Another alleged picture of the Nikon D800

Nikon D800

Nikon D800

Except the weird angle on the font of the lens, the above image looks consistent with previous pictures of the Nikon D800. Here is the D700 for comparison:

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  • Siena
    • Could be a production model changes, but the camera attachment straps don’t match between the pics.

      • It shows the camera with the split-triangle-rings attached and then naked with just the eyelets.

    • Jeeezzzz… this body looks so ugly !

      • And the camera’s LOOK matters how? Oh sorry I thought it was a tool for creating art not a fashion statement.

    • Mim

      seriously, I can send you a plain black pic and claim it’s the D800 taken in a dark room with no lights.
      such a blurred pic really has no meaning.

  • Watch Out!
    • Psycho McCrazy

      How were you able to take a screenshot of my browser situation?

      • Im a spy

        Im a spy

        • The.Invisible.Man

          @Im a spy
          Maybe, but you can’t see me !

    • chlamchowder

      I have to congratulate NR for displaying that stop censorship message. SOPA and PIPA are just really bad proposals with a variety of fundamental flaws. I’d rather retain a free internet at the expense of some entertainment giants having a little less power. And the content industry has tried to bully other companies in the past, so these proposed acts are really dangerous.

  • António

    The lower curve of the flash head doesn’t seem to match the one of the other picture.

  • Protest the swoosh!

    Tick-tock, a couple more weeks.

  • broxibear

    More from further maging-resource Q&A with Nikon’s General Manager of Design Toshiaki Akagi at CES 2012…

    Q. why two different memory cards? Why not two the same, instead of CF and XQD?
    A. CompactFlash is technically limited in terms of speed, so our company and Sony constructed a new technology because we needed a faster card, so we made the XQD card. But [building the D4 with] two XQD cards is a little risky, so we chose to use Compact Flash and XQD.
    Q. So XQD has a better spec, but you put a CompactFlash in because there’s so much CompactFlash already in the market?
    A. To put two XQD cards at this time, which is a newly developed card system, would be a risk because they weren’t sure if XQD would be available when the camera shipped. So the decision was to offer one slot with the CF card standard, which photographers already have, and to offer the newer XQD as well.
    Q. We had a meeting with Lexar yesterday and they said they have a 1,000X CF card now, it’s 150 megabytes per second. They said that’s faster than the current XQD, but that’s really the limit of the CF format.
    A. Right, because our current XQD runs at 125 megabytes per second, but the next generation will be faster.

    • Landscape Photo

      Why do we ever need that fast cards? Even with 36mp, a standard 30 (200x) or 60 (400x) mb/s card will do the job as long as the camera buffer is large enough. Then the difference will be about waiting 1 sec vs 2-3 secs, which is quite negligible. And with the computer-side, even today’s most update systems hardly support anything above 50mb/s in practice.

      • broxibear

        Hi Landscape Photo,
        I don’t know.
        I know a F1 photographer and from the outside looking in you’d think if any photographers were going to machine gun their cameras it would be someone who covered F1 but even he doesn’t do that.
        There’s a reason Nikon are having to defend many of the “features” on the D4, photographers are asking what you are…why ? All the marketing talk in the world isn’t going to make a difference if the photographer who’s going to buy and use it says “why would I need that ?”
        There seems to be a lot of defending and justifying after the event going on at Nikon. In their race with Canon over video I think Nikon have lost their way with the D4.
        I don’t think it’ll be regarded as one of the classic Nikon’s.

        • AnoNemo

          Simply put, Nikon is stupid. Basically this D4 became a one slot camera. Even if they put 2 or 3 SD slots in it they could have gotten better transfers as you can switch between cards where you write in case you need that speed.

          I think Nikon just wanted to maximize profit since only sony will make this card. Why would aftermarket companies make even the reader for that when currently 1 product uses that. Blatant stupidity from Nikon.

          • You never know what is happening behind the scenes. Nikon doesn’t have their own fab facility, so they are dependant on others to do this for them. As far as I know, Sony makes all of their high end sensors and certainly can exert some pressure on Nikon if they wanted to. Maybe Sony wants to push the new XQD format and needed a flagship camera to support it. It’s possible they told Nikon to put the slot in the D4 otherwise…
            Now Nikon has to make it look like a good choice, and Sony gets free marketing. Put on your tinfoil hat.

