The 50/50 Nikon D800 poll

The results of the poll for whether the D800 pictures are real or not is split 50/50. I don't remember ever seeing this before here on [NR]. I will definitely come back to this poll once the D800 is announced.

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  • Azmir

    Damn the suspense is killing me.

    • Not Surprised

      The Super-Committee designated to foretell the fate of the D800 has spoken, “We defer to someone else’s opinion at a later time.”

      .. Say… who put the U.S. Congress in of this, anyway?!

    • Hans

      I can give you an easy clue to understand this is a prototype or fake.
      Nikon would never leave out an important feature from this advanced camera.
      This image shows a fixed screen, so it must be fake, since mothern camera’s have a flip screen.

      • Keith


        The new Canon 1dx doesn’t have a flip screen.

        • Amien

          Good point keith.

        • Calibrator

          Which is allowed, since it is clearly a professional camera. As we all know professional photographers don’t need a screen for image taking. Only for setting the camera up for the first time and for that the screen can be fixed…

          The D7000 on the other hand is a consumer camera which means without a tilty-swivelly screen it is clearly inferior to every competitor in the same price range, i.e. Canon 60D.


    • jpa

      Why is the D800 not real? No FX mark! Look again. Why would they leave this one out?

      • Sloaah

        If you look carefully, that area has been blacked out like all the other writing (e.g. Nikon, D800)

  • shivaswrath

    well because we’ve been let down so much..I voted fake because, honestly, if it ends up being the D800, it has too many nuanced design flaws (like the weird MIC placement and odd dials), that’ll take away from the user experience…

    • I don’t like that dial. (Crying…)

  • Pointshooter

    Nah, it’s the new D400. Thats why there are black boxes on the image. 😉

    • Patrik

      View finder is FX!

  • Nigga_please
    • GeofFx

      I don’t know if it’s real or not, but this one looks MUCH better than the previous one to me (although I’m not a big fan of red swoosh).

    • 120-300 OS

      Well is it a smile or is it hummm

    • T.I.M

      Same one I posted earlier….

    • EnPassant

      The red on the grip look like lips, but not the kind a woman have under her nose… Such design would make the camera as infamous as the car Edsel by Ford!

    • ich bins wieder

      haha! The “8” is a little toooo big … bad photoshopped or gimped …

    • AH

      Why would anyone put the 50mm D on a new D800?

  • Ren Kockwell

    My biggest concern is that the second coming of the D700 has doubled in price. All I wanted was a D700s with a little more MP, video, and DR…

    • Doug


      • Spooky

        me too!

    • Mock Kenwell


  • This is the D800, you can cry baby, but this will be a huge body for my purposes!

    And a bird tells me that will be a low MP raw mode in this camera. Just wait and see!


    • Psycho McCrazy

      does the little birdie also talk of 100% viewfinders, boosted fps with the battery grip, and more cross points on the AF?

      • 100% viewfinder – yes
        burst with BG – yes
        More cross points on AF – no

        Multicam FX3500 like all fx.

    • Worminator

      If I read you rightly, you mean gate/sum logic baked into the sensor, so you can choose to output 2 or more photosites as a single pixel.

      That would certainly be interesting, though with a Bayer array that would mean a pretty massive drop in resolution. (The Fuji pixel arrangement works more narually in that mode.)

    • low MP raw mode sounds nice, especially if it means pixel binning and thus cleaner pics at high ISO… do the lil’ birds say anything about a clean 12000ISO in low-res mode? 😉

      ….if yes it would definitely change my mind (see below)

    • Martin

      Just a left-field comment, but what if they had adopted a Foveon-style solution. The resolution numbers would work with a a pixel binning arrangement. Three layers of 12M pixels, binning groups of 4 adjacent pixels in each layer to give a 9 Meg pixel low-res output.

  • shay

    Next announcement is going to be January 6th from Nikon, they will announce a new fullframe camera. This camera in the photos will not be it.

