Nikon D4 sold out on Amazon in less than an hour, Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G lens still available for pre-order

Amazon is no longer accepting pre-orders for the Nikon D4. My guess is that they had a limited quantity that sold out in less than an hour. The new AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G lens is still available for pre-order.

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  • Eric Calabros

    can anybody out there lend me 6k bucks? very urgent

    • Eric Calabros
    • The prices in the UK today for the D4 and the 85 1.8 are dissappointingly outrageous.

      The D4 is being offered up at £100 less than a D3X – it’s being sold on pre-order for £4900. The D3S is currently £3400; that’s a 44% price increase.

      Even the 85 1.8G is being offered at £470!!!! The 85 1.8D is £304 – that’s a difference of £166 or 55%.

      Won’t be buying either of these for months then…..

      • broxibear

        Hi RussB,
        The price in the UK is pretty damn high, most place have the pre-order D4 at £4800 (wex, jacobs, park)…I don’t see these prices coming down for a very long time.
        The D4 is cheaper than I thought it would be, I was thinking £5000.

  • Jabs


    Hope that the D800 turns up today and we have a few more lenses released.

    Quick sell-out = success for Nikon after pent up demand and Earthquake/Tsunami plus flooding problems.

    2012 – year of Nikon and the Olympics.

    Go Usain Bolt – lol

    • Patrick

      Quick sellout = fail? Because, once again, Nikon can’t keep pace with demand.

      • Jabs

        It is a PRE-Order – forgot?

        Making excuses now for apparent success.

        WOW – great.

        Why thank you.

      • jorg

        looks rather like amazons *first* shipment is sold out. since nikon also distributes those cams to many hundred dealers worldwide i think it is a good sign, that availability will be widespread?

  • amien

    just a BUZZ nothing else, like sony when the PS2 came out. BUZZ creates lust with lambs

    • Iris Chrome

      So very true because a videogame console marketed at teenagers is exactly the same as a pro camera used to produce award winning photos.

      • amien

        “So very true because a videogame console marketed at teenagers is exactly the same as a pro camera used to produce award winning photos.”

        Exactly, the market of the D4 is targeting 80% & of non-professional gear-heads not having a single clue how to operate properly a camera.

        Those same people pre-ordering all stocks just to show off.

        The rest > wise photographers just wait & see if they “might” upgrade, and big studios needing a few for true assignments.

        • tim

          But does that matter? Its a good camera. And if they sell all of them, they get money for the work.

          So does it matter who buys the camera?

          Its the same with most goods like that. I highly doubt that Ferraris are bought just by racing drivers. Its more fat 50year olds with cash.

        • So true…

  • Tim

    Whats this Canon fanboys complaining?

  • Roberto

    And now let’s start with d4s rumors!

    • Photosit

      we can still enjoy D800 and D400 rumors before thinking of a D4S …..

      Where is my D400 ?! 🙂

      • Roberto

        I know, it was just a joke…I also look at a D400

      • 120-300 os

        Looks very good to me But i wait for combi D800 D400 when with same batpack like d300 d700 some years ago congrets Admin and Nikon to the long waiting for the D4 is over now wait for the tests to come on you tube already movie made by Nikon theme self.

  • Heribert

    Pre-orders taken in the Netherlands for 5,929 EUR incl. VAT (approx. $7,590) at this online retailer:

    • 120-300 os

      Hy and has it for the same price avalible februari aprox.

  • Zen-tao

    It´s likely they haven’t sold any one.

  • LGO

    Thanks Peter! I was able to pre-order one with Amazon. Hope you get some credit from this as I used your link.

  • John

    Wonder why amazon pre-order was up before adorama / bh? I still don’t see it available for pre-order on those sites….

  • Amazingly Amazon Germany does not offer the D4 yet, but a retailer in Düsseldorf already offers the D4:

    The price is quite royal: 5929 Euros (7950 USD !!!), like the dutch retailer.

    When you hover the cursor above the yellow arrow a message appears which translates to “Article ordered, expected end of February 2012. Order now to receive it once the article is in stock”

    • FM2Fan

      quoting Nikon Switzerland as of today:

      “Die neue Nikon D4 ist bereits ab dem 16.02.2012 zu einem Preis von CHF 6’998.- (unverbindliche Preisempfehlung) erhältlich. “

  • Dormant

    Why does the Nikon USA home page still feature the Nikon 1? You need to go to the digital SLR page to find the new D4.

  • Rob
  • robUK

    My order is confirmed with the UK’s premier pro dealer.
    Expect delivery 2nd or 3rd week Feb.
    I’m number 5 of the very first UK batch of 15 (paid in full up front to get that priviledge ;).
    Further batches weekly IIRC?
    Nikon are confident of meeting shipping dates (i.e. early/mid Feb), but no specific date yet.
    I will be invited to a Nikon-run demo day before shipping. Can cancel order if I don’t like what I see.
    Reuters have taken 20 (presumably from a different batch).
    If I like it I will part-ex a spare D3s for a second D4 (before you flame I’m buying on behalf of a business, after a good 2011, and expect the D4 to give us a further edge in a very particular niche market).

  • Michael

    It was never available on Amazon for preorder, it was just a glitch. If B&H doesn’t have it for pre-order, no one else does either. Stock nmers haven’t been announced yet.

    • Benck

      That could very well be. I was able to place an order last night as soon as the Add to Cart button became available, but it’s possible they never intended to allow that and it took them an hour to take it down. Who knows.

