Sample videos made with the Nikon D4

Those two videos were shot with a pre-production Nikon D4. The Chicago motorcycle commercial was for the Nikon D800 as initially reported.

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  • awesome quality – pre-order made!

  • snesie

    Wow, how did they do the underwater shots, it the camera real waterproof???

  • Gorazd

    Shoot with D4? Do not think so.

    • Yes

      They have. A few clues, like the date when they were posted. No asshole would just post that out of random and claim it’s the D4.

      In addition, if you read the D4’s features in video, it’s getting really good. Canon has competition with DSLR videos now due to that.

      Now, if you add the new XQD system, 1GB/s write speeds allow you to take 100+ RAW continuous shots, the D4 definitely has a potential to really take advantage of those speeds in video.

      So I think this is pretty legit.

  • Photosit

    Without polemic intents, i don’t find that the video quality is much better than the D3S.. Nikon should concentrate on Photography and not on video IMHO.

    • rkas

      You really shouldnt base that on youtube videdos..

    • Nothing is wrong with having the best of both worlds. Sure some might rarely use the video feature, but at least they know they have it right?

    • Please expound: in what ways specifically is the footage inferior to what you were expecting? Can you articulate why the footage is a let-down?

      • Stanchung


        Check out the big hair guy’s review on youtube. lengthy but that’s how much they’ve crammed into it. connected to an external HD device- it can record- limited only by the HD’s space.

        The video features with 60fps on 720p and 30fps on 1080 uncompressed is just awesome. This for the DP’s that want something better than the 5DMKII but not the price of the red cameras.

    • Andrew

      Whatever… how would I rate the video? WOW!

    • Andrew

      Video quality not much better than D3S you must be joking right. Some people like me will buy the D4 purely for video and take the fact that it does stills as a nice addition, may be a smaller crowd but it’s still another D4 sale to Nikon. DSLRs today are just as capable of doing motion pictures as they are stills, video is here to stay on DSLRs and will only get better.

    • iamlucky13

      For a casual view there isn’t a lot of difference between 720p24 and 1080p30.

      Differences in compression between various hosting sites or the out-of-camera file are likely to be more easily discernible. For example, Vimeo compresses less severely than Youtube.

      The difference in framerate is going to be marginally perceptible when looking at action scenes, and just about invisible elsewhere. The displayed source pixel pitch on 1080 is 1/3 smaller than on 720 when shown on the same screen, so there’s not actually that much difference in resolution. 1080p video is a little better, but 720p is already pretty awesome, as long as you make good use of those 720 lines.

      Which the D3s does. The great color, range, and cleanliness of the basic output of the D3s set the bar pretty high.

      Nikon responded to demand by making 1080p30 mode available, but it’s going to be the video control features that make the D4 really impress videographers if it proves capable of doing so.

      HDMI output of the uncompressed *live* video stream means you have multiple potentially recording and monitoring options, while still using the rear LCD also.

      They also added sound monitoring and adjustment.

      Plus, the video crop modes (oddly including 2.7x) still output full 1080p video. On the D3s, the video resolution was reduced in crop mode.

      Smooth aperture control (I’ve seen this mentioned a couple times, but haven’t found the spec confirmed from Nikon) means aperture adjustments mid-sequence don’t result in stuttered brightness changes.

      • Note that if you are viewing YouTube videos at standard YouTube resolution, the quality of 720 and 1080 footage should be exactly the same – as lousy as YouTube normally makes it :(.

        It does look like it’s producing some really nice stills and video in low light, and that’s what I think most potential D4 customers want to pay the big bucks for.

        From the comments, I’m wondering if they would have been better off producing even higher high ISO quality at 12mp instead of increasing the resolution …their compromise seems to have made neither resolution hogs nor high ISO hogs particularly happy with the camera.

        I was pretty shocked that Canon’s on paper specs are just a little superior to the D4 in every respect – but I notice the Canon was announced in October and we still don’t have widely available sample images.

        Then, when I did a little research, I found the combination of a 24-70 and 28-300 lens was much, much more expensive than the Nikon equivalent, and of course the Canon is $1,000 more, so that makes the price difference enormous for specs that are very close. I know the Canon 28-300 is supposed to be a bit nicer than the Nikon, but it’s a lot heavier and both of them seem to have the same problems without all that much difference between them.

        So far, then, it looks like Nikon’s what I want, but we shall see … I hope to try both cameras before making my decision.


