Nikon 1 gets new lens firmware updates and a discount

Today Nikon released  new firmware updates for three of the Nikon 1 zoom lenses. The fixes include:

  • An issue that sometimes caused the aperture value recorded in image data to differ from the actual aperture value at which the image was shot has been resolved.
  • An issue that in some rare cases caused images to be blurred when shot immediately after the camera was shaken or moved quickly has been resolved.

Here are the direct download links:

Up to $250 off Nikon 1 kits

As I already mentioned last week, Nikon 1 prices will be reduced for Black Friday and B&H already has the new savings on their website - up to $150 off the camera kits (they include also a $50 rebate for the V1 model) plus an additional $100 if you buy the 10mm f/2.8 lens together with a kit (check the "Buy Together & Save" link):

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  • Ben Hipple

    lenses now have firmware you can update. i guess i should not be surprised. i wonder if the f-mount will get this any time soon?

    • Ath

      Olympus first did that with the 4/3 system. The difference between systems like 4/3, m4/3 and the 1 from Nikon compare to older systems like the F0mount is that they are completely design with digital in mind. DX lenses just added to the exciting mount and technologies, just using a smaller factor.
      I don’t think we will see a such thing soon nor there is a need for it so far. Maybe some 3rd-party lens manufactures will benefit from a such thing, as Nikon can simply upgrade the firmwares of the camera if they want to “fix” something, while a 3rd party can’t.

  • Paul

    I hoped the V1 would go down by more than just $50.

    • Moth Flopwell

      After this Christmas season…Nikon will see that NO ONE is buying their over priced 10mp what nots….March…there will be a big announcement of the new V1 part 2….same cameras with a new low price of 400 dollars. What a rip off Nikon…You guys should be ashamed of yourself’s….shameful.

      • Andrew

        Nikon’s sales has been increasing, what planet are you living on. Nikon does not release new products in less than 1 year. All of their products hold their values pretty well. Nikon is the #1 camera brand in the world!

        • Moth Flopwell

          The No.1 seller on Amazon as a point and shoot is Nikon other Nikon camera crack’s that list buddy. Not even V1…

          No V1 on their other list of top 20. Where you getting your facts?

          Back up…show us where Nikon V1 is selling?

          • Jabs

            Maybe you looked in the wrong area, as the Nikon 1 System is listed as – Compact System Cameras & Lenses – at Amazon.

            Look here instead:


            Nikon 1 has eight of the top sellers in THAT Top 20 list as I post.

            The list changes hourly or there about, so perhaps you get up to speed.

            The Nikon 1 System is not a P&S camera.

            • suprchunk

              First Nikon product in the list you posted is at number 9. Only six on the list, and most are the same thing, different color. Hardly a list worth trying to make someone else look bad. Let them make themselves look bad on their own. Just like you did.

            • Jabs

              Another person who fails to read or comprehend much.

              1. The list changes almost hourly as I stated.
              2. Anything on this TOP 20 list means that it is selling well.
              3. The Nikon 1 is a System of two cameras and several lenses in different colors.
              4. Different colors means an accumulated score and thus even BETTER news.

              Comprehension fail on your part, maybe!

            • spider

              Although i’m not a big fan of 1 system, but it seems that it sells well in the market. Jabs is right, if quantity of different colors are combined, it could rank even higher..

            • Andrew

              Guess what, in terms of sales, 43% of the Top 20 Camera equipment are Nikon 1, more than any other manufacturer.

              The data changes regularly, but of the top 20 products at the time of my viewing, 14 are cameras and 6 are lenses and such. Of the 14 cameras, 6 are Nikon 1. The data is generally showing that the Nikon 1 is a hot seller. This is not scientific, but it is encouraging!

            • Jabs

              Here is an even better indicator of the Nikon 1 System sales.


              12 out of the top 20 as I post. Remember that these lists change often though.

    • T.I.M

      What ? That thing cost more than $50 ???

    • coco

      i hope nikon stop making the v1

  • DIX

    Where can we see sample videos and pictures from the 1’s?

    • Been there guy

      You will find them in China where the rest of Wal-Mart stuff stored at.

      • Chimphappyhour

        Don’t worry, if you keep practicing and saving, one day you’ll be able to afford and buy and use Chinese stored Wal-mart stuff.

