Nikon D800 vs. D700 body and grip comparison plus a poll

Just a quick comparison of the Nikon D700 and the D800 pictures from yesterday. I had to publish another post to continue the discussion (yesterday's thread got almost 1k comments).

Many readers are asking me if the picture is real. To the best of my knowledge, it is. Previous polls have always been very accurate when a questionable picture is posted online, let's see what will the results be this time (direct link to poll):

How about the external battery grip? The back view of the D800 grip doesn't look like the current MB-D10 or MB-D11 models:

Front view

Nikon D800 grip

Nikon MB-D10 grip

Nikon MB-D11 grip

Back view

Nikon D800 grip

Nikon MB-D10 grip

Nikon MB-D11 grip

For more side by side comparisons check Ron's blog, Lumenatic and those files: -1- | -2- | -3-.

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  • Vertigo

    Funny how the poll results are drifting since yesterday.
    Hurry up pre-ordering one, because tomorrow it will definitely be fake !

    • Michael

      Why on earth would anyone create a photoshop-work in this detail?
      That doesn´t make sense to me.
      Look at the new dials knobs and switches – the surface… too perfect for just a PS.
      The blurry grip was maybe blurred intenionally because the grip might not be the final design?

      The only thing that I can imagine: It might be a prototype -but: Would Nikon invest this much detail-work in a prototype?
      Photos are 100% legit and therefore 37% voters are blind/on the wrong trip.


      • EiTaro

        Totaly agree

      • a4

        …in this case the designers should get fired. The camera design is anything but clean, seems quite shoddy to me…

      • Ben

        If it’s legit, why blank out Nikon & D800 designation?

        • Michael

          The guy that passed the leaked photos might get severe problems if Nikon implemented some kind of “uniquifier” badges so “the leaker” can be identified and be held responsible.

          I think that´s why “the leaker” doesn´t want the admin to publish his photos shot with the D800… (hidden watermarks?).

          I would personally do the same – if I signed a ND-agreement with Nikon…


    • Cam

      I’m so glad cannon droped their new pro line which forces Nikon to come out with a 80,000 ISO monster and I will never have to buy another camera and flash for the rest of my life!!!

      Thanks NIKON

      And thanks Cannon for being silly enough to strike first!!!

      Now Nikon can counter with something twice as good and take their time at it too!!!

      Yea I love impatient people!!!

      • Bernie

        Hi Cam, I love people who don’t have a clue !
        Do you think Nikon has some time to modify their product line for 2012? They can change the marketing around it but not the product. They might be able to change the 2014 products but not before ! Designing and testing a product like a D800 takes a lot of time !

  • Admin,
    So why don’t you just share your thoughts on them ?…
    How do they compare what we’re used to get from a D700 at the same ISO ?
    Any words on the diffraction limit / high resolution ratio of the D800 sensor ?
    We want to know…

    • [quote=”[NR] admin”]

      I did not promise anything, I have them and I cannot post them.[/quote]

  • just FYI: in the past few days I have a very low tolerance for trolls and I deleted a lot of comments, please stay on the discussed topic or your comment will be deleted

  • kyoshinikon

    I noticed that there is no “movie” switch as is on the D7000 so I an wondering if this is just a prototype or a final camera body. It looks legit and I can see a design trend (the a700 had looked a little more like this too)

    • Amien

      The movie switch is on top left, near the mode & shutter release button bro!

  • Dweeb

    Just happens to “leak” a week before Black Friday. Don’t you go switching to Canon now.

    • nobody

      Which Canon camera would that be???

      • Dweeb


        • OsoSolitario

          At least we can see D800 pictures… Can you show us any from that Canon 5D MkIII (that you want to shop at once?????)

  • shivaswrath

    what’s even more odd about the picture..there’s no FX logo on the camera…
    and what’s with the “extra” third button behind the shooting button, top left corner? (camera shooting top right)…we usually have a +/- for EXP and a Metering button, what could the third one be?

    that’s NR admin for posting….fingers crossed!

    • OsoSolitario

      Are you blind? Can’t you see there’s some hidden areas with “censored” black patchs on the camera? One of them is “FX” logo.
      And finally… these pictures aren’t studio ones. For those who want to see the D800 like a star. It’s no time yet… just spy shots at any desktop at Nikon headquarters or anywhere in the world in order to create certain mystery atmosphere before the official launch!