  • lopascians

    Its the new F7? its like an f6

  • Eric

    Fake as a three dollar bill. Not a chance of such a camera arriving. Canon got smart and dropped 21 mp to 18 mp. Didn’t even bother to compete with the D3X because as good as it is at low ISOs, above 1600 ISO it’s simply not that good. The 1Ds Mark III and 5D Mark II are a bit compromised at ISO 6400 as well. I shoot with the 5D Mark II at 6400 and as good as it is, it can’t touch the D3s at 12,800 by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Anon

      You really believe ISO performance is solely based on pixel count? Good God, please curse Nikon for their sin of making D3s and D700 and makes people believe 12 mp is the only mp to go.

      • Keith

        Indeed – this “Flat Earther” fundamentalist zealotry – UTTERLY flying in the face of all the actual evidence out there about the benefits of a higher pixel count – is bloody tedious, isn’t it?

        The 1DX dropped to 18 mp SOLELY to maximise data throughput, Eric. No other reason, and DEFINITELY not because fewer pixels = less noise.

        • Gaahha

          More MP = less noise only if you reduce the size in post. So it’s the same as starting with less MP in the first place.

          Most people THINK they need as many MP as they can get. Truth is 12MP is more than enough for 90% of photo needs. 100% for some.

          Personally I know I don’t need 36mp for anything so I’ll not buy a D800 unless it pixel bins or something like that.

          • Martin

            but consider this – with 36M pixels, when you only ‘need’ 12M, you have a free zoom lens. “Digital-zoom” ceases to be a dirty word if you are keeping all the IQ you ‘need’. I look forward to the day when all I need is a compact pancake lens, and can comfortably zoom in to my 150M pixel image post capture.

            • Dug


      • How come it has to come down to extremes you either want 12mp or 36mp. Maybe some people think that 24mp would sound like a better figure or maybe 30mp at a stretch. If Nikon can pull off extremely good ISO ability at 36mp then everyone will be happy, but a lot of people need to be convinced including myself. I am sure that technology has improved since the release of the D700 but has it improved enough the D800 to have a faster shooting speed and better ISO, this is the big question.

      • Kerry33

        Tired hearing about high mp vs good iso performance? At least
        that eric guy was talking the truth based on proven facts.

        Now, you please name me one camera In the current market that has 20+ Mp and above that can beat D3s high iso performance? Heck, even many
        in the market now couldnt beat high iso of the ‘obselete’ original D3 & D700.

        So, again i asked u, what proof to back up your claim that 20+ mp
        dslr will give iso performance the same as the iso king such as D3s?

        Its so funny that some people just use their ‘mind prediction, instead
        of looking at ‘reality’. Reality in this world is that You Cant Have Everthing in life. If not, i’m now will be smiling, shooting with a 300mp camera that can also shoot under salt water in south china sea…
        in the salt water

        • Patrik

          You want a D3s… buy a D3s!
          I would have a D3x if:
          1) it did not cost $12,000 USD (in my country)
          2) Was not so big and heavy (pano head problems, tripod weight, aching back)
          3) if had a built-in flash for off camera control (weight and size again!)
          4) there is no #4, but #1 killed it right there!

          So the Nikon gods have been listening, and have answered my prayers! And I am certain that I will not be lonely in the line-up for this baby! (Don’t look so sad D700, I will find you a nice home.)

  • Anon

    why Nikon cameras are ugly?

    • T.I.M

      Because only photographers can see the beauty of a Nikon DSLR….

    • Anonymous


      Because you are a Canon Troll… and hence you are blind. Hence, you can’t see beauty.

      • Keith

        Naaah, he’s right – Nikon pro bodies really are fugly.

        • BartyL

          They’re alright after you’ve had a few drinks.

      • Anon

        I don’t use Canon products, except for the printer and compact. : P

        Ok, Nikon cameras can produce good images – no doubt. But why doesn’t Nikon make a beautiful and practical camera? Nikon film cameras were sexy.

        Although I’m not a Canon fanboy, I think the design on Canon cameras is better .. 😉

        • B!

          Totaly disagree. Came from Canon few years ago and will never switch back. If you like Canon better you are free to switch of course. Gosh, all these people complaining, why didn’t you switch yet? Aha, got ya!

          • Anon

            Ahh, why did i forget this line – “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It seems I’m the only one who thinks it’s ugly.

            Switching is a possibility, but not because of the look, but because of other factors.