  • Ole

    I love [NR]

  • CoolWHip

    Canon Cinema line, you have officially been bitch-slapped. Good on Nikon. Can’t wait to see more.

    • CoolWHip

      Although, I call BS on the first video during the super slow moment with the kayak going down the waterfall. That looks like one of those 10,000 fps cams to me. Is that done in post because I can’t see anything in the specs supporting anything over 30p.

      • Jerome

        The spec says that you can shoot 720p videos @ 60fps

        • Tom

          That could have been done using the Twixtor slow motion interpolation plugin in Final Cut, After Effects or Premiere. I’ve seen that done a lot, ESPECIALLY with DSLR footage. It could be a slow motion camera shot but I just thought I’d bring up Twixtor Pro because it can get results like that lol

          • It was absolutely Twixtor, no doubt about it (or After Effects — but definitely a post effect). For evidence, simply look at the kayaker’s left paddle for temporal artifacts that are common with the software. It’s actually an impressive example of Twixtor footage, as it isn’t immediately evident that it is software. Despite all the fine detail of the water, it looks fantastic.

            And there is no problem including this type of footage. It was shot on the D4, and tweaked in post. That’s what the camera is capable of.

      • meh.. just need 60fps to make 10000 fps in post these days – i do it all the time on my skater vids.. twixtor and even fcpx now do optical flow by ‘inventing’ new frames based on pixels motion from a few frames behind and in front.. 🙂

        • iamlucky13

          Yep. If all you want is the perception of slowed down motion, interpolation can do that pretty well.

          But if there’s things happening at a faster rate than your frame rate that you actually want to see, interpolation can’t do it.

          So interpolation is a great editing feature, but it doesn’t fully replace high speed cameras.

  • Benny

    NikonRumors has been very busy today…….. Every hour a new post…. Its fantastic that you are doing it…. Pity no one else is doing what NikonRumors is doing……

    I think i will upgrade to a D4 because of NikonRumors.. I wonder if NikonRumors get anything out off this… Well i hope they do……

    • iamlucky13

      Click on one of the ads. Then the NR admin gets money from the click. Depending on the advertising arrangement, the amount of money may or may not be greater if the click leads directly to a sale.

      I’m not sure if the links from his “Now available for pre-order at…” posts get him referral credit or not.

      • Yes, I usually post links to sponsors of the blog.

  • John Richardson

    Fro Knows Photo just did a 30 minute video review, went over specs and his impressions as he had some time with the camera. He is always an excitable guy but always level headed (except with FroVadar lol).

  • Yes

    Sony, not by any coincidence at all, announced the XQD system today. 1GB/s write speeds, etc. Definitely a great camera, especially for the upcoming olympics. Those speeds will likely help in video as well.

    • Andrew

      Seems expensive, but when you are spending $6,000 on a camera, I guess not.

    • Andrew

      Seems expensive, but when you are spending $5,999 on a camera, I guess not.

  • M!

    the athletes one is impressive. the istanbul one is not.

  • Benny

    Thanks John…… I’ll check it out…. I like Jared too… Here I’m holding my D3s, contemplating if i should upgrade or sell it…. mmmm tough one….

    • Andrew

      I will sell it for the low light performance. I will sell it for the video performance. I will sell it because the money will be used to discount the price. I will sell it if I am not sure I should sell it but I feel a peace about selling it. I will sell it if I have the disposable cash.

      I will not sell it if I absolutely do not need the D4. I will not sell it if I do not have the cash. And I will not sell it if I feel troubled at the thought of selling it.

      This is simply food for thought. Decide for yourself and do not be influenced by me.

  • Wow!

  • Bram

    Awesome, Alex Honnold is in there! Anyone want to see more of him check this out:
    It’s simply bizarre, guy climbs a 2000 foot wall without any protection. One mistake he’s dead.

  • James

    I don’t care if it shoot video as ‘good’ as Canon. I want to know if it shoots video as sharp as the Panasonic GH2.

  • Cam

    If this video is from the new D4 I will be really annoyed as its dreadful! It looks like its from the D3s which is also dreadful. Noisy as hell, and also the frame rate has an issue not to mention the lip sync.

    • John Richardson

      Cam: That’s funny I ran it in full screen (27″ iMac) on 1080p and had NO ISSUES, maybe it’s you/computer/net connection? Hell I am out in Ukraine and it was perfectly crispy and no buffer dumps.