  • clearly a fake, look how poor the Photoshop outline mask was done (right angles, bu then soft focus on top). Real Nikon product artwork would be immaculate.

    • daniel charms

      These are clearly not official product photos (if they were, they’d also be properly in focus), just pictures taken by someone with access to a pre-production camera with the background removed to make it more difficult to identify the source of the photos.

      Hell, I’m willing to bet [NR] admin has had these images for a while now (that’s why he’s been so confident about the specs); he’s only posting them now because since it’s getting close to launch, increasingly more people have this information, so he can publish it without risking to uncover his source.

  • Screwdriver
    • Jesus_sti

      And it prove nothing …. last paragraph … work in tiff you don’t have to deal with jpg compression …

  • Joaquim Prado

    I bet it’s real but not sure and would not be surprised if is a fake image. Is there any information regarding price?

    • TaoTeJared

      $4,000 usd is what has been reported on here before.

  • AC
  • Tim

    I believe it is a photshop job! It is in fact the D800 but the external battery pack isnt designed for the D800 and it a different picture. If you look at the angle wich the photo was made you’ll notice that the light does not correctly bounce of the body and the battery pack.

  • Anand

    Admin, sorry to say but this looks like a fake job. Not sure where you got your info this time, but I think they got you.

    1. The red bit under shutter is not the design that Nikon is currently using on any of their new cameras…check D300s, D7000, D3s, D3100. D5100 is the closet..but then it is also very different.

    To be honest, this looks like a non-pro designer’s job on the red bit.

    2. The grip on the main body has texture that is not Nikon style. It just appears to be wrong to me.

    3. The dial texture and appearance is also wrong it seems to me.

    • Ian

      IMO this is most probably a prototype. The finish and look may not be final, but it should give us an idea of the final product.

  • Kevin Osmond

    I hope this is real…

    BTW the D700 pic on the right is so overly photoshop, and when it was sooc it probly look similar and lack luster like the D800 pic, except.. in focus. 😛

    I hope this come out soon, i need to dump my money in my new 36mp camera 🙂
    That or a 105 micro….

  • I vote “I don’t care”.
    While it’s great fun to speculate, and to chew the fat over what might or might not be, I’m just going to wait until it’s on the shelves and a good few reliable pros have had a chance to assess its capabilities (and drawbacks).
    The specs as given don’t tempt me much, but if the IQ and the handling are at least as good as my D700 I could be persuaded to upgrade…though I could just as easily blow the cash on some glass.
    I’ll know when I get my hands on one, and I doubt I’ll outclass my current camera in the meantime.

    In the meantime, given some of the scorn that’s been levelled at NR, I’d just like to pass on a note of support and thanks for time and effort spent keeping an eye on what’s brewing out there in Nikonworld.

  • Al dudorino

    could this camera be a new DX camera and not FF?
    The assumption is because of the rec. button instead of the focus area button.
    it is not likely that nikon will get rid of a function like this in a pro level camera.

  • pepito

    I voted fake just because of the red grip mark, notice that even in the last Nikon cameras it has that sleek red grip under the trigger buttom whereas here is really not proportioned, I don’t think the Nikon design team would have accepted that 😉 remember the fake nikon battery grip sold on ebay? well if they can copy something to that accuracy they might do the same with a camera.

    Also is it just me or the body has a slight tendency to look lile a canon body?

    • Kingyo

      +1 ..was thinking the same about the body being similar to Canon with the more rounded-sloped shutter button area & logo area.
      I still agree that this is a real non-pro photo of maybe a prototype of the d800 though..can’t wait for the official announcement 🙂

    • Pat Mann

      The slope on the upper LCD is Canon. Nikons are flat here.

      • OsoSolitario

        A car made in 2011 have the same design as 2000 one? NO
        Cameras also may evolve my friend!

        • Allen

          Pro DSLRs are not cars. Pro photogs (especially Nikon users) do not want major changes to successful ergonomics unless for very, very good reasons – like adding video controls.

          Consumers yes, pros no. And the D800 is strictly a pro camera.


        • Allen

          Pro DSLRs are not cars. Pro photogs (especially Nikon users) do not want major changes to successful ergonomics unless for very, very good reasons (like adding video controls).

          Consumers yes, pros no. And the D800 is clearly a pro camera.


  • bk

    I hope that dedicated bracket button is for real. However, the missing AF mode switch on the back is a frown.

