Nikon V1 is now available in white

Today Nikon USA released a white color version of the Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless camera. Until now, only the black V1 was available in the US. Expect the camera to be on sale in stores in the next few days.

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  • Mcucuzza


    • enesunkie

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Boing Wronkwell

        Getting closer … to Vomit color!

        • Andrew

          This is a sick comment, you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • McJaber

            Who cares what color this pointless camera comes in….I bet I know which color the d800 will come in….if it ever comes out….sigh

            • Andrew

              If the camera is pointless, then stay on your bicycle and ride past the store, no one cares about your views. My point is not about the color, but the incorrigible language used to describe the color. Some people lack simple decency when they communicate in public.

  • Jason

    Totally unrelated comment… beware of Nikon’s promise of 400,000 shutters in D4 or 200K for D800. My D700 failed at 60k, well below 150k promise within 2 years, and Nikon is charging $350 to fix it…. they will not honor 150K shutter… So, even if you buy 400k shutter, after 1 year, your on your own. So much for exaggerated shutter advertisement…

    • that’s more the exception than the rule… Still, it is kind of odd that they wouldn’t cover it just from the standpoint that you’ve invested a lot of money with their company and obviously got a lemon… Seems like it should’ve been a cheap & easy customer service win.

      • NoFunBen

        i got 220k on a D700 and 450k on a D3
        just a one year warranty may seem short but canon does the same.
        does any camera maker do more?

        • Morinu

          Leica does 3 years 😛

          • Discontinued

            Collector items rarely develop issues. They can sit in their shelfs for ages without any problems.

          • T.I.M

            There is a shutter in a Leica ?

        • VJ

          I think it is 2 years in EU, due to EU legislation regarding warranty on products.

          • Nik

            Nikon products have a 2 year warranty here in Canada

            • inginerul

              Some Nikon cameras (D51000 and others) have a 3 year warranty here in Romania, with the involvement of the official Nikon importer in Romania. All of the others that have not 3 years, have 2.

    • Jabs

      Was that in America and was the camera a gray market body?

      Was there physical damage to the shutter?
      Did you buy it new or used – meaning are you the registered original owner or such?


      • Jason

        Body is Nikon USA from b&H, not mis-used, dropped or water damaged. Nearly 2 weeks in service center… customer service is rubbing the warranty in my face – its 1 year, and am in 2 nd year. Really bummed out. I did not pay nearly $3000 for a bodyto last only 2 years and less than half the shutter life widely adverstised. Ridiculous!

        • PB PM

          So you want Nikon to pay for an out of warranty repair… umm okay.

          • VJ

            Well… AEG repaired my parent’s oven for free (broken computer), well outside of warranty, because the service guy claimed that “this type of malfunction should not occur within such a short amount of time and with normal usage”.

            So yes, Nikon is in their right for not fixing it under warranty. And of course the advertised shutter life is an average, but I can understand Jason’s frustration. It seems like a failure that came too early. It would have been a nice gesture of Nikon to replace it (e.g. at discounted price), and they could use it to check when/where the part was manufactured to perhaps verify if other parts from there exhibit similar failures.

          • Ren Kockwell

            No. He’s asking for Nikon to stand by an outrageous claim. There is a difference between strict legal observation of a warranty and honoring the spirit of that warranty. If you make an outrageous claim on a feature of your product, and that feature comes nowhere near fulfilling that claim, honor and fair play would dictate you reach some sort of moral middle ground.

            • Andrew

              We have to be careful not to jump into conclusions. We do not know the facts.

              All we are hearing is one side of the story. Not that I have reasons to doubt the storyteller’s account, but fairness dictates that we do not jump into conclusion until the other side tells their side of the story. There are just too many variables that could cause a manufacturer not to go beyond the terms of their warranty.

              For example, if a user claims that their shutter has become defective or is malfunctioning, there may exist instances where the problem may be caused by something else. A consumer may report that their car’s ignition is defective when the problem may be a drained battery. Or a user may buy a new car battery and it apparently died a week later, not knowing that they left their lights on all night. Just too many scenarios to consider before jumping into conclusions.

