Nikon event in Hong Kong on February 7th

This is the text of the invitation to the Nikon event in Hong Kong on February 7th, 2012 (see also the press invitation from Thailand on the same date):

Dear NPS Members,

Nikon cordially requests the honour of your presence at the “Nikon Product Announcement Party”, the details are shown as follow:

Venue: The Diamond Ballroom Level 3,
The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre,
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Date: 7th February 2012 (Tuesday)
Time: 15:15 – 16:00 Reception
16:00 – 16:45 Product Presentation

We look forward to your participation.
Nikon Hong Kong Limited.
NPS Section
R.S.V.P.: by reply E-mail
*The product presentation will be conducted in Cantonese only.


尼康香港有限公司誠意邀請 各會員出席「Nikon相機發佈會」,詳情如下:

地點: 香港九龍柯士甸道西一號環球貿易廣場



日期: 2012年2月7日(星期二)

時間: 15:15 – 16:00 接待來賓

16:00 – 16:45 產品介紹







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  • Roeder

    This must mean the announcement of the metallic red D90!!

    • Anonymous

      I’d prefer a green-brown camouflage D800.

  • Moe Jacknally

    Won’t be there.
    Too busy reading

  • It Has Begun (again).

    • broxibear

      Hi Ron Adair,
      I for one will be glad when the whole thing is over.
      I’m as interested in what Nikon has in store as the next person but all the D4/D800 crap has been going on far too long.
      I hope the D4, D800 and D400 bring whatever it is that people seem to want so desperately, personally I’m more interested in lenses.
      Has it finished yet ?

      • PeterO

        Thank you for saying that broxibear. Enough already.

      • lolly

        Yeah, me too … I’m looking forward to more AFS & VR lens updates and my film & DX bodies still work fine.

        • Fredbare

          Too many lens updates are required. For me, right now, a 180mm f2.8 AFS would go down just fie 🙂

      • Jabs

        Perhaps you have reached the point of saturation and cannot take in any more ‘water’ – LOL.

        New gear, as in bodies and lenses inspire people to new heights or we would all be still using Nikon’s esteemed FM2 and Kodachrome 25 plus Tech Pan B+W film.

        New bodies are needed plus new lenses but alas this has been drawn out because of two important factors – an Earthquake, the resulting Tsunami and lots of Flooding.

        The patience of almost everyone has indeed been tried and tested but in the end, the wait probably is worth it.

        Along with the new bodies, I would like to see the following lenses:

        24 F2.8 AF-S
        28 F2.8 AF-S
        50 – 58 F1.2 AF-S Noct equivalent
        105 F2.5 AF-S equivalent
        135 F2.8 ED-IF AF-S
        180 F2.8 ED-IF AF-S update
        300 F4.0 ED-IF AF-S VR2 update
        400 F4.0 ED-IF AF-S VR2
        28-50 F2.8 AF-S
        80-200 F2.8 ED-IF AF-S update
        50-300 F4.0 ED-IF AF-S VR2

        Perhaps you think about what it would have been like if the above disasters had occurred in 2012 (this year), the year of the Olympics instead of 2011 for some perspective, maybe.

        Something that may have been overlooked by many is Nikon’s inference to the need of Ethernet connections for the London Olympics and thus the need for new bodies too!

        Patience indeed is a virtue, even if we get tried of waiting.

        Also – many people get jaded by equipment or even settle for what they have become accustomed to using, so sometimes a good ‘kick in the seat of the pants’ by new and advanced technology jump starts creativity or gets one out of a rut – be thankful then as lenses need bodies to function.

      • cpm5280

        You’re the one reading the website’s posts, pal.

        Don’t like what you see, don’t want to read this stuff, then please, just go away and leave us to our interests, free of the constant bickering and bitching.

        • BartyL

          You’re the one responding brusquely to other people’s opinions, pal.

          Don’t like what you see, don’t want to read the opinions of others, then please, just go away and leave us to our interests (or lack thereof), free of the constant bickering and bitching.

          • Don’t like what you see, don’t want to read the opinions of others reading the opinions of others disagreeing with yet others, then please, pass this along and see how many levels deep we can take this cause it’s already just about blowing my mind.