        • AH

          Nikon build quality is much higher than Canon. Try comparing 5D II plastic camera with the D700. The D700 is like a Porche and the Canon is like a Toyota Carina 🙂

    • Jaap

      I missed a fourth option: who cares?
      So my tool looks cool and yours doesn’t?
      My hammer is heavier, my saw is sharper, my nails are more shiny, … , who cares?

  • NoFunBen

    will the d900 will be 60MP or more?
    12MP to 36MP is a 3x jump
    d1 was 2.5 going to 5 on the d1x
    then to 12 on the d2x then to 25 on the d3x
    so the pro level cameras double in MP or more with each 3 years with the new camera
    so after a 36 MP d800 would come a 72 to 100MP (2x to 3x) d900

    • lolly

      It’s likely that Sony and Nikon are aiming to get a piece of the medium format market i.e. get pros to switch to fullframe 35mm format. I’d say at least 50-60 megapixels FX Dslrs will come within 5 years.

      Who said the megapixel race is over ?

  • nikon_envy

    I don’t contest that a D800 will eventually be released, I thought the purpose of the poll was is this a picture of the D800. So there is a 100% chance you can come back to this poll when the D800 is released and be correct, but make sure you compare the image.

  • IMHO I’d say yes to a new and better camera, but I would definitely say no to that 36mp sensor and the reasons are simple:

    – the files need more processing power (which means a new set of computers for me)

    – I’m likely paying for that resolution with ISO (no improvement over what I have at the moment) and camera speed (a step back).

    – I’d be using all those pixels in less than 1% of the work I do (see my flickr)… (and to use them I’ll need to get a tripod and throw away most of my lenses)

    In the end it’s more pixels I’m not using for most of my work but I’ll have to pay for in speed, ISO and processing power that I could use… exchanging something useful most of the time for something useful some time and limiting most of the time, sure does not seem logical.

    Thus, if it goes as-is, I’m keeping my D700 as the main camera and might get myself either second one or a D3s as a second night camera – the D3s is faster (both ISO and FPS) and about the same price as the expected D800 and I’m paying for those useful features with more bulk only, which is not important for a night camera.

    So let’s make this public:
    The only thing that will make me buy a new model is improvement over the new model in at least one of the following, in order of priority:

    – AF sensitivity (to match the sensor),

    – ISO sensitivity,

    – AF speed,

    – size…

    …in terms of pixels, 12 are enough for what I do, and other factors do not justify the investment.

    • shay

      Lets make this public, no one cares that 12 megapixels is enough for you.

      • I like that you spent so much time to communicate so little information!

        Now, from your words I know two things:

        1) my opinion differs from yours,

        2) you seem to think that your opinion is universal and applies to everyone (that would include both me and you)

        From #1 and #2 we can conclude that either everyone, including me, agrees with you, which is obviously not the case, or you have a hole in your logic… I’d vote for the later 😉

        Thanks for the fun and a happy comment! 😉

        • Keith

          “my opinion differs from yours”

          Yeah, but he’s not presenting his opinions as if he thinks they actually matter to Nikon, the way you’re doing…

          • Keith

            Oh – and I’ve just looked at your Flickr stream: a basic P& S would be enough for that stuff…

            • If we ignore the depth of field (see the tags/EXIF for what I use as my main lens and at what aperture, or open up a pic and see it full res 😉 ) and you want exhibition quality prints, which I do need several times a year, a traditional 8MP+ or a Favion 4.5MP+ will indeed do, I’ll agree with you here 100%, but only during the day.

              Keep shooting after dusk and you’ll need something more, though 😉

              And to be frank I have situations where ISO6400 on the D3/D700 is not enough not more often than once ore twice a year… Another step or two will cover that. but it’s not as burning an issue as the AF not being fast enough or going blind in low light.

            • Kerry33

              Oh i couldn’t believe there’s is still a guy like Keith in this
              planet that are so wildly sarcastic…what a comment on other people’s photography.

              It is people like him that gives photography community a bad name. No wonder many pros doesnt border much about involving in forums, instead concentrate making great photographs themselves..

          • A single opinion is just that, a solitary, single opinion that does not mean much, but if we do not speak up, our opinion will not even have a chance of being heard 😉

            Thus I am speaking up, both online and to NPS / Nikon reps in Russia directly 😉

          • Oh, and there is this habit that I got CS – make what you are describing as clear as possible.

