Adorama, Jessops now taking Nikon D4 pre-orders

After Amazon sold out in less than an hour, Adorama just opened their Nikon D4 pre-orders @ $5,999.95.

Jessops (UK) is laso taking Nikon D4 pre-orders @ £4799.95.

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  • BenS

    would love one but i am short of cash 🙂 The true d700 successor would be more than enough for me 🙂

    Still, excellent job Nikon !!!

    • omg ! my comment is the only one. I guess everyone is asleep after waiting endlessly for the D4 to arrive ….

      I guess time for me to sleep to .. it is 12:30 am here …

  • been refreshing all morning to see that… Finally called to place pre-0rder just before this went up!

    Oh well… I’m told I’m still “close” to the top of the list! Can’t wait to put the D4 through it’s paces.

    • Thats AU$7,238.10 from Jessops and AU$5865.82 from the US sites…

  • Glad to see it is up. I called this morning and placed a pre-order before it showed up on their site. I was told I was the 11th person in line. I was bummed because I went to bed last night (early this morning) literally about 15 minutes before the Amazon pre-sale went live. At least I got in with Adorama.

    B&H told me they were not taking pre-orders for the D4 (or anything). Can anyone else confirm this?

    • I just spoke to Mike at B&H who told me the same thing.

    • John

      I heard the same thing from B&H, their page says that plus a customer service rep told me the same thing:

      • I wonder why they made that decision? I pre-ordered my D3s from them, but they’ve effectively sent me to Adorama for this one.

        • FWIW, I think Adorama is just making a list as long as it can and shipping first come first serve, regardless of how many they get in their initial shipment… B&H sounds like it’s only going to allow pre-orders on actual inventory when it knows how many to expect. So even getting my preorder in at Adorama before the preorders went live online, I still might not necessarily be on the first shipment.

          • You may have a very good point there. The receipt they emailed me is not at all the standard receipt you get in placing an order with them. Do you have any idea where in line you are?

            • Trying to find out now… I ordered just after you said you were the 11th person in line, so I’m hoping to be in at least the top 20? I’m hoping not too many people thought to call before the online listing went up, but you never know…

              I asked the sales rep I spoke to where I was in line, so we’ll see what he says… But I’m sure it’ll be the standard non-committal reply.

            • Update: “Sorry don’t have that info, but can’t be too much since we just started
              taking pre orders today.”

              Eh, I get it when I get it. I’m just happy to be getting one. Nothing to stop me from shooting in the meantime…

  • How on earth did you find that…. still now, searching for “Nikon D4” brings up nothing, nor does navigating to the cameras….. it’s like it’s available only via the hidden link you provided…

    • John

      Good question, I noticed the same thing trying to do a direct search on bh’s site, but googling things like “preorder d4”, “nikon d4 xqd” brought up a blog type post from bh, which then linked to the product page.

  • Jürgen

    The recommended sales price here in Germany is € 5.999,–
    Went to my local dealer here and ordered the D4 with a 70-200 VR II. I am ok with the overall discount they gave me for this bundle.
    Shipment is expected to be around Feb. 16th.

    Can’t wait… 🙂

    • Jürgen

      sorry, typo, price is € 5.929,–

  • Admin, have you any information that would indicate how accurate the February 16th ship date will be?

  • Jason

    I have my name on a large dealer local to me. I believe I got my name in fairly close to the top of the list. But I still don’t know if I’m guaranteed one. I’m assuming it’s basically the same thing Adorama is doing. I placed a pre-order with Adorama to try and cover my bases.

  • Sam

    Dangit, Adorama collects for NJ =(

  • I went to the Adorama web site after calling B&H who said no pre-orders until February 14th. The Adorama site didn’t talk about pre-orders, but indeed took my order and credit card number, sending me an email saying it would ship as soon as the order was processed. I still don’t believe them, but according to my experience just now I’ll have a D4 next week. Anyone else have this same experience? (No, I can’t afford it either, but what the hell.)

    • Ah, went back to the site and read the displayed in red sentence: pre-orders only, not shipping until late February. Silly me. I’ll probably go back to B&H for the D4 when it’s available for pre-order as I’ve been with them for years.

  • Delacroix

    Made in Japan ? What about radioactivity ?

    • Glow worm


      Well….they say that the rear buttons glow in the dark!

      • alvix

        ahah!! nice one…

  • photojedi

    Highest standard ISO is only only 12,800 – not 102,400 as previously reported. So it only offers 1-stop improvement over the D800?

    • That’s the question I have. I’m assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that the D4 is one stop better than the D3s, which in my case would be worth it. I shoot consistently well at 6400 with the D3s, hope to see 12,800 with the D4, but again, without a comparison, I don’t and won’t know.

      • sirin

        judging from the 6400 samples they posted online, 1 stop better performance seems to be the case.

  • Chris Wright

    £4,800 in the UK??? In the States it’s $6,000 which equates to around £4,000. Yet the 3DS is around £3,500 & $5,200 which is about equal. Why are we having to pay an almighty premium for this over everyone else?? With the 3DX retailing for around £5000 over here, there’s something wrong with this picture and it smells of a total rip off for the Brits.

    • Zoot

      The actual price of the camera is £4000.00 in the UK, but 20% VAT takes it up to £4800.

