Nikon press event on February 1st in Denmark

In addition to the February 7th announcement, Nikon will also have another press conference on February 1st, 2012. This is a day earlier then my initial report, but the actual public announcement may still happen on February 2nd. I believe this will be for the new line of Coolpix cameras, including a P300 replacement and a new water proof camera targeted at young photographers.

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  • St.

    I hope the P300 replacement will have 1/1.7 sensor

    • Nikonnut

      yes hopefully. And in camera HDR! and RAW

    • Been there guy

      This is a suprise release Thom Hogan was talking about.

      It is the Nikon 2 with APS-C sensor. It will have two versions just like the Nikon 1. The one with dual view finder is called R2, and the other is called D2.

    • frederic

      My question is not related but maybe some of you here might give me an explanation on my issue.

      Im trying to buy for my birthday my first DSLR, a Nikon D3100. (for february the 6)
      However, where i live, in Quebec Canada… I’m unable to find one anywhere.
      It’s out of stock in every store i know (future shop, sears, costco) and where they still have the product, it cost a crazy amount of paper.

      Is Nikon still producing the D3100 or what?

      • Sly Larive

        Frédéric, check out it’s very handy for finding the best price on camera gear in canada. They will even give you the final price delivered to your door including taxes and shipping. I usually prefer to pay slightly more if I can buy from the larger online stores like Henrys or Vistek but all the stores listed there are reputable.

        Bought my 70-200 for 300$ less than every retail store I visited (even B& H) so I vouch for even the lesser known vendors.

        At first glance it looks like Vistek has some bodies in stock.

      • WoutK89

        Nikon has stopped the D3100 ONLY if we see the D3200 soon. Otherwise it is just low on stock for the moment. There are no significant rumors about a D3200 out there.

      • JDL
  • Ren Kockwell

    Hmm. I could go for this camera if it shoots RAW, has that fast 1.8 rumored and is as fun to shoot as my LX3.

    • BartyL

      The P300 will probably remain JPEG only. The mooted 24 – 100 f1.8 – 2.6 lens is the interesting thing. If that turns out to be a success (at least in compact terms) and aversion of it finds its way onto the next iteration of the P7100, then you’ll have the camera you want. I might even consider buying my first compact too.

      • St.

        I had both P7000 and P7100 – both amazing cameras. Very nice image quality for the small 1/1.7 sensor. P7100 was almost everything I needed from a compact camera, but still the IQ is not comparable with 4/3 or NEX cameras.
        I would get the new Canon G1X but it’s lens is really crappy comparing with the nikon’s p7100. There were tests somewhere and it was quite soft.

    • St.

      I don’t have experience with LX3, but I agree for the RAW.
      P300 already has f/1.8 but it goes to f/4.9 at 100mm, so the new improvement is very nice. But to compete with S100 they really should put at least 1/1.7 sensor, or why not 2/3 (although I don’t believe that)??
      Also I think S100 has a rotating ring in front…
      …heh – and we’re getting closer to Fuji X10….

  • Dean

    How about a waterproof D800???

    • BartyL

      Pot it in Sylgard.

    • Art

      Awesome! I’m sure Nikon could do that with no problem. On the other hand, doing that to the lenses and lens mount, that could be a problem….

  • kiosco

    I hope canon will beat nikon, 5d mk III is way better than d800

  • Nikonnut

    Please be better than the s100 or i would have wasted my time

  • FX DX

    Only a week left. Can someone please leak better images and details of D800?

    • Doug

      I’ve heard by a very good source that many pics and even videos will be leaked on the 7th. so be prepared for a lot then. 99.93% sure of that.

  • T.I.M

    My wife complained about how much cost my new AF-s 200mm f/2.0 VRII, so I showed her this:

    Now she is quiet.

    • Levi H

      Haha, the P300 was terrible in my opinion. The only thing it was good for was quick out of the pocket video. My wife even hates it for anything but that. Does anyone know of a point and shoot that actually sticks with decent shutter speeds in auto?! That’s our main problem. We want a camera anyone can just grab and use without going to manual settings to avoid blurred pictures.