            • BartyL

              Well Ron, if you don’t want to read the opinions of people expressing their opinion about the opinion of someone else expressing their opinion about yet another persons opinion then you are, of course, welcome to express your opinion provided you keep in mind that it is just your opinion and not necessarily the opinion of….why do I suddenly want onions?

            • 🙂 opinion onion.

    • Pixelhunter

      And we all talk NIKON ! 🙂

    • Doug

      Lol “new product” written on the invitation, Nikon is starting to get on my nerves

    • T.I.M

      The D800 will retail for $3000-4000

      You may have to use a CREDIT card for you pre-order instead of your DEBIT card.

      My DEBIT card have only $1500/day autorisation, so I will have to use my wife’s credit card to place the pre-order. (when I buy a lens/camera over $1500 I have to send a check)

      If you’re not carefull about the card’s debit limit you may see your order canceled !

      • Fool

        a DEBIT card comes DIRECTLY out of your account, and so is limited ONLY by your account balance and daily withdrawal limits, which MOST people have set at $10000 by default.

    • gallon

      Well, there is always the option of not keeping nikonrumors open in a separate window on your computer. Go for a walk.

      • what is walk? : )

      • neil davies

        What is ‘separate window’?

  • das zebra

    so what you guys hink.. how cheap will the d700 be ?
    1500$ in summer.. i mean a used one with 80k klicks @ ebay ?

    • Unless the 2 version of the D800 happen to be 36MP without AA and 16MP with AA, then the D700 will probably go up in price.

      Right now I’m seeing them used in the 10-30K click range for 1800-2000. I’d jump on those now.

      • WoutK89

        Two different sensors in the D800, not gonna happen. Just 1 with, and 1 without the AA-filter attached.

    • Not Surprised


    • PJS

      The D700 will keep its value, around 2000-2200 for a long while. It’s the last of the pro DSLR models WITHOUT video,. I’ll be buying another one…

  • Encok

    HK?……i don’t think so

    • Steve

      Yeah, that backwater ? Such a boring place, I mean look at the photo, does that look dull or what ? And this time of year, it’s all boring blue skies…..They should launch it in Edmonton – the weather is just great this time of year. There’s so much to photograph when you’re out an about in the snow and ice, and ice storms, and ice blizzards… Nikon really messed up this launch eh ?

      • Steve

        Dang… forgot… no Ritz Carlton in Edmonton. Toronto maybe ?

        • PeterO

          No, no, no Steve. Saskatchewan is the place that you want to launch the D800 – didn’t you hear, Nikon is moving the D800 manufacturing there.

        • TY

          Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is 85th floor on a 100-floor building. It has a 360 degree un-obstructed panoramic view and should have better sky views. (The building is the 3rd tallest in the world, behind Dubai and Taiwan). It’s literally on top of the world.

          • Steve

            I think you might have got that wrong – right building ICC – ~490 metres tall above Elements (?) shopping mall. The hotel is the worlds highest, but on 102 to 118 floors ? I think there is an overpriced viewing floor in ICC too ? 100th floor ?

      • EL

        To put the record straight, Hong Kong does not have a blue sky. I vaguely remember that the sky here was blue when I was a kid.

        • malchick743

          Exactly. Indeed there does not exist a clear blue sky in HK, only a sooty blue sky which many unsuspecting locals really think it’s clear blue.

          Wait till they’re out of town and end up somewhere else (eg. NorCal)…

          • Steve

            Top photo tip for you depressed Hong Kongers – after heavy rain the sky is a beautiful blue. There’s a great spot at the back of Kowloon in the park with the monkeys – is it Lion Rock Country Park ? Can’t remember. Anyway, the car park is on the Tai Po Road, near a reservoir. Walk up the hill and you should find an opening in the trees. Superb view after the rain.

        • Jim

          No Omaha Nebraska, center of the US. It’s been like spring here all week (but we have a winter storm watch for the weekend. But then there would be lovely fresh snow to take photos of. Warren Buffet could come by and snatch up a couple of D800s…

          • legion515

            LOL. Forget the D800, Warren Buffet could buy Nikon.

      • gary_citizen

        Gary, Indiana. Best small city in America.

        • eb

          freddie gibbs

  • Blahblah

    Maybe admin u should post a snapshot of the invitation letter next time. It will make more sense.

  • Rafael G.

    What does the AA filter mean? Like what does it do? What is the difference of having it and not?

