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  • neversink

    Good for Nikon Rumors for participating….

    It would seem that any such bill passed would be a direct violation of the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech we all cherish….

    • Blender

      Bill of rights? Freedom of speech..?
      Only place you’re free, is in your mind.

      However; Still; I support the notion.

      • matgay

        like the wiretap laws supposedly written for terrorism but used against everyone and anyone without recourse, these bills are abuse magnets. moreso than for copyright protection, it is to muzzle any discontent such as wikileaks. google criticized china for censorship, now america has adopted that censorship. america = china internet. who governs and how to possibly enforce? does 1 single occurance mean the site is shut down? 2? 3? and without due process, of shutting a site rightly or wrongly so, what prevents abuse of power? what is a site like wikileaks legit did not plagiarize any photo or any saying, butan unscrupulous dark entity steals those legit photos or sentences and then copyrights them, just to shut down a controversial site? bogus copyright protection is just a pretext catalyst to turn into a china internet of censorship!

        • NyconNeoColonialsit

          “like the wiretap laws supposedly written for terrorism but used against everyone and anyone without recourse”

          If this were true then why hasn’t this been in the news? Your tin foil hat must be blocking the signal

          • matgay

            google: wiretap + laws + abuse

            your ignorance is helpless 🙁

            • NyconNeoColonialist

              Nope, no stories where the wire tapping is being used “against everyone and anyone without recourse”?

              your paranoia is sad.

          • phosphoro

            Been investigated, but probably not in the US. I think some commie paper like New York Review of Books might have run a few articles.

      • Rep


  • Ren Kockwell

    Fight the power.

    • Y.

      I am glad to see Nikonrumors join the protest against the corporate agenda. The extent to which the U.S. Congress has chosen to openly act as a servant of the interests of corporations should be of concern to everyone.

      • iamlucky13

        I’m also glad to see awareness and opposition to these bills…


        …have those of you voicing that opposition here taken the simple step of writing to, calling, or emailing your Congressmen?

        It doesn’t matter how much we talk about SOPA and PIPA on Nikon Rumors, Wikipedia, Craigslist, or elsewhere. None of the people you will encounter there have any say on the laws.

        If our Congressmen, on the other hand, who largely don’t read Nikon Rumors, are only hearing the opinions of the lobbyists for Sony and the media companies, they’ll think there’s not much opposition.

        • neil davies

          get rid of ’em then

        • arizonaSteve

          I wrote both my senators, and my representative last night. Go to their site. It is as easy as sending an email.

          • I did the same thing – every representative has a contact form on their website, it takes 1 min to do it.

        • paf

          +1 to iamlucky13

          … and even those outside of US and can voice their stance to US Dept Of State!

          That’s where corporate agendas cross too far into our lives!

        • Matt

          I have written my congressmen on this. Everyone else should too.

  • V

    Well they think that can do whatever they want but we are more. So they should be afraid of us! As we have the power they just try to make us believe that we don`t have but the truth is that we have everything!

  • I am getting tired of seeing blacked out web pages all over the place. Freshly Pressed on is blacked out. Description boxes on flickr are blocked out. Do we need to fight censorship with censorship?

    • This is exactly why I did not block NR 100%

      • Admin, you did the reasonable thing and so did many other sites. I feel a bit overwhelmed by all this. Hopefully our leaders will realize what a mistake this approach is.

        Even photo hosting could be affected by these proposals because the host would be responsible for copyright violations.

        • funny thing is because this bill was even introduced, you are going to shits! they are throwing what sticks, and these bills are not going away. they will keep on trying different revised versions.

          maybe throw out the most ridiculous version first and if it shot down, easier to pass a “lite” version which is still bad but passable

    • Ken Elliott

      This is done to give people a taste of what is to come if these bills pass. In theory, Nikon USA could claim copyright to a image, letter, or contents of an email, and shutdown NR.

      Just that possibility of that occurring is enough to prevent investors and advertisers from using the site. Some sites will just vanish for lack of funds. Most photo sites would be only one upload away from being shut down.

    • Andrew

      Censorship is when a government, institution, or person impose their will on another person for political, financial, religious, or moral reasons. It is not censorship when a site owner decides to protest an issue by not providing a free service that you are not paying for. I personally do not mind being inconvenienced by the protest.