        Seriously though, your ignorance is shining brightly like a true uneducated redneck. Quality products are not a function of where they are made but who cares enough to send quality assurance people to back-up their company reputation literally on the line. Nikon seems to be doing this quite well.

  • Been there guy

    Not enough discount. A true black friday discount would be 50% off across the board.

    • Andrew

      Then buy a Coolpix – you still can take decent pictures, though the sensor size will be smaller.

      The Nikon 1 has a sensor that is about 5 times what you will get from a $300 camera, or 2.5 times that of a $450 enthusiast camera. So at $597, the Nikon 1 is a very good buy!

      • Rob Ueberfeldt

        Good use of stats.

      • iamlucky13

        The problem, that frustrates many of us who could have been interested in this camera, is that the Nikon 1 system costs quite more than the micro 4/3 competitors.

        You can get an Olympus E-PL1 or a Panasonic GF2 for less than $400. $650 for the J1 and $850 for the V1 is unimpressive in comparison, especially since, just to use the example of the GF2, it’s only a hair smaller and by most of the basic stats, hypothetically on par at best in terms of image quality.

        That alone wouldn’t be killer. If it were had sensible controls and good accessories, I’d consider the price premium. I’d be in hog heaven if it were usefully F-mount compatible, but even with the expected F-mount adapter few existing lenses will be useful on such a small sensor.

        But the controls are basic and geared towards consumer use. And the accessories so far are crap, with the apparent exception of the 10mm prime. The 10-100 superzoom is actually just as big as the DX 18-200. The proprietary hotshoe screws up using flashes, and the shoe-mount flash they released for it actually has less power than the pop-up flash on my old D40.

        Unfortunately, they’re not interesting to, I would say, most serious photographers even if they were competitive on price to the Olympus or Panasonic cameras. They’re even less interesting at the actual prices.

        But who knows. Maybe Nikon will also eventually come out with an enthusiast version of this camera.

        • Steve

          I completely agree with your comments.

          No doubt the Nikon 1 is selling well on Amazon, but I note there is no info about the number of returns. Amazon in Europe is another story – poor sales.

          So it looks like the advertising in the US is working but nowhere else.

          I think all this says more about US consumers than it does the Nikon 1.

        • Andrew

          You are making conflicting arguments – 1) Nikon 1 cost more, 2) Its Flash has less power than a DSLR, 3) Needs features of an enthusiast camera, 4) Needs compatibility with more lenses, and 5) the Accessories are crap… sounds as if you are not interested in the Nikon 1 at any price. What are you doing at this site?

          • Steve

            Methinks Andrew bought a Nikon 1. Should’ve got the D5100 … 😉

            I think the right price for J1 is under US$500; and if it was US$450 with the pancake, I might buy it. V1 is just too fugly for me.

            • Andrew


              Actually, I own two Nikon cameras, including a Nikon D80 and a Panasonic. I have also bought in the past both Olympus and Canon cameras. So as you can see, I am objective. You will not see me going to an Olympus or Panasonic site trashing their cameras.

              I like the Nikon D5100 and I think it is an incredible camera – the best DSLR camera in the market for the price. So you are right, the D5100 is an awesome camera! But I have a lot of Nikon lens and so the D7000 is more appropriate for me since it supports Nikon lens dating back to the 1980s when I bought my first Nikon camera. But for your information, I am considering the D800 or one of the newer full frame cameras Nikon is about to release. That is why I come to Nikon Rumors. So what are you doing here?

            • Steve

              I’m here to keep up with trends etc but I was very interested in a mirrorless Nikon … but then we got the 1. No thanks. Neither small enough to go in a pocket, or cheap enough to think what they hey, or with a large enough enough sensor that I’m not constantly annoyed with image quality @iso1600. I sincerely hope the 1 isn’t a total dead parrot because that’s bad news for Nikon and bad for all Nikon users. But dear oh dear…. I really do think it is a bit of an overpriced set of poor compromises. So I’m now on the fence about an NEX or M43 as a dslr backup. I’ll be buying one just before Christmas.

  • Been there guy

    50% off is about the right price for the Wal-Mart grade toys.