    • WoutK89

      See: GOOGLE, and even use google to find it on the comment sections of NikonRumors.

    • InfraRed
    • komalkumar

      Hey good to know D800 website is up….

      • Komalkumar

        Finally those NR images of D800 are true !! looks great too….

  • Jurppa

    Bought a NEW D700 just weeks before it went unavailable. Paid 1700 USD for it and happy with it!

  • Luke

    *The product presentation will be conducted in Cantonese only.

    OUCH !!!

  • Rafaelgoess

    What is AA? What is the difference of having it or not?

  • Cyntha

    Few more days waiting. I’m not so patient. Hope time flies now. Can’t wait till I can put it on my uscope and make pictures of my photogenic gems and make pictures on my honeymoon to Sri Lanka. Let is be Feb 7th soon and a fast delivery after that date.

  • merv

    I wonder what will happen to NR’s credibility if the D800 is not announced on Feb 7 ?

    • and I wonder what will happen to NR’s credibility if the D800 is announced on Feb 7?

      • KnightPhoto

        Yep – Accurate and truthful – Admin for President… 😉

      • Anonymous

        Peter… you are doing a fine job. Remember the skeptics of your D4 leaks? I think there will be trolls, bitching cry babies and “too expensive” crowd always. Just kick them to the side and keep on doing what you are doing so well.

    • jorg

      probably this site changes its name to “nikon news”

      btw: there is no question of credibility on a rumor-site. apart from that, this site has been stunningly accurate.

    • JorPet

      Funny thing. Two years ago, when I was in the market to by the D700, I did a Google search for a D700 replacement. That was what brought me to NR the first time. After reading that no replacement was imminent, I went ahead and bought the D700.

      The site was right then and has not really been “surprised” by anything in the last two years. The one exception is the announcements that got pushed from the end of last year to this year. That seems to be entirely due to natural disasters that affected manufacturing.

      So, while I believe NR that the D800 will be announced in 5 days, even if it isn’t, the credibility of this site can hardly be questioned. We have been given the specs and pictures of upcoming products days, weeks and in the case of the D800 months ahead. Not sure who could find fault with any of that.

      The one downside? It is a bit like finding your Christmas presents weeks ahead of Christmas. By the time the event comes it is almost a let down as you knew all along what you were going to get.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Perv the troll.

    • Douglas Adams

      Just don’t leave us in that case Merv! We need great thinkers like yourself!

  • roberto

    i bought a nikon 105mm 2.8g and is made in china only 720g compare with japan 790g, what is the diference ? just more plastic ? how about the optic ?

    • Don’t buy the 105 VR. It has the worst CA’s of any gold-ring Nikkor. Completely unusable for close-ups. It’s predecessor was much better in that regard.

      • tonyc123

        105 micro vr? It’s very good lens actually. I use mine most days. I always send it through Nx2 so I don’t see any CA. I’ll try it through acr & have a look.

      • tonyc123

        Nonsense. 🙂

        Not sure what roberto has bought… are there any Chinese ‘ringers’ out there?

        • St.

          Roberto bought what everyone would buy today.
          As I know Nikon moved the production of this lens to China in 2010.
          KR also confirms that:
          “Made in: 2006-2008: Japan.
          2010: A reader shares that his sample is now made in China.”
          I bought mine last year and I didn’t knew it is produced in China. I had “funky experience” with this purchase.
          I bought from Amazon and when I received it, it was “made in China”. I contacted them asking what kind of copy is that. They checked their documentation and were sure that it is written it should be made in Japan. So Amazon sent me another copy, but it was also made in China. Meantime I called Nikon and they said it doesn’t matter where it is made – it always has Nikon’s pro quality control. I wasn’t so sure…. I called B&H (because they had it in stock too) thinking that only Amazon has some China edition. The guy on the phone assured me (after he checked the documentation as well) that it will be made in Japan. I said if so I’ll buy it, but if not – I’m going to return it. He said – Nooo, It is made in Japan for sure!!!
          Of course, when the lens came it was made in China and I returned it, keeping the second copy from Amazon – I thought I have to be loyal to the first place I bought it. After this “accident” Amazon stopped sales for a day or so to correct their documentation. Kudos for that!
          So having a Chinese copy I tested it in all possible ways, but I didn’t see anything wrong – it’s simply amazing lens – you can check DXoMark score and
          It’s just somehow we expect when buy an expensive “pro” lens to be automatically made in Japan. Or at least have a little lower price.