      • Worminator

        Sure: a D3100 in easy mode with a XXmm F1.4 AFS lens attached.

    • FX DX

      Unfortunately, this technique doesn’t work on everyone. Otherwise, I would by buying all sort of shit all the time.

  • Denmark = Lego.
    Nikon + Denmark = Lego camera.

  • Jim

    Can’t hear Coolpix announcement any more!!! there are hundreds of P&S on the market and there is zero time required to get used to it: you just got to know where the shutter button is
    With the D800 it’s quite a different story. There is no such thing on the entire market, a budget to hold for it and there are lots of specs to get familiar with and things how the cam performs in real life. And I really would like to get that done before the outdoor season and the events begin.
    So pls skip that Nikon P&S stuff and let us know when the music is ready to play!!!

  • In all this time, I’ve never owned a P&S since I’ve owned a DSLR. I suppose I should probably get one this time around. I just hate to compromise the quality! I’m sure you can understand. lol. It’d seem odd for me to be picking up a D800, AND a P500 successor, but that’s probably what will happen. 😛


  • the_raze

    I did a translation:

    Nikon Denmark wants to invite you to an eventful Wednesday – February 1st 2012.

    Please be aware that this invitation is personal and confidential, and that it cannot be disclosed or be published.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you!

  • yeah_coolpix

    Nikon updates their coolpix line more often than I change my underwear. If they add a new color they will have a press release.

    Cell phones will replace the majority of the point and shoot market. The enthusiast point and shoots will be replaced by micro four thirds once they get the cost down to the $500 price point.

    Milk this POS market segment while you can Nikon. Once it goes away you can redirect your staff to DSLRs where they should be focusing.

    • FX DX

      Dude, you need to change your underwear more frequently.

      • BartyL

        Pretty much the first thing I thought too. I wonder if he issues a press release everytime he adds a ‘new’ colour to his underwear?

        • Discontinued

          I didn’t read his comment beyond that intimate and uncalled insight. Not a smart start, if you want to bring another message across.

  • TheBearJew

    Denmark, wow.
    Some serious shit is going to hit the fan!

  • EnPassant

    What if Nikon could surprise us with a desireable compact for once?
    Canon showed with the G1X that it is possible to build a large sensor zoom compact. However the optical finder with only 80% view is a big let-down and an old relic from past days of film-compacts. And with a sper M4/3 sensor it is still quite big and bulky.

    Imagine if Nikon made a Nikon CV1 a compact with a built-in EVF like Nikon V1 but with a built in retractable 10-75/2.8-5.6 (28-200 eq) zoomlens? Using the CX-sensor it could be made smaller than G1x and should be much faster in operation. Also put a better handgrip on it and I am sure it would attract many even if it was as expensive as the G1X.

  • I will admit I use to rag on the Coolpix cameras and never even considered recommending it to anyone.

    Then over Christmas Amazon was selling the P7000 for dirt cheap and let me tell you, you guys should just shut up. Stop looking at the specs and start actually freaking using the cameras and you’ll see Nikon is way smarter than you.

    The P7000 is pretty much an amazing camera and I take it everywhere with my D7000!

    It’s everything I could want in a compact point & shoot camera and even uses my SB-700!

    Now if Nikon can marry the P7100 with the V1, then I don’t care if it costs $1200, it would be worth it!

  • malchick743

    Peter, since when did you start masking the venues and times of such press assignment leaks? Have you been forced to do so? I’m concerned about this.

  • kokko

    I don’t care about Coolpix cameras but P300 with raw shooting would be interesting. And maybe bigger sensor and better slow motion video than P300 have.

  • Calibrator

    Never more appropriate:

    “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!”


  • Bottom line, the compact camera market is shrinking fast due to smart phone proliferation. Something like a waterproof camera might make it, since that offers something different.

  • tonyc123

    Wishful thinking I know but would love a Nikon version of the Fujifilm X1pro, external controls etc. I think it would do well especially if we could use AFS glass on it via an adaptor.

  • Valiant Thor

    More CoolPix! YES YES YES! I can’t wait. SOld my D700 and am replacing it with new CoolPixies!

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