  • TessellatedMind

    Alright here’s my 2 cents about this, and I hope Admin will be kind enough and not delete my post.

    Front view:
    – from a perspective standpoint the front dial doesn’t look right. It seems like the rest of the body was shot from a higher standpoint, while the dial looks as it’s been shot straight from the front
    – yes shape of the red detail below the front dial has changed, but that also happened with the D5100
    – there are differences in body color & texture between the center body part ( where the lens mount is located) and the rest of the body
    – The microphone holes look & placement seems really odd. They look like simple dark spots with no fine finishing (look at the mic holes from other Nikon bodies). The holes also have a perspective problem and don’t look natural if you take in account that the body is curved in that section – they’re kinda straight

    Back view:
    – What first strikes me is that the AF area mode selector has been replaced with a live view mode selector !? Why would I need a switch for that? All I need is a simple live view on/off button, and if I wanna record something while in live view, I’ll just simply use the new REC button directly. I’m not willing to believe that Nikon did that until I see it launched.

    Conclusion: I don’t believe that these are real pictures of the D800. In the best case it would be some kind of concept/prototype. My best bet is that these images are photoshopped with the idea to show us a glimpse of how the real product would look like.

    • 2 fake spots

      Touché, you spotted the same thing regarding the scroll wheel (front dial) and posted your post while I was still typing mine.

      • Patrik

        It is photographed straight on, that’s because Nikon has tilted the wheel for better manipulation. D700 wheel motion is a little unnatural for the index finger, this will be more natural. Just hope it does not get turned by accident!
        I also struggled a bit with the relatively shallow depth of field of the photographs, but when analysed I could not find an inconsistency. This photo was clearly not taken with a mobile phone! (Could it have been taken with another D800? Inquiry minds want to know!) How can you take such a nice photo without being conspicuous?
        A dedicated BKT button! Let’s pray to the Nikon gods that we can adjust the step to 2-3 stops! A simple thing I know, but it hasn’t ever been done!

    • Why should I delete your post? You just shared your view. I only delete posts that are offensive or not related to the discussed topic.

  • 2 fake spots

    It looks fake.

    1) The scroll wheel underneath the shutter button seems like seen from an angle straight in front of it, while the rest of the camera appears of course as have been photographed from an above angle.
    Also, as someone else said, that red bit underneath the scroll wheel, it’s ridiculous.

    2) Note the flash button on the right side next to the accessory external connectors, it is on the area which has a darker black shade, now.. follow the border between the darker and lighter shade area and around the height where those 3 microphone holes are, there are some strange irregularities between the darker and lighter black area broder, looks indeed shopped.

  • Would love to know if this will be produced in Japan or another country.

  • lah

    fantasy become reallity. . .

  • Anon

    The grip is ugly.

  • souvik


    Real/Fake polls are running about even right now, any reason why?

    • No idea, never seen this before. Could it be that Nikon sent a company wide email for everyone to vote for fake?

      • Rob

        Occam’s razor says no: people just think it’s fake.

      • Vertigo

        Reading the comments is enough for people initially thinking it’s real to change their mind. Voting should only be allowed for people that have not read the comments. Sceptisism is contagious, interesting dynamics.

        Maybe also people that want it to be fake vote multiple times.

        • onebranch

          Easy. Because IT IS FAKE. How hard is it to understand?

          • rkas

            Theres nothing fake about those two images. People are just overanalyzing in some wierd way. Im 99% positive that its real.

  • myD800

    D700 and D3s are not available at Amazon or BH, is this the sign that Nikon is shifting toward new D800/D4 production? I hope yes since I have been waiting for the new D800 for 2 years. I voted the photo to be real (Know nothing about PS since still shoot film but don’t believe the updated switch and dial in D800 photo are of seasoned industrial designs and are not easily fakable). I like to see D800 has similar ISO performance as D700 or even better. (I was hoping the new D800 has D3s sensor and I will be all happy).

  • PatrickM

    Nikon, you’re beginning to really really really get on my nerves.

  • ritomo
  • Mock Kenwell

    This is not the successor to the D700. It’s an answer to the 1D. When is Nikon going to answer the 5D Mk II?

    • Allen

      Nikon and Canon usually do not exactly address the same price point & features. IMO a board at Japan Inc. decides who goes after what segment.

  • Looks like the internal flash is gone… isn’t it ?!?