  • John Richardson

    Hong Kong is such a fun place to eat. I love food lol.

    Looking forward to that pink D800!!! And of course the new shoulder strap that will take our photography “to the next level” , as long as the strap is matching pink that is.

    • Steve

      Spot the noob ! You need an orange strap with a pink camera. 😉

      • Boing Wronkwell

        And lets not forget the “1” in the model name….

      • John Richardson

        Oh yeah good point, matching straps is so last month’s old D4 news.

  • Just 5 days free from natural disasters anywhere near anything Nikon related is all I ask. Anyone know the predicted weather, seismic activity, meteor predictions or solar flare activity for the next week?

    • My iPhone says all clear.
      Yea, there’s an app for that.

      • Keeping the employees that make our camera gear safe from earthquakes, volcanos, falling houses from Kansas, or any other harm would also be a nice side benefit to your wish.

  • Landscape Photo

    We have now 2 invitations for 2 different events. Which is for which? Possibilities:

    a- D800 – Hong Kong, D400 – Bangkok
    b- D800 – Hong Kong, new walkaround FX lens- Bangkok

    • WoutK89

      Are there really two events, different dates? Or just two events, different place?

  • Alberto

    Not actually a D700 replacement

    D800 for 4000$ release price, later this year D700s

  • SiliconVoid

    In case no one has noticed, or has not made the association, Nikon went way down in pixel count with the D4 (or up a little if compared to the D3) in order to improve dynamic range and ISO performance…
    Why do so many of you think a 36mp sensor will be anything other than a deliberate act by Nikon to satisfy the ignorance of the average consumer while at the same time handicaping the performance of the D800 so it doesn’t eat into D4 sales??
    I am still holding out that the specs are wrong, similar to how everyone just knew the 1Dx and D4 were going to be a super-pixel sensors. If the current ‘top of the line’ bodies went down in pixels, i fear a 36mp D800 will be a downgrade in performance from the model it is designed to replace.

    • St.

      I agree.
      I think Nikon separates the cameras like this:
      D4 – all pro’s (sports, journalist, wedding, etc), excluding the landscapers, who would appreciate smaller body and more MPx
      D800 – landscapers, some studio photographers and all those MPx hungry people out there, who think that mpx ALWAYS means better quality.
      D400 – second camera for many pro’s and a good choice for bird shooting and wildlife, because of the reach (1.5x) It will be better than D300s of course, but the main purpose and the people who will buy it will be the same.
      They may release D800 without AA filter, but I think it will be more like “trying the market” than something serious.
      All cameras below won’t belong to the pro models – including D7000 replacement – they will still have those scene modes, etc.
      The problem here is for those who are in between the D4 and D800 – the difference between the two is TOO BIG and the choice is very hard to make. You can buy both, but $10k is quite a money….

      • tonyc123

        I agree too! Only I CBA to type it out so coherently. I wouldn’t worry too much though as the D4x rumors will be starting next week. Nikon have had a a couple of top speck pro models in their range for a while. Maybe Admin is holding out on us for when were coming down?? 🙂

      • knightPhoto

        Nikon WANTS us to buy both (D800 AND D4).

        And now that I think about it, if we already have a D4, then might as well get the AA-less D800? Hmm except for that one situation I have where I need to use the D800 in conjunction with the D4 AND I can’t afford moire.

        Hmmm… Nikon WANTS us to buy a D4 and both versions of the D800 😉

        (or failing that Nikon WANTS us to buy both versions of the D800). I predict a lot of moire discussions to come. Have never tried it but I believe Capture NX2 has a remover option – not sure how well it works?

    • I agree. The D3x is currently Nikons large pixel camera at 24mp on a full frame sensor . That camera does not have high iso quality like the D3s or what the D4 will have. So why is everyone complaining about a file that is shot at 6400 ISO from a 36mp sensor, and complaining it looks bad. If in fact, the D800 is 36mp and full frame, then you are packing more pixels into the same size sensor that is already on the D3X. And as everyone knows more pixels means SMALLER pixels and the fact that higher shutter speeds are needed to reduce movement or blur. The D800 is NOT going to be for anyone who needs to shoot at any ISO higher than probably 3200, if that. It is not going to have the same high iso quality of the D3s or D4. It is meant for the studio or landscape photographer, and thats who should buy it. There is a reason that 39mp on a MF sensor just looks better, LARGER pixels= better quality.