  • Jabs

    We usually get outrageous comments from the intellectually challenged groups or persons here because they cannot stomach or fathom change.

    They rant about the change and the new directions as if Nikon is going low price on everything and turning into a shadowy former version of its’ glorious past.

    Foolish and clueless people stuck in the past or maybe paid ‘upstagers’ of the new Nikon 1 series bent on trying to push it back into the womb of Nikon.

    Nice tactic but too late – already launched and already successful too!

    You know who you are – the barking at the moon crowd who camp out here to throw hissy fits at the Nikon 1 – GET over yourselves as we all don’t care what you say, as perhaps brilliance is its’ own reward, as they say.

    Elitist are the ones who usually last realize that their ship has sailed on or become obsolete as they drink or toast to the past while the future sails away as they are moored at the dry dock and unaware of that – LOL.

    Keep stoking the hatred as the future passes you too – lost of the grey poupon crowd!

    Haven’t learned the lessons of Leica or Rolls-Royce, eh?

    Bring me some truffles Charles – LOL.

    • outkasted

      Last time I checked Leica is thriving more than ever. people will ALWAYS shell out extra $$$ for good Sh#t. Leica is good sh#t.

      • Jabs

        Maybe you need to recheck – Leica just got sold to a group of Investors.

        Mechanical excellence might be great in the PAST, but in this digital Era, it is NOT.

        Rebadging Panasonic cameras and coating them with Titanium ‘paint’ = lost!

        Cheap digital cameras now outperform Leica’s = Era ended and Lecia never seemed to get the message.

        Let us see what these Investors will do with the new Leica???

        • Been there guy

          They are the pinnacles of camera & automobiles( & jet engines).
          Leica M9 & Rolls-Royce have their exclusive members.

          Rebadging is just to wet wannabes’ appetite and make a few bucks off them, there is nothing wrong with that.

          • Jabs

            Keep telling yourself that while the ship sinks.

            Signs of desperation when a cheap Panasonic becomes a new Leica painted with Titanium.

            Maybe they should rebadge a Nikon D5100 and call it a Leica M10 = makes more sense as the cheap D5100 outperforms a M9 – today’s reality.

            Who did they sell the glorious Rolls-Royce to?


            You really are sentimental and out of touch – such a pity.

          • Chimphappyhour

            Speaking of rebadging and Leice, how about those pannys they use? 😉

            • Jabs

              Yeah – LOL.

              Even Panasonic did not buy Leica, though Leica sells some rebadged Panasonic cameras.

              Sign of the times maybe.

          • Chimphappyhour

            And speaking of RR jet engines, might want to double check that one. Those of us that fly a lot tend to avoid them since they have horrible characteristics that make flight uncomfortable compared to their competition.

      • PAG

        Leica is a niche player with a limited clientele in the camera world. If you want to see the future of digital photography, watch Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, etc. but don’t even bother with Leica.

        • Jabs

          True – Leica is indeed a niche’ player, but also becoming irrelevant at that ‘ship has sailed’ as we are in a new and changed time.

          They have had Financial troubles and now got sold to a group of Investors, so let us wait and see what they salvage from the Company.

          You get so specialized that it becomes next to impossible to make your gear and still make a profit = equals their current problem.

          Mechanical excellence versus pictorial excellence in a digital world.

          • Been there guy

            Leica has made a generation of fine photographers.
            The new and advanced digital cameras hasn’t produced any thing close to Ansel adams, why?

            Mechanical excellence provided you with tool to create, the advanced digital excellence took your imagination away!

            • Joop


            • Jabs

              Earth to you:

              The Nikon F – the original one, was generations ahead in performance to any M series Leica rangefinder.

              I got weaned on F3’s and there is NO Leica that can touch that old workhorse PLUS I had a real champagne Titanium F3T that ran rings around my own old Leica camera, an M series too with the bottom loading mess.

              Changed era too!

            • Chimphappyhour

              Interesting. You ask for proof from others about their points but I don’t see you backing up your point about “The new and advanced digital cameras hasn’t produced any thing close to Ansel adams”. Care to back that up? Are you sure about that? I’m betting that you can’t. Actually, I know you can’t. Just talking through your hat.

            • Rob Ueberfeldt

              “Mechanical excellence provided you with tool to create, the advanced digital excellence took your imagination away!”