              We just don’t know the facts until the Nikon repair center examines their camera! If the repair center finds out that the problem was due to a manufacturing defect, then that is when we could expect them to possibly make adjustment to the charge. But what if the repair center determines that someone tampered with the camera, it becomes very messy for them to change their minds and then charge the customer more.

        • Jabs

          So Jason – are you saying that your one year Warranty has now expired but the camera did not last for the advertised shutter count?

          • neversink

            Nearly 300K on my d700 — i’m happy and glad to buying a
            d4.. Next time, buy an extended warranty…

        • Pat

          Have you thought taking Nikon to small claims court? I won over GM on a fuel injector issue and there’s a lady taking Honda to court over the difference in advertised mileage.

        • Andrew

          Jason, apparently you are angry with Nikon for the reasons you described. But unfortunately, the repair center must evaluate your camera and determine the true cause of the failure. In our business, we have had instances where customers have made exaggerated claims.

        • Buggaboo

          I’m sorry to hear of your predicament.
          By the sounds of it… the warranty coverage is much like car warranties where a car in north america has 4 years OR 80,000 mile warranty…
          Perhaps with the camera manufacturers, the warranty in the US is 1year OR 150,000 shutter actuations?
          Whichever comes first?

          I don’t know… sounds crappy but logical. Either way it sucks your camera broke down.

      • Now you’re sounding like that women behind the Nikon repair counter in L.A. 😉

        • Jason

          Nikon repair counter saying — yea, we advertise 400,000 shutter for D4. But, if it fails as early as 60k, you gotta pay for fixing it. We just said that at CES and marketing brochure, but that does not mean we stand behind it. Thats why we raised the shutter from 300,o00 for D3 to 400,000 for D4. Easy… we can promise anything, customer will pay to fix it anytime it fails. Easy promise, because we know hardly anybody will take 400,000 photos in one year warranty.

          • NoFunBen

            i have done 200k in a year. and i am only a part time pro. i could see a full timer getting there.
            but it does give you an idea of when it should break so you can plan for it.

            • PeterT

              Wow, that´s almost 550 per day and you say that you are only part time pro. Assuming that you shoot every second day that´s >1000 pictures per day – amazing…

              With less than 8 hours sleep / 16 hours awake per day that is roughly 1 shot / minute. Perhaps that is the new key figure: s/min (shots per minute) 🙂

          • bobby

            wow, that’s actually brilliant

          • fxed

            Enough already with your off topic post and crying. Blame yourself because you could have purchased the Nikon extended warranty up to the last day of the Nikon warranty. But you’ll say, what about the claim of 150k actuations, where in the warranty does it have that as an exclusion when the warrant ends? No where so let it go and pay to fix it remember the new warranty is good for only 90 days.

            • Jim

              Well, yeah, the shipping of a white consumer camera version is a very important topic indeed. What a pity that you got interrupted to discuss that in detail!
              And thank you so much for your recommendation of customers are to compensate with an expensive warrantee extension against declining business ethics. Wish you’ll get a lemon soon. Maybe that helps to rethink your position

            • fxed


              The extension costs about $180 for another year. It covers the entire camera, now is that to expensive to cover a $3000 camera that is one year old. Look I can’t help it if your a 99 percenter looking for something for free. Grow up and face the facts that your not going to get a trophy for coming in second. That you are so immature to wish ill on another shows your lack of ethics. And yes the topic is a white V1 and I doubt you have neither a J1 or V1.

          • Brian

            Let me guess Jason you’re actually a Canon user right.

    • Ben

      Let me guess, you get mad when you car breaks out of warranty and you have to pay the repair bill?

    • Ken Elliott

      >> “…beware of Nikon’s promise of 400,000 shutters …”

      Uh.. that is a design spec – a goal, if you will – NOT a promise.

      On the D4, they say “400,000-cycle tested shutter”. So that says that it is POSSIBLE to get 400,000 shots because SOME of them did. Since it is brand new, they really can’t know for sure how long they will last, right? So they offer a 1 year warranty to take care of any that have defects and fail quickly. Normally, that should take care of most, but there will be a few that fail sooner and a few that fail later. Sorry, you ended up on the wrong end. But I sure don’t blame you for trying, and it would bother me too.