  • Captian Obvious

    Glad to see your advertisements are still showing up (along with the rest of your posts) as you “protest.”

    • dervish


  • See me

    US citizens were so easy to support fascist government in Washington to collaterally and regularly bomb and kill innocent people all around the world, act to allow arresting people, torturing and containing them indefinitely without any evidence or trial etc.
    This is just an extension of what the fascist do, they are denying and taking away people freedom and rights, the only difference is this will impact US citizens too.

    • neversink

      This is a website and so it has an interest to take part in this political protest.

      However, I imagine you think the US is the cause of all the fighting and bloodshed in the world. I suggest you take a look at what has gone on in:

      *** Syria

      *** the Islamic world where fanatical zealots have taken over and stone their own women to death and where the only rights you have is the right to pray….

      *** Tibet – where the Chinese have systematically taken monks to the countryside and they are never heard from again

      *** Sudan – Where the muhajadeem fundamentalists declared war on the souther inhabitants for years and years. Read “What is the Wot.”

      *** South Sudan – Where, after finally having secured their freedom from the tyrannical north Sudanese leaders, their is horrific ethnic fighting going on as I write this

      *** China – where repatriated peasent land is still being stolen by the Communist Party to give to factory owners and speculators a reason to make more money and employ their population at low wages with no benefits

      *** North Korea.- where millions of people died from starvation while a puny dictator pursued his god-like dreams of being “loved” by his people who he stepped on every day.

      The list goes on and on and on where the US is not involved, but I am sure in your petty little mind, Mr See Me, you will try to deceive everyone with your self-righteous little lies and conspiracy theories.

      This is a photography site, not a place for you to spread your little lies….

      • hm

        As opposed to your “little” lies?

        • neversink

          Continue to be self-righteows…

          Just for fun.. I’ll add another one to the list. Somalia – Their people are in fear. El Shabbab is running guns and drugs into Kenya, and kidnapping people. They are killing their own people and tourists – like the ill woman from France on vacation they executed after kidnapping her. They hijack ships in international waters.

          Kenya has decided it is time to put a stop to this and they have a little war going on to end the terrorism exported into Kenya by Somalia’s El Shabbab…. I don’t have to lie. The truth is clear. Only little imbeciles who blame everything on the US have to lie. You see no other wrongs in the world or even talk about them… Why are you even on this site.

          • Neil Davis

            So, because the US disagrees with the policy of other countries, they carpet bomb, nuclear bomb, then legislate against them. Seems liek a much friendlier policy.

            • NyconNeoColonialist

              Carpet Bombing is so00 1980s

              Nukes? Sometimes you have to kill a few 10s of thousands to save millions

            • Neil Davis

              Seriously I cannot read if you are being sarcastic or not. Luckily the Japanese are not ones to bear a grudge so we can still rumour about their forthcoming cameras after killing 300,000 of them with a couple of nukes. Oh and we can still write about it on the net because this bill hasn’t gone through yet.

            • NyconNeoColonialist

              I cannot read if you(Neil) are being sarcastic or not.

              If the US was as you say “disagrees with the policy of other countries, they carpet bomb, nuclear bomb, then legislate against them.”

              Then France would be a wasteland.

            • Ren Kockwell

              The weak and disenfranchised always bitch about the strong. All governments are imperfect because they are run by humans. It has always been thus. The least you can do is present a valid argument. Neversink presented tangible examples. The rest of you weakly and unintelligently name-called. Passion is cancelled out by ignorance.

            • Spooky

              If you would read deeper in the WW2 history, then you would know that the Japanese generals didn’t wanted to give up the war and the USA just had the possibility to invade the japanese mainland which would have caused far more death or drop a bomb to force them to give up.

              So they dropped one nuke and STILL the japanese didn’t wanted to give up. Only after the second bomb the emperor stopped everything by managing to talk over the radio – the generals were still not for peace talks.

              Get your facts straight before talking dumb Anti-USA glibberish!

              I am from Switzerland and I am damn happy for what the USA did for us and the whole continent Europe!

          • nn

            Neversink is a filthy brainwashed assmerican

      • Toecutter

        Right on bro.The US has never believed in propping up tinpot dictators or sponsored foreign wars.

        • ne

          The US has not always been innocent… but they certainly aren’t the cause of all the wars and injustices in the world… so what is your point….