              I think my imagination managed to stay in tact.

          • fo2re

            Oh so wrong you are ! Since Leica M9 came on the marked Leica has printed money, the investors are after the profit !! There are a couple of years ago since Leica had financial troubles…

          • suprchunk

            You keep comparing apples and oranges. Why not stay on track?

  • broxibear

    “An issue that in some rare cases caused images to be blurred when shot immediately after the camera was shaken or moved quickly”
    Does make you wonder why testing didn’t pick this up before launch doesn’t it ?
    Not a good start for the much publicized China plant…Bad karma for not inviting Peter/admin when just about every other blog/forum got shown around the factory lol ?

    • @Broxibear

      I’ve been testing the V1 with 10mm f/2.8, 10-30mm VR and 10-100mm PD-Zoom for several weeks now and I’ve never seen this error occur. I’ve taken thousands of shots with the V1 and the zooms and haven’t had a single issue. This issue must be very isolated and is only indicative of Nikon’s commitment to quality control.

      • The firmware update is indicative of Nikon’s commitment to quality control.

        • broxibear

          C’mon Cary we both know that could be spun the other way too?
          I could equally say the fact that Nikon has brought out a firmware update so quickly after launch is indicative of the quality control at the China plant not being good enough ?
          All cameras have issues and need firmware updates, they don’t usually happen this quickly though.

          • Jabs

            Spinning out of control when STUFF happens – lol.

            Nikon fixes an occasional problem and you complain – WOW!

            What perfect land do you live in?

            ALL Manufacturers have occasional glitches and the problems occur when they cannot fix it, not the other way around.

            Real world tests versus Lab or Factory tests = the problem and since it is an occasional problem, then you figure it out – lol.

            Much ado about nothing then – comes to mind!

          • Considering my extensive testing with the system and the fact that I’ve NEVER once seen this issue arise, it would seem to me that this is a very isolated issue thus my comment on Nikon’s commitment to quality control by having a fix for a very small issue out so fast.

            The Nikon 1 cameras and lenses are very well made. They are all assembled by hand and you can really tell. I’ve seen zero quality control issues with any of the system

            • Scotch

              can you name which digital camera is machine build? I should avoid it since machine make mistakes while human won’t

          • Iris Chrome

            Broxi, I think that the fact that Nikon found and fixed the problem so fast is not relevant to their lack of quality control. If a problem exists then it exists wether Nikon corrects it so short after launch or waits for six months before correcting it. Just because a fix is issued much later after launch does not mean that the camera did not have problem all this time.

            I’m sorry broxi but I don’t think you’re being objective anymore when it comes to the Nikon 1. This is what I meant that other time when I said to you not you too.

            • broxibear

              Hi Iris Chrome,
              No need to say sorry. This blog is all about opinions on articles…as I keep saying, it would be a very dull world if we all liked the same thing.

    • AtlDave

      A problem can be fixed with a firmware update is usually a design flaw, not a factory issue. The same problem probably would have occurred if these cameras were being built in Japan.

    • BornOptimist

      And what’s different with this than a firmware upgrade of any other Nikon camera?
      Do you seriously believe they are developed in such a short time that they didn’t have time to find the faults?
      Also, the issue with burred images was corrected in firmware 1.01, not in v1.02 as they have released now. Since my camera came with 1.00 on all firmwares, I guess Nikon did not find it important enough to release 1.01 when that was ready, just waiting until 1.02 before releasing.

    • Chimphappyhour

      I don’t see it so much as a problem as a new paradigm in how companies are doing things. Nikon isn’t the first to issue firmware fixes on items they “just” introduced and there have been companies that have issued stuff much much quicker after/before introduction. Yeah, I said before. I’ve seen new firmwares to patch phones that have been announced but not even publicly sold! I think you’ll see more and more of this quick turn around on initial firmware fixes as the years go on and products become “smarter”.

  • The Nikon 1 system is no toy. My review article on the 1 system is coming soon. You’ll be given all the info you need to make an educated decision on your own. Most of you will be very suprised at the results. Especially the comparison with a very poplular m4/3 camera.

    The results will speak for themselves.

    • NG42

      It’s not a toy but it’s definitely overpriced.