      Chevy used to design their cars to last 100,000 mile, but the warranty expired after 12,000 miles or 1 year. Toyota had the same warranty, but designed their cars for 300,000 miles. The Toyota owner might be upset if it broke down at 150,000 miles, but still did better than the Chevy owner.

      Oops! Sorry for the car analogy. I thought I was on Slashdot for a moment…

      • Brian

        Here’s my definition of retard a Canon user posting lies on a Nikon forum thinking that this will convince us that we should switch to a more inferior Canon.

        • paf

          quit ya’ trolln’

          Neither one of the posts said anything about Canon – as as harsh as the last on is on the title and content, it is actually not quite off from the truth.

          It’s not about out of warranty repair – it’s about the shutter count rating that is dangled in front of everyone trying to lead us to believe that their equipment is tested, rated and extremely durable while in reality it’s not (an true, partially because there are lemons out there).

          but then again, not sure why I am explaining this, it doesn’t seem like you got the message in the first 80 posts so….

          • Jason

            Exactly right! Nikon is dangling a misleading shutter count to lead us to belive that their equipment is tested and rated very well – when in reality it is not. And when it fails, you pay for the fix, not Nikon. Since this approach is working — i.e., provide an enticing number, but not back it by service and make the customer pay for a fix, its easy to proclaim any number – as they are doing with D4 — 400,000, several times more than 150,000K for D700.

            It makes no sense in paying nearly $3000 to try my luck with shutter and a lemon that lasts only 2 years. Nikon must provide reasonable customer service to cover the expense to repair this pre-mature shutter failure.

            • Sandy

              Way to hijack a thread, Dweeb. Your camera failed OUT OF WARRANTY. You did not buy an extended warranty. And enough of your idiotic posts taking over threads. Whats this got to do with the V1? This isn’t your personal whine box. Nikon nowhere guarantees a minimum number of shutter actuation’s. MT-BF indicates it COULD be 300000, but of course no one knows, if they did they would include it in the warranty.

          • Brian

            I just want the person bitching about the shutter failure prove that he actually has a Nikon. Are we suppose to believe whatever he claims to be true?
            By the way what the hell this has to do with a White v1?

          • WoutK89

            It is always the people with a failure you hear shout out the loudest *sigh* Jason, in my eyes you are just crying for attention, because for this sort of off topic complaints NikonRumors has a beautiful Forum. All you did in this thread is create a lot of noise that isnt even about the White V1. We all know the 300K shutter life or whatever is an approximate that you should take as MOST of the cameras will reach this number.

      • VJ

        “So that says that it is POSSIBLE to get 400,000 shots because SOME of them did”
        I would rather say it is an average, comparable to a MTBF of a harddisk (Mean Time Between Failure), mainly derived from manufacturing specifications.

        The value is still an indication for the life expectancy, but no minimum or no value that just some reach. But even so, it still is a MEAN, implying some will have a longer lifetime and others a shorter. The increase of the value is an indication of the fact that on average the expected lifetime is longer.

        • Ken Elliott

          You said it better than I did. Sorry for the OP’s luck.

        • Jason

          Exactly, a MEAN number of 150,000 actuations for D700 is widely advertised. But, it fails at 60K…. less than half that mean. Therefore, my camera is an exception and a lemon. This is not vegas… am not paying nearly $3000 to try my luck and see how far my camera will last, and then, if it fails way prematurely, keep paying $350 each time to stay in the game, i.e., repair and be able to use the camera.

          Another odd thing is this: coolpix thru D4…. all are warranted for one year only. So, a $6000 body fails after a year, vs. $100 pocket camera… you are on your own, and be prepared to repair. Their specs are high as the sky, but when it comes to matching bombastic broadcast with guarantee, they shoo away with tail between their legs and decline.

