Nikon D800 in February?

The D800 image that leaked few hours ago on several of the official Nikon websites is now gone, but several readers noticed the folder named "Jan-Feb launches" that was included in the page source:

...File=/imported/images/02. Regional Marketing Centre/BV/04. Agency/JungVonMatt/148/Web/Jan-Feb launches/Q720/PPDD/Flash Assets/111125_SLR_Prof_Banner/698x209_DSLR--(Get Original).xml

Q720 I believe is the code name for the Nikon D4.

Since the Nikon D4 just got announced, it leaves the D800 for a potential February release, probably for the CP+ show in Japan (February 9-12, 2012).

See the full Nikon D800 specs here.


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  • Mark

    Admin – What are you thoughts on price? $4K? Really? I could maybe push it to $3K body only but a $1500 dollar price boost would be huge.

    • sirin

      $4K is a price to be expected, given:
      a) D700 price when it came out;
      b) earthquake + flood in 2011.

      • Mark

        what was the D700 price? I thought it was like $2500 dollars…

          • JorPet

            If you take that same $3,000 from July 2008 and adjust it for the USD/Yen exchange rate you would get a current price of $4,285. So if the D800 comes out at $4,000 it will actually reflect a decrease in the cost of the camera.

            The flip side of that is that a camera coming out today at $3,000 would have been a $2,100 camera back in July 2008.

            I had been predicting a $3,700 launch price, but with the continued deterioration of the exchange rate I think the $4,000 seems far more likely now.

            • DX2FX

              If the D800 is a 18MP camera, may be; but for a 36MP body ? can’t be that cheap right ?

        • Neil

          $3000 when announced.

        • Mark

          Yowza. Ok, so there is hope.

          I was kinda theorizing that the D400 could be a full frame at the D700 price point with the 16mp sensor….with the D7000 why build another pro APS-C camera? I don’t see the point.

          • steph

            Simple….the D7000 doesn’t have a pro body.

            • Sahaja

              But Nikon don’t seem to be making any more pro DX lenses.

            • WoutK89

              And Nikon has made so many DX pro lenses when FX didnt exist yet (stop joking). Seriously, DX is not dead, and there is still demand for a new DX flagship that is better than the D300s.

            • Mark

              Yeah but if I were a Nikon APS-C pro I’d rather have 3 D7000s than 2 D400s. Double card slots, 100% finder, 7fps…other than build what else could they offer?

            • d7000 doesnt have as strong focussing. It all depends on what you need to use a camera for…

              If you can live with that, then get it!

    • Jack

      Hello everyone, i have info. about the RESOLUTION of the new D800
      18MP is the right info. from my brother PHOTOGRAPHER …!!!

  • KT

    Funny how this picture shows only one of the two D3 variants (S & X) in production, can’t tell whether it’s missing the D3s or X but one is gone,

    • Kyle Hunter

      I would put a nickle down saying that it is the D3s that is not in that photo.

    • Marc W.

      I don’t find it “Funny”, but expected. I’m thinking it’s replacing the D3s.

  • John Doe

    “JungVonMatt” indicates one of the most creative German advetising agencies.
    They did the “I am Nikon” cámpaign for Nikon Germany/ Europe.

    • tuoni

      Except they call it “Ich bin ein Nikon”

  • KT

    Also interesting observation that the D700 is shown next to the D800, suggesting that it may stay in the line-up for a while after the D800 is release. This doesn’t bode well for the D800 price point. It suggests Nikon anticipates a big price gap between the D7000 and D800 and trying to fill such a gap with the D700.

    • Chris

      Correct – I thought this, too. Additionally I am wondering about the order/sort/Arrangement of the bodys – what does it mean that the 800 is between 700 and 300s? And not one to the left?

      • WoutK89

        the obvious reason being the D300s is the flagship DX camera?

    • D300s is still current isn’t it (and that’s the one in the pic, if I’m not mistaken)?

      I agree, it does bode ill for the D800 price point.

      A general observation is that it looks like Nikon had their ‘Concorde moment’ with the D3/D700 sensor and the updates since then have been pretty incremental. Bit of a relief to me as a D700 user as it looks like it will remain more or less state of the art for many years to come. Though saying that, if the D4’s DR proves to be a leap ahead of that of previous models I may eat my words.

      • WoutK89

        The D90 stayed in the stores for as long as the D7000 was out as well, and there are still many stores selling the D90. It does not mean it is state of the art, just a price gap filler to finish production stock.