      • Andrew

        Overpriced? How do you know?

        Just as a reminder, “definitely overpriced” is a subjective assessment and not objective at this moment. There is absolutely no way anyone can definitively say that the camera is overpriced until actual sales numbers come out on the performance of the product in the market.

        • paf

          How do we know? How about the profit projections from Nikon – they definitely did not bet on the DSLR market to rake in the cash for them.

          • Andrew

            How can you use the word “knowledge” and “projection” in the same sentence. Your statement contradicts itself. That is exactly my point, many people speak and do not have the foggiest idea that they are guessing. Opinion is not the same a fact. So tread gently when you are guessing, and be humble when you are right. My point still stands, you will not know (and neither will Nikon) whether the Nikon 1 is successful until the data (or sales number) is in.

    • Jabs


      Thanks for bringing some sanity and much needed perspective to this place.

      On with your Review, but alas, they still will gripe.

      Change and an acceptance of this comes slowly for some.

      Often they wish that the status-quo is maintained ad-infinitum until when the Company dies, they sing its’ praises – yeah right.

      Dead and now gone, so time to heap useless awards on it.

      Morbid and silly too – LOL.

      You either change or you become irrelevant in the long run!

      • Been there guy


        Do you have any “master piece photo”, that was created using you uber modern digital excellence, validated by any auction house around the world?

        • Jabs

          Yeah – The Mona Lisa made by ‘me’ in a drunken stupor too.

          Brushes and paint were used.

          No Leicas were harmed in the process either – LOL.

          Clueless and sentimental too – I admire someone so stuck in the past.

          Lost in another century or external appearances and the mechanical feel of a thing devoid of the performance realities of today’s equipment.

          Worship the past while the future eludes you – kind of sums up both Leica and Rolls-Royce. At least Rolls-Royce got sold, updated and are making new and relevant automobiles with modern technology.

          Maybe Leica will do that too and make a sentimental person like you giddy with pleasure – LOL.

    • plug

      +1 The raw on my V1 + 10-30 is clearly very useable and A4 prints compare really well with my D700 output.

    • broxibear

      Hi CaryTheLabelGuy [NR],
      I don’t think people will be surprised, most of us know that the image quality of the 1 cameras is very good. From what I’ve seen the image quality passes some of the older micro four thirds bodies, but not as good a the newer ones. The dissapointing thing about the Nikon J1 and V1 are that they’re so ordinary compared to the competition.
      Considering how long they waited, how long they had to look at the rivals I was expecting a lot better from Nikon.
      If you’re working on an article with comparisons I hope you include the other cameras potential buyers would be looking at, like the EP3 and NEX 5N since they’re in the same price bracket.

      • After actually using/testing the V1 extensively as well as a popular m4/3 body, there is nothing ordinary about the 1 system really. It’s actually quite an extraordinary camera and you’ll see why soon. Trust me, I was VERY skeptical myself, until I started working with the system. I find the V1/J1 to be only slightly overpriced, now that I fully understand the system and what it really offers the end user. Once super fast primes are available and the f-mount adapter is released, this system is really going to rock. Having the ability to use an f-mount prime like the Ai-S 50mm f/1.2 on the 1 system for video and stills is going to be really cool and will allow much better subject isolation due to a much shallower DoF.

        Yes, there will be comparison images with a popular m4/3 body. I can’t say anything else at this time. I’m finalizing my sample images now.

        Note: The sample images will all be jpeg strait out of the camera. No RAW conversion or editing in any way.

        • broxibear

          It’ll be an interesting read, imaging-resource posted a detailed test earlier today

          • Bjrichus

            Did I read the imaging-resources review correctly in that the images with the best results came from the D3100?

            Would you agree the Sony NEX-C3 was a decent second place, and the Olympus E-PM1 was closer to the Sony than to the Nikon 1, which I’d place 4th, especially at higher ISO levels?

            Forget about the Canon and the P7000 (but why not use a P7100 for this review?)… Oh well…

      • Jabs

        Actually the Nikon 1 series looks to me like modern interpretations of a camera – digital style that is!

        Many of the other competing cameras look like they are attempting to evoke past memories of classic film cameras from a bygone Era.

        Perspective then.

        20th Century or 21st Century = your call.