            • broxibear

              Hi Mike,
              It’ll be interesting to see if the 5D Mark III has XQD slots, that’s going to be Canon’s video rich dslr. Part of the reason so many are questioning it is because no other camera manufacturer has hinted at XQD in upcoming models…if there are enough new models using the XQD format SanDisk, Lexar and Kingston will see a market and start making them.
              CP+ is in a couple of weeks, maybe someone else will announce a new camera that uses XQD ?

            • AnoNemo


              I completely agree with you. I think we are witnessing another sony card failure. I mean the D4 is the only one that uses this at the moment and I doubt that others will adapt this especially their competitors. If they are smart they will adapt the XQD which will keep the volumes low for sony and nikon therefore the price will be high.

              I think this was not a good idea from Nikon. They could have found a much smarter way of increasing the data transfer. I just cannot see how this will take off with a low volume camera such as the D4. I doubt that they will this XQD in the D800.

          • Simply put, Nikon did the right thing. The original CF has reached its limit and in 2 to 3 years I’ll be happy I have a camera that doesn’t limit me to just CF cards. Actually, I’m happy about it now.

            Jabs may not be one of the most tactful people here, but I agree with him on the XQD.
            I’m also backing up what I say with $6,000 of my own money.

            — I am also happy I’ll be able to keep using my old CF cards. Another good move on Nikon’s part.

            • AnoNemo

              I do not know but if they wanted to increase speed then use 2 of XQDs. This would have given the full benefits. I wouldn’t mind that option but 1 CF and 1 XQD seems odd for me.

            • Jabs

              @Steven Georges

              Being into Technology for so long, I detest basically pointless people who try and tell you why a thing is needed or not and you obviously know WHY and that they are just ‘snowing you’, so I get tired of choices based upon NO knowledge as that to me is the dream of ignorance detached from any reality.

              I try to be tactful at times or ignore people, but some need to be told that they are basically MORONS – lol. Some people never get why they are wrong or even accept the fact that they CAN be wrong, so hence tact never seems to work on them.

              What you want and what is available or possible with today’s tech = two distinct differences!

              Not political, but more pragmatic here and don’t care – LOL!

          • gerald Bellis

            Good thing Nikon Doesn’t listen to you Ano. If they did the cameras would be the equivalent to Homer Simpsons Concept Car.

            • +1

              It’s great having the same of two slots, but not so much when there aren’t even cards you can buy that are compatible.

            • AnoNemo

              The assumption is that cards are available.

            • Jabs

              LOL – or even worse – when Homer blew up the Nuclear plant that he works in and destroyed the whole town.

              Homer is a ‘rube’ of the highest order too.

              Idealism devoid of probability or reality = the bedfellows of WHAT or WHO???

        • For those of us who have no need for video, this is where the video in cameras is causing harm. If not for video, Nikon could have put in 2 CF slots (instead of this stupid compromise of CF + XQD which helps no-one at all).

          • Jabs


            The new card is what makes or allows you to also shoot 100 RAW files and 200 .jpeg files in continuous bursts at 10+ frames per second.

            Try that with any other camera including the new 1Dx – lol.

            Improvements for both Stills and Video from a fast digital pipeline via Expeed 3 necessitated a new card format.

            Try learning that the D4 shoots 2 meg stills while doing HD video also.

            Old cards have an approximate limit of 150mb/sec and do not do well with multiple data streams (which slows down the camera as the output capability is a sum of that figure with multiple data streams), hence a REAL need for a new card format as the D4 has pushed the envelope beyond anything previously made.

            Yeah – street tires or M+S tires on a Formula One car is what you are telling us you want, while you got rain and dry tires and complain.

            Dry tires = normal
            Rain = what if scenario?

            You want idealism and thus wake up!

            • GeofFx

              Admin, Is there a way to put people on ignore?

            • No

            • AnoNemo

              NR Admin,
              Can you ban Jabs please? You would do a big favor for many of us. This person constantly calls people names without any reason. Thank you.