          • WoutK89

            If someone can buy a 6000$ camera, they can allow themselves when something breaks (due to heavy use or whatever) to have it repaired. It is not like you have to pay for a new camera, it is already something you can consider. 350$ compared to spending 3000$ for a new cam is a lot better deal. You can not blame Nikon that you didnt take extended warranty.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Really, this is part of a greater underlying problem. One year is a rather pathetic and arbitrary amount of time to stand behind a $3-6K piece of equipment provided it is well cared for and fired within Nikon’s usage guidelines. To say they will stand behind it more for more money is kind of rotten. Comparing cars to cameras doesn’t justify the practice, it just underscores how unaccountable corporations are these days. If you had passion for your product, and it failed as poorly as this, you should feel some sort of shame charging for the repair.

              And really, it would not have cost them that much to have cut the bill a bit. They don’t HAVE to do it, but that kind of good will goes a long way. They don’t have to do this for everyone clearly, but proper discretion would elevate customer opinion. Which is pretty dismal for Nikon I must say.

              I bought a Nissan 300zx in the mid-nineties. During the second year (10K easy miles driven per year), all the fuel injectors needed to be replaced. By year five, I had replaced 38 injectors and had sunk about $25K into constant repairs.

              It was clear to everyone that touched it that I had a lemon. Lemon laws didn’t cover it and no lawyer thought I had a case. Even with their own mechanics calling Nissan directly, they would not admit any issues nor make any concessions.

              To this day, I speak ill of Nissan to all who listen and will never buy another car from them again. As a consumer, it is our only defense.

            • Andrew

              Ren Kockwell’s argument is – “[I had a bad experience with another company, and I believe this report that the camera’s shutter failed, therefore Nikon is bad.]” Such reasoning is illogical. Then he reasons, “[Nikon should treat some customers better than others]”. I have paraphrased his arguments, but they are sure inconsistent.

              The reason why people buy extended warranty is so they can insure against potential risks. I understand that about 6% of all manufactured products have some type of defect. Anyone that can afford a $6,000 camera should be able to afford the warranty. Nikon could have increased the price on their cameras and extended their warranty to 3 years, but I as a consumer would rather pay less, and have the choice to get the warranty or not. But if the product fails, and I did not buy the warranty, I have only myself to blame.

          • photdog

            I think Jason very rightfully complains about this issue!
            An educated person can know that drinking a certain white rum doesn’t beam you into the Caribbean. But it is expected too much to distinguish if a given number of shutter actuations is realistic. Nikon’s reply (quoted above) makes it pretty obvious, that they dupe a certain performance to customers to influence their buying behavior. And the customer cannot by all means influence if he’ll end up with a lemon or not. Given such a huge difference between the advertised performance (no matter if you interpret that as “promise” or not) every company is well counseled to carry out a good-will repair and maybe charge the shipping only, since the guaranty is gone. If they decide not to, the customer have the same right to publish this experience as the maker has to publish numbers of anticipated performance.
            I’d love regulations after which any advertiser must make things clear. Had Nikon clearly stated 200,000 actuations or 1 year, whatever comes first, customers would know. But to be that honest would take them too much bang off the 200,000 actuations, hence they leave it open and on top leave it to the customer if the actual performance is so obviously below the advertising. It doesn’t make it one bit better if hard disk makers do the same. I hate this attitude.

            • fxed


              You’ve been drinking to much of that white rum. Post back when your sober.

    • FM2Fan

      My D700 made it to approx 75.000 and has been repaired thanks to extended warranty by Nikon Switzerland – YES products can be complemented by service. I really wonder, why Nikon doesn’t offer a 2-3-5 years service contract on TOP, for those, who need it, but are not NPS.

      • WoutK89

        Because products are rated for a certain time, and then replaced by a newer model, with different parts. If you can extend warranty for too long they have to be able to supply all parts for as long as people have a warranty still (and remember, not everyone buys the camera first day released).

        • Jim

          arrgh, what ugly times the 70ties and 80ties must have been for you, times in which makers provided cameras, of which some work to the very day…

          • Buggaboo

            That was then… this is now.

            I guess the old saying applies here “they just don’t build things the way they used to”

    • M

      my D7000 shutter died at 53.000…
      got it back from nikon within two weeks (still in the warranty time span) and it works perfect…

      i heard some pretty bad things about nikon’s customer service. As for me, my first and only experience was absolutely satisfying.