      • Bronco Billy


        Probably the D800 will have the same/similar ISO , DR, S/N ratio as the current D3x, but more pixels.

      • WoutK89

        I dare to disagree, pixels are always the same size (a dot on a screen). You mean of course bigger photo sites mean better quality.

        • Meant to refer to Pixel Pitch. The D3s is Sensor size: 36.0 x 23.9 mm Pixel size: 8.45 x 8.45 µm and the D3X is Sensor size: 35.9 x 24 mm Pixel size: 5.94 x 5.94 µm and the new D4 is pixel pitch is 7.3 µm, so just a bit below the D3S.

    • jorg

      what a nasty way to put things 😉

      i cannot remember people complaining about the S vs X-strategy.
      since nikon just released a brand new S-model they now need a new X-model. on top, their last X-model sold moderately, while canon sold shiploads of midlevel X-models.
      what else could nikon ever do but market an X-model (that also holds up to the 5Dmk3)?

      • fiatlux


        Canon probably sold several times more 5DMkII than they and Nikon sold 1Ds and D3x combined. This is why a 4000$ D800 may be more profitable to Nikon than a D4x.

        A smaller body with D4’s sensor would make sense, but perhaps Nikon has some magic tricks (pixel binning…) that will let the D800 shoot high-quality lower resolution pictures?

        • jorg

          nikon has some badass sensor up its sleeve, they are up for a surprise.
          they are no fools, if they market an 36 MPsensor, it will be a good one. expeed 3, which is all digital. 16 mp in low-rez.
          and positioned in the right market. thanks.

          whoever need a stills or lowlight camera can still get fresh a D3s.
          my 700 is speedy and clean enough for my jobs, i will gladly pick up a high-mp+video-camera, will then have all i need.

          btw: d900 could get D4-sensor in a year.

  • What sort of refreshments? Probably electric Kool-Aid .

    • malchick743

      I expect the usual stuff. Coke, wine (red/white), soda water etc.
      Probably no beer, no vodka, no whisky.

      Kool Aid at Ritz Carlton? Gimme a break…
      BTW what’s an “Electric Kool Aid” anyway??

      • Doug

        Kool Aid at Ritz Carlton? Gimme a break…
        BTW what’s an “Electric Kool Aid” anyway??

        is a Kool aid with LSD, or just LSD’s cocktail.

  • Bjrichus

    I live nowhere near any announcement location due for next week. 🙁

    No free (‘hello kitty’ pink or ‘spew’ green) Kool Aid for me! 🙂

  • orlando

    This is good news indeed

  • T.I.M

    I just read the D800 customers review on B&H website:

    “best camera ever, I will buy again and again and again !”
    “It also take pictures !”

    Thank you B&H for your great, usefull, and trustfull customers reviews.

    • WoutK89

      Haha, I see the same happen on Amazon 😀 and people that bitch about it. Funny discussions. A smart customer knows how to judge a review I hope.

  • Rikon Numors

    7th will be a sad day, no more d800 rumors anymore……

    what the word about the D900? 56mpx? 15fps, 15stops DR, non-bayer non-aa sensor, 4K video/120p, electronic viewfinder,

    • pabs

      I’ve heard all of those specs will be condensed into a body the size of a Coolpix!

    • No worries, the D300s and D7000 replacements are next 🙂 maybe even the D5100

      • PeterO

        Phew, thank heavens. I almost had a panic attack about no more rumours. 🙂

        By the way, any predictions from Punxsutawney Phil on new Nikons?

      • WoutK89

        Admin, isnt the D7100 due for september, and thus the D5200 following in april of 2013?

      • Nikonuser

        What about D3200?

      • enesunkie

        Yea. D400 and D7100 rumors. Can’t wait. We’ve known about the D800 so long now, it almost seems like it’s an old, old friend!

  • and i only speak mandarin

  • tonyc123

    That explains it. I have an earlier one Made in Japan. Don’t need to check on DXO, tis a wonderful lens!

  • nikon made in china?? dont know about that one!!