        • NyconNeoColonialsist

          the world is a dangerous place and sometime you have to deal with unsavory people to protect your own interest.

          • hmm

            Exactly!, and it’s called double moral.

            • Ren Kockwell

              It’s called reality. Show me another world super power that has been more fair and just more often. Every government has corrupt representatives. Not all governments have the tools in place to peaceably remove them.

          • Another Brainwashed

            They want us to be nice when we’re dealing with dictators the likes of Hitler and Mussolini!

            • neversink

              What a joke…. Don’t forget that Japan had three different on-going projects in World War II to build nuclear weapons. do you think that Japan would have given a second thought as whether to use those weapons or not?? They would have used them in a second, and numerous times.

              During the fighting on those miserable pacific islands, the Japanese would rather lose 10,000 soldiers than surrender. They worshiped their emperor as if he was a God.

              Germany also had plans to build a nuclear weapon but the US and allies defeated them and freed western Europe before Germany could develop such weapons….

            • Ren Kockwell

              Actually, many of the important German scientists and engineers defected and helped the Allies build those weapons.

    • iamlucky13

      You know about those actions, and you know both sides of the story about the events leading up to those actions, because of the free exchange of information in the US.

      Piracy is a legitimate concern. But protection against piracy is not a fundamental right like freedom of speech. Pursuing those guilty of piracy is nowhere near important enough to justify infringing on the free speech of the innocent.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Well said.

    • NyconNeoColonialst

      “War is hell”
      William Tecumseh Sherman

  • broxibear

    “Six U.S. lawmakers dropped their support for Hollywood-backed anti-piracy legislation as Google Inc., Wikipedia and other websites protest the measures.”

  • Komalkumar

    Internet is the BIGEST treat to the Authority every were in the world, Every political leader or head of state wants to stop it… was good when it was giving money but now it has gained power to through them away and so it is time for them to STOP IT

  • Michael

    Well, American politicians just not seem to be the most intelligent persons in this world. Short sighted.Political gain. The world according to Facebook,,,,

  • Yarrus

    Laws kill the art too!

  • BasJ

    Hmm that first photo looks a bit underexposed to me…

    But seriously, best of luck in fighting PIPA and SOPA, that would seriously hurt internet freedom. Even in the very liberal Netherlands they are starting to ask ISPs to block access to certain sites. Not good.

    • Haha

      That was a good one!

  • simpleguy

    to think that the interenet was once as free as anarchy , and now its going towards becoming the same exact thing we have in reality – million of rules ,regulations, censorship and advertisement\propaganda everywhere , the web has been and will always be an anarchy system if they try to fight it , it will be between hackers and systems security protectors ( which was probably once hackers themselfs ) , even if in its foundation anarchy is not such a good thing , its always better to be free than to be confined

  • NG42

    Props to you Nikon Rumors for doing this!

    • Mark J.

      Yeah, kudos NR for putting this up. You could easily alienate a segment of your audience by taking a political/social stance unrelated to this site. but felt this was a worthy cause and something worth showing your support for. And for that, we thank you 🙂

    • +1

  • Shane

    It has to take US congressmen to do something silly like trying this
    This would kill alot of good sites and limit others but I can’t see it take full effect even if it did come to law as the Internet is worldwide & not just cause those congressmen think the world evolves around US law it doesn’t

  • Ralph

    It was intersting to see how low the US gets rated as a democracy given all the sabre rattling it does around the world in the interest of democracy. Unfortunately US politics has been taken hostage by special interest and lobby groups out to feather their own nests. You only need to look at the spending of PACs in the primaries. The common person is irrelevant in the US, only big corporations count, the extension of copy right timelines from 50 to 75 yrs was just a windfall to record lables and other copyright owners.

    I think ISPs should take action, I think they should start by taking down the sites of all congressmen and block all their communications on twitter, facebook etc, Perhaps a little of their own medicine would persuade them.

    • Fredbare

      What a wonderful idea but then the ISPs would be accussed of ‘UnAmerican Activities’

    • neversink

      My friend, the common person may be irrelevant in the US, but so many people still want to come and live in the states; and many willing to risk their lives to do so…. Why do you suppose that is???

