Nikon D4 “sample” cameras spotted in the wild


I am not sure how those fine gentleman got their hands on those Nikon D4 cameras, but they were spotted today in Hermosa Beach, CA. The D4 cameras they used were marked as "sample" at the bottom:

The Nikon D4 is expected to start shipping in two weeks to existing pre-orders and NPS members.

Images credit:  Visually Oriented

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  • Dah! Who are these guys – nice grab Visually Oriented

  • Robin

    They want to make it look like candid shots but this are very obvious posed shots.

    • visually oriented


    • Global

      Yeah, can you imagine 3 photographers not noticing a 4th photographer encircling them and taking their pictures from multiple angles on a skinny pier?? Lol.

      They should have just been holding up the camera and showing it off. Why would we want to see old guys fake-posing at the beach. Get some beach girls. Where is Ron Scubadiver when you need him!?!? =P

  • These are Nikon USA employees, the same guys from the Scott kelby video. No news…

    • +1

    • +1

      But I’m a bit envy because I want to be a friend every Nikon guy. 🙂

    • JM

      Damn right! These are NPS USA guys… See D4 vid with Kelby indeed….

  • Paul

    Why not talk to them you creep! Geez.

  • Hello World

    I am considering Nikon D800 not D4

    • I, myself, prefer ketchup over mustard.

      • That’s gross.

        Why would you put ketchup over mustard? You’re supposed to put it over chips.

        • Bondi Beach

          Ketchup over Canon?

  • samuel J

    Yes exactly, the same 2 dudes from the The Grid video from Scott Kelby 🙂

  • Neekon

    What lens do they have on them? Looks like a 24-120 f4 and a 70-300 VR?

  • TheyGraphics

    You would think on a $6,000 body they would be using better lenses than a 70-300mm VR…lol

  • One of the guys on the left in the first picture works for Marketing/NPS at Nikon. I have met with him before during a workshop.

    • Chris

      Yea I think his name is Mark. I spoke to him for a little while at the eddy adams work shop.

  • Adrifter

    Yep, same dudes from the Kelby interview. Kind of a shame seeing cheap consumer grade zooms on those beautiful D4s though.

    • ok, so nothing interesting – I will push this post down the front page

  • Not Telling

    Person in the black pants is Mark Suban. He is an NPS tech rep out of Maryland. Super guy!!

  • The guy with the black hair, black pants, is Mark Suban, East Coast Nikon Rep….

  • The guy with the black hair-black pants, is Mark Suban, East Coast Nikon Rep.

  • Bo

    Considering Nikon in Torrance CA, is right down the street – this seems like a reasonable place to spot nikon staffers taking D4’s for some fresh air.

  • would have expected a better lens on both of these D4s

  • If they didn’t want to be seen with a D4, they probably wouldn’t have worn neck straps screaming D4 in yellow.

  • Michael Vang

    Yeah, I’m also disappointed to see such expensive bodies with the type of lenses they had on; no offense or anything because the 70-300 VR is known to be quite a very good lens.

  • Dan

    Pre-orders and NPS members first? Why are you trying to make it look like it’ll be impossible for “normal” folk to get their hands on a D4? I remember hearing the same thing when the D7000 came out, and yet there were plenty to go around. Typical marketing hype. I’m just surprised it’s coming from NR.

    • neversink

      Hey — I’m a pre-order and a pro…. give me a break….

      Admin is just reporting what Nikon tells,…. or what the rumor mill is whispering, not whether it is right or wrong…

      Jeez…. Get in line and stop complaining……

      • Dan

        Yeah…after re-reading my post it may have been a bit harsh. I guess what I was trying to convey is that when the D7K was being released I got all caught up in the hype and was sure, based on everything I was reading, I wouldn’t get my hands on one in time for my trip to Asia due to pre/back-orders. Turns out Best Buy had a stack of them on release-day. Bottom line…I was worried for nothing. That’s all I was trying to say. If you want a D4, don’t worry, you’ll be able to get it. Granted probably not at Best Buy :P. But then again who knows 😀

        • Yep

          Same happened with the D3S. I ordered mine and got it on the day of release.

    • because this is how t’s going to be, unless you pre-ordered the D4 after the announcement, you won’t be getting it any time soon

  • Ken Morris

    Why are these guys and more importantly, those cameras not in Indy where they could be loaned out to Super Bowl shooters? Then we’d get some hands on reviews of the bodies from guys they were designed for.

  • aNikkorInside

    Concering the “cheap” lens use, wouldn’t that concrete the fact that this beast is extremely capable, since we know that the user is not the tool? Anyhow, it could be a front from young virgin eye’s spotting this hunk o metal?

  • …and the guy in the grey shirt is Bill Pekala, NPS General Manager. All three are very approachable guys. Stop doing the creepy “stalkerazzi” thing and just say hi.

  • Brook

    Other guy is Bill Petka, head of all of NPS(his name is on the sample photo)

    • dgbinpc

      Bill Pekala

  • If his name is Petka, then why does the camera read PEKA?
    Anyway, not as exciting as I thought it would be. I was hoping for a D7100 🙁

  • PeterO

    I expect that we’ll see some D4’s at the Super Bowl today along with some very long glass.

    • Excellent point, now I’ll be watching more than commercials 🙂

  • louis

    i can have one right now if i want

  • Bernie Campoli

    The Gents are Bill Pekala head of Nikon’s NPS,Mark Suban Nikon Pro Tech Rep and a USAF buddy of Mark’s Frank Hamm…

  • Image

    Welcome to photography, Ted. One day soon, you will learn of varying focal lengths and the power of long zoom lenses. There are many uses for long range zooms such as shooting from far away so not to be noticed by things such as wildlife or Nikon Reps.

  • The third guy in the Red is a friend of Mark’s and not a Nikon Employee. It’s truly about to happen … SOON!

  • MJr

    This is what professionals looks like ?

  • bob2

    It would have been a lot more exciting if some bikini model held the D4 instead of the Nikon guys. But definitely I am glad we didn’t get pics of the Nikon reps in bikinis–that would be “inappropriate.”

  • bob

    actually, all three of these guys are Ken Rockwell and the camera’s are his D40x……

  • Dan

    Well, the gauntlet has been dropped. I will make it a point to go to my local camera shop to buy one on the day it is released. The iWager is on!!!!!!

  • KFA

    If i were that “paparazzi” i’d walk up to them after the sneaky pictures and maybe have a chat. Feel the camera, ask questions etc. You little coward..

  • Jesse

    Just look at those guys!!

    Pants too short, bellies, gleaming camera straps. Trying to lean casually against the railing… They stick out like sore thumbs. They look like American tourists in Europe, complete with fanny packs. Wow!

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