            • AnoNemo – I have deleted several of his comments in the past, I do not see any issues today.

            • AnoNemo

              NR Admin – thanks.
              I was referring to his posts in the D4 thread. I have an idea, can you limit the max number of characters in each posts? Also, if we could have + or – sings next to posts with a counter than we could rate the posts. This would discourage those who constantly cross the line. However, I assume that you do not really want to overload the site with these “tools” which without doubt may slow things down.

            • I know those are all nice features, but they are not easy to implement. I have tried several available plugins and I was not happy with the results. I still have this on my “to do” list.

            • GeofFx

              There is no way that limiting the number of characters per post would discourage Jabs. Being infinitely smarter than every other user on the site, I’m sure he’d figure out a way to belittle others within the given number of characters.

          • Video has nothing to do with it.

        • Jabs

          You sound just like one of the people who complained when Nikon went from mechanical and electro-mechanical to fully electronic in the Nikon F3 series.

          Know what the results were after the dust settled?

          People learned to use an MD4 plus MN2 Ni-Cad pack with their F3 series and that camera became one of Nikon’s best loved and longest selling models.

          Nikon breaks away from the pack quite often and then lives to conquer people acting like dinosaurs as Technology moves forward.

          Expect the D4 to be probably more remembered than even the D3 series.

          Change is hard for ‘old farts’ or stalwarts indeed as they complain and back seat drive an issue into the ground because they are too lazy to carry a few spares plus accept the changing of the guard or newer concepts.

          Technology moves in leaps and bounds and we often go two steps forward and one step backwards, but at least we go forward and make progress.

          Get over it!

          • tonyc123

            Hey, easy on us old farts! 🙂

            • Jabs

              Sorry – lol

              In this scenario – ‘Old farts’ refers to people stuck or comfortable in their old ways, habits or in using their older equipment plus techniques and not older persons, as no spring chicken here either.

              Been using Nikon’s since about 1984 – lol.

              Everything must change – Quincy Jones!

          • This is a D800 thread, right? The D800 is not intended for people who need 100 shot bursts.

            So you are the one that is WRONG!

            • Jabs

              Then why mention the new format card in the first place?

              Got stumped, so now you are in denial – lol.

              Sorta surprised that Nikon published an advantage to these new cards and then deflated your own argument.

              I understand – hot air balloons are like that – beautiful and showy until deflated.

            • Mike

              Because 36mp RAW at 5fps will eat up a buffer too. That’s a lot of data being pumped through.

            • Jan

              I wouldn’t mind XQD+SD or SD+SD
              but given D700 uses CF that’s unlikely.

            • AnoNemo

              I saw somewhere a CF to SD adapter that is actually fast. If find the link I will post it here. A friend of mine uses one in his D700 with Sandisk Extreme SD card and he said that it perfect.

      • Sputnik

        one work…. VIDEO

    • Jabs

      Actually it is really easy to answer your drawn out claims.

      The new Nikon D4 can shoot video and 2meg stills at the same time.
      The new D4 has a digital pipeline with multiple channels that can easily exceed the rate of the older CF cards.

      Nikon’s specs allude to that in their Press Release but many are too preoccupied with complaining that they never really read and comprehend much.

      Please, get up to speed!

  • Simon

    Too little too late. I was so looking forward to the D800 however given recent events where is is now clear how much contempt Nikon has for us as customers, this will be a few grand Nikon are no longer getting from me.

    • Gerald bellis

      “now clear how much contempt Nikon has for us as customers”
      I love these kind of comments. Such authority with no basis in reality. Drama much bro? The D800 like the D4 will be an awesome camera.

    • Chris Zeller

      I don’t think Nikon has contempt for its customers–now that is ridiculous. Two natural disasters–serious ones and a maturing product line (one that makes small incremental changes because the current products do everything they need to do) are the reason for the D800 delay. In fact, its that sort of product maturity that i was hoping for in a D800.

      However, I too got sick of waiting in November and sprung for a D7000. It seems that FX will remain very expensive for another product cycle or two. I’m not sorry either. The D7000 is an amazing camera. Nikon still got my extra couple of thousand dollars too–just in lenses. So when FX FINALLY makes it into the $2K range I’ll be ready with 2.8 FF glass. And I won’t miss the shots waiting for a mythical camera in the meantime.