  • Hansen

    The mode button is not positioned correctly…

  • Doctor_EVIL
    • onebranch

      hehehe! Great find. 🙂
      As Ricky Perry said….OOOOPPPPSSS!!!

    • Patrik

      Not inconsistent, look at the other side of the flash. Front body plate starts there. Lack of DOF makes it hard to see…

    • EiTaro

      Doctor Evil

      If I take a photo of you and alter some pixels on it does this make you fake?

      The devil is in the details as you probably know…

  • Jimmy

    It, again, will feature an amazing pop-up flash… makes arguments not to buy invalid.

  • dotson

    I think… I think, maybe I think the picture is real but the specs is not–at least I hope not 🙂

    • dotdad

      I agree. I doubt the 36mp spec is right. well at least for a d700 upgrade. maybe it’s a d3x upgrade spec but confused with a d700 body upgrade

  • Pat Mann

    The shutter mode lock release button is an obvious PhotoShop warp

  • frazni

    fake image! wrong prospective!

    • Markus

      I don’t say that the images are real or not. I do say, hat the way you declare these images are fake, is wrong.

      The so called D800 shutter button area is more curved/slides down than that of the D700. So you can’t compare the wheel position, the wheel will be in the same way positioned.

  • Fake or not, I really like the new lines; perhaps because they are “Canon-esque”. I do slightly prefer Canon ergonomics. I’m no fanboy, I’d have a Nikon kit and a Canon kit if money weren’t an issue 🙂

    As far as the 36MP goes, well, I can deduce this much: that camera requires an honest and brutal evaluation of my current kit. I hope my recently acquired Nikkor 24-70mm will capture as sharp of images as it does on my D700. Chances are it will be just fine.

    My 80-200mm ED, I fear, will not fair so well. It’s already borderline for me at 200mm @ 2.8 (a known weakness for this lens). I rarely use it at this range because of this, staying within the 105-135mm range. Within there it’s terrific. I may sell it regardless.

    I’m curious as to how my 50mm 1.4D will fair as well wide open. Will I need to get the G? While the G is ‘technically’ better at 1.4, will it resolve enough for the 36MP? The G is good, but not a pro nikkor. Nikon needs to release an equivelent to Canon’s 50mm 1.2L. Nikon upgraded the 35mm and 85mm, hopefully there’s a pro 50mm secretly in the works.

    Investing in this body demands I upgrade key pieces in my kit. So even though I can foot the $4k, I need to at use that to invest in a 70-200mm VRII and an 85mm 1.4G instead. I’ll earn back the cash with that kit, then eventually upgrade the D700.

    To make a long ramble short, when you consider the current glass you have, this camera may be way more costly than the mere price of the body.

    • I’m very curious about lenses as well. I have been slowly moving to an FX lens lineup in preparation for an upgrade. The D800 is the camera I have been waiting for, and I just want it to get announced so we all know the spec and release date. I recently purchased the 14-24 and 24-70 lenses, I’m not too worried about those but the rest I’m really not sure about. I have the 50mm f/1.8G, 80-200, and 105mm Micro. Of those, I think the 105 has the best optics but I have a feeling I’ll need to do something about the other two. I can likely live with them as I’ll be having too much fun with the new cam anyway.

      • These lenses resolve just fine on the D7000, which will have the same pixel pitch as a 36MP FX sensor. You’ll be just fine. I have these lenses and they are just as sharp on my D7Ks as they are on the D700 and D3s. You need not worry.

        • Good to know, thanks for the feedback.

        • AnotherMike

          Cary, so what you are saying then is that the 36MP pixel pitch resolves like 12MP pixel pitch – nice & meaningless:) In practice I think you’ll find that none of the Nikon lenses are up to 36MP FF. But not to worry because I am sure that none of us are held back by sensor resolution these days. But if you feel you need to max the sensor output you are going to have to get some Zeiss glass for your D800 and shoot manual on a tripod at wider than f5.6 to avoid diffraction. Personally I would much rather have had 24MP with D3s pixel quality than more pixels… Maybe I’ll get that with D5 in a few years.

          • @AnotherMike –

            No. Maybe you’re not understanding the concept of which this works.:) The D7000 is an APS-C sensor, the D800 is a full-frame sensor(almost twice the surface area of the D7000). The 16mp D7000 has a pixel pitch that will be roughly equivalent to the D800 @ 36mp. Therefore, if Nikon’s lenses resolve perfectly fine on the D7K, they will perform perfectly fine on the D800. It’s the pixel pitch that matters, not the amount of pixels.

