body to replace the D300s that should have a 24MP sensor too.

  • Groosome

    Well at least a genuine book author is interested in such a model by following these comments 🙂

    My guess is it will be announced by Feb 2011 and it will be 16 or 18mp. I don’t see why people say a D300s replacement is a must when it was only announced a little over a year ago. D700 is the only one of the D3/D300/D700 models that hasn’t been upgraded/replaced.

    THAT’s the one that needs replacing. Still the only full frame camera with onboard flash.

  • This thread perfectly encapsulates just how starved we Nikon folk are for a new Pro body! Grasping at straws at this point, LOL!

  • rs

    I’m betting Nikon does the D3- D300 thing again but this time does it triple.
    D4, D400DX, D400FX I don’t want to guess at the specs but they are taking their time for a reason. They don’t throw out new models willy nilly like someone else does.

    • rs

      That being said I love my d700 and I have no clue why zillions of megapixels are what this site thrives on. Lets see a 12mp sensor with better dynamic range, less noise and so on. Lets have 12mp sensor that takes the most stunning photos at any ISO

  • I honestly think that 1080p and 24MP would be overkill. I would actually hate to have to deal with 24MP NEF files, and in 2.5 years of owning a D300 and working as a photojournalist, I have only needed more than 12MP on TWO occasions.

    On about a BILLION occasions, I have needed better ISO performance, better autofocus (even though the D300 has quite good AF), a quiet mode, better interval shooting options, better live view, a weather-sealed F-mount, dual card slots, an integrated vertical grip, a sensor that can do 14 bit NEF files at 10fps with a 40 image buffer.

    If I’m going to spend $2500 on a camera, I want it to do stills extremely well, and I’m not going to burn out its sensor with video. I’ll buy a $1200 D7000 and wear IT out!

    If the D800 is a 24MP 1080p camera with little improvement in noise performance or frame rate, then it is worthless to me. I will just buy a cheap D700. Simple as that.

    • rs

      Right on Drew! Why do we need enough pixels to make a billboard sized print with lots of noise?

      • Beats me! Enormous RAW files would force me to upgrade my computer as well! I hope it is around 16 MP, and I wouldn’t be disappointed with 14MP or the status quo, provided all the other improvements are made.

        • Mark Astle

          I’m with you. The RAW files off my D300 are plenty big enough – and I shoot architecture, people, interiors, all kinds of stuff from all kinds of clients. And they’ll blow up big enough for any use I’ve found so far, from thumbnails on the web to 48 sheet posters. 24mp RAW files would completely screw my workflow, so the camera would cost me twice as much cos I’d need a new Mac too.

          • Magnus


            Wish list:
            – (even) Better ISO
            – Bigger Dynamic Range
            – Faster/more accurate Autofocus
            – Some technology that prevents dust from reaching the sensor
            – Fast (thumb wheel) switching between user setups (so you can store >5 favourites and toggle between them during shooting – without having to take your eye from the “target”).
            – 12-16 Mp

            Gadgets (not needed, but fun):
            – Slow motion (>60fps) film features
            – In camera HDR images

            Only (IMHO) plus with having a high Mp FX sensor is that it could yield >10Mp images using DX lenses.

    • robert

      The D800 is obviously not targeted at you. You’re also in the minority as people want more. More MP, better VF, 1080p are all things people want. Better ISO(although I don’t believe it’s going to be a drastic upgrade). The D800 is lower tiered camera compared to than the D3S(or upgrade) so it it can’t have more bells and whistles than the 2 above.

      I don’t think it would be a 24mp though, Still a 18-20mp would be fantastic as well and is what I’m guessing it will have.
      I think it’s going to be 6 months before we can expect to have these delivered to our houses though. Who’s to say it’ll be released in the beginning of February. I’m just being realistic.

  • The d700 replacement will definitely have
    1. More megapixels
    2. 1080 video and other frills
    3. better iso than the current model

    all that I would be interested is the release date 🙂

  • Gordon

    I still think there will be a ‘Pro’ announcement in December, think about it 2011 will be very congested otherwise as there will be 4 high-end bodies due for updates.

    D300s, D700, D3s & D3X

    Would Nikon really want have so many high-end bodies announced in one year, especially when they like to stick to a 2 calender year update interval, nor can they afford delaying any updates for another year due to perceptions of being slow to deliver.

  • Groosome

    It’s only 14 mths since D300s announcement. What’s the rush? D700 replacement please 🙂

  • Markus

    It never can be the D800, except for a few all knowledgeable persons were mentioning a D900 a couple of months ago! 🙂

  • SkintBrit

    Is it just me, but as the book states that the D800 will be with us at the end of 2009 (completely wrong) we are now a year further along and still no D700 replacement, why does anyone think that any of the other information stated will be correct?

  • sgts

    no mention of the heat emitting member……..

  • John

    the amazon site says the book will be available march 9th 2011.

  • hah

    sounds like a 5DIII killer. specially since canon will never make a 3D.

  • I wish the D4 would hurry up and make an appearance. I’m busting a gut here 🙂

  • robertkrasser

    Well at least we have now some real rumors. But I still dont and will never understand the Nikon policy. How can a D800 be a competitor to the 5D MarkII If the D800 appears there will be already a Mark III. Nikon is always reacting.

  • BOBO

    Nice,, NIKON Im ready for my first Nikon Body!! Just got the 200 400 VERSION 2 LENS!! Now I need a BODY!!

  • ek

    I don’t quite understand professional photographers who have clients complaining about too many megapixels. As long as it’s not at expense of other important features like ISO performance or dynamic range, etc – why not?!
    It gives you another small advantage over the guys that don’t have such features. Cost of 1TB external hardrive is around $100, but the time actual camera hits the stores it will probably be $60. It’s nothing compared to the cost of the body.

    I understand the argument for hobbyist but it’s weird coming from the pro.

  • Oh NO! 24MP is to much for me!
    It means slower work process, more hard drives…
    Now I need only D700s with 12-14Mp, usable iso-6400, full-HD video and two card slots.

  • I am sick to wait for Nikon to put few more megapixels every 3 years ….Seems to me that consumer cameras are one step forward…at least to come with something like Canon 5d…and $8000 camera ? no thanks….I ll sell my d300 on ebay and buy Sigma with 48 mp !!! they have great lenses to !

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