      • Simon

        It’s not the d800 delay which I am referring to. It is Nikons recen price fixing, and then stopping selling parts to independent repair shops thereby tryin to destroy mom and pop shops which have supported them for many years and also forcing us to only use them for repairs in one fell swoop. Nikon have complete contempt for us as customers. Any way they can rip us and anyone who have supported them off they are.

  • lopi

    From my friend, a canon dealer, the 5d Mk III will be presented on Roma’s Photosow – march 2012

  • Anonymous

    Will the D800 be introduced with a new midrange walkaround kit lens (24-120mm VR is too big for that purpose) ?

  • bonjovi

    SUPERFAKE!! 😀 liquify docet

    • bonjovi

      Please admin remove this post..i wrote another

  • Leonardo

    The picture looks real and consistent with previous images.

    I hope it is really a replacement for the D700.
    Okay that should have better performance for video, but I’m still a photographer!

    Now remains to be announced … I’ve separated the money to buy a D700! I hope that the D800 is not ridiculously more expensive!

  • Apollo

    My god it’s tiny. I think I’ll skip this if D800 is THIS small! I have big hands and D300s and D700 is just perfect size. D7000 is slightly too small and tight but D300s is way too small. The modern trend of camera business sucks and hard! Be Compact! Be Lightweight! Be Useless… More compact we go, the ergonomics and functions of camera will suffer for the compact size. I hate that!

    • Did you try the Nikon MB-D11 grip/pack for the D7000? Not that expensive and it is a good design. It works well for me. (and my big hands)

      • Apollo

        Yes, it did make the grip better but it didn’t help with the problem when the space between the grip and lens is too small. I hope the grip and the space between the grip and lens is as big as in the D700 but on the opposite side of the lens it would be smaller.

  • per

    I like the pink colour on the logo on the grip. Rumour has it that it will also be available in red, yellow and silver.

    • Markus

      Pink..yes, that is the Amsterdamn version

  • Sputnik

    Product photography badly made with tilt-shift lens, that’s it

  • sputnik

    Even the on the D700 pic it has a bad angle for the lens, but more toward the point of view (like if the lens front element is twist to face us) perspective problem caused by tilt-shift

  • Dan

    All these comments about size are funny. It looks like people enjoy carrying large amounts of equipment around. I do not – I would snap the D800 tomorrow if it would be sized comparable with the D7000 – based on its size alone.

    I have enough pounds of glass to carry around – a smaller camera would be great.

    • Apollo

      But some of us things that the smaller camera means that it’s better to carry around. Some of us have bigger hands and use the camera for several hours straight and then you can feel the difference between small, more compact sized camera than a big camera. It’s bit heavier, I know that, but the grip that you get from it, is much better. I’ve used D90, D300s and D700 and I’ve noticed that D90 was the worst camera in longer periods of shooting. It was too small.

      • Richard

        I was concerned too when NR first reported that the D800 will be smaller. However, I think the D800 grip will be pretty much the same size as on D700. Using lens or lens mount sizes in the various photos to get a scale, it looks like the D800 will be about the same height as D700 but not as wide. The grip looks unaffected but there is less body on the opposite side of the lens.

    • Yaaaa but

      When you go from holding a small camera like a D300 all day to a real camera like a D3s all day, you realise which one was built for actual use. The D3s is much, much more comfortable in the hand than the smaller bodies.

  • Looks like a spy shot, fuzzy, mysterious and probably taken with a mobile phone.

  • shio

    Mobile phone pic from a semi rolled paper? Would explain the weird angle…

  • Doug

    I Spoke with Mr. Claudius Schulze, he is in Ethiopia now, i asked him about the d800 test that he supposedly made last year, he said that he couldn’t disclose any information, but then i told him that i would wait for the release of the camera then i would get in touch with him again to ask about it, well he said ok.

  • jen

    who cares about the front ..lets see the back and get the MP’s.