      But you will have the deep sense of satisfaction that, when you buy a D4, you will be making a contribution of £800 to our excellent politicians.

      I trust that that will make you feel better.

      • JorPet

        I don’t get why they include VAT in the advertised price of a product. It should show a marked price that excludes VAT so that it hammers home just exactly how much of the cost of your product’s final cost is tax.

        Here, the price is always the real price you pay and then they calculate tax on top of that. There is no hiding the cost of taxes or letting people know exactly how much it affects them.

        • You don’t say where “here” is, but if you mean The States, they can’t advertise the price with tax because the tax rate can change from store to store along a street (such as when two stores are separated by a city/county/state line where the localities have different tax rates).

          In Japan prices are almost universally advertised with the 5% tax included, though the pre-tax price is usually noted as well. Some places do advertise their good/services in pre-tax yen, but that’s generally done by slimy places trying to trick you into not noticing, and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.

          In the UK, advertised prices must include VAT… that’s a legal requirement:

          • Zoot

            Yes, that is the case.

            It is also worth bearing in mind that, when we in Britain make a purchase, we use income which has already been taxed, and on which National Insurance (really just more tax) has also been paid. Collectively, these taxes deduct approximately 32% of our incomes.

            So, to buy a £4000 D4, we need to get £4800 because of VAT, but that £4800 actually requires us to earn approximately £6400.

            So, in real terms, to buy a £4000 D4 costs us £6400 of earned income, which amounts to a donation of £2400, or £200 a month over a single year, to our politicians.

            These guys really like us to buy stuff.

  • Jacob

    Order from your local dealer! Nikon is serious about keeping their dealer network alive, you may actually stand a better chance of getting one faster through your local Nikon dealer.

    • Mark

      I concur. That is exactly the experience I had with my local dealer here in the U.S. when the D3 came out. I got mine from the local dealer a week or so after the D3 first started shipping, and I seem to recall it was months before all the on-line pre-orders were shipped.

  • Cuius
    • Roger D

      I agree, I do not need a D4/ I am very happy with my D3s.

  • T.I.M
  • i am sorry for you guys in europe paying about 1000 euros in vat or other taxes for a D4

    • T.I.M

      Don’t feel sorry, when I started photography, VAT (TVA in french) was 33% !
      And the camera products were already highly priced BEFORE the VAT was added !
      We had to cross the frontiere and buy in Belgium where the VAT was “only” 25% !

      Now, in USA I buy online with free shipping and no taxes ! Way to go !

    • RobUK

      yeah but those of us running companies can claim the VAT back (if VAT registered)

  • MMS

    Adorama website appears to have crashed!

  • jack ladd

    most uk dealers now offering it at the same £4,799 price tag .

  • I probably should ask here too. I was so looking forward to the D-800 and now the D4 specs have me wondering…

    Are the Nikon rumors about a D800 with a 36 MP sensor still valid? If the more expensive D4 was presented at 16.6 MP would they really undercut the value of their flagship with an amazing sensor for a little more than half the price?

    Or am I missing something?


      i think its more like 1/3 than 1/2……D4 $6000, D800 $4000, D400 $1800-2000…..we’ll see soon enough

    • Benck

      The D4 and D800 are for two totally different photographic purposes. D4 is for sports/wildlife/photojournalism/weddings (i.e. low light action). The D800 is for landscapes and studio work (i.e. controlled light or tripod work).

  • Samuel

    YAY….Nikon has a new full frame BUT for 6G’s are you kidding me (wealthy people must be proud)………I will wait on the new 800 hopefully it won’t be more than $2.500….

  • D700guy

    Got mine pre-ordered. But when it shows up is going to be a mystery.

  • Oligachy

    Are you here all millionaires?

    • T.I.M

      Of course we are !
      If you’re broke then you are in the wrong forum, go to sigma rumors.

      • Oligarchy

        Thanks for the advice but i stay here there are rumors of new coolpix 😀

  • Starbugs

    D5 should be conceived as a computer with most ipad capabilities and pro photo mechanisms in the shape of D4.

  • It’s really too bad about B/H, I like Adorama, but I like B/H better and would love to have given them my business.

    Ah well… ORDERED!!!!!

  • lunar424

    the next d4s/d5 upgrade will have infrared filter option in-body

  • Halo9

    To all the people who are worried they are getting ripped of on the price of the new D4, which is$5999 rrp in the US. The first of the Australian retailers has put the camera up for pre-order, stating Australian stock, so no warranty issues for us at a RRP of $9999.00AUD.

    Now lets do some conversions based on the current exchange rate.
    That is $10,226.98 USD , € 8,042.61 EUR or £6,630.09 GBP .
    Seriously Nikon, what do you base your prices on. Unfortunately it is a similar story on many electronics. I buy most of my electronic goods from the US, because even with the AUD$ higher than the US$, plus postage and insurance, I still save hundreds on many items compared the the prices here.

    I think the rest of the world is getting a better deal on the D4 and Nikon wonders why there is a huge amount of grey market camera’s in Australia. On a good note though, there is a small comment that says “Pricing is TBA.”, lets hope they seriously review this.

    Hope you enjoyed my rant : )

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