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Nikon D4/D800 in stock, D800E still hard to find

Before we start tracking the D600, here is a quick in-stock update on the Nikon D4/D800/D800E cameras. The D4 and D800 are freely available in most retailers, but the D800E is still hard to get:

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Nikon D800, D800E announcement

The Nikon D800 is now officially announced: Nikon Japan breaks the news first D800 announcement on nikon.com D800 @ Nikon Imaging D800 microsite D800 brochure download D800 digitutor D800 sample images D800E sample images D800 samples @ Nikon Japan Nikon D800 samples by Cliff Mautner Brochure download Nikon D800 price: $2999.95 Nikon D800E price: $3,299.95 […]

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Why remove the anti-aliasing (AA) filter in the Nikon D800E?

Why would Nikon release the D800E with the anti-aliasing (AA) filter removed? The simple answer is to produce sharper images with more details and better resolution. The AA filter removes information that cannot be recorded “correctly” by the sensor. It’s basically an extra layer on top of the sensor that reduces the image quality in order to remove certain […]

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More Nikon D800/D800E specs

Few more small details on the Nikon D800/D800E: The version without the AA filter will be called Nikon D800E The D800/D800E will “read” images with 12 different channels (14-bit conversion) 16 bit image processing with EXPEED 3 3.2 in. LCD display 100% viewfinder coverage New bracketing button Start-up and shutter delay identical to the D4 […]

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