  • jB

    just hope it aint to much and that you can dump pixels if you need 🙂

  • sgts

    A lot of people on this site know as much about photography as I know about dentistry.

    • tonyc123

      I need some bridge work, can you fit me in on Tuesday?

  • jodjac, what a great link. You can read letters from constituents to congressional reps. I’ve never seen that before. A wonderful and innovative feature.
    Thanks Admin! Your work is appreciated.

  • Aldo

    D800 + new 24-70/2.8 VR ?

    • ich bins

      … D800 and no zoom, a 50/2 Leica instead, hmmmm …

    • Woutk89

      if you mean attached on this picture, I have to dissappoint you. The lens used is the 24-120VR. A 24-70VR would be more massive.

  • Fish Eye

    Looks like Nikon were rehearsing for a press release, or were just having a company meeting for new products, and someone took the shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what we see at the actual announcement. That’s quite encouraging actually. It could only mean that the announcement is getting closer. The mic attached too. Strong video capability on display i suppose. But somehow it isn’t exciting anymore. Nikon have been pushing it for so long now, negative psychology has started to crepe in. And after the D4, well, the anticipation just died out. Don’t get me wrong guys, I love my D3s, but the D4 just isn’t that much. I mean unless it gives a major bump in terms of ISO performance over the D3s it will start to look like a redone D3s with a slight resolution bump, minor improvements in ergonomics and a change in the memory card slot system (which, some people already find inconvenient). I really hope the D800 brings something really exciting to the table. I mean after being the proud owner of the best camera in the market for so long, I really don’t want to be the guy who is envious of the canon users. And trust me, if the new auto-focus system on the 1Dx clicks for canon, and they catch up on the ISO front, we all might envy them. And that will hurt Nikon. I know that even with canon succeeding with the 1Dx will not prompt a switch in the pro camera users. But consider the people who were using entry level/semi-pro DSLRs up till now and are considering upgrading to professional level full frame bodies. Their investment in terms of lenses wouldn’t be that huge. Besides, if they switch and sell off their gear they fill have an starting investment for full frames. Switching to canon (considering they get a winning formula with 1Dx) would seem so much more lucrative for them. If canon get it right with the 1Dx, they will most probably get it right with the 5D mark III as well (not that mark II wasn’t successful). And all this topped up with the more versatile lens line up in the L series. So while the current strategy with their DSLRs might not have an impact on Nikon right now, it is possible that it might hurt them in future, and if they loose even a small % of these up-graders to canon, it will definitely hurt them. Unless of-course the D800 and D400 are something revolutionary, and god, do I hope they are. C’mon Nikon, everyone is waiting.

    • captain howdy

      Paragraphs – they are your friend.

  • NikoFanboy

    Thom expects few more surprises apart from D800 on feb-7. This is what he got to say on his latest post
    “Third, we have new announcements coming (mostly in first seven days of the month due to the big Japanese show that starts on the 7th, and 7 is always a good number in Japan), and a few of those announcements are going to be surprises. I now believe Nikon will introduce something beyond just the D800 and Coolpix. Overall, I know of three new significant camera announcements in February, and I suspect there are more. So perhaps we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

    Probably D400 and few more lenses. (50mm f/1.2 and 800mm f/5.6 VRII)

    Check out the link below:

    • broxibear

      Sorry NikoFanboy,
      Your post didn’t show up when I posted below on the same subject, that blog issue again ?

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    Recovered from all the strippers, I mean products, in Las Vegas lol ?
    I see Thom Hogan posted that Nikon will be announcing more than just coolpixes and the D800 in February…any ideas as to what he’s talking about, a more enthusiast orientated mirrorless perhaps ?

    • I have some crazy rumors about a 4k video camera, 3D camera, etc. I will post them online later. I put little credibility in those. I don’t think Nikon will announce anything else besides Coolpix cameras and the D800. Maybe a new LED video light accessory.

      Today I am on a strike (stop SOPA & PIPA).

      • captain howdy


        It’s only a matter of time before Nikon responds to Canon’s C300. Sure a 4k camera from Nikon is a wild rumor – but hey, they could bury Canon now with that 🙂

        • I got some tips on that, but it is still up in the air – I posted that on the blog today.