    • Thomas

      If it were not for the battery regulations that force the D700 out of market I’d say that leaving the D700 to occupy the lowest FX price spot is good for Nikon, esp. after all the whining about the 36MP sensor.
      Well that might indicate that there is a surprise in store: D800x with 36MP w/o AA-filter and a D800(s) with 16MP (and naturally AA-filter). the latter then replacing the D700 at the lowest FX proce-point. So Nikon could end up with a 3000/4000/6000 USD camera and everybody is happy 🙂

    • Or…having both on the market means a reduced price on the D700 (hopeful?). Probably a long shot, and if such a situation would occur, I think you’re right…the D800 would be higher priced. But I, for one, would love a price drop on the D700. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get into the D700 for the longest time, but have not yet found the money to do so.

  • Andrey

    Seems to be in February… i hope 🙂

  • Psycho McCrazy

    I’d say there is a good change of its launch at CP+ in Yokohama (Tokyo) from 9th to 12th Feb 2012.

    I’ll be going there!

    • Psycho McCrazy

      ah crap, I didn’t read that Peter had already included the CP+ info in his post!

  • Mario

    JungvonMatt (in the file directory structure) is one of the leading german advertising agencys!

  • M

    damn NR! you are the god of rumors… i assume you receive some help from others, but i love how you and your site bring out the nikon-nerd in all of us 😀

  • snowPic74
  • Captain Howdy

    What I’m wondering is about the video …same as D4, or not? Especially since they shot a high-speed motorbike commercial recently…could this mean something like the D800 has better video specs…1080/60p perhaps?

  • Pixelhunter


    Probably I will have to sue you and ask for compensation for damages.

    If you continue your excellent work after the first D4 and D800 have been shipped and start to spread speculations on the D5 and D900, when will I ever be able to work again instead of following this site like an addict?

    Great job! What a day!


    • sirin

      we should probably all relax about D5 for the next 3 years or so. however, the rumors on D4x and D4s might start much sooner than that. )

      • Any Anon

        The next “hot one” will be a D900 with the sensor from D4. Maybe a year later…

        • Green Pattern

          what’s the name after D900….D1000?….that sucks…..let’s start discussing this…

  • Gino
    • D4 | D3x/s | D400 | D800 | D700 ?

      The D7000 also has the red triangle. Could the middle one be the D400 in the same form factor as the D300s?

      • Nicholas

        The d7000 isn’t considered a pro camera thus not being in the shot, I am really hoping that the one in the middle is the d400.

        • Sahaja

          Nikon call D7K “semi pro”

  • Gino
  • Pixelhunter

    Could it be that the leaked photo was not the final one meant to be published in February as it still does carry the wrong sequence of bodies? I do not believe that the whole range of current cameras shown on Nikon official sites are shoot each time together with every new release, but are matched on the advertising agency’s pc screens. At this stage somebody got something wrong, not only in putting the photo onto the net today.

    If the specs of the new D800 are correct (36mp etc.), the final photo at the official launch will have corrected the mistake in showing the D800 left to the D700.

  • shane

    my question is,

    will the d800 come with included battery grip or will it b extra as the leaked images have one attached……..

    • Joe

      extra obviously!

  • John C Picking jr

    Admin is the man!

    They definitely look like D4 • D3x • D300s • D800 • D700

    What do you think of separate D700 & D800 model lines? I really like the idea of a stills only FX model to continue. I went to D700 so I can use my AI-S lenses along with new AF-S glass. Love the price and the features are like magic compared to N90s I came from. Love digital now too. Am I ridiculous?

  • Delacroix

    Made in Japan ? What about radioactivity ?

    • hmm well umm

      You should be so lucky¡ Think, Mothra, Godzilla, my mom¡

      Posted January 6, 2012 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

      Made in Japan ? What about radioactivity ?


    • Um, that’s how they make the buttons glow in the dark!

      • /inane joke.
        Actually Radioactivity is nothing to joke about, neither is the Fukushima disaster….

    • Any Anon

      Expect hot pixels due to radiation 😉

  • R!

    Next we gona need Geiger counter on DSLR instead of GPS!!!!!!!

    • No all wrong, why do you think the buttons on the D4 are giving light in the dark.

  • Dweeb

    Noticed the D4 has 2 axis level indication. That should make it into the D800 even if the format cropping probably won’t.