            So, a comment like this should include at least three things:
            – description of needs or common use-cases
            – what we got (or in this case might get 😉 )
            – motivation, or a description of how what we got fits (or does not fit) with what we need 😉

            It’s seems odd to me that some people get annoyed by this format here. But, it is better to be useful, to whom it may concern, and slightly annoying to others, than neither (IMHO)

      • random guy


      • sirin


      • Kingyo


    • neversink


      Why does everyone think that the technology will be the same; and therefore the same constraints with big files will exist. I think that if Nikon is going to offer 36 mp, they will do it with a complete new internal system that just might make all your assumptions outdated.

      Man, technology doesn’t stand still. If it did, we would all still be in the stone age. You must think out of the box, adn I hope Nikon has brought us something new with breakthrough technology…

      • I’m not asking for things to stay as-is… I just do not like things to go overkill, there is such a thing as “enough”…

        – in the film days I’d say that NPH on 135 format had enough resolution for most situations a there is almost no justification to shoot Ektar 25 all the time… but I’m not against medium format when it is needed.

        – in computers I’m not against an i7 extreme edition, but one has to admit that if you are not a gamer or do not do photo-realistic rendering every day something in the range of a 3 year old Core 2 Duo (or an AMD equivalent) will do almost everything fast enough… (and I’m a computer guy)

        …I’m saying that in some cases “progress” moves out of the realm of what we need and goes into an overkill stage based not on needs but rather on marketing and that people wan’t to buy a new toy just because it’s new… and I’m not against this either as long as people understand this.
        and yes, there are those people who will really and objectively need such a set of features.

        • neversink

          Adam — A lot of defensive words that say nothing……

          Sorry, but we have no idea what kind of sensors will be in a new camera.
          Will there be improvements in dynamic range? Will higher “iso” settings take cleaner images? Will 14-bit color be a reality? Will we see less noise at 6400 on a newer FX than on current models? Will we be able to shoot at rapid speeds, continuously, at 36mp raw settings?

          The answers to the above questions will only be found out once a new product is delivered and in our hands? But given the breakthroughs of the DX format D7000 in many categories, I would think the answers to many of the above questions is Yes.

          Who knows if the pic is real (I don’t thinks so, but I didn’t vote either) or Nikon has something different up its sleeve.

          Yes, I am happy with my equipment now, but if I could swap to better equipment, I would.

          PS, there are so many things that are overkill. Look at all the products out now that the naysayers who are using them once shouted, “OVERKILL.” We would still be riding in horse and buggies if we listened to naysayers.

          PPS – I never chose film for the granular quality in and of itself. i chose it for the overall results that would manifest on print following a shoot. Digital imaging is a different animal than silver photography.

          • +1 on most counts 😉

            P.S. there are different types of overkill, some might say that a car vs. a buggy is an overkill, I’d say that it is not, but for me anything over 12-18MP is above what I need, I’m not against it as long as I do not have to pay for it with something that’s important to me… but there is very little chance that it will be used more than a couple of times a year. again I’m speaking of my use-cases.

            P.P.S. film choice was a very fun balance between cost and various image characteristics… on one side I’m glad that I do not have to make it anymore (most of my favorite films are discontinued anyway) on the other, I miss those times 😉

    • Eric Pepin

      Im a young studio photographer that cant afford a $30,000 Hasselblad but would like high resolution without resorting to 4×5 inch film for every photo shoot(due to costs only, film still reigns supreme no contest)

      So lets make this public, the only thing that would make me replace my D300s as my digital body are

      – much higher resolution (24mp minimum, 30 – 50 ideal)
      – razor accurate autofocus (speed inconsequential, see Hasselblad true focus)
      – %100 viewfinder
      – higher DR
      – built in flash trigger for studio flashes not SB’s(a nikon version of Pocket Wizard or Sky Port)
      – built in wifi or bluetooth tethering capability and advanced tethering software out of the box or free with purchuse of camera

      • Hey, you almost exactly described a Sony Alpha 900, except for that last WiFi/Bt bit… and it is cheaper than this thing will be in the next several years 😉

        • Patrik

          I do not understand your reply. A900 does not do any of those requirements well: resolution – marginal, autofocus only good with central point and most good lenses are old Minolta mechanicals, 100% viewfinder – yes, NO flash triggers and with limited 3rd party support (proprietary mount!), NO tethering.