      • Jabs

        I hope that Nikon does not make a 1920x1080HD 8megapixel $16,000.00 US body.

    • Landscape Photo

      An entry-level full frame with EVF (EVIL FX) 🙂

      And a bunch of new pancakes 🙂

    • St.

      It’s going to announce a new FILM camera – X7. Since all “X” are already occupied with in the Digital world, as every company besides Nikon has now X model digital camera.
      The new X7 will have a LCD display at the back. No preview feature will be available – only Live view until you get the shot.
      Nikon is also buying Kodak (what’s left of it) so it can distribute it’s own film.

  • NikoFanboy

    HI broxibear,

    Thats not a problem mate. I thought it would be interesting to speculate what the 3rd announcement would be.

    Probably Peter/Admin should be able to verify that?

    • everything that I expect to be announced in the next few months is in this post:

      I have no reason to believe that there will be something else/surprise

      • EnPassant

        Thom Hogan seem to think Nikon will introduce something “BEYOND” D800 and Coolpix-cameras. That could of course be just a lens, even DX, that we already had rumors about. But also something else.
        He also writes about three new “SIGNIFICANT” cameras being announced in February. Nikon D800 and Olympus OM-D are two. And the third one? Canon 5D MkIII? Or?

  • kiezko

    Is this going to be the first trial of the D800????

  • NikoFanboy


    Can you confirm if 800mm F/5.6 VRII is in the release list on the 7th?

    Are there any other lenses expected in the release?

    • have not heard anything on this 800mm f/5.6 lens, this is what I expect:

      • Correction, I just heard something about a 800mm f/5.6 lens. I would not put much faith in that rumor. No way this lens will be announced for the CP+ show next month. Earliest possibility is Photokina if at all.

        • NikoFanboy


          I thought 800mm would be released anytime before london olympics. Is that a possibility?

          • no, the earliest I heard is Photokina, but I am still not convinced that Nikon will release such lens

            • NikoFanboy

              HI Peter/Admin,

              Thanks for confirming that. Then, what was all about that patent for 800mm f/5.6? I am sure this is one of the most sorted lenses after all. I hope they do release sooner rather later.

  • WUff1

    I think this is the new entry-level FX-camera, the Nikon D8000 – with EVF and “scene modes” like landscape, portrait, macro and so on.
    Maybe there´s no semipro-body like D300(s) and D700 anymore – this cameras looks small, very small for a “pro FX-body”. So you´ll need a tripod collar even with lenses like the 14-24 or the 24-70 …

    If the new camera really is the size of D7000, there´s no chance I´ll ever buy it.

  • mirek

    personally i think that quality of the presented now and before pictures of the possible D800 is too low to say that they fit each other

  • NG42

    Kind of sucks Nikon is releasing all this super expensive stuff I can’t afford. Wish they would release some new entry level DSLRs.

    • BartyL

      Depends how ‘new’ you need it to be. The D5100 shares the same sensor and IQ as the D7000 (as far as I know) and is relatively affordable.

  • Smudger

    There y’go the next big thing:

    pre-dropped lenses.


    • Landscape Photo

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ken

    crap pic, camera sitting on some surface and a simple pic can’t be taken of it…plus if they want you to believe it is real they are on the wrong side to display the D800 logo…!!

    • Markus

      Ah I see what you mean, well that probable has to do that the image of the camera is taken with a camera with a mirror inside, so it should be shown at the other side in the image 😉

  • Jabs

    Here is the reason why the Nikon D4 probably does not have wireless built-in.

    It is – Sealed Thoroughly Against Moisture, Dust & Electromagnetic Interference.

    To those who still don’t get it:
    The camera is designed to block interference and thus putting Wi-Fi antennae in the body would mean NO Wi-Fi signal, basically.

    • woutk89

      nice find jabs!

    • AnoNemo

      With all due respect what you said is not true. There are ways to properly place antennas in a metal body. Apple and Samsung can do it in uni-body aluminum and magnesium alloy body is no different.

      Just a little hint, how do you seal it against electromagnetic interference when you have that big hole where the lens is attached? Oh, you have to cover the circuit-boards. 😉

      Look, the reason is that Nikon did not want to include WiFi. That’s it.