    • XXY

      Don’t blame Nikon, you are just unlucky. The reliability function is normal distribution which means even most of shutters can work beyond 150k times but still little of them fail earlier. I know some of shutter counts are more than 400k on D700

      • Ren Kockwell

        You’re only supporting his argument.

        • Andrew

          You don’t even know whether this guy is speaking the truth or is a Canon fan boy, and yet you are jumping into all kinds of conclusion.

          All hardware will fail in time, and if you are unlucky, yours will fail unexpectedly soon. Companies that experience an unusually high failure rate will issue a recall. But don’t hate on any company, go buy yourself extended warranty!

          • Ren Kockwell

            B.S. If you make a product so crappy that it cannot last beyond one year of normal usage, you shouldn’t make that product. 365 days of use? You’ve got to be kidding. Why does Nikon support their products for a longer period in other countries then? It’s bullshit. They stand by their product for the least amount of time required by law in that country. That is not honor. That is shameful business practice.

            Ask anyone in finance and they will tell you what a scam 95% of all extended warranties are.

            • Andrew

              Do you take pleasure in forming opinions about things for which you have no facts to back you up? You lose your credibility when you accuse a company based upon one anonymous complaint, which you have done throughout this blog.

              You are confusing honor with good business practice. Nikon honors their warranty. And as far as warranties are concerned, many expensive electronic products come with a 3 month warranty. You should be happy that Nikon is giving you a 1 year warranty. And try to get your facts straight – Nikon supports their products, period! As far as warranty is concerned, where may be valid reasons why a company’s policies varies from one country to another, including import duties and government regulations. I am sure that Nikon will gladly increase your warranty if you are willing to pay more for their camera. The honorable thing to do is on your part, and not Nikon’s. Go get yourself extended warranty and stop complaining. Many people in Europe pay much more for their Nikon product than those in the United States.

              And extended warranty is not a scam, you have your facts wrong again. Extended warranty is an insurance policy. A scam is when you trick someone into parting with their money or possession illegally.

              I bought extended warranty for an Epson printer which have generally been very reliable, since I have purchased a number of Epson printers over the years. One of those printers became defective, and as a result of the extended warranty that I purchased, I was given a brand new printer. So again, you are all over the place with your arguments, calling a legitimate business practice a scam. I purchased a $400 iPhone with 64GB of memory and it came with a 1 year warranty, but I bought a $100 extended warranty to protect my investment. That is 25% of the price of the product. I am sure a Nikon DSLR extended warranty will cost much less as a percentage of the purchase price.

              And finally, I bought a Nikon SLR camera around 1987, and it still works, that is over 25 years later. I also bought another Nikon DSLR camera (D80) many years ago, and it also still works. Before running your mouth all around this blog, think before you talk!

            • Jason


              Do the “honorble thing” and buy extended warranty? So when Nikon misleads us to buy items with over-rated specs, and it fails, the customer should be “honorable” to pay Nikon to fix the product since they failed to deliver on their widely advertised specs? Customer should pay for his “bad luck” of getting a factory defect?

              You are saying this — Nikon, thank you for the camera that i paid $3000 for. Am much obliged. Can I pay you some more, as extended warranty, so when it fails to work as you promised, you will have no discomfort in fixing it? ‘Coz i love lemons!

    • Dude

      So you have a very expensive camera without a proper cover/insurance for it!?


  • T.I.M

    White, my non-favorite color !

    • not T.I.M

      I like the white. Very Apple-ish.

      • stepper

        Apple-ish? yuk!
        Sorry for the rant but I’m just plain sick of all things Apple. And even sicker with all things “Apple-ish”.

        • babay

          Aww baby can’t afford an iPad?

        • jk

          I agree with stepper…
          and yes I can afford an ipad…

          I can afford a D4 too… I could probably buy your house and become your landlord and kick you out of it. So relax, what you can and cannot afford is besides the point.

          • babay

            U mad bro?

          • Bash

            I can buy your sister and I’m poor.

            • fasho


  • texajoe

    Yes! Now there’s a camera to go with all those white lenses floating around.

  • Jabs

    Great – Nikon must now feel confident or perhaps caught up with Production to now introduce a new color to their V1.

    Number two CLS camera in Europe and maybe soon America.