          I would have to argue that the D300 does not touch a D700 though (personal experience). D700 gives better detail, especially at higher ISO, autofocus is faster and more stable (better processor), DR may be similar but noise is lower. And you get full speed at 14-bit output. The viewfinders cannot be compared either (though my old FM2 spanks the D700! Never figured out why a good finder is “so difficult to make” as I’ve heard!)

          • I might have ignored the trigger part, yes, but that is not that expensive…

            But, with the A900 you do have good resolution, good IQ (if you do not go over ISO800), and you do have great lenses, I’d vouch for the G series that I’ve used (28-80, 80/1.4, …) and most modern G/Zeiss’ are quite good as well. so you have the most important bits…

            Yes, there is not much that can match top of the line Nikon AF (not even the Canon 1 series bodies, we’ll see how EOS 1D X goes when I gat a chance to play with it), but there is still room for improvement (mainly low light sensitivity, for me).

            D700 vf improves if you put a DK-17m (I use it all the time) on it, but not my much, and again I agree with you the best VF I’ve seen on an SLR is the FM2n/FM3a, nothing can match that! 🙂

            P.S. in case anyone wonders, I’m not religious and in spite of quite an investment in the Nikon system, I will play around with worthwhile gear from other brands 😉

    • Spooky

      Thank you, my opinion exactly!

  • jodjac

    The D3s is an awesome camera. You should also grab a D3x, no video at all! But why throw video out the door? It’s very powerful and offers new avenues for expansion. I don’t do video, but I’m trying to learn it. And I’m having fun doing it. I’m going to ask Santa for a mic for Christmas. Any suggestions? Is getting good sound really that hard?

  • bernarl

    The release of the D800 might not mark the end of camera releases…

    We can totally expect the 5D MkIII to be around 32MP also and hundreds of thousands of photographers to buy this camera over its lifespan because Nikon doesn’t offer anything above 12MP in FX format.

    That is the reality of the market and Nikon was wise to take that into account when speccing the D800, especially considering the comfortable lead they have in terms of sensor technology and processing. I expect the pixels of the D800 to be at least as good as those of the D3x at any ISO in terms of DR and noise and that means that it is a camera that is totally usable for most low light photographic applications, probably superior to the D700 also when down-ressing to 12mp.

    I believe that only a small fraction (less than 5%) of photographers really need better than that, the remaining 95% rightfully focus on these occasions where D700 low light capability is more than sufficient.

    I personnally really hope that the rumors are true and that we will soon get a 36MP D800 without AA filter, or with one as weak as that of the D3x.


    • Anonymous

      “…because Nikon doesn’t offer anything above 12MP in FX format.” WHAT?????

      Nikon D3X is FX with more than 12MP.

  • Fake – Eyepoint isn’t high enough for FX, and there is no meter control switch…

    Some photoshopper didn’t do his homework…

    • Rob

      The meter selection switch is around the AE-L AF-L button, just like on the D700.

    • My F3 standard prism has a about the same height as the front of this d800.
      Also, did you look at the picture on the back, it is definitely a FF mirror box.
      Just because it sits further down in the body, does not mean it isn’t big.

      Some people don’t actually do his homework and look at the photos…

  • R R

    I have an idea for a NEW Poll:

    What do you think about the new banana design of the Red Swoosh under the shutter button?

    A- Hate it
    B- Meh.. It´s ok
    C- I dont care

    • BartyL

      I just barely care enough to say “I don’t care”.

    • Miriam

      I hate it!

    • vertigo

      I don’t care at all for the red swooshy thing. It’s not a button, and I don’t even see it during shooting. My subjects don’t see it either, as it is behind my hand.

      The “tradition” argument is irrelevant. My FE2 does not have any swoosh, and looks much better than my D300.

      People are going bananas with this issue…

  • GeofFx

    Why isn’t the new image/version of the supposed D800 getting more attention? To me, it seems like this new image is much more likely to be real.×501.jpg

    • T.I.M

      Because I found the picture and nobody ever believe me…..

    • Rob

      Are you joking? That’s a photoshop between a D3 and a D700. Notice the obvious tell: there’s a flash pop-up button and a flash mode button, BUT NO FLASH.

