More Nikon D800/D800E specs

Nikon D800

Nikon D800 picture that was briefly displayed on Nikon's website in Germany

Few more small details on the Nikon D800/D800E:

  • The version without the AA filter will be called Nikon D800E
  • The D800/D800E will "read" images with 12 different channels (14-bit conversion)
  • 16 bit image processing with EXPEED 3
  • 3.2 in. LCD display
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • New bracketing button
  • Start-up and shutter delay identical to the D4
  • The D800/D800E will use the EN-EL15 battery, same as D7000
  • Similar to the D4, the D800/D800E will be able to take up to 850 shots on a single battery charge which is less than the D700 that could go up to 1000 (based on CIPA standard)
  • The optional battery pack for the D800/D800E will be called MB-D12
  • In some markets (I think Europe) the Nikon D800/D800E will include Capture NX2
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  • the more I see about this camera, I’ll wait the 7th just to see the specs but in my head I’m already with a d3s, even if I lose focal (coz dx mode is useless than d800) I think I’ll be happy with this one almost at the same price… It’ll be awesome for wildlife photo ^^

  • per

    I don’t think it makes sense not to release a smaller/cheaper body with the D4 sensor just to avoid cannibalizing. Once you’ve developed a sensor it makes sense to sell as many of them as possible. It’s all about price discrimination. Airline companies charge thrice the price for business class for the privilege of having free news papers and sitting in front of the plane. Nikon has been doing this for years and they know what price points to apply to separate the D3ers from the D700ers. Thus, expect the D4 sensor in a smaller/cheaper body within a year.

    • WoutK89

      There is also such a thing as production capacity. Bringing both the D4 and D700 type body with D4 sensor at the same time, would create massive back order issues. The way they do it now means at least people ordering a D4 will be certain of receiving their camera in not too long of a timeframe. People that need a D4 will buy it, and people that dont need it, will just wait for the smaller body. In any case, however Nikon plays it, a camera made by Nikon, is money for Nikon, so cannibalisation is not an issue.

      • bobby

        It would of cannibalized my sale. I ordered a d4 because of the sensor. I wanted high iso, better dr, and more resolution than 12mp. I have no use for 9 shots per second or the heavier body. I also think 6000.00 is a bit much.

        • WoutK89

          So what? Nikon still makes money if you buy another of their cameras. It is not just the D4 that brings them money! Even a D700s or whatever would be a sale in Nikon’s books.

        • Jan

          they can cannibalize their own sale and still profit, or hold back and let someone else cannibalize them.

      • Richard

        Exactly! People are forgetting that Nikon will not be returning to pre-disaster production levels until some time in March according to estimates. They also have replaced much if not most of the production equipment. It has been a very busy year for Nikon. All things considered, Nikon have responded remarkably well.

        It is certain that many decisions have been taken “on the fly” about what products are given priority on the production/assembly lines. While few people know with certainty, one has to suspect that older products which were approaching end of life have been axed. There has even been speculation that products which were in process and were saved from the floods for example are being set aside to be used for parts so that the new production can proceed without interruption.

        Canon have had much the same problems resulting from the natural disasters and have experienced the inevitable delays as well.

        It would be useful if Nikon were to at least give the customer base a little bit a a road map of products, such as a D700 replacement, if there is to be one, to allay concerns. Sadly, Nikon just can not seem to bring themselves to behave in a more transparent manner.

        One thing people who talk about “cannibalizing” sales overlook is that this is not a zero sum market. Many D700 users had it as a 2nd/3rd body which they would not have purchased at all if it had been priced as a D3s. Some people bought it as a primary body (with others as a backup) which they would not have done if it were priced as a D3s. It grows the market.


  • Dp

    I’m waiting to see the amount of noise with 36 megapixel on a Fx sensor…

    • QQMoar

      You don’t resize photos… ever? You want people to view a 36MP file on their monitor?

  • Nathan

    100% viewfinder coverage
    New bracketing button

    Those two things make it so I’ll NEED to buy the D800. Those were the biggest complaints that I had against the D700.