      • Jabs

        The answer is very simple and you will probably use this against me – so who cares, as the response is for the Board’s benefit.

        1. The antennae in laptops are usually placed around the LCD or LED Monitor frame in multiple positions where there is no metal.
        2. When you put the lens on the camera it is now sealed and perhaps Nikon also seals the lenses from electro-magnetic interference.
        3. Refer to the iPhone 4 for an example of this malady.

        You love to start issues perhaps because you are not good at figuring things out yourself or perhaps because my Engineering background allows me to ferret out the technical things – go look up the properties of magnesium. Issues develop here when YOU try and tell us all of your baseless concerns and then illogical ideals masquerading as solutions based upon what you want or perceive is best.

        Leave me alone and I will do the same for you.

        • AnoNemo

          Finally, then please avoid responding to my posts as well. Thanks.

  • BartyL

    Contrary to a lot of the comments above, I think this is EXACTLY how the D800 will look. This image highlights a revolutionary new security feature: By extending the sensor cleaning process to make the whole body vibrate the camera and any attached lens is made permanently ‘blurry’, thereby confusing and deterring potential camera thieves. It should also assist with camouflage for wildlife shooters.

    Bravo Nikon, bravo!

  • Doug

    The only reason for me not buying the D4 it is the mere size and weight of that thing, ill would look ridiculous trying to carry that thing around and not being able to use it properly, that and the fact that i have a 3 y/o son that i need to feed.

  • MarkH

    But why, oh why, are these photos always no better than fuzzy UFO photos? And I’ve still yet to see evidence of a UFO.


  • toad


    With the D800 all Nikon lenses will now work as tilt-shift lenses.

    Quite a breakthrough.

  • Chris Ni
    • Doug

      Thank for the link above very instructive

  • Saw the D4 at Imaging USA. If it’s any indication, I’m sure the D800 will be spectacular (too bad it sounds like it won’t have the focus system, that’d be nice!)

  • Oh I think it nice camera.

  • Admin, have you heard if the D800 will have the 5:4 aspect ratio option that is in the D3? This option is helpful for shooting magazine and prints without cropping.

    As a side note, I jumped ship on Canon in November and grabbed a D700 and couldn’t be happier with the results.. My advice to others is that if you don’t NEED a new body, or dont have the chips for an 800, grab what you can and SHOOT!!


    • Have not heard a out 5:4 aspect ratio in the D800

  • Jeez, that camera looks so ugly and small compared to the D700 or even D300. I hate how Nikon is making all their camera bodies smaller. I love a big heavy camera, makes it feel more like something that wont break like the D7000. And that price, 4 grand? WTF, compared to 3 grand on the D700. I might as well save a little more and get the D4 for 6k, instead of this d3100 looking thing in the picture. Hopefully this isnt the D800, if so, Ill be sorely disappointed.

  • Anne

    For AnoNemo>,1_8405
    …….INTERVIEW: Lars Pettersson, Nikon

    Commented that the D4 offers a network port and optional Wi-Fi transmitter. Why not integrate directly into the camera body?

    The all-metal structure of the D4 makes one wonder where to place the antenna. Furthermore, it is much easier to write this little device in the service if it breaks or has a problem than having to carry the entire chamber.

    I think the professional likes to decide what things or not your camera instead of finding directly integrated. On the other hand, thanks to its elevated position offers excellent coverage.

    It is important to remember that [module] WT-5 not only lets you send images wirelessly, but also control other cameras. We can shoot a total of eight bodies from a single camera directing.

    • Jabs


      Thanks for this link and that find.

      I hope the person reads that and then realizes that metal bodies such as magnesium alloys often are ‘magnetic shields’ themselves, so nowhere to put an antenna within the body as it is shielded.

    • jan

      The same Nikon told us at the pressconference,.. metal structure and wireless are not perfect combos.

  • Charlie

    If the D800 is a 36MP camera, I assume this means that setting it to crop mode will give you essentially a D7000? If they manage to get the same performance (but on a 2.25x larger sensor) then that’s quite an exciting idea!

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