Who wants to see the Nikon D800 on nikon.de?

What about the Nikon D800? It is ready to be announced... Don't believe me? Just take a look at the second camera from the right on the above image that just got published on the official website of Nikon Germany. Here is the bigger version:

Looks familiar?

And how about that D800 logo that looked so "fake":

Is today a good time to discuss this Nikon D800 poll or should we wait till the official announcement? Because 6,771 readers were wrong and did not believe me and I promised to go over the results again once the camera is official  🙂

Now JoeMcNally should not longer worry about what would [NR] do after the D4 announcement - the D800 is coming (I made this comment on his blog, but I doubt he will ever approve it).

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  • But a whole other bunch of people will jump to the other side if they don’t properly replace the D700 before the Canon 5d III comes out. Canon have gone for less resolution in that camera. Nikon have inexplicably gone the other way.

  • Mi aspettavo la nuova d800 ,.. probabile sostituta della d700 se è vero che canon torna indietro con gli iso inferiore venderò tutta la mia attrezzatura nikon perchè secondo me la cosa piu importante è avere la possibilità di fare le foto con poca luce
    ,…il sogno di tutti i fotografi (con esperienze) e si sa che tanti iso vanno bene solo per i paesaggi e non per lo sport,matrimoni,reportage.la d4 è una macchina che va bene per lo sport ma se devi andare in giro per reportage o matrimoni alla sera ti senti stanco di fare il facchino mentre la d700 è una macchina leggera e credo che sarebbe un successo strepitoso se avesse le stesse caratteristiche della d4 .
    Comunque mi auguro che la Nikon faccia una d800 con 2 tipi di sensori magari una con 36 mxp e una con 16 allora si che canon perderebbe la battaglia commerciale
    sempre che sia vero che c’è battaglia!?

  • A 36 mpx camera with never a substitute for 12. Nikon would be contradictory and putting d700 users, especially professionals in a situation of difficult change. I think another camera comes equivalent to D4 in line with the d700.

  • This is what I think, the D800 was scheduled for Aug 2011, but the disaster earliear last year in Japan made it not possible. So Nikon need to have a flagship body (the D4) at the olympics in London later this year. So they hold off with the D800 because the the D4 launch was scheduled for now.
    If they launched the D800 1st no-one would have bought the D4.

    It’s sad, because that is what Canon normally do, and that is one reason why I no longer shoot Canon. The make the expensive bodies the testing grounds for the cheap bodies.

    At least we know that the D800 was before the D4 just the disaster in Japan made it not happen earlier.

    HOPE TO SEE THE D800 SOON – Just hope the price is right.
    Anyone know what the price might be?
    Also anyone know if the D800 will use the MB-D10 battery grip?

    • D800 won’t take many sales of the D4, they are different cameras for different target markets. D800 will be around $4000.

    • peterw

      “Also anyone know if the D800 will use the MB-D10 battery grip?”

      probably not, since the battery grip will probably allow for use of to new battery model of D4. It would be great if the D800 would accept both a new grip and dthe MB-D100… but ahum, probably not.

  • Groosome

    Notice the light sensor on the back of the D4 and D800. I’m assuming auto adjusting LCD brightness and perhaps the illuminated buttons on the D800 too. I don’t suppose there has been any word on that rumour about combining pixels for a lower res/better quality photo on the D800 I saw somewhere?

    • D4 has a DX mode for lower res shooting, I’m assuming the D800 will have something similar.

    • john j

      If the rumors are true the D800 will have the new Sony chip and if the Sony rumors are true; it will have a higher % of the allotted pixel area “live” because of a new architecture that places the “plumbing” below the active surface. There is also supposed to be more on the chip processing that may help with high ISO noise and improve the dynamic range. I can hardly wait.

  • Ant

    D800 @ 36mp has the same (or very similar) photosite size at the D7000. It has also been suggested that this is about the same theoretical resolution as a piece of 35mm film. Because of this it seems like we’d be getting a pretty damn good package.

    If ISO performance per pixel could be a bit better than the D7000 it would be amazing imho. If noise were an issue you could crunch the image down to 16mp in post. For those situations where the light is good you can still use all of those 36mp. In theory I don’t see what the problem is, but we obviously need to get a better idea of how it might work in practice.

  • Baraldi

    I changed my concept! Bring on the 36MP!

    See what the D800 will do if we reduce the size to 16MP:


  • Max_Phoenix

    Se la D800 avesse veramente 36 MP c’è da aspettarsi una D400 FX da 18-21 MP a breve e una D9000 come semi-pro per il formato DX, non potrebbero lasciare alla D7000 il top Nikon per il DX, macchina bellissima ma non ha mai avuto le pretese di rimpiazzare la D300 seppure lo abbia fatto nella pratica essendo sostanzialmente migliore.
    Mi viene invece da sorridere quando leggo che si preferisce avere molti iso a scapito di molti MP pur condividendolo in parte. Ma mi chiedo fino a pochi anni fa, prima che la fotografia digitale fosse matura per soppiantare le migliori pellicole, questa gente con che cosa fotografava??? Era meglio una bella Kodachrome 64 o una bella pellicola da 1600 iso???
    Marcello a parte che hai scritto un evidente strafalcione: “si sa che tanti iso vanno bene solo per i paesaggi e non per lo sport,matrimoni,reportage.” immagino volessi scrivere esattamente il contrario, ma poi….. i matrimoni, ritratti e tutte le foto eccetto le paesaggistiche e poco altro si fanno con un buon sistema di flash e non con iso 52.000, il reportage al limite se fatto in ambienti dove è meglio passare inosservati meglio una Leica M9 con un ottimo 35mm fisso e niente flash, guardati qualche bel libro di fotografia, ti accorgerai che la questione non può essere banalizzata in MP o alti ISO.

  • What about the grip? MB-D10?

    So, I want so much this 36mpx with sRaw and mRaw.

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