    • KnightPhoto

      @GeoffFX – link now broken on your new picture of a D800, can you find it in cache?

    • Hi guys, raitank here, from Japan. I noticed some of you came all over to my site to see if D800 pic on my site was real. But unfortunately I know no source. I only found it over here.

      Looking forward to hearing from Nikon tomorrow though! 🙂

  • dwd

    D9000 pro-sumer FX body.

  • Ed#E

    Seen it, this is the real deal. 36 megapixels.

  • It’s real. Thom Hogan isn’t saying a word since the “rumor” has been released, meaning that he must know something and isn’t saying.

    • GeofFx

      How on earth did you come to the conclusion that he MUST know something because he hasn’t said anything?

      • BartyL

        Only the true messiah would deny that he is the messiah…

    • Rob

      Do you even read his site?

      “The last month has been a whirlwind of unexpected problems and issues popping up, including our freak snow storm and resulting multi-day power outage. As a result, I’m behind where I thought I was going to be and won’t catch up for awhile. Thus, this site and my email responses will suffer a bit until sometime around Thanksgiving as I deal with a bunch of things I wasn’t expecting to. “

    • Patrik

      Had exactly the same thoughts. He is suspiciously quiet on this one! Instead he talks about the Nikon 1… Trying to divert attention!

  • Claude

    The poll is 50 / 50 because people can’t decide whether they like the specs or not. 36 megapixels is in my opinion the main bugbear – far too much. Time will tell.

  • Tom

    It was said that the screen size on the D800 will be bigger. When looking at the pictures there doesn’t seem to be a difference between the D700 and the D800 screen sizes.

    • Dick

      You’ll notice that on the D700 the Nikon logo is written on the screen glass, on the D800 it is written on the edge outside the screen glass. Maybe they removed some amount of the space wasting black borders?

  • One More Thought

    Relax, people, Nikon has something great in store for you…this will be an amazing camera…if you don’t want one, fine…then the rest of us can get ours sooner…

    I’ve never known this site to be wrong when it comes to posting images of a new camera and declaring it to be 99% certain. We don’t know NR admin’s sources or what he knows…so when he tells us this is true it usually is.

    This isn’t the idle rumor speculation.

  • happysnapper63

    They are going to replace the focus area mode switch with the naff design from the D7000 ? Which is difficult to use when supporting a long lens and requires dial twiddling……….Wow.

  • Lorne

    So why did they redact the Nikon branding on the mirror box? Is it because Mitsubishi is consolidating it’s products and it will be a Mitsubishi D800 😛

  • Mamu Line Clear

    Ok everybody, what’s the big fuss, my vote is fffffffaaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeee.

  • Lorne

    All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

    • Hom Thogan

      Orgies 🙂

  • bp

    the shutter release button is somewhat looks like D700 button, it’s a coposite image!!!!1 FAKE!!!!!

  • I love all the people going – “The shutter button is definitely wrong, so therefore it must be a fake.”

    How do you know what the shutter button on the D800 will look like? How do you know what any of it will look like? And why would you find it odd that parts of it look like other Nikon cameras? I could put up a picture of a D700 and say pretty much the same things. And the red swoosh has changed shape over the years – it’s different on my D70 compared to my D300. Does that mean my D300 is a fake too?

    I think it’s real. Or at least, I think admin has a damn good reason to think it’s real.

    Either way, as long as the high ISO shots are as good as the D700, I’ll be buying.

  • J

    Those shots are obviously real.

    The “design flaws” everyone talks about are infact proof of exactly that.

  • suprchunk

    That’s not a 50/50 split when you give three options.

  • John Richardson

    I have yet to see the new camera strap, the ultimate deal breaker…

    • BartyL

      I heard they subtly changed the yellow in the logo. You’ll never take a decent shot with a strap like that.

      • John Richardson

        OMG a yellow change!? Without the official Nikon Yellow we are sunk!!

  • BDF

    I voted fake because I feel the D800 photo posted on NR shows a camera with a pentaprism that looks too small for an FX format camera. Yeah, I know, I just told the fakers how to do a better job…

  • Luis

    It´s Obvious Fake because NIKON will not create any new fx camera in the next 5 years he he AH AH UH UH.