    • tonyc123
      • St.

        yep – i tried 3 copies – 2 from Amazon and one from B&H and all three were made in China.
        And since this is from the last 2 years – I guess the only Japanese copies you can find on eBay.
        I’m curious though how Nikon will explain the difference in the weight of both copies. I’m gonna call them today.

        • Just to those interested. I bought a US. version 105 vr less than two years ago. US213543 serial. Very awesome lens sharp as. Made in Japan.

          I live in oz so know nothing of the Chinese ones but would assume Nikon controls quality, not china.

          Looking forward to using this lens on the D800. Very curious what DxO will score it. Check the difference with resolving power of D3x compared to any other camera with any lens. They all score higher. Without AA should even be better.

  • malchick743

    Nikon HK never really gives much priority to the NPS folks. They do however like the press corps more and will do more to cater them first, leaving the needy NPS folks in the cold. Anyway, expect the press launch to be around noon at the same venue and will probably be over-run until 3pm.

  • pabs

    I’m suprised that no one has commented on the cityscape postcard used for the announcement. I would bet anything that is was taken using a D800 without AA filter. 🙂

  • Doug

    thats nice the B&H is run by Brazilians, thats the reason why the dodgy reviews.

  • Adnan

    I’m interested to see where the D700 fits in,especially if the AA filter one costs 3000-3200$. Somewhere between 1800-2200 with its 3 year old 12Mp sensor?

  • broxibear
  • Yakka Yakka

    This announcement in Hong Hong is at 4pm local, which equals 3am EST on the 6th. However, the earlier announcement is at 11am in Thailand, which is 11pm on the 6th, correct? Are there any earlier announcements?

    • this sounds right, the announcements are usually around midnight in the US (EST)

    • malchick743

      Notice that this one is an NPS announcement, NOT press assignment assignment (like the Bangkok one).
      NPS always gets lower preference when it comes to new products launch/presentation — the press is always the priority. All that NPS will be tasting is leftovers from press play.

      My observations from the local 2009 D3s launch tells me that the press reception for this one has to be around noon. Press registration at around 11:30am, actual start at 12nn, lunch serving at around 1pm, official ending at around 2pm but will probably over-run till 3pm (because press corps have to line up for photo sessions and interviews so no way the press session will end on time). Once finished, the NPS members are next.

      It’s highly possible that there could also be a third session, a dinner launch for local distributors (as in the case of the 2007 D3/D300 launch).

      Think about this: why would Nikon even book a ballroom for such event? If it’s a small launch, any medium-size hotel room would do.

  • CaptainCook

    NR admin – I am wondering what time we will see the products come on Amazon for pre-order… When did u see the earlier cookpix ones and D4 become available?

    Going by Japan time 12:00 midnight 2/7/12 – in California will be like 7:00 am 2/6/12… and the hong kong event is at 16:00 on 2/7 – that will be like midnight 2/6 in CA…

    So looks like the window is from morning 7:00 am to midnight on 2/6 – we should expect to see it becoming available online – right? Any better fix on ETA?

    • Amazon usually post pre-order options 1-2 hours after the official announcement. They will stop taking pre-orders once they sell out their initial stock (they did that with the D4 and Fuji X-pro1). I noticed that B&H is also starting to take pre-order as soon as a new product is announced and they will not charge your credit card as they used to do in the past. Expect the D800 pre-orders to be posted here on [NR] around 1:00-2:00 a.m. on February 7th.

      • Jason

        b&h said they will not charge, but put a “hold charge”, i.e. $6K locked on card that neither B&h can withdraw until delivery, and neither the customer can use until cancelation.

  • Ken

    I’ve decided I’m going for a D800 so I sold my D7000 just yesterday (bought 6 months ago) for +100 over what I paid for it in B&H… 🙂 seems there is a shortage of D7000 etc…supply<demand=profit ! wonder if that will affect the initial pricing of the D800? still no news on prices or confirmation of previous $3000/3999 pricing?

    • St.

      I think $3000-$3999 are already quite high prices, so I don’t believe it will be more than that.
      I also did like you – sold my 13 months old D7000 for $50 more than I bought it.
      Ready for the next one….
      I wish if they could release D800 and D400 at the same time (but I don’t believe it) just so we will be able to make better decision.

