Nikon D4, 85mm f/1.8G lens pre-order options

This is the updated list of pre-order options for the latest Nikon products:

Nikon D4

Nikon D4 accessories

Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens

Nikon WT-5A wireless transmitter

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  • J0rge

    Very happy to see that things are finally moving forward. Hope to see the D800 very soon.

    • chris


      • simpleguy


        • Roberto


          • ybpow


    • Discontinued

      +++ Breaking News +++
      Sony’s A99 is delayed till september. (according to SR, rated as SR5)
      It might looks dull for D800. Admin, any thoughts? ? ?

      • Maybe this was the reason why the D800 was delayed?

  • Discontinued

    The pic of the 85mm in bw tricked me. Looks cool but of course the writing on the real lens is in gold again. Why? Tell me why, Nikon? Your cameras look cool but your lenses …
    They look worse than a samyang’s 35 1.4. LOL, and they perform worse too. Check DXO for Nikons 35 1.4 in comparison to the samyang before you flame me. The Nikkor has twice the CA and less RES, but costs more than three times as much. Must be real gold then, I guess. It still looks crappy and worse: it performs equally.
    Still I want that D800. Bring it on!

    • Mock Kenwell

      It’s MF. They appear to be fine MF lenses, but it’s 2012 for Christ’s sake. Call me when they can compete in an apples to apples comparison.

  • Hard for me to get excited about this one. I bet most of the buyers shoot DX.

  • alvix

    mmhh…grrrr $499 = €529 !!!!!!!!!!

    • Propagandalf


      Who needs exchange rates nowadays…

    • Heribert

      Nope, you got it wrong. US$499 = €392.88

      Ask Google:

      • i think you accidentally the whole sense

        • Heribert

          OK, now I got it. You meant that it’s $499 (= €392.88) in the U.S. but they sell it for €529 in Europe.

          Yes, that’s a price difference. But the European retail price includes sales tax/VAT (e.g. 19% for Germany). Still this means that the lens is considerable more expensive in Europe. But unfortunately that’s not unusual at all, is it?

          • Spooky

            Come and Shop in Switzerland. We have just 8% VAT and electronic equipment is dirt-cheap by us compared to every other European country.

            • ah on the contrary

              come shop in the USA we have no VAT, sure all those other pesky taxes apply, but as the op griped, why in the U.S.A US$499 = €392.88 Vote Conservative, we’ll eat your poor, and chew on your children etc.! America is still the number one super power for a reason, so flame what you whilst, but as for me, I enjoy my country, na na na na.

  • Charlie Martin

    I’ve pre-ordered the 85 1.8 G. I’m looking forward to it.

  • baked bananas

    Hey who in the hell is this guy? He explains about the d4 video capabilities…

    whats up with the juice link adapter??

  • peteee363

    after looking at the specs on nikon’s website, and comparing to the 85mm 1.8d. the few differences are not worth getting the new one. the new one has 9 elements, the old one 6. in my opinion, less glass better image.

  • kb

    $345 list for the battery charger is a REAM JOB.

    • inginerul

      you meant rim

  • Discontinued

    >>less glass better image<<
    Yeah, this is why I do not use any glass at all. Pinholes are much sharper than modern lenses. They are ideal for sports and wild life too. No focusing issues whatsoever.

    • plug

      Same with drinking, I glug straight from the can. Mind you, you’ll get focusing issues if you overdo it.

  • 1 ) fuck the 85mm 1.8G, the 1.8D is perfect.

    2 ) fuck the D4, everyone talking about it , no one will buy it.

    3 ) wait and see for D800 …

    • inginerul

      >>fuck the D800, let’s wait for the canon 5D mk3, it will definitely be better.

      AFAIK, everyone buys the D4, I own the 85 1.8D and it is a fine lens but far from perfect.

      stop trolling please.

      • aCanonite

        yes yes Canon is far more superior than anything from anyone, yeah,yeah, the moon is way more better than the sun, blah,blah, Nikon is ranked above canon according to dxo by a point or two, yadda,yadda Canon can chisel marble into the Mona Lisa, but what pray tell can you do with even the wholes bestest camera? Proof up, or shu t the f uck up, and stop making we Canon, or Nikon users look as if we still live with our mommy. no offense to anyone who does live with their parents still for reasons that fit your needs, i mean it as a way to explain a person who is not willing to try, or whathave you. thanks

  • kev

    sorry if this has been posted but is the D4 to be manufactured in Japan???

  • Professor

    Has anyone else noticed that the new Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens
    has lessDiaphragm Blades then the AFd version. A drop from 9 to 7. I don’t think that will bold well for the bokeh. It will also make for a large performance difference when compared to the original AFd 1.8 vs 1.4 versions comparision.

    • Basic Grammar

      “I don’t think that will bold well for the bokeh.”


      • grammar student


        • behave properly

          Even nicer, now explain the difference for each word used. bonus, use them in their respective forms, and for a double jeopardy, use then together…ready…GO!

  • I got my pre-order in but not from any of these sites.

  • Dormant

    B&H’s website is now taking pre-orders

  • tsy

    Anybody else get a call from J&R today after preordering the d4?

  • a Concerned Tr0lL

    why is it 36mp? for bigger prints? why so large a number isnt the m pixel war over, or is this not the case since the large sensor eliminates those possibilities? i understand real estate, nature, and architectural use could use those pixels, as anything that applies, but what gets my goat, is, why does the top o the line has less mp whilst the semi pro has more on its sensor? mega pixel marketing is still cool? flame on, but please my skin singes easily, so be gentle 🙂 derp

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