    Canon Rules

  • Ojojo

    So that’s a definite possible maybe then. Oh well, this is a rumors site…..

  • Bogdan

    Looks really chinese cheap, ugly and misses some features… I voted fake, as I certainly hope so 🙂

  • I think that the body doesn’t look like a professional. For my is some curves. I think that it’s fake but we’ll see next week 🙂

  • TJ Fowler

    Sooo…I just ordered a new D700 for $2700…should I just return the thing and wait to what? I have a 14 day return policy and haven’t opened it yet….what do you guys think?

    • T.I.M

      @TJ Fowler
      Keep it, right now there is NO PRO CAMERAS/LENSES in stock, if you wait Nikon goes banckupcy you may regret not having keept that D700.

      And if Nikon DOES go banckrupcy then your D700 will worth $$$$$$$
      (make sure you keep the box and manual in a safe place)

      • TJ Fowler

        Nikon going bankrupt and no gear in stock?

        Ummm…are you being serious about keeping the camera or just being silly. I’m wanting to go to the next level in my photography and stuff but don’t want to have spent so much money when maybe I can get something better or the the d700 cheaper.

        What do you mean no pro lenses or gear are in stock?

        • T.I.M

          Anyway even if the D800 show up now it won’t be available for the next 6 months, and you’ll pay at least $3500
          Keep you D700, I had one, it’s the best Nikon camera you can get now (if you can find one).
          Yes, most Nikon pro lenses are out-of-stock, not because Nikon sell to many of them, but because Nikon can’t produce them.

          • TJ Fowler

            Thanks Yim. Very valid points…I wished Nikon would make a move!!! It would be nice to know something. Haha!

    • Patrik

      D700 is curently the best afordable Nikon. Leaves the D300 in the dust, though some will argue. I had both and it was clear as day. D7000 is interesting, and a lot cheaper. But for the D800, how long the wait will be is totaly unknown. Probably will take 5-6 months to get your hands on one once it is official. That means 8-9 months from now. Add 3-4 months for the prices to stabilise and we’re talking more than a year in practical terms. That’s a long time to wait…

  • poizen22

    i was speaking with my local nikon rep and he told me the photo is fake. he keeps up with this site and has said they have been quite accurate at times but this d800 is fake according to him.

    • TJ Fowler

      I hope so just for peace of mind for my recent purchase..haha see my above comments.

    • it is real. official version will be very little different but the photo from above is D800 prototype or better said “test mule”.
      there is 33 of them on the world available. first two had even only D3x sensor.
      D700 will get little price drop about 200$, D700s will fill the under 3000$ gap and this one will sit under 4k to stop pros buying high res cheap cameras for studio/landscape work.
      D4 will not have such resolution because nobody buys D3xs and it have no room to grow. D4 will offer a LOT to convince pros buy it over D800.
      Megapixel war is over, now you compete on tech.

      • Hi Akon,

        Can you confirm any of the specs of the D800? Will it be 36mp? Will it feature a pixel binning mode? sRAW type RAW mode (lower resolution NEF modes)? Hybrid view-finder? 100% view-finder?

        RE D4: Can you confirm any specs on the D4? Announce date? Estimated price?

        Many thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • poizen22

    also nikons not going bankrupt they just had a rough year

    • TJ Fowler

      Well in your opinion should I hold on to the d700 I just ordered or send it back and wait?

      • Magnus

        The D700 is a great camera.
        … but the next generation will obviously be even better.
        Very few people know the release date of the next gen (and no one will tell you even if they knew).

        If having the latest and best is more important than have anything right now – send it back (but keep in mind that you then might have to wait 4-6 months before you have the next gen camera in your hands).

        • TJ Fowler

          Thanks Magnus that’s the key. I don’t want to have to wait forever..and I don’t have to have the new shiny toy on the market. It’s more of an issue of the d700 dropping in price. I don’t think I could afford the d800 if the price rumor is true. I just didn’t want to get burned is all. Thank you again for your insight.

  • pabs

    All that has to be done here is mention the D800 in any context and watch hundreds of posts that follow but say nothing. So what if the picture is real or fake. Is there anything new here? Any realistic release date? Any further info on it’s spec’s?

  • Kristian Christianse

    I can’t wait till the official announcement tomorrow. I’m really hoping the option for the high ISO lower resolution rumor is true.