      If you think the individual is irrelevant in the US, check out what freedoms people don’t have in China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Myramar,

      Go visit Iran and maybe you’ll be arrested for being a spy for just taking a hike or visiting your relatives. Go to most Arab countries as a woman and don’t cover your face. See what happens to you after you are arrested. Try to hold hands outside the safe tourist & hotel zones with your spouse in Kuwait and see what happens to you after you are arrested.

      Yeah, at least in the US you can protest and not be shot. At least in the US, their citizens issues can be discussed and debated and change occurs. It may take time, but positive change has occurred in the US and it will again.

      Go check out what happens when you protest in China…

      By the way, speaking of China, have you seen the global agenda. They are in every third-world nation in the world they can bribe their way into — and extracting resources. They even bring in their own labor to work in live in Chinese factories in foreign countries. Some of this Chinese labor doesn’t even get paid as they were prisoners in China.

      It’s so easy and popular to always criticize the US and blame all the world’s problems on Uncle Sam…

      • Fredbare

        You’re obviously too young to know what happened in the anti Vietnam demonstrations then – or is the history just hidden?
        In reality no one worries if the US enacts any internal legislation, it’s when they think that they have global authority that people get upset.
        Certainly no country is blameless on this planet, it’s just that they forget – or just have selective memories.
        As for many people wanting to emigrate to the States, well that’s just because the only thing they know of the US is the movies they see – and that’s about to stop for many.
        If these laws are passed then expect many companies to move off-shore.

    • NeconNeoColonialist

      US is a Representative Republic. Which is a really bad way to run a country but it’s better than the alternatives.

  • Maddog

    As I write this, the Prez is apparently leaning toward vetoing sopa if it reaches his desk, which is also in doubt since it is losing support due to the efforts of people on the net among others (Kudos NR). Even though he gets a lot of support from people in Hollywierd and the entertainment industry in general even he hears the will of the voter occasionally. So it may die in committee or whereever else unsupported bills go to die…But, I suspect we will see bits and pieces of it tacked onto other bills as it goes into stealth mode. So they will try to get this one way or another. Of course, there are always ways around these kind of things as hackers come up with new expoits, etc…

    • iamlucky13

      He has said he opposes it in its current form. He’ll consider signing a modified version of either bill.

      He said exactly the same thing about the 2012 defense spending act that included a provision allowing US citizens to be held indefinitely without trial or charges.

      The changers he wanted were made, and he signed it. Now it is permissible to hold a suspect indefinitely without trial or charges, or even legal representation, but the military has to make them available to the FBI for questioning if desired. That was the change he was seeking.

      Don’t ever assume that a politician has your interests at heart simply because his stance on a certain proposal matches yours.

      • Ric


  • Bjrichus

    I too am glad to see [NR] in on this, not anything to do with the political issues mind you (I have my own views about that and they’ll stay my views), or because I am pro-piracy or anything like that, but because the two acts before the legislators now are very bad laws indeed and should not pass.

  • Dweeb


    But it’s the paid lobbyists that are the real problem. The Bill would have never been tabled without them.

    • BartyL

      Those who pay the lobbyists are the real problem.

  • Juergen.

    Thanks for participating in the protests against SOPA and PIPA!

  • Harry

    I feel like this all just fear mongering, how can we oppose a legislation that has not been written yet?
    Let wait until we have something to complain about, and then we will not look like a bunch of whiners!
    I believe that in part the internet is broken, it’s a place to get free copyrighted materials delivered to our computers without consequence and as photographers, videographers and artists we should want intellectual property protected, otherwise we better not complain when our copyrights are violated! And eventually they will be!!!

    • I am currently following up copyright violations of my images and there is virtually nothing I can do to stop it.

      • In the US there is a lot you can do – in addition to filing a lawsuit, you can contact Google to delist that website from their search index (I have done this in the past and it works), you can also contact the host of the violating website to suspend their account, just do a Google search and you will get all the links, even a ready letter you can send.

  • improper nikonian

    Now, back to the main issue….. Nikon, where’s D800?

    • Ric

      and CNX3!

  • Say no to SOPA and PIPA!

    • Ric

      We love Pippa

  • Jade

    that’s why i am learning Chinese, the true revolution is there 🙂

  • chlamchowder

    IP blocking, DNS hijacking, deep packet inspection, blackmailing businesses, and bypassing the due process to more quickly attack free speech aren’t new. But those methods didn’t work in China or Iran, and I have yet to hear of a country that has successfully “purified” the internet to fall in line with a certain group’s interests. Those methods are not going to work here.