    • Benck

      Also, B&H won’t start taking orders until their shipment is on it’s way to them, so they don’t take pre-orders. Other retailers take pre-orders. Basically B&H doesn’t start taking orders until very near the official release date. As an example, I was able to order the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII the day after it was announced at Adorama, but it didn’t arrive for another 3 months. So just because B&H isn’t taking orders doesn’t mean other retailers won’t.

  • Ninja

    In Japan, Bic Camera is taking orders at 648 000 jpy (i.e. 8396 usd i.e. 40% above the US price) for delivery Feb 16. They have a point system which takes the price down to 583 000 jpy ( 7559 usd still 25% above the US price).
    Given a plane ticket to Singapore or Hong Kong is less than 300 usd, I am smelling a lot of tourist coming back from holidays with a camera….

  • Ninja
  • reno
  • Krazzzzzzyyyyyy

    I have three bodies on pre-order from Amazon.
    One for me and hoping to get at least $7000 a piece for the other two.

    • Sammy A

      You are the problem. Don’t be greedy.

    • Smart move. Surely all the pros out there are going to be THAT desperate to upgrade from their d3s’s right away.

  • Don´t know if my eyes are playing with me, but this samples in full res looks terrible to me.¤tProductTab=4&CategoryID=gp11zkm9

    Poor resolution and textures…

  • RMT

    So with a $6000 D4 and a 36MP D800, what will be the “entry” level FX Nikon camera be?

    • Benck

      I think it will be the D400.

    • Kyle Hunter

      What is wrong with keeping the D700 available?

  • Realizing I missed the first pre-order opportunity, I just had a real Luke Skywalker, Empire Strikes Back ending moment: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • I guess this will be permanently scarce the way the D3s was. Limiting supply to Amazon appears to be consistent with the new list price policy, both in an effort to support smaller dealers who sell over the counter.

  • Matt

    Well i don’t know about anybody else, but i still adore my d2X, and i dont care what anyone else says, it will always be the greatest camera to me.

    I think this hype is an embarassment to phptography. Sure, the d4 will be an amazing camera, but this reaction is silly. Your camera is a tool used to make photographs, and at the end of the day, it doesnt matter what camera you have as long as you are happy doing what you are doing. I love my d2x and coild never upgrade it, because it fills my needs perfectly. That said, the people buying d4s should stop and think about whether they’re buyig it cause they need it, and if its actually going to improve their photography.

    And, not wanting to sound cliche, but theres a lot of children in africa that have nothing – the peoplw upgrading d3s need to take a real long, hard look at themselves and ask a few questions…

    • Respectfully, I disagree. The high ISO capability of such a camera opens up so many doors to creative possibilities… Especially for photojournalist/event shooters. The d2x is a great camera still, and I see your point about it meeting needs… but like you said, cameras are just tools. Better cameras don’t make instantly better photographers, but they do challenge how we approach things.

    • R!

      Thats true!!People in Africa still shooting Film for “pro” Applications,evry time I go there,Actually I’m back since 2 days ,I bring some photography tools to sale or give away ,so I suggest that instead of destroying old Cameras companys send them like they do for tv & refrigerators over there because the camera industry is really going to polute the planet with all the new product they create without a real need.
      But give me a D4 or D800 I’ll be happy;D2X must be good also It’s a CCD I think…

    • broxibear

      Hi Matt,
      I know what you mean £4800 is an obscene amount of money to spend on a little black box that takes images, unfortunately the worlds full of crazy things like this. I was training at the gym this morning and up popped this advert/appeal on the screens on behalf of save the children… It absolutely makes you question what you spend your money on and why.
      The D2x is a great camera and I’ve seen some stunning images by photographers using it.

  • alvix

    so 16 bit a/d neither this time…we’ll wait ’till 2030 …?

    • Jabs

      The D4 does have 16 bit A/D – read the specs.

      16 bit pipeline and 14 bit output.

      Expeed 3 is digital too, so no need to an A/D converter there.

  • I just placed my pre-order with Adorama. They said I was the 11th person do so.

    • I’ve been hounding their facebook, twitter & site… how did you do this?

      • I simply called and asked. I called around 9 am ET and they said it wasn’t yet in the system and try back in an hour, so I did.

  • xyzzy

    register now for notification from BH…

  • blob

    Any rumours on a D4x??

    The D3x came out shortly after the D3 right?

    • Neil

      A little over a year later.

  • nikhtwey

    when it’s rumors phase, one’s enthusiasm is as if the product gonna be given. Once the product out, one remembers that he has to buy it, and the rational tops to surface.

    • R!

      …still cheaper than 1DX….Nikon is back,yeah!!!!!

  • Benck

    Adorama pre-order up:

  • In what looks like an outstanding camera the one thing I’m disappointed in is that they didn’t really improve the weight of this beast (I read a few places that they did, but apparently not).

    D4: 1340 g (2.95 lb / 47.27 oz)
    D3X: 1260 g (2.78 lb / 44.45 oz)
    D700: 1074 g (2.37 lb / 37.88 oz)
    D300S: 938 g (2.07 lb / 33.09 oz)

    To traveling wildlife photographers like me, weight and size are huge considerations.

    • EnPassant

      If you read som earlier posts you would know D4 weight is with battery and according to Nikons website also the XQD card.
      Weight for D3x WITHOUT battery and card is by the way not 1260 gram but 1220 gram While D3s 1240 gram. With battery and two cards weight of D3s should be 1400 gram and 1380 gram for D3x while D4 is 1368 gram.

  • Benck

    Wait for the D5, it will probably have a carbon fiber body.

  • Martin

    I hope Nikon annoubces the D400 soon.I might want to one, or a used D700

  • Marko

    Does anyone know if Nikon will be offering the lens rebates with the announcements of the new pro DSLRs?

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