    • broxibear

      Hi Kristian Christianse,
      I’ve seen the 24th November being mentioned on a few sites as a launch date in Japan, anyone any idea what the source of this date is ?

    • I’m wondering this myself. I’ve heard the November 24th date pop up in a few places, but I don’t see them making this announcement in the US on thanksgiving and without significant press events scheduled. Not saying it can’t/won’t happen. Obviously Thanksgiving is mainly a US holiday, so it probably wouldn’t effect a global announcement.

      • broxibear

        Hi Cary,
        If those “rumours” about rep/supplier meetings in the first week of December are right I think Wed 7th of December could be the date…if not I really can’t see anything until Jan.
        Can’t find anything about the 24th November, might have been a pre flood date ?

        • T.I.M

          December 7th was Japanese Pearl Harbor attack, maybe this time they will attack us with the hundreds of D800 !

  • The invisible man
    • BartyL

      OK, well you made me look so I give you a handclap for that.

  • Nothing yet??

  • I predict, based on some inside info, that the D700 follow-up will be arriving shortly. Get those checkbooks ready.

    • Akon

      unless something bad happens, announcement will be this year and availability… well, if half of the posters would really buy it and it would be approximated to users not reading NR… probably never 😀

      good news: 24-70, 14-24,70-200II does resolve 36Mpix fine. So does all micro lenses (there will be some demo shots with them). 85G, 35G and 24G as well.

  • Felin Orb

    Why would they release the D800 before the D4? That’s not “the Nikon Plan”.

    • T.I.M

      @Felin Orb
      The D800 is release before the D4 because Nikon needed the D800’s excellent 36mp quality to take pictures of the D4.

  • The invisible man

    ******* BREAKING NEWS *********

    We will get 2 new Nikon DSLR D800 & D900 ! (yes, 2)

    In fact, the specifications we had about the D800 is for the D900 (but no flash)
    From Chasseur d’Images : “le sigle D900 aurait semblé aussi logique.”
    36MP sensor, full HD at 60fps and 720p at 120fps, 1CF+1SD cards slots.
    The D900 will retail for $3995 in USA

    The other camera (D800) have a 18MP, flash, full HD at 30fps, 2 SD cards slots.
    Retail price at $2995 in USA (probably $2495 in few months)

    Finally some good news !

    D4 will come in Febuary

    • TJ Fowler

      Where is this from?

      • T.I.M

        @TJ Fowler
        This is from Thailand, still trying to translate.
        -D800 may be be actualy named D700s
        -D900 will have 100% viewfinder (no flash), USB 3
        Both should be release at the same time, very soon (before 12/10)

        • TJ Fowler

          Soooo…maybe I do need to ship mine back depending on how much they cost and the specs…I’ll wait a bit linger…

          • T.I.M

            @TJ Fowler
            They won’t be available before months….
            Keep your D700 as a 2nd camera (never do a weeding or other important event without extra camera and flash)

            • TJ Fowler

              Oh well from your post it sounded like they would release in the beginning of December. Also I can’t afford 2 cameras of this caliber right now is the only issue. If the d800 or d700s or whatever is around the $2700-$3000 I can swing that..but not two times.

            • TJ,

              There is a difference between a camera being announced and being released. The camera could be announced tomorrow (hypothetically), but might not be available until Dec 31st (again, hypothetically). Once released, it would be sold-out for months and very hard to get a hold of for non NPS pros.

    • Hi T.I.M.,

      Can you post the source URL? I would like to have a look myself. This is interesting and actually would make a lot of sense. I’ve actually thought about this scenario a lot lately.

      A few supposed “in the know” posters have used the term D700s several times here lately.

      • T.I.M

        This does not come directly from a Nikon factory employe but form a compagny that works for Nikon, there is many compagnies who work for Nikon, (manuals, boxes, websites, softwares…)

    • JLM

      This sounds interesting, where does this source of info come from.

  • i believe it’s a fake. take a closer look at the lower section of the back site (where the battery grip is). you will notice that the AF-On -button is out of focus, it is hardly readable. but it is in the same focal distance as the other upper buttons on the body. therefore i think somebody made it blurry in order to hide some blemishes in the photomontage.

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