    Way to go and then on to Nikon J2 and V2 maybe next year – lol.

    • Jason

      Body is Nikon USA from b&H, not mis-used, dropped or water damaged. Nearly 2 weeks in service center… customer service is rubbing the warranty in my face – its 1 year, and am in 2 nd year. Really bummed out. I did not pay nearly $3000 for a bodyto last only 2 years and less than half the shutter life widely adverstised. Ridiculous!

      • PHB

        Oh, did we give you the impression we cared? If so you were mistaken.

        You have hijacked this thread once and now you are off doing it again. Are you some kind of communist?

  • Shawn Y

    No pink? Get outta here…

    • Apis

      you should watch digitalrevcom. they paint cameras 🙂

      • Shawn Y

        I love that site.

        Very occasionally they’re also best priced on gear.

    • John M

      I know, right? What are they thinking?

    • John Richardson

      Pink (the new white) only if they have a commercial with a monkey on a cruise ship sporting a pink V1, then I will be on board.

      White (the new black) if they have him riding a camel with a parrot on his shoulder in Tokyo. I know I’m picky that way.

      Black … aw those things are all over the place, sooooo common. So 15 minutes ago.

      • PHB

        I thought that the two color thing was nonsense on the iPhone.

        Then I was in the store watching a long line of people buying HIS and HERS phones. Three months later I was buying the white one for my wifey.

        When the V2 rolls round having a way to tell the difference at a glance might well be very useful.

        I have the V1 and it is one of my favorite cameras. I can slip it in my pocket and forget about it. That was pretty well essential last weekend when I was at a SF convention. There is no way I could carry the D300 or any other DSLR and my other stuff without being aware that I had it the whole time.

        The V1 performed completely acceptably when I needed it and could be forgotten about the rest of the time. Just been having fun with the 18-200 on it. Pretty good reach.

  • Gary

    Yecch! If I wanted white, I’d be shooting Canon!

  • Art

    So Apple is now making cameras for Nikon?

  • Smithy

    The US is so far behind the rest of the world 😉

  • Interesting. So Nikon is making the camera fun as well as of outstanding quality. Good move! Now let’s see all the white lenses to go with it 🙂 For the record, though, if I buy one I’m getting a black one 🙂

    • Ashton must of asked for one to go with his white tux. 😉

    • fxed

      There’s the 10mm white/ black, 10-30 white/black, 30-110 white/black and the 10-100 but that lens comes only in black. I sugguest you read more about the system before you buy.

    • John Richardson

      Dude those white lenses are everywhere! Even in Budapest!

  • OMR

    Is it camera nurse?

  • Next month, blue and pink.

  • NoFunBen

    You may joke about the colors but my girl friend wants one in Pink.
    If the people buying the cameras think color maters then it does.

    • Ken Elliott

      Agree. A friend bought a J1 because she didn’t like the black V1. When she sees this, she might trade it in. All her girlfriends think it really cute and want one. It does look much better than I expected. Much to my surprise, Nikon really seems to have a hit on their hands.

      Did anyone else notice the 2.7 crop factor on the D4 – a CX mode? I think Nikon has a big CX plan that is difficult for us to see.

      • ATK

        Big ?? I do not think so. Even DX format, Nikon still have limited fast DX lenses. DO not expect f1.8 or f 2 from CX anytime soon.

        • PHB

          I don’t see why you are so certain there won’t be fast CX lenses. The whole point of getting rid of the SLR mechanism is so that there can be good, fast wide angle lenses.

          Give Nikon five years and the CX line will crucify the Leica range at a tenth the price.

          Nikon know what they are doing so much better than the average poster here does.

      • WoutK89

        CX lenses wont fit on the D4, ever. Guess what? The 2.7x crop is right about Full HD on the sensor and this crop is only available in movie mode.

      • BornOptimist

        The 2.7x crop on D4 has nothing to do with CX. It’s just a coincidense that cropping 1920×1080 from 16MP equals a 2.7x crop. If the sensor had been 18MP it would not have been a 2.7X crop.
        It’s just a 1:1 readout of 1920×1080 pixels from the sensor.