  • if D4 barely reaches D3s performance…D800 will be a disaster in terms of high-iso ( compared to D4,D3s or D700) but will be an awesome landscape camera.

    • rhlpetrus

      Printed same size, it’ll be close to D3s/D4, better than D700, all ISOs.

  • Heikki

    Specs. Looks good, but leaves me wondering about the megapixels. 36MP that is a lot, for most needs – compair it to the 12MP in D700. We havent heard about D400 and D7000 being as good as it is – compair it to D300s. Coud it be posible that D400 is low res FX?

  • Zen-Tao

    Aps-c yes or not. That’s one of many cuestions that will be cleared up next week. DX would be a very big mistake (on my opinion). There aren’t as good lenses as FX ones. Another issue that come up to me is the importance of removing the AA filter. With the announced 36 mpx, what difference does it make? . I always thought that AA filter was a kind of extra sensor, protection without it, who dare to clean sensor dust and specks?

    • lorenzino

      I am not sure I understood your post correctly.
      But about the AA filter I have to disagree: it was not a protection for the sensor, but solely aimed at removing moiré effect. I don’t know if it is wise or not to eliminate that filter, but for sure the AA-less camera will collect more details than the AA one. Not sure they will be usable, though: this has to be seen…

      • david distefano

        my hasselblad digital back does not have an AA filter and images thru zeiss lenses have fantastic sharpness.

    • WoutK89

      D800 is 100% FX, if you didnt understand this yet, I recommend to read the post, instead of just posting your comment.
      Also, the AA-filter is not the front filter, but is just one of many in front of the sensor. So no it is not a protection filter. See also the post on the front page, why there is such a thing as AA-filter.

      • Zen-Tao

        Sorry doc thank you for your wise explanation. With so many pixel I can’t figure out the point of attaching or not an AA filter.

        • WoutK89

          It has nothing to do with wise explanation or not, THIS IS THE INTERNET, try yourself first. In this case, all your answers are even on this site before you posted your message.

          • Zen-Tao

            The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…of the web
            I think that if you have a hi-res sensor, better than the best lense sharpness capabilities, AA filter is the proper lense. I don’t know the accurate figures of the Niquist limits, I’m not an engineer but a photographer.

    • Sander

      Come out from under that rock often?

  • 100% VF will fulfill my dream. 🙂

  • I don’t understand why the body without an AA filter will cost more than one with it. The AA filter is an expensive component.

    • jorg

      nevermind, you won´t buy the 800E anyway

      • Keith

        True – it won’t make pervy upskirt shots any easier…

        • Someone should throw your computer in the trash, you troll.

          • pork

            who is trolling here?
            you place the filtercost question in every D800-related thread, while all those threads are full of reasonable explanations/theories about this issue

            • If you find my question about the AA filter and pricing to be annoying or a troll, you are in bad shape indeed. Get a life.

          • Snert

            Why indeed would a camera cost more if they leave out a part?

      • Probably right, I will get the other D800.

    • The main cusa is because production without the filter AA is lower, which means there that alter part of the assembly line for many fewer units. Not surprisingly, when more goods are manufactured is cheaper price.

  • Ralf Nagel

    Sorry Nikon – Do you have a lens that is sharp enough, despite the 200/2.0?
    I need a D4 in a D800 – so where is the the D880?

    • well they do… haven’t u heard of the 14-24 2.8 ?
      I heard, read and compared some shots…. it does look pretty damn sharp.


    • Nikon

      We’ve never made our products to your specifications and we are not going to start now.

    • rhlpetrus

      All my Nikkors are pretty sharp on the D7000, about same pixel density.

  • I’m so excited!

