Nikon D4/D800 in stock, D800E still hard to find

Before we start tracking the D600, here is a quick in-stock update on the Nikon D4/D800/D800E cameras. The D4 and D800 are freely available in most retailers, but the D800E is still hard to get:

Nikon D800E is currently not in stock at any of the major retailers.

Nikon D800 is currently in stock at:

Nikon D4 is currently in stock at:

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  • John M

    That’s it. I’m switching to Polaroid.

    • boing wronkwell

      Too late… Been there, done that. I’m going 110.

      (FPP have a load of film in stock).

      • BartyL

        My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic that took 110! Got it for my 10th birthday. Still have it in a draw somewhere, although I probably haven’t shot any film with it for 20 years.

      • Art

        110 is so passé. Disk is where it is at! What’s more — you don’t have to carry a backpack full of lenses and gear, you can simply put it in your back pocket.

    • Slip Sliding Away

      D800 in stock everywhere in the UK.

      D800e fairly easy to find.

      Price’s are tumbling; worth hanging on for a few more weeks until the price curve levels off, and Nikon fix a certain problem!

      • Andrew

        The D800 is now perfect!

      • Zoot

        Dixons Travel at Heathrow Terminal 5 selling D800 for £1999.99 yesterday morning. One on display, six boxed, clearly in view on the shelf behind the cashpoint.

        UK plug on charger, European warranty. I checked.

  • I don’t see a lot of reason to opt for the d800e over the d800 unless one shoots all the time on a tripod with the very best glass.

    • ben

      yes most people taking snapshots of there cat dont need a “e”
      but i am sure there are some who could use it and are still waiting, but they will not care about a d600, well not for the job the 800e is used for.
      nikon should be rolling out a bunch of new cameras soon. there is a lot of demand for not just a d600 but a d400 d7100 and a better mirror less.

      • D4ve

        So…if I choose to take a picture of my cat, the D800 would be ok?

        Wouldn’t want to go overboard by taking a picture of a domesticated animal with anything more.

        • krr

          I remind you that the D4 does more FPS which makes snapshots of moving cats less frustrating!

          • Yea

            They tend to be annoyingly quick when I come near them with a burlap sack & a brick…

        • Anne

          lol, funny

    • Alex

      No need for a tripod if you use high enough shutter speed. And really sharp glass doesn’t have to be very expensive (50 1.8 G, 85 1.8 G or D, for instance). I tried one this weekend, and if you just bump up the shutter speed you’re ok.

    • thomas

      I have a D800E – don’t have a D800, but I’m pretty sure that the presence of aliasing artifacts in many pictures indicates that whatever the lens, the result is sharper with the E than without. If my lenses didn’t out-resolve the sensor I wouldn’t see the artifacts. It’s certainly true that you need a suitably high shutter speed / steady hand / tripod / VR or a combination.

    • Rubbish!

      Of course folk need an “e”.

      Much more exclusive than the common D800, “e” conveys the impression that the user might know something about photography.

      It would be even more attractive if the “e” were printed larger on the body, hopefully Nikon will fix that in the D800ES.

      A different color strap would give more differentiation as well.

      • doorman

        Well said 😀

      • Anne

        Man, you guys are in rare form. I’m cracking up over here!

  • Dweeb

    Here come those Thanksgiving overstock sales!

    • Andrew

      Yeah, maybe Thanksgiving 2014 sales. Every time it is reported that the D800 is now available, all the stock is sold out in a matter of days. Then it is another wait for a few weeks.

  • John

    Timely info!

  • Ammm where is BH?? It seems Nikon does not care about them anymore lol!

  • does anybody knows about how long takes BH to ships a D800 these days? I ordered one on 8/30… mistake??

    • Mortal mistake. :S

    • Foolishcfo

      Why would you order a D800 from B&H when they are the only ones who don’t have product in tock?

      • lorenzo

        beside wanting to save over $320 in tax, my reason is a matter of trust. I have been buying at B&H for 30+ years and trust them, not so for other stores in the above list.