        • Ken Elliott

          I’m just saying I find it odd that it is the exact same crop factor, and doubt that it is just a coincidence. I know the CX lenses won’t fit the D4, I’m saying they created the CX in a size that in some way relates to future FX cameras.

          A NEX-7 style FF camera that could use FX, DX or CX lenses might be interesting.

          • WoutK89

            The resolution is a mere 2MP in 2.7x crop in MOVIE MODE ONLY. You can barely call this a relation to CX 10MP stills.
            You are just looking too far something that isnt there.

          • BornOptimist

            Ken, please don’t take this the wrong way…
            I don’t think you understand what this is.
            Nikon just read a “frame” with 1920×1080 pixels from the sensor (1:1 pixel mapping).
            If they do the same from the comming 36MP sensor (reading a 1:1 window of 1920×1080 pix), it will not be a 2.7x crop-factor, but ca 4x crop factor, so it’s has no relevance to CX crop at all. None whatsoever!

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    Designed in California. Assembled in Vietnam.

  • NG42

    Anyone know how these cameras are selling? I expect they’re doing pretty well because of the Nikon name- though I have no interest in getting one because of the tiny sensor and price.

    • Ken Elliott

      I was the same way, but that darn camera is actually a lot of fun to shoot. It is perfect as a party camera for the pro that can’t stand slow compact cameras. I actually find myself wanting one.

      • ShaoLynx

        I agree. But you need the external flash for more flexibility, I think.
        The speed with which it works: starts up, AF, tracking, …
        It really is an order of magnitude faster than e.g. the prosumer P&S of somewhat comparable price.
        Well, at least that’s the impression I got at the Newjear festivities…

    • Jabs

      Does this sort of answer your question?
      In America –

      In Europe –
      There was a story about them being the number two ILC camera here at NR and other web sites.

    • Nik

      I actually got a white J1 for Christmas and played around with it that morning, but quickly returned it and picked up an AW100 (I’m a scrooge, I know. Bah-humbug!).
      It was pretty fun to play with, but the movie and slo-mo modes were the best part; the pictures were pretty point-and-shoot in quality it seemed (although I know it can produce nice images, the shots of kids playing around the tree were nothing any other P&S couldn’t capture).
      Kids ripping open presents in the super slo-mo mode, though? Very cool. Useless due to tiny size, but still cool.

    • PHB

      The sensor size is totally irrelevant. This is a completely new format and it is not an SLR.

      FX has certain advantages over DX at the wide end because the DX lenses are constrained by the FX mirror sweep. SLR lenses are already compromised by the need to avoid the mirror sweep. Thats why the ultra wides are retrofocus designs and limited in aperture.

      What gives you shallow DoF and low light performance is actually the aperture of the lens – as in the actual aperture, not the aperture ratio. Put an 85 f/1.4 on the V1 and you have the equivalent of a 220 f/1.4.

  • jk

    Just be happy you have an option.

    White is not apple’ish… white is not canon…Thats stupid. White is white and Nikon is not Apple or Canon. oh yeah and Canon bodies are black anyway..

    If Nikon released the camera in 10 new colours I don’t think anyone would complain.

    I am sure the white appeals to many and really it is not like it takes poorer quality images.

    Sometimes nitpicking and commenting just to speak is excessive. Go ahead blame me for being just as guilty..the internet has sure taught us how to provide generic responses to repeated scenarios making us think that we have witty comebacks…ok I am kidding, lighten up… No I am not.

    • woutk89

      The white was available since release, just not in the USA.

      • fxed



    • BartyL

      “If Nikon released the camera in 10 new colours I don’t think anyone would complain.”

      You must be new here. Welcome.

    • John Richardson

      Visions of a White D800 and a Pink D4 are dancing in key head … matching lenses and if you really need it, matching shoes.

  • neversink

    this just in: Nikon rumored to be putting out the following bodies….

    Masai Giraffe
    Striped Zebra
    three color polka dots (with the ability to custom order the colors)
    Polka dots with an additional smiley face option
    multicolored checkerboard pattern
    cand ycane

    What will Nikon think of next??????

  • Apple rocks

    Apple is the best and everything they make is much better than anything the other followers try and make.