            With that said, are Nikon’s lenses able to resolve 36mp on a full-frame FX sensor? Yes.

            Are Nikon’s lenses able to resolve 36mp on a APS-C DX sensor? Probably not.

  • R R

    one last thing.. Cmon Nikon how about a normal red swoosh instead of the banana shaped one?

    pretty please?

    (yeah yeah.. I suck at Photoshop but you guys get the point 😉

    • Anon


  • Richard


    If this is real, how old is it? If it is recent and the image is of a rough prototype just how far away from being ready to produce the retail product would Nikon be?

    If it was close to production wouldn’t you expect leaks from suppliers?

    Though you would not want to disclose the location where the photograph was taken for the protection of your source, do you have indications of where the camera is to be produced which are credible? It just seems that there should be clues that things have moved beyond working prototypes if release was near.


    • Maybe like Canon, they will announce soon but the camera is not ready to be shipped yet. I’m sure they have working prototypes, possibly even getting the manufacturing rolling but it could be a few months before they hit the shelves.

  • GuustFlater

    It’s D400 😉

  • Hans

    It is clear that this is a fake or a prototype, because Nikon would not be so stupid to leave out a an important feature and give an advanced camera a static screen??????.

  • Pro Photographer

    It is nice to have some images of a prototype. It doesn’t matter wich part is photoshoped or a physical model.
    Honestly the images say nothing. Nikon is working on a new model – Of course they do, that is their job.
    Still no information when this model will be sold. Could be in one month or 10 month.
    I hope the price will be realistic. A Canon 5D Mark II costs 1700€. If they put the price as twice for a 5D that would be unfair for loyal Nikon users.
    They should have add more then 30 fps for Full HD video. That would be a reason for potential users to decide for Nikon.
    I am sure that the 5DMIII will offer at least 50 fps @ Full HD.

    • Richard

      I don’t think this is Nikon’s response to the 5D MK II/III. Apart from the price not being anywhere near the price point of the 5D MK II, the feature set seems to be sufficiently different that it “just doesn’t seem right.” If this is Nikon’s answer to the 5D MK II/III and the price is as rumored I don’t see this as being successful. As it is, there are a pretty fair number of Nikon photographers who use something other than a Nikon product for video. Whatever this rumored camera may be, I think it would behoove Nikon to break from their past history of silence and let people have a better idea of what is going on. Let’s hope they don’t have some Olympus type skeletons in the closet.

  • Looks like its getting closer. These pics look pretty convincing!

  • Man

    I dont believe that nikon wouldn’t make AF points choosing joystick.

  • luc
  • If the D800 will perform as good as the D700, in the “dark” for sure I’ll buy one, the D7000 is not far behind, i’ve not often needed the feature of 5-7 frames per sec.
    For me ( i like shooting candid portraits) the D800 would be a perfect upgrade, and yes the average wedding photographer don’t need a better sensor than the D700/D3 one, this is ocourse if you know how to handle your camera….
    And a SB900 (or upcomming SB910) will take you way longer than a expensive f/2.8 objective.
    I own both, and i can take pictures that was impossible back in the film days.
    Geeks shut up, and LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR EQUIPMENT , otherwise shut up.

  • Bill Bezzant

    I don’t see the larger LCD screen. I vote “fake”. But I will vote with my wallet when the real thing is offered.

  • Leif

    Fake. Why is the batterypack so blurry? while the camera is not? Doens make sense ulness some one just put it togheter form different pictures.

  • I’m waiting for the d800 until I heard the first news but I didn’t except to a price so high :/ They’re crazy, this camera for the entry in FF it’s too expensive. and if this camera haven’t something special (coz 36mp maybe it’s good but not a revolution) why not buying a big camera pro like d3… I’m still hope something good about the price but I think i’ll be deceived.

  • Obadiah Lee

    The eyebrow raiser as to the “fakeness” of this photo is the red accent on the grip, the color and protrusion of the typically triangular ascent. Granted the new 5100 shares the similar shape, the color isn’t right, it’s too bright and not your deep red ascent, of course photo rendering could of had it’s course on this photo so color isn’t that big of a deal. But the way it sits isn’t right, it’s too raised and looks cheap.

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