    • mikils

      Atually in a camera with such a large MP count I reckon a format cropping should be one of the most important features

  • SK

    I want to upgrade from my d7000 to a full frame camera soon but not sure if i should wait for the d800 to be released or go for the d700???

    • Stanchung

      Do you need FX? You have FX lenses? Do you need FX now?
      If yes to all three then get the D700. Sell it and get the D800 when it comes out- you won’t lose much.

  • glenn

    seller here in belgium is on ‘no delivery’ for d700,d3s,d300s….. maybe we’ll see another surprise on the d400 in februari ?

  • photonut

    That pic makes me sick to my stomach. The D800 appears to be even bigger and probably heavier than the D700!

    • Any Anon

      Let’s hope it’s just a scaling mistake. Look, the grip is almost as big as that of D4 ! It doesn’t sound plausible.

      I hope it neither smaller or bigger, D700 was in right size. Only I wish it could be about 100g lighter with thanks to carbon fiber materials. D700 was already heavy, I don’t want any weight increase at least..

    • Yes, I agree.. I get really scared.. I really hope its a little bit smaller then the D700.. Or else Im just gonna go for the D5100 instead.. Sounds crazy, but Yes, I will, because I carry my camera with me all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME! So, after 4 years with the D3 hanging on my shoulder Im starting to realise that I need a smaller and lighter camera..

      • same here – after a few years with the d3 and then the d3x, running about shooting weddings with these two around my neck .. i’ve had enough also.. i can’t do it anymore.. I want a much lighter smaller body to rock with .. my everyday camera is now a plastic toy rebel t2i – ( and I’m mainly into video now so at $500 t2i and a $77 adapter with f-stop leaver – i rock !)

        however, would love clean HDMI out of the next d800 like the d4 has, then just add a ninja for pro-res 10bit 4.2.2. – perfect !

  • Landscape Photo

    D4 & D800 have both the same lenses which are probably 50mm f/1.4 G. I just upscaled and measured them. Lens diameter from D800 image is about 8 to 10% bigger than the one on D4.

    We may expect a slightly smaller D800 than appearing on the photo, close to the actual size of D700.

  • RH

    Regarding the price of D800:

    I just did a quick calculation based on the price increase of D4 to D3s. In Europe/Finland the starting price of D3s seemed to be around 5300€ (according to the biggest retailer here) and the new D4 is supposed to be around 5800€. That’s an increase of 8,6%.

    Adding that 8,6% to the starting price of D700 (which was around 2550€ here) gives a price of something around 2800€. I got my D700 for 2450€ right after the launch, so the real street retail price could be 2700€.

  • It has been about two years since rumors started swirling about a D700 replacement. Now what we might get next month is really a less expensive D3x (with more MP), rather than a less expensive D4. So, I wonder will we ever get a D4 without the grip, fewer FPS and a few other little things missing, for $3000.

    • Any Anon

      You described the D900 😉 Maybe next year…

      • preston

        I really doubt they would call it a D900 because the general public wouldn’t be able to stomach the huge decrease in MP from the D800. Whereas going the other way makes it sound like they are just being innovative even though we all know that it’s a mini D3x and not a D700 replacement 🙂

  • James

    I’m really torn between waiting for the D800 and getting it or just falling back and getting the D700 when the D800 come out. I really think I would end up missing the video in the D800 though, especially since I am taking a two month trip all around Asia later this year… Decisions decisions…..

  • ME
  • Vinh

    I thought the D800 is suppose to be smaller than D700?? It looks like the size of the D4 without the vertical grip

    • Landscape Photo

      With correct scaling:

      The width looks slightly diminished. I hope the weight is too.

      • Anonymous

        Like the lens in front, red strip & its shine, lighting, color hue, all gives the impression D4 & D800 are photographed at the same time as they the part of same campaign.

        I hope soon D800 will be announced too.

  • MarkH

    As there are now too many Marks on the site, I’m adding an aych to my name.

    At any rate, if the D4 and D800 are only one ISO level apart, can it be said that there is little, in terms of image quality, to distinquish them by? Ignore the build quality, the speed, and so on. I am more interested in the quality of the image, assuming the same size. Any technical people have a thought?

    Many thanks,


  • wo

    If you type “Nikon D800” on B&H search box, the result will say “Nikon hasnt announced D800 yet.” It’s different to some random searches (e.g. Nikon D1234, Canon 8D) that will return result-not-found page.