    • RobertKrasser

      D400 FX

      I sort of hate Nikons SLR philosophy.Everything is all about waiting. Now I wait almost for 3 years for a D700 sucessor now thy announce a D800 to much mpx to expensive to slow for some people.
      Since 3 years I suggest and ask for as simple camera:

      – FX
      – 16 mpx
      – 4 FPs
      – HD Video
      – ISO clean 6400 ISo and Hi 2

      Nikon is this so complicated? This would be the mega-seller, for Nikon. They schould bring this camera better sooner than later.
      My dearm Camera would have as well,
      – integrated GPS (GP1 is working but it is to bulky)
      – integrated WIFI
      – IPTC edid templates in camera like D4

      also imprtanat: dust removal, good battery, weather sealing

      what I dont need:
      – HDMI
      – two memory slots
      – AA filter removal option
      – super fast AF
      – live view

      somebody thinks like me?

      • Yagion

        The things you listed you don’t need, I DO.

      • Müller

        Canon 5D mkII is your answer, the grass is always greener….

      • joseramon

        -two memory slots is vital for some jobs, like wedding photographer, for mirror backup
        -super fast AF… obviously important

  • David

    I’m at a loss as what to do… All i really wanted was a d700 with 1080 video, perhaps going up to 18mp would have been nice, but i need low noise with video. The d4 is too big and $$$, nikon have failed us…

    Lke most people here i would never switch to canon as i have invested in glass. I also think nikon bodies are much better made.

    • Chris

      Hey David,
      You are not alone – I do feel the same and IMO we are not alone, but the big group…
      I have the 25-70, 70-200, 85g … All waiting for D800. Now there comes something ‘unexpected’. What to do?
      I can not say what you should do, but I know what I will do.
      I will st myself on an ordering list at my local dealer. I decided for the Aa-version. Then, I hope for a) the real spec within next 2 or 3 days, and b) (more important) for some tests and example (images) to get the ‘real’ Infos! I can stop the preorder anytime if I want, or if the samples show that it will not what I want….
      But my ‘hpe’ is, that the real performance of the D800 will be much better than so many guys here are expecting…at least, all these guys are expecting worse performance because of the 36MP. They are somewhat right, as so many MP will clearly not result in ‘outstanding’ ISO-performance, but hopefully Nikon knows what they do (and I am sure they do) and the ISO-performance will be at least as good as the one of the d700 – and that is what I expect (around 1 step better than D700)!
      And if this will become true, then I will say ‘ok’ to these many MP’s and will enjoy the D800!
      …and if e D400 will come around September and if it will really be FX – like some here expects – and 16 to 24 MP and so on, THEN I still can sell and buy… But if you ask me , I DO expect D400 to be all this but not FX!!!

      Cheers, Chris. (who will just wait to see the real performance and not scream ‘bad ISO’ before Release)

      • David

        Cheers Chris, sounds like a good suggestion. The d4 tests havent even been released yet so d800 is pure speculation as you say. Lets hope we are all wrong and this is a blockbuster for nikon

      • Nay Sayer

        As remarked before by many: D800 is not a D700 successor.

        • QQMoar

          I don’t want a D700 successor. I want lots of megapickles, something that hold a candle to 5D3 while having better AF and build quality!

  • Gino

    OT: Can anyone tell me if I were to order a Nikon D4 today from one of the major online retailers (B&H, Adorama, Ritz, etc.), which one would most likely deliver it to me the quickest, and what the arrival date might be?


    • chris

      best is to order at “etc.” (the fourth in your row) they will send it to you on 17th Feb at 9am via UPS, the drivers name is miller 😉

  • someone

    I’m really tired of reading eberyone complaining!!
    If Nikon would do the D800 dame as D4 but in a smaller body, everyone would go: “boring Nikon blablabla we need resolution blablabla i’ll buy a 5D III blablabla good bye Nikon”.

    Now Nikon is about to do something really groundbreaking again, and everyone is going: “oh f*** nikon, why we need a camera without AA filter blablabla I want a cheaper D4 blablabla”!!! AARRRGHHHH. If you want a cheaper D4 buy a D3s.

    • Zen-Tao

      Everyone are writing on this site just to say bla,bla… The real true is into those nikon guys drawer. It´s likely that Nikon D800’s features will be quite different than the ones forecasted, or not…Curiously at the same time D800 is announced on this site big retailers amazon, adorama and much more will release it with thorough information as it happened with D4. Do you follow me? we only do lip service, bla, bla… Wait two more days for the outcomming of this soap.