    Oppose SOPA, PIPA, and anything else that threatens the neutrality and freedom of the internet!

    To the content industry, learn to live with new technology and accept that progress happens in society rather than trying to sue everyone back to the stone age.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Frankly, I also question the numbers that Hollywood and the Recording Companies have been putting out regarding the fiscal damage piracy has done to them. Piracy is wrong and should be stopped where it can. But it is no different than mail fraud. You can’t censor the mail to try to stop fraud.

    How many Internet pirates would actually turn into purchasers if it suddenly became impossible for them to download tomorrow? Not many I suspect. Granted it’s not all about money, but let’s be honest, it’s mostly about money.

    These groups failed to react promptly to the burgeoning technological change in the delivery systems of their respective industries. That is not our fault, and while these industries are not small, they are merely a drop in the bucket compared to the level of commerce and ideas exchanged conducted on the Web on a daily basis. So it’s a big deal to them, not to us. They need to figure out how to work WITHIN the system to catch violators instead of trying to legislate to ALTER the system.

    They’re looking for a quick fix as an alternative to creative thinking.

  • D700

    So this site is political now?

    Wtf does this have to do with camera rumors?

    • enesunkie

      NR is a web site on the internet and this has everything to do with it’s future existance.

  • baked bananas

    It’s a done deal already. The only way to stop it is to declare war against the United States and defeat its armed forces, perhaps through revolution via terroristic means. Aint that the way the country was founded? When i was a boy there was these things made of paper called BOOKS. The internet didn’t exist back then.

    Nothing to see here move on.

  • Anonymus Maximus 1st

    Well in Germany a newly founded political party with the net freedom agenda as their main agenda has been elected to the state parliament of Berlin.
    That might or might not be the next green movement.

    Experience shows that one grievance parties seem to come and go quickly. However the big ones tend to absorb their agenda to get the vote back. And there are federal elections upcoming.

  • Ric


    Looks good in a white dress.

  • Chris P

    Regarding politicians, of whatever country and party, the following quote should always be remembered.

    ‘A honest politician is one who, when bought, stays bought.”

  • Allan

    So all of you in here, are against copyright – then shame on YOU ALL

    • Nobody here is against copyright, we are against censorship! Big difference.

  • Mats Carnmarker

    Thank you Nikon Rumors for standing up against this. It’s a scary world USA is creating the last few decades, especially the last one.

    I’m brought up in US private schools, great teachers and school program, and my dream as a teenager was to move to the USA. Today it’s one of the last countries I would ever set my foot in, if I have a choice.

    It’s scary to see what path the US has taken from being the open a free country and USSR being one of the extremes at the other spectrum with it’s totalitarian control and indoctrination of it’s people and media. Last 30 years have turned USSR towards what Us was and US into what USSR was.
    USA today stands for (in the eyes of most of the rest of the World):
    Control of it’s people.
    Control of media (though in US it’s private individuals and not the state, which is not much better).
    Colonization. Stealing resources from other countries (just a lot of bogus excuses for attacking another country). The rest of the world stopped doing this at least 150 years ago.

    USA is going backwards while the rest of the world is moving forwards.

    Now with these acts (SOPA, etc) the US is trying to control even more of the outside world (and in the US too of course). Sadly the rest of the world has not come together to knock US down. We have a bunch of weak ass kissing leaders that do almost anything the US tells them to do.

    The only US president the last 30-50 years that could have the balls to go against this is Obama but he’s got hell getting US back on track with all the religious fanatics and powerful companies that actually rule the politicians.

    • NyconNeoCololinialis

      Please stay where you are. You don’t understand the US.

      We don’t want nor need to be europe. Thank God for the Atlantic ocean. You can have your socialism. Obama will be gone in 12 months and the US will be better for it.

      • Mats Carnmarker

        Ow, I understand the US. You having hard time reading what I wrote?
        If you don’t want anything to do with Europe or the rest of the World then you got to get it into that pea brain that you should quit behaving like medieval colonialists and let the rest of the world be. Would you like us to invade your country just because we don’t like your leader? get real and stop being so superior in attitude, and stop spreading your fanatic religion too. You are no better than the extremist muslims with your propaganda and trying to spread YOUR views and values, corrupt values at that, to the rest of the World. We don’t want your crap culture (lol, what culture?).