    Anyone who doesn’t agree is obviously a Bill Gates fanboy and a sheep.

    Deal with it.


    • tonyc123

      We have to buy macs because the Sinar kit won’t work with anything else. Last yearsspend 7k, 2 times the cost of competition. I wouldn’t be seen dead with any of their fanboy mind controlling sh*te. ;-(

    • mooboy

      I’m almost certain that is sarcasm… but the sad fact is, due to some real things I’ve seen from Apple fanbois, I can’t be sure 😐

  • Jade

    Where my D800 in white please ? 🙂 🙂

  • Anders


  • kazziz

    we have it in Poland (nikon Europe) from the very beginning…

  • KitHB

    Looks like it’s meant to be part of a medical appliance. Do they make endoscopes in Nikon 1 mount yet? .

    • paf

      You’re onto something here… It’s all in the add-ons though — maybe if there was a proctoscopy kit available for it it would help the color appeal….

      • KitHB

        Thanks – “Proctologist” is the word I was trying to think of this morning

    • fxed

      Actually, Olympus makes the best endoscope. It’s a miniature capsule you swallow and then the next day nature takes its course. All the time it passing down it is taking photo’s of all the nooks and crannies a doctor might miss, plus it’s wi-fi so the doctor gets the picture immediately.

      Maybe Olympus could bring some engineers over to the camera division?

  • Yay! Maybe even a White D4?! (flogs himself with a flail for even having such dreadful thoughts!)

  • PeterT

    I would be happier with a black D800…

  • Nanook of the North

    Perfect camo for polar bear shoots in the Arctic Circle.

  • Charlie

    He he he !!

  • Brock Kentwell

    If only they’d add a phone to this camera. And 4g speeds. And a way to download apps. And g-dd-amn fruit etched into the case. Gahhhhhhhhhhh.

    • Theo

      sounds like a whole bunch of the Nikon 1 owners prefer on an image with the V1/J1 rather than shooting images with ’em…
      forget about the specs, only a D&G sign would make ’em even better…

      well, its just for me-in-front-of, baby-boy under the tree and other facebook themes anyway

      yesterday this was done with the iPhone; today is a new must-have toy available

  • jen

    movin on………….

  • big eater

    I want it in old-school chrome—and I want it to say “Nikkormat” on the front.

    • tonyc123


    • Arnstein

      How about a Nikon S5 with FX sensor?

    • Nicole

      And a nice brown leather ever-ready case and strap. 🙂

    • oldf*rt

      I reckon you’re onto something there! Mind you they would have to make it really heavy if it’s going to be authentic. I always thought the top plate on the Nikkormat was a design masterpiece.
      In a way, it could turn out to be the modern equivalent.
      Anyway, time for a nap now…. 🙂

  • Amsterdammed

    Still waiting for the pink version!

  • Photo_Illiterate

    This is an awesome little camera. Had the opportunity to play with one and Nikon has a little winner here. Not sure about the white color but would be easier to find in a bag..hahaha. Good alternative to dSLR….

  • PAG

    neversink said… “this just in: Nikon rumored to be putting out the following bodies….”

    If Nikon came up with a Nikon 1 that allowed interchangeable body cladding, including giraffe, zebra, leopard, pink, lime green, or whatever, they’d sell like crazy. It may cause a number of the people here to spit up slightly, but it’s true. And Nikon seems to know it.

    Nikon Math: black + white + red + pink = $GREEN$

  • Mumbasa africa

    V1 – picture quality is about averge – noise under 400 iso
    CANON gx1 – is camera with big sensor – image quality is excellent – like
    amateur DSLR
    Canon gx1 – most great new camera in this year.
    Nikon v1 – is like geo metro car -Canon gx1 is like new Lexus in photo quality.

    • passingthru

      how many lenses does that GX1 come with? For the price of one, I can go out and buy a 5100 and they are close to the same size …

  • passingthru

    ps. want a V1 in yellow – with matching lenses. White V1 will just disappear in the snow like my first iphone. Found it in the spring, still worked except for no screen.

  • Buggaboo

    Just wondering… wont this start to turn yellow after a period of time?

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