    • QQMoar

      They are just jealous they can’t afford both D4 and D800

  • Anybody wanna buy a d300 only 8K clicks ! like brand new 🙂
    Gimme a buzz , you need to be able to get to antwerp belgium though . . .

  • Simon

    I like that it uses the same battery as the D7000.

    • Yagion


  • shorebreeze

    What I’m looking for:

    The big one for me is whether the camera is truly and effectively usable in both DX and FX modes. The biggest things in that department are proper viewfinder masking in DX, like on the D3/D4, rather than the indistinct line that the D700 displays, and also genuinely flexible use of raw mode like Canon has, so that you can vary the megapixels in raw, not just in JPEG. Being able to shoot, say, 15 megapixel RAW in both FX and DX modes, with a viewfinder that works properly, gets right around the apparent inflexibility of a 36 megapixel design and instead connects good handling with high resolution to give you a one-body-fits-all solution to both formats.

    Other than that . . . . just don’t mess anything up. Slightly disappointed but not surprised to see Nikon omit the D4’s 2.5x crop for video. Let’s hope they don’t arbitrarily dumb anything else down.

  • zeb

    What’s the chances of having the D800 having a size setting that would be 18MP?

    • ISP

      Zero !

  • Moe Jacknally

    None if you are going to shoot RAW
    Some if you are going to shoot Jpg

  • sl

    Can anybody explain what this means ?

    “The D800/D800E will “read” images with 12 different channels (14-bit conversion)”

    • Sonny Censor

      it means that the chip readout will happen via 12 channels in parallel. So each channel will read and do analog-digital conversion for roughly 36mpx/12 = 3mpx. The ADC conversion will be done with 14b precision so allows for 2 to the power of 14 = 16384 different values betwen the low and high signal levels of the sensor-pixel.

    • Jabs


      Again, this refers to the new Expeed 3 sub-system of the newest Nikon bodies.

      They have a 16 bit digital pipeline, 12 channels of digital processing and multi-processors.

      The output from the camera is 14bit.

  • Dan

    Will the DX mode be cropped? It would be great if there was an 18mp raw output mode. Even if the FPS didnt change, as i dont want to always have to shoot 36MP for day to day stuff or weddings/ press events.

    Im not sure if you can do with already with camera with two card setups. But it would be grand if you could have all you RAWs on one memory card, and a duplicate on thr SD card as JPG. It would also be cool if you could import all the JPG’s into lightroom. The file size and import speed wouldnt be much of an issue, you could then go through all the pics, pick out what you want to have at a fill quality, make a selection and make an automated function to import the selected jpgs in as RAWs. Then atleast your not having to import gigs of files for every shoot> Matter of fact would be even cool if there was a function to convert the duplicated jpgs to 18mp in camera and leave the RAW’s as is. Im just trying to think of a good work balance.

  • Just to share, we’re being told here in Malaysia that 2 titan DSLR will be announced and launched at Nikon Centre Berjaya Time Square KL on 9th Feb 2012 (Malaysia time and date)

    • Sonny Censor

      2? if you count the with and without AA filter as 2…..or are we seeing a 16mpx D400 (baby D4) too?

      • Doug

        don’t care about the d400, all i want is my prosumer body, and a summicron glass.

    • tom43

      Of course two DSLR, the Nikon D800 and the Nikon D800E. What is new about this?

  • Mighty

    less than 24 hrs to go !!! weeeeeeeee pretty sure im going to be checking this site like every 10 minutes tomorrow to see the D800 announcement

    • Sonny Censor

      Under the assumption that the rumor is not far off: I see no excitement in tomorrows announcemoent other then the MRSP nikon will come up with:

      As far as I’m concerned:

      > € 3250 : Ouch, no way José, probably wait for a D400 and stick with DX.
      € 2750 < x < € 3250: Well, let's wait and think hard, are there other options?
      < € 2750: Well, nikon might also sell a 24-70 in the process.