    • This has been like that for a while, already covered here.

  • jorg

    admin, are there any leaks about an af-s 24-70 VR II ?
    wouldn´t that be cool as a kit-option for D800?

  • WB

    Oooo YES!! D800, Can’t Wait!!

  • Rich

    So it seems, comparing the D4 and D800 hatch for the ports (from leaked picture), that the D800 will lack the wt-5 accessory port. D800 “only” have a mic, usb, headphone and hdmi-port.

  • Phorus

    i ordered mine today……

    it will be out by the end of feb/beg. of march and will cost approx 2.800 euro

  • jen

    any new info on MP’s?? Is it still rumored 36mp?? Who on earth needs that? I have the D700 and rely on the High ISO for concerts and sports. I have a question: If the D800 has 36mp does this hinder good ISO results?? I dont reallly understand the technical aspects too well. Higher MP= less ISO quality/range??????

    • fonz

      according to the nature of sensors so far – too many pixels cramped up cause greater noise at higher isos. yet if we think about it, if it has the same ISO range as the D700 would that be a good reason to buy the D800? if its actually noiser at the same ISOs what then? so in hypothesis, if (thats a big IF) the D800 with a 36mp sensor beats the D700 with its 12 mp sensor in ISO range, we’re talking about something incredible. i wouldnt be surprised if it was noisier but let’s see what Nikon has under its sleeve.

  • Andrzej Deja


    see polish NIKON-Page: . I see D4, D3x, D3s, D800, D700 and D300s. Klick on this picture and you see models: D4, D3x, D3s, D700 aaand D300s. Where ist the fourth “smaler” camera????? LOL

    • Andrzej Deja

      Sorry! not “fourth” but “third”

  • Well, various Nikon sites are up to something! – the, etc. sites all have a LOT of traffic right now, but the screenshot that showed* the D800 in the new lineup (which was down for past couple days) is now back up with 6 Pro cameras:

    The D3’s are altogether gone and on this image the odd thing is the new D4 is not even appearing, which is interesting… when you click on that image, (a SWF file), only the
    D4, D3X, D3S, D700, D300S load.

    I did a comparison here to show the difference between Jan. 6 and today (Jan. 9):

    • thanks Dan, they are preparing for launch 🙂

  • KL

    Where will the D800 be manufactured?

  • fonz

    an FX camera the size of the D7000 or smaller would be the sickest thing ever!!! or a mirrorless full frame would be even SIIIIIIICKER. XD im jumping too far into the future now. shame on me.

  • Baraldi


    An increase in MP would be nice, but something about 18MP …

    99% of photographers I know in Brazil prefer a camera with better ISO performance. I’ve been following the comments, I notice that most photographers from other countries prefer the same!

    The number of photographers working in RAW is increasing. RAW is great … 36MP RAW is very large and will require a lot of computers.
    Wedding Photographers, imagine edit 1000 files in RAW (36MP)

    So why Nikon would launch a camera with these settings (ISO 100-6400 – 36MP)?

    To replace the D700, I’d be much happier with 12MP and ISO 200 to 12800 (just use the sensor D3S)

    Sorry for my English

    • Hey Baraldi, I think I have a pretty solid response for your last post about the high resolution… There are also a couple considerations I see with their strategy.
      First and foremost, whatever is launched, I’ll be a happy man.

      RESOLUTION) with regard to 36MP. More is better, as long as it doesn’t jack with the quality. If you don’t want such large files, you can always downsize or crop down to 12 or 16MP. I’ve done a lot of corporate branding and interior work. Some of the images I have used, taken or purchased were extremely large MP’s to cover multiple-square meter surfaces all the way to huge wall, or architectural details / communications. Purchasing and contract stock photography services, like Getty images or many others, charge a much higher premium for higher-resolution images.
      In this instance, there is a lot of value for crisp 36MP shots vs. using expensive massive-megapixel leaf hardware (where applicable, but very real). For the Architecture & Design world, this will [dang near] be a revolution.

      ISO) And if the ISO range is in fact: 100–6400, ISO LO@ 50 and ISO HI-2@ 25600, That fits into your personal requirement with the HI-1@ the 12800.

      Anxious to see what this whole Anti-Aliasing chatter is – if anything. That is seems like such a photographic taboo… Albeit a softer one.

    • Baraldi

      I changed my concept! Bring on the 36MP!

      See what the D800 will do if we reduce the size to 16MP:

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