        • RC

          Amazon is my absolute favorite store for virtually everything. Why not Amazon?

          • lorenzo

            don’t have the same trusting return policy of B&H. I can buy some Chinese junk there but certainly not a $3,300 camera… that’s my personal opinion.

          • Foolishcfo

            I’ve been buying from B&H for years as well. However, I still bought my D800 from Amazon since B&H couldn’t deliver. Amazon has equally great customer service. However, B&H gets all my lens business so they are doing ok.

          • Amazon is starting to charge sales tax in some states now including Texas. They were under pressure by Rick Perry to pay because they had a warehouse in Texas so they caved and promised new jobs instead of paying the back taxes – or fighting it.

            • Interesting. I didn’t know that about Amazon.

            • Art

              Amazon is now fighting FOR Internet sales tax. Why? The next phase of Amazon is “Amazon at Home” where Amazon will deliver your products (including groceries) same day. By fighting FOR Internet sales tax, they are fighting to ensure other retailers don’t have an advantage over Amazon.

          • Baked bananas

            Dont buy from Amazon because you’ll probably end up with some Grey market shit from Australia.

            • BartyL

              That will be easy to spot. They will ask 25~50% more than US retail.

            • Aussie

              Also….The Australian gear would only have a 1, or at best, a 2 year Nikon Australia warranty, no 5 year warranty on anything in Australia, you get much longer warranties in the U.S.

            • Steven Georges

              If you buy Nikon stuff from Australia, you won’t get ANY warranty in the USA. Unless you ship it back to Australia for repair.

        • Rob

          You have to pay the taxes regardless of where you buy it. Use tax is the same amount as sales tax. Of course I’m assuming you wouldn’t commit tax evasion…

          • Most businesses do in fact report their purchases from out of state, and I’m sure you, your family, and everybody you know always pay every single penny of sales taxes when making a purchase from out of state.

    • lorenzo

      Now comes the forbidden statement:

      I ordered a D800E on 6/5 but later put the order on hold and I will leave it on hold until admin Peter says FOR SURE that the LT AF bug has been solved at the factory and no longer occurs – unfortunately I keep reading the opposite from too many trolls and don’t know who to believe. Sorry to bring this issue up, but that’s my genuine story.

      B&H told me recently that they are still getting few D800 and very very few D800E; they go to folks in the list since Feb – Mar…

      • lorenzo

        your statement was VERY useful and explanatory – THANKS!

        • Michael Switzer

          No, please, don’t stop with the LT AF issue. It’s my nightly entertainment, just before I go to bed. It’s kinda like a security

        • Ric

          LT AF issue is now a drinking game. Any mention requires that person to drink if called out by another person.

          Therefore you must consume.

      • Cyclop

        Leave the left focus point alone… I beg u.

      • Foolishcfo

        I have two D800 bodies and neither has the left focus issue. Are you really waiting for the D800 or maybe something cheaper?

        • lorenzo

          What have I done! My apologies to all.

          I still don’t understand why but got that this is a forbidden topic.

          I don’t think of anything cheaper I would like a D800E… can I say that works or can’t I?

          Peter, please erase my last notes, I didn’t want to re-open this crazy war betweek trolls and fanboys – beside I also don’t understand why there is such war… 🙂

          • Foolishcfo

            Why keep beating a dead horse?

          • Thought Police

            You simply can not mention the (whisper) left af thing here.

            We are not interested.

            The D800 is the best. Period. All debate begins and ends there.

            It will bring peace and prosperity to all, save the planet and solve the meaning of life……No, it is the meaning of life.

            Any suggestion the the D800 is anything other than absolutely perfect will result in a thoroughly justified roasting!!!!!!

      • thomas

        My D800E had the focus issue, took it back to vendor (who is also Nikon service for Finland), they fixed it the same day using standard calibration process for each AF point. Doesn’t seem like a big problem.

        • Strangely the only accredited service in Finland has had my d800e for almost three weeks now for the focus issue. Luckily I got a loan d800e instead.