  • Doug

    cmoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, ive felling the Heebie-jeebies getting worse, im off to buy some crack just to hold on until tomorrow, please GOD don’t let it be a 36mp sensor
    and also be better in ISO than the d700, thats all i ask, admins. wake up f£$.

  • Baraldi

    The next few hours will be very interesting!

    I’m curious to know the configurations of my first FF.

    In my opinion makes no sense release two versions of the Nikon D800 (with and without filter and the same sensor).

    It makes much more sense to launch:
    – D800E 36MP without AA filter
    – D800 16MP High ISO

  • Adrian Lawton

    Of the six professional models pictured currently on Nikon sites, the only one not identified in the list of products available sits between the D700 and the D300s, and is closer in size to the D300s, and isn’t marked FX . To me that suggests a replacement for the D300s.

  • Ken

    its a tough call to make aa or non-aa without any d800 samples, reviews many people pre-ordering either/or based on physics i guess but the big factor in the equation is how well the damn thing is made…to hold off and wait for the reviews/techies to take them both apart or just plunge for a reg aa version…only a few more hours to decide? do you think they will go on pre-order most places straigth after the annoucement?

  • Lok

    I had access to some market data in France and is interesting to see that 5d MkII sales figure is 2 or 3 times the D700 each month in 2011. D3s is 3 to 5 times of 1D MkIV but D3x sales figure is so small and insignificant. I think these figures more or less repersent the overall market. The new line up of D4 and D800 is exactly what the market is asking for. Complain to Canon for the 36MP if you want, as D800 is supposed to compete with 5DMkII and Nikon don’t want to loose another round like D700.

    • Sonny Censor

      Lots of reasons we might never see a D4x anymore, low salesnumber and likely no head to head competitor from canon either now more or less the 1Dx seems to be the 1D and 1Ds successor.

  • F

    Thank goodness for the 12-14 hour time difference in Asia.. I’ll be checking NR like crazy after midnight tonight for the big news! 🙂

  • Landscape Photo

    Less than 12 hours is left…

    Exciting & Excited !

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Once the D800 is announced, people will start to talk about D900. Anyway, already started 🙂

    Which name would be more sensible for a new model, roughly the D4 sensor in a D800 body?

    * D900
    * D700S
    * D710
    * D750
    * D800S
    * D810
    * D850

    After the introductioon of D800, I think Nikon will neither use D700 body, nor the D3s sensor anymore; since they will become old generation. As with D800 body, it will unlikely be called D7something. And D900 implies a new type of body, which is unlikely. So, D8something sounds more logical in near future. D800S is unlikely too, because Nikon uses this suffix for minor updates, not for different sensor with different pixel count.

    Finally D810 or D850 are the most probable names. Am I wrong?

    • Sonny Censor

      It will debut at photokina in cologne and will be called the D4711.

      • chris


    • Anonee

      As D400 may be reserved for the D3(s) successor, then

      * D500
      * D600

      are the other candidates. D810 is an ugly name, too close to D800. D850 sounds better, but D600 is the sexiest name among all 😉

      • Anonee

        I meant D300(s), typo…

      • Nik

        D690 🙂

  • Lots of specs flying about. Going to wait for release to see confirmed.

  • Taras

    Nikon has their sales data they know their product placement against their competitors very well. Most of pros know what and when to by d800 is perfect fit for someone that already has d700 or d3s and just needs more resolution occasionally for studio work or nature… blah.
    No way will D4 be cannibalized by anything, this camera is very good for what it supposed to do (shoot Olympics) and by the way good luck getting your hands on one. I got my D3s after winter Olympics in March and I felt like I stole it 🙂 in fact I kind of still feel that way. So I just hope that 800 will be nice and sharp edge to edge on my lenses with no funky image degradation business.

  • Casey

    I just pre-ordered the D800E without the AA filter…

    I read on another comment (not on this comment list) that someone found out that nikon states in a pamphlet or brochure that if you get the D800E there will be a switch to cut off the AA filter.

    Does any one know of this/is this true????

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