    • suprchunk

      You review won’t hold any sort of semblance of merit though.

      • suprchunk


  • Art

    Discount on the Nikon 1!!!!!

    Wahooooooooo!!!!!! The D800 is right around the corner!!!!!!

  • NG42

    These cameras are huge overpriced ripoffs. The only people who would buy them are those who know no better.

    • Been there guy


      Some wise guy may not agree that digital stuff depreciate qucikly, unlike some timeless beauty like Leica & Rolls-Royce.

      • Jabs

        It all depends on where you have your gear and your head or mind:

        In a Museum, a Sanitarium or IF you use your gear daily.



        Some other Companies bought BOTH Rolls-Royce and Leica too to perhaps bring them into the modern world before their apparent death – YUP!

        • Been there guy

          I have said this before, but, it warrants the mentioning again.

          Leica has made a generation of fine photographers.
          The new and advanced digital cameras hasn’t produced any thing close to Ansel adams, why?

          Mechanical excellence provided you with tool to create, the advanced digital excellence took your imagination away!

          • Jabs

            WHAT cameras did Ansel Adams use over his lifetime?

            • Been there guy

              Does it matter? It was NOT a digial Nikon 1 for sure!

              By the way, do you have any “master piece photo”, that was created using you uber modern digital excellence, validated by any auction house around the world?

            • Been there guy

              Forget about the auction houses, how about any of your local boy scout charity auction?

            • Jabs

              I figured that you could not answer my question.

              Sentimental people are usually the worst at details.

              Ansel Adams used Large Format (both 8×10 and 4×5), Medium format Hasselblads and several other cameras in his lifetime.

              He changed with the times and was indeed a Master photographer but equipment does not stand still.

            • Chimphappyhour

              Congratulations Been there guy! You’ve just negated your own argument. First it matters and then once challenged, you say it doesn’t matter.

            • PHB

              He also used 35mm and was an early advocate of the Polaroid Land system.

              He would very definitely have been one of the first to use digital. Though since he mostly concentrated on landscapes it would only be quite recently that digital would have been the preferred format.

            • Everlast

              I am sure he dosen’t even enjoy taking pictures, just likes arguing. Otherwise he would be out having fun with his new J1/V1. But he’s not even bought one himself yet, don’t know why if they are such a good buy. Probably waiting for the price to drop, but so are we, which part of ‘overpriced’ does he not get? He’s certainly not puttng his money where his mouth is.

        • jodjac

          LOL? What’s so friggin funny? Why am I so irritated? What’s going on here?

      • Chimphappyhour

        You know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I don’t find Leicas to really be all that beautiful.

    • D7000 fan

      The nikon 1 is not over priced, it is just the hot new thing, so prices are naturaly super high. All cameras are like that when first release. Wait for another four months and then decide whether it is over priced.

      • PHB

        Exactly, if you want to be the first kid on the block with the latest high demand toy then expect to pay extra for the privilege.

        The Nikon 1 is only overpriced if Nikon can’t sell them as fast as they can make them. Worst thing that any manufacturer wants with some new product is to end up with out of stock.

  • UNDERWATER… Except for a couple of pix when it was released, I’ve seen nothing about underwater housings / flashes. Are they coming? Sometime? Or did I miss them?

    This is an *ideal* camera for divers who travel.

    • Been there guy

      They all under the water in Thailand with the D800.

    • Jabs

      Underwater housings and flashes were just announced – look it up, as I think they posted that here at NR.

      Flooding in Thailand and NOT in China also – for the clueless.

      • Been there guy

        For your digital excellency,

        it was a joke!

      • UNDERWATER… Jabs wrote: “Underwater housings and flashes were just announced – look it up, as I think they posted that here at NR.

        Intriguing thought, Jabs, but looking it up (again), the only thing I find is:

        “No plans for Nikon 1 underwater housing” at

        That seems sad to me especially because they had images a while back – and it’d be great underwater if they kept the housing and flashes compact… but if you see something concrete anywhere Jabs, I’d love you to post a link. TIA.

  • T.I.M

    I will not talk about the D800 and the fact that most Nikon DSLR are out-of-stock.
    I’m glad I bought the D5100 before the floodings, it’s piece of shit but It can take some pictures when there is an emergency.