  • jorg

    pondering about that 36 mp-sensor. can you make one third of them record f.e. -2 EV, one third like dialled in and the last third +2 EV. and so let the camera spit out kind of a triple-image? basically inhouse-HDR DR increase. wth?

  • brian

    nikon 105 vr made in china has 7 digit on serial number and the one made in japan has only 6 digit , the china model its a bit lighter ,chek the jessops uk website 720g and also the nikon website , but the one made in japan is 790g , very strange

  • Myl3s

    Any idea as to what the pixel pitch may be?

    d800: – ?
    d4 (16MP)- 7.3
    d3x (24MP) – 5.9
    d3s (12MP) – 8.4

    and truly unfair to compare because of sensor size, but
    phase one p40+ (40MP) – 5.95
    iQ180 (80MP) – 5.17

    And for those of you saying it’ll be an a77 uprez sensor,
    a77 (24MP DX) – 3.89

    I’m going to guess that it’s right in line with the phase one and d3x

    • 4.8µ is what some sites are thinking

    • St.

      So, I added couple more cameras and it looks like:

      D7000 (16MP) – 4.78µm
      D4 (16MP) – 7.3µm
      D3x (24MP) – 5.9µm
      D3s (12MP) – 8.4µm
      D700 (12MP) – 8.45µm
      D800 (36MP) – ? (prediction is for 4.8µm)

    • Josh

      I just got a confirmation from supplier where I live and they told me the D800 will sport a 24Mp sensor, not 36Mp as the rumors have it.
      To me this makes perfect sense and confirms what I was thinking already. Think about it for a moment. Why would they release a new camera with 36MP when is not part of the flagship series, ie. D4 and the future D4X, specially when the D800 will not have a new auto focusing technology? and, on top of that with a price tag of ~$3000? The D4X will have instead the 36MP sensor. That way Nikon will manage to provide two top-of-the-line cameras with the D4 sisters. One for sports and low light conditions and the D4X for the rest. The D800 will remain the affordable full-frame camera with most of the technology borrowed from the elder sisters (D3S and D3X) and HD video capabilities. Btw, the camera will be announced on the Feb. 7 event and be available in most markets around May.

      • your supplier is wrong, 36MP available few weeks after the announcement (mid-March)

  • Kai Sheng

    Admin – I read that the D800 will not be a D700 replacement. Do you think that a D700 replacement, ie D700S be imminent? Perhaps later this year? What are the odds of that?

  • kokko

    2008 = 4 dslr’s
    2009 = 4 dslr’s
    2010 = 2 dslr’s
    2011 = 1 dslr + 2 mirrorless

    If Nikon announces them all rumored models (D3200, D7100 & D400) at this year the count is 5 new dslr’s. D4 at last month and D800 at next week. So I don’t believe for high resolution and low resolution D800’s. At next year D5100 replacement, one more dslr and who knows, maybe 4k video dslr. Just like Canon EOS C.

    I think that it is D5200+D3200 or D7100. D300s needs more replacement than D7000 or D3100.

  • Chicago Photographer

    Anyone care to translate this info about the D800,146552.0.html

    • Doug


    • GregS

      It’s all the same stuff you’ve read about here. In fact, Nikon Rumors is credited with the information contained in that text.

  • Old Guy

    Let me get this straight, I should buy a new camera or lens to replace my FE and 50mm 1.2? Why? well maybe I will go to digital one day, have they made a digital camera yet? Hello anybody there? How does this internet work?

    I remember now, D1x, D2xs/D200, D3s/D700. Except for the D200 all were released long after the suck you in camera. Worry about it in 18 months. all cameras listed are what I bought, can’t wait for July, 2013, D4s/D900.

    Hey what comes after the D900, they jumped to many numbers.

    Canon model numbers make better sense. Maybe the next one will be a Canon. Ok, I have lenses back to the AI, but one never knows.

    Hoping for a D700 upgrade and keep the batteries. The en-el3e and en-el4a in a grip is perfect. I can dream the D4s will go back to the higher capacity en-el4a.
    Why change the battery? 21.6 WH for the EL18 and 28.9 WH for the EL4a
    Not to mention I carry three different batteries already. The en-4 maybe needed an upgrade to li-ion, but why downgrade the en-el4a? All these batteries in landfills can not be good.

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