        • NyconNeoColonialist

          You do not one bit and your little rant proves it.
          Everything you wrote is wrong and bass ackwards. It maybe what you and your socialistic little friends believe.

          Show me where resources are stolen?
          Show me where the media is controlled?
          Show me ONE instance were the US is spreading “Fanatic Religion” ONE!

          What has your panties so up in a bind anyway?

  • GeoffK

    Sure, let’s support intellectual theft. I hope none of you mind when I use your photo’s to make money and dont give you a cut. /shrugs

    • Allan


    • chlamchowder

      Sure, let’s allow record companies to shut down sites, bypassing the due process by placing the burden on internet sites to prove that they aren’t infringing. All they have to do is accuse some site of infringement, and unless that site manages to file a counterattack fast enough, it’s subject to the same censorship methods used by Iran and China.

      Making money off someone else’s work without permission is terrible and should be stopped, but the potential for abuse is enormous. Keep in mind that small sites probably don’t have a load of full time lawyers on payroll, so they might not even know what hit them before its too late.

    • I am not supporting piracy of copyrighted content. There are many other ways to protect intelectual property, blocking websites because they may have a link to website that at some point hosted copyrighted content is not the solution.

      • Mats Carnmarker


        Don’t always take the easiest way out, we humans tend to do that. It often ends up creating more problems than it solves. Problems are never really solved this way, just like with wars. What’s needed is to go to depth with the problem and not more control systems on us.

    • Mats Carnmarker

      You’ve really lost it Geoff. Comparing multinational maffia companies with an individual.
      Actually many upcoming starting artist DO give away their music so that they can sell more. Even software producer, some very big knows ones (I wont mention), don’t make their protection against copying them or creating serial keys any strong because they want as many users as possible to get used to them for them later to get the money when these persons get a job and demand to use the programs they are used to.

      ME? I’m not at all greedy so I actually give away my photo work if it’s for a good cause and stop others from using or even paying me if I don’t like their cause or use of it.
      All I need is food on my table every day, that’s all. I don’t even have a motor vehicle and never have had one. The jeans I bought 25 years ago still work. TV is also 25 years old, my first one. I get along real fine and love my life.

      • GeoffK

        Mats .. were you talking to me ? I do not see anywhere in my post that I talked about maffia (sic) companies. Where did your rant come from ?

  • Isukay

    So, Iran and China censors the internet because they don’t want their people to go where they want to, and the US is trying to censor the internet because they don’t want people to steal what they want to. Am I missing something here?

  • Ric

    Under SOPA, you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song. One year
    more than the doctor who killed him.

    • Ace

      Now that is funny as hell.

  • Junior


    As a Developer country citizen, I am supporting this USA law, as it will open the multibillionaire market to us, that will be able to create new Googles, Facebooks and win money WITHOUT the restrictions USA is imposing to themselves – the rest of the world is not under USA laws…

    Are you crazy american congressists?
    Well, we will THANK YOU ALL!

    • Mats Carnmarker

      This is where you are so wrong. The US laws pertaining to Internet DO affect all peoples of the world. You need to read up on this.
      Even other laws are actually forced on to other countries too. Do as we say or we will make your economy crash, is basically all US says if others don’t comply.

      • Allan

        And there you are soooo wrong. It amaze me that some americans still believe that the control the world, they don’t, and will never again.

        • Ace

          I agree with Allan. Because of how naive Yankees are … they will self implode. It is just a matter of when. There are almost 200 countries in the world, many of which are quite poor, but many which are not and can do fine without Yankee influence. It may be a little painful at the start, but others will survive.

  • Isukay

    Is everyone blind? People are stealing ALL OVER THE WORLD, so DUH on “it will affect the world”.

  • Isukay

    Hey Mats, last I checked Syria and Iran are still around. Show me one country the US “ruined” that already hasn’t been “ruined” by itself. Honestly, people exaggerate the power of the US too much. If countries allow the US passage then they’re either weak sissies or they want something out of it too.

  • just to prove my point – you can still fight piracy without SOPA & PIPA:

    it seems also that all online activities yesterday did make sense – this is why I did it:

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