    • Eric Calabros

      If you can’t get your greatest shot with D5100, you probably won’t be able to get it with any other camera, included not-announced ones

      • T.I.M

        @Eric Calabros
        You’re right !!!!
        I was wondering why Formula one pilots are driving millions dollars sport cars !
        If they are real pilots, I’m sure they can win the race with a Ford Fiesta !

        • Eric Calabros

          So if your shutter speed increases to 1/100000000 of a second, you’ll get more chance to win national geography photo of the year wizard?

          • T.I.M

            @Eric Calabros
            The D5100 is fine as long you don’t use professional lenses, and if you like small and dark viewfinders.

            • PHB

              On the contrary.

              The D5100 is way better than the D2X, D2H, D90, D80 and arguably the D300 on every specification there is.

              You don’t need to have the most cutting edge body to make use of the best lenses. But you do need the best lenses to tell the difference between the best bodies and the consumer.

              Formula One is a really bad example as it is completely impossible to start an F1 car without a team of mechanics, let alone drive it on a regular road. If you tried to race in an F1 car against Lewis Hamilton on a push bike you would lose because it takes years of practice to even get one to go round the track. They have to be driven fast or they overheat.

              The critical technical components in photography are lighting, lenses and cameras. 90% of the time the difference between a superb shot and a meh one is the lighting. The difference between the consumer and the pro lens might be the limiting factor maybe 8% of the time. The difference between the consumer and pro body, almost never.

              None of this makes any difference at all unless you know how to use it right.

            • T.I.M

              Yes, the D5100 is soooooooooooo goooooood that it can’t focus right with the 14-24mm f/2.8 (tested with 3 new lenses).
              The D5100 is just not made for pros, that also explain why it cost 1/8 of the D3s’s price.

  • MJr

    So no D800 samples ?

  • Been there guy

    Ahh.. patience please, the samples will be available by Christmas, YR2011, the actual delivery date is Dec. 26th, the boxing day….YR2012.

    • T.I.M

      @Been there guy
      You failed, this year Xmas is on a Sunday so Post office is close Monday December 26th.
      (They also close Monday January 2nd)
      I think we should see the D800 around 2024 (mid-June)

      • Been there guy

        You are right, how clumsy of me.

        Between now and YR2024, we should all get a Nikon 1 to admir it’s uber modern digital excellence.

        In fact, all of the NR bloggers should donate a penny for every post, so the Admin can buy a Nikon 1 at discount, and send it to Museum of Moder n Art for exhibition.
        I mean, after all the Nikon 1 is such an art piece that is way ahead of it time.

        • Eric Calabros

          Seconded to 2024, but its still too early for Leica to boost some not important factors in making ansel adams like ISO by one stop

      • Jabs

        Boxing Day is not celebrated in America – a British holiday.

        There is a mistake made as to year 2011 and then Boxing Day 2012, which probably will NOT be on a Monday.

        Keep laughing, then!

  • matgay

    buy the brand, dont buy the camera!

  • B!

    Strange, something is not adding up.

    Few days ago Nikon couldn’t keep up with demand and today we see discounts. Totally doesn’t make sense.

    • Jabs


      Here in America, we have a new tradition of sales called ‘Black Friday’ or the Friday after Thanksgiving more or less. This year Thanksgiving is Thursday November 24th and thus Black Friday sales will start at some places at midnight Friday morning the 25th.

      The sales are related to that as many Manufacturers compete to blowout gear and increase their sales before the rest of the holiday rush or year end sales.

    • MJr

      Everything according to plan no doubt.

  • simpleguy

    nikon v1 and j1 should be in instant rebate – get your money 100% back ,with a note from nikon , sorry for making this toys in the first place

  • AM

    Guess that the 10mm f/2.8 is not selling well as soccer moms tend to prefer zooms over primes.

    • PHB

      Well what would you buy as a starter kit for a completely new camera? A zoom or a prime?

      I am thinking I will wait till the new year and then see what there is in the sales. A Nikon V1 and a couple of lenses are amongst the main things I am looking to get.

      Carting the D300 plus lenses off on a business trip is just too much weight.