          What really surprises me most is that I can get resolution resolving power from almost any lens, even handheld in many different light situations. I think people are mislead to believe they need the most expensive lenses and fat tripods to do their shooting.

          I ordered my d800 in february and got it the first few days in May from Rajala. It had a serial of under 2000.

      • Martijn

        Funny you’d rather take pictures with an “outdated” camera, then to just skip the left focus point and have incredible resolving power at your finger tips.

    • Anne

      I went there about 3 weeks ago and overheard a rep saying that there were 1000s (yes, THOUSANDS) of pre-orders yet to be filled. I have to imagine some will be canceled but still…

      I ordered mine from B&H on 2/7 at 12pm and got it around June 15th.

  • Emcee

    Crutchfield has the D800 instock, mine is coming on Tuesday!

    • LuckyGuy

      You must have gotten the last one.
      Their site says Out of Stock for both D800/E.
      Let us know when you get it. Congrats!

      • Emcee

        Wow, guess I did.

    • Have you bought this speaker? I want get one but it’s very expensive, have any coupon to buy this camera cheaper?

  • MuttonPuncher

    I’m not usually very insightful on these things, but I was dead sure about Nikon underestimating how popular the E would be and therefor not have near enough of them for the demand. People need to understand just how rabid landscape and nature photographers are about super sharp images and I think underestimating just how many such photographers make up the market, including the amateurs like me.

  • John Richardson

    The D800 is in stock at all Ukrainian Internet retailers. The D800e is not.
    I just picked up a D800 for $2888. No VAT no Customs mark-up.
    Servicing is through Nikon Europe/Russia

  • Dan |

    I ordered a D800e from Best Buy on August 24 and had it my hands and shooting on August 31. I have a D3s and I am amazed by the D800e! The D3s is clearly going to be my second body. It even takes great photos of my cat!

    • How do you like it for low light? That is my only real concern. I know that it reviews well but I like real opinions.

      • Dan |

        I did a test at 6400 iso between the D3s and the D800e and my results were that the D3s was cleaner at 6400, but the extra resloution of the D800e made for a pretty nice looking photo. I’m guessing the noise is somewhat similar to the D3/D700. I will be going to Glacier National park in a few weeks and will be taking interior photos of some of the lodges. I plan on using both and will have an even better idea of which is better for that use. (I used the 17-35 for the test with a tripod btw.)

        • Thanks. That is in line with everything else I have read. I want to have the capability of doing some astrophotography and need clean ISO 3200. It looks like I’d be able to do that with a D800E and a 24 f1.4. Enjoy yourself in Glacier, that is on my very short list of places to visit most likely this year.

    • Anne

      Every time I take a shot of my cat, her eyes are shut when I view the picture. WTH? I’m through wasting shutter actuations on her. I love my dog better anyhow!

  • Stevo

    I take very nice pictures of my cat with my D800. I ordered my camera exactly when it was announced and I got it about 10 days later. Sweet. Just order the camera from wherever you want. You won’t regret it.

  • Benoit

    Here is France, a lot of online and “brick and mortar” (hmm I didn’t use this expression since the Netscape times) retailers have the D800 and D800E in stock. Are we privileged ? Not really, we’re just in the middle of an godzilla-type economic crisis with very few people able to buy them, so monster stocks on retailer side.
    Anyway, for those looking for D800 (E or not E …), you can have a look at, and improve your french :-). You can also try on the other side of the Channel at

  • Norway

    I got my D800E this week and are really impressed!!! A fantastic tool!

  • Richard

    D800E is in stock at Warehouse Express in the UK.

  • Peter

    Mine went in the bin after 2 weeks. Pile of plastic junk!

    • Anon

      You troll !

    • full metal jacket

      The D800 has a full metal body, Mr troll.

      Go play with your Canon.

  • Moire Cat Man

    My D800e takes great pictures of cats, no problem with aliasing as the fur is so random.

  • Nick

    Camera Centre, Liffey St, Dublin has D800, D800E and D4 all in stock. The monster 200-400 VRII is there too!