  • fxed

    @Been there guy + some others. You have no credentials to back up your opinion of the Nikon 1 system and specifically the V1. Yet you invoke Ansel Adams name like a gang banger at a beat down initiation. Person of his calibre come along few and far between. You really think he’d be a cry baby about the price, it’s quality. So get off your high horse, your not his biographer. You don’t own a V1 and at best you have seen sample photo’s or stroked one at the local camera store and you don’t like it. Fine move on.

    @iamlucky13. The Oly sucks compared to the 1V1. I have the Olympus E-PL2 and the Nikon 1 V1 with the Nikkor 10-100m.

  • KnightPhoto

    Instructions unclear!

    What if you own both the 10-30 and 30-110? According to the download site, I see two different download files. I am GUESSING you have to execute the process of “doing the update” separately, once while each lens is mounted, and being careful to use the correct download file listed for that lens (even though they are BOTH called L 1.02 in the firmware display in camera)?

    Or does the one 1.02 download cover off the other lens also (it seems to be implied NO)? And it seems really important that you run the firmware update once WITH EACH LENS MOUNTED.

    Anyone else seeing the problem or lack of clarity? Comments?

    • KnightPhoto

      BTW, what happened to my little avatar – kind of miss it ;~)

      Rethinking, I GUESS one only needs to download L1.02 once and it covers both lenses (plus the L1.01 update for the 10-110).

      But the ambiguity is still that you must run the firmware “Update” menu item once with each lens mounted (including if you also owned the 10-100 and hadn’t already applied the L1.01 to it)?

      Instructions need to be unambiguous for multiple lens owners.

    • fxed

      They are. When you put on a lens that firmware version is displayed i.e. for the 10-100 L will display 1.01, 10-30 L displays 1.01 and yes you install each separately. Depending on your operating system the install is different for each. My Mac is cut and dry. Download, open the icon on desktop, open update file, copy .bin file then if you have the SD card in the slot, paste it in the icon for the card on the desktop. Eject card put back in camera, turn on>menu>tools>firmware>update>turn off camera>remove card> turn on camera and go to tools click firmware and bingo, L should display firmware new version.

      I read the install instructions and they were written in braille.

  • PAG

    So far I’ve only seen two reviews by professional photographers who have used, and I mean really used (not just made some static test images), the Nikon 1. Both were very positive. It sounds like autofocus speed and accuracy leads the pack of all non-DSLR interchangeable systems out there including the Olympus and NEX. Shutter speed and lag are also excellent (better than most/all?). Lens size is smaller than the competition. Great things were also said about the image DR. The downside seems to be that it has more noise due to the smaller sensor particularly at high ISO but the actual photographers said that it didn’t hinder them from taking great shots (and their samples showed that).

    Can anybody point me to a poor or mediocre review by anybody who has actually taken this thing out on the street and taken over 1,000 images?

    It seems like most of the bashing is coming from people who a) haven’t shot one, b) seem to think that’s because it’s expensive is must suck, and c) seem to feel that you can no longer take decent photos with a 10 MP camera. If high ISO is greatly important to you, then by all means it doesn’t sound like the right system for you. But you’ll be sacrificing AF speed, size, potentially DR, and other things when you jump to another small interchangeable system.

    Of course I’m sure they bitch about those too.

  • happysnapper63

    Whilst there is always a premium on price at and immediately after launch, witness the D7000, D5000 and D3100. E.g. The launch price for the latter was close to 600 sterling, you could get a D5000 for 100-150 sterling less, it is now down at a sub 400 level much much closer to the D3000 it replaced. Launch price for P500 was 399 sterling, currently going at 260 sterling and approaching the price of the P100 it replaced.

    The high street prices of the V1 kits are running at about twice what I expect them to stabilise at over the coming year. The design is clever, very pure, very clean, almost like a certain smart phone.

  • shooterntx

    I just updated the firmware on the 30-110. Since it showed two different downloads for the 10-30 and the 30-110, I downloaded other download, followed instructions and loaded it with the 10-30 on. It shows that the lens update is installed. So Im guessing that it is the exact same update for both lenses. If thats the case, why did Nikon differentiate the downloads by lens size instead of a one update for all lenses? Am I missing something or does Nikon enjoy knowing its product owners will spend their precious time trying it over and over with different downloads, different cards ect. act?

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