  • ChubbyBrunette

    Please start tracking new FX lenses!

  • I just ordered my 2nd D4 from Showcase Photo in Atlanta. So they have them in stock, as well as the XQD cards and readers. Website is Ask for Ron, he’s great to work with. They’ll match prices with the “big boys”. But the best part is, if you live in GA, SC, KY, TN, etc…standard shipping only takes a day or so! Plus their customer service is terrific!

  • Sean

    I work at a fairly small camera store in ontario and we manage to always keep at least 2 d800 bodies in stock, seems like they are a little better availibility up here in canada

  • mlecz

    Visit Poland, you can get D800E for less than 4300$;)

  • Fluffy

    For those who are still not sure about D800, I have a small review:
    I have the D800 (without “e” coz is still hardly available… 🙁 , my colleague has the “e” version and I hate him, he is using it only to photograph his lousy dog…)
    I’m photographing my little Miss Fluffy (my gorgeous tabby cat) with it and the pictures are just sooo purrrrrrrfect, that you wouldn’t believe! If Fluffy is sitting still, like reeeeally still, the pictures are purrrrrfectly sharp! I can zoom in the picture so much that I can see her cute little mark on her nose. It’s simply amazing! And I can print mega huge prints, if I want…, but I don’t, coz it can scare to much my little kitty. So I’m just posting the photos on her own facebook page… Miss Fluffy is usually sitting or laying with head orientated on right side, so I have no problem with AF left focus whatsoever and I don’t really understand why some are so picky about that. Seem like they are communists or something since they are so left focus orientated…
    The other day I have photographed my grandpa and he like it as well. He told me that I look like real professional!!! You see? You could not do any mistake to go for the D800. And you can trust me, coz I have my D800 for ~3,5 month now and I used approx. twice already, so don’t worry, I know what I’m talking about…
    P.S. I hope that on eBay will be soon available tuning kit for my D800, the small gold “e” and glue, so I can upgrade my camera…
    P.P.S. Nevertheless if your kitty is too vigorous I would suggest you to use the D4.

    • Anne

      Ha ha ha! This was so funny. You photography people are hysterical!

  • Shawn

    TheCameraStore in Calgary (my “local” place even though I’m across the country) has E in stock.

  • Charlie

    Bel Air camera at LA has E in stock. I just ordered one !

  • Vin

    I love the D800E, and I am very interested in what the D600 will be.

  • Michael Switzer

    Dogs! What about dogs? My D800 takes very nice pictures of my dogs. Although sometimes their left eye is out of focus.

  • Trialcritic

    For people in northern california/bay area, Keeble & Shuchat has both D800 and D4 in stock

  • Richard Nilsson

    Cyberphoto in Sweden has D800E in stock:

  • D800E in stock at Vistek….

  • Brad

    Received my D800e Friday after waiting for 5 months for Amazon and B&H (ended up purchasing from Best Buy after the local dealers said it would be a 2 month wait). Went to plug in my cable release and it seems that Nikon forgot to attach it to the inside of the camera. Who is running this show? Props to Best Buy who took the camera back for a full refund. The funny thing is when I went to return it the lady at Best Buy said “why don’t you switch to Cannon?” If Nikon keeps this poor QA/QC, I just might.

    • Steven Georges

      Maybe it’s time to switch from Best Buy.
      Bought a Nook there because they said Barns & Noble would support it. When I went there, Barns & Noble told me that I should have bought it from them if I wanted to get service.

      • Brad

        I don’t see how Best Buy had anything to do with the problem. They just delivered the camera that Nikon screwed up in the first place. I would rather have had them take it back then to mess around with Nikon’s “service department.” After all would you trust a $3500 complex device when a $0.50 plug can’t be installed properly?

  • Steven Georges

    I love my D4, best camera I ever shot with!
    Although it cost me a few more dimes and pennies than what is in that photo.

  • D700guy

    I waited 4 months for my D800e, not difficult to imagine there are still those who are doing the same.

  • KL
    • KL

      Its now listed at $5,339.00.

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