      • cam

        John you could be right there, I just looked at the connection here and its pretty low today for some reason. The look of the film is definitely Nikon as they have a bias on the red and its a washed out look. it really feels like a D3s in looks and thats not a nice look for me. I really want this camera to have a natural look and then play with it in post but it just looks wrong. I shoot on Panasonics HPX3100 and obviously theres no comparison, but having a tool like the D4 on hand would be a great benefit.

        • Josh

          ‘Washed out’? LMAO! You don’t have a clue, do you? Go back under the bridge you troll!

          • Michael

            I agree with the “washed out”, low mid-contrast look and yes, it’s absolutely typical for Nikon DSLR video. Make a video portrait-shootout with other cams and I garantee that you’ll be able to identify the Nikon take immidiately.

            I’m waiting for some more videos, hopefully not youtube and recorded from HDMI.

            • The footage looks fantastic, and that’s with a light (or no) grade to it. In my opinion, these DSLRs all look about 17 times better with a solid grade, but that’s just my personal preference. In any case, are you guys sure your screens aren’t mis-calibrated? The footage looked pretty solid on my screen (hi-res MBP matte screen).

              Oh, and I can’t wait for somebody to turn this into a flame war about how bad Macs suck because my screen just happens to make this video look great when your eight billion dollar screen proves that the footage looks like rubbish.

          • MashingTheGas

            Does being an ass come naturally or do you have to work at it.

            This is an opinion blog, not SodaHead. Be civil or move the f***k along.

  • R!

    Folks they they did it , the D4 is filming better than Canon’s, It’s official now!!!!!!

  • Finally its out. No more rumors 😉

  • Future ex Nikonist

    Not seen the videos.
    Dont think anything about these videos.
    Want a tool to make still images, as good, lightweight, cheap as possible, wit NO marketing gadget.

    Afraid to wait long time….

  • Chmilar

    Frakes needs to hire a proofreader.

    • Andy

      Agreed! I was hoping someone else would catch that error! So glaring. Horrible to be featuring a new camera and have some stupid little ” ‘s ” ruin it!

      • Eric


        • Andy


  • Don´t know if my eyes are playing with me, but this samples in full res looks terrible to me.¤tProductTab=4&CategoryID=gp11zkm9

    Poor resolution and textures…

    • Josh

      Waah, waah, waah! Mommy…

      Go and troll somewhere else, you Canon ogre!

      • Canon Ogre?

        Two Nikon bodys D700 & D7000 + 20-35 + 28-70 + 50mm 1.4 G + 85mm 1.4 AF-D looks like a Canon gear?

        I´m serious about this resolution at ISO 100. Maybe wrong focus from Joe (or the camera).

  • Is the D4 for photography or video recording?
    If I want to do video I buy a video camera. It’s as if there are more opportunities to develop photographic technique.
    Is this camera a D3s with a new 16MP sensor and nothing else?
    It has little to do with photography.

    • Don’t buy it then. I am stoked about the improvements in all areas, both photo and video. They are equally impressive and welcome.

  • nek wellrock

    I need more glass to justify that beast!

    /85mm g looks sweet though,…may have to preorder.

  • F

    Let’s see..

    pay $6,800 for a canon 1dx body..

    or pay $6,500 for a Nikon D4 + 85mm 1.8G..

    Looks like there’s never been a better time for canon shooters to switch to NIKON 😉

  • STROBISTphoto

    hello this is my first post in the site…but i’m a old reader…
    it’s just my eyes, or where the hell gone the metering button?

  • STROBISTphoto

    Hello this is my first post in the site, but i’m a old reader…
    It’s just my eyes or where gone the metering Button?

  • Richard

    When the guy goes over the waterfall in the kayak he is going too smoothly and too slowly to be shot at 60fps. We’re getting fed some sort of bullshit here. Also, where’s the excitement, wheres the systematic displaying of the camera’s abilities like what Canon did with this video: I’m a Nikon shooter through and through but Nikon really needs to get a bit more creative, and modernize their advertising. A bit more intrigue would be welcome.

    • vinman

      Read all the comments before posting conspiracy bs, please. It’s been concluded that the extreme slomo shot was done in post, likely using twixtor. The camera isn’t the only tool used when making production footage.

      • Richard

        I’m not spouting “conspiracy bs”. It’s just a bit misleading if you ask me on the topic of being shown graphically altered false information, in an attempt to give the impression of the ability to shoot super slo-mo. Anyways, that was just half my comment.

        • Andy

          Umm. Have you never seen advertisements before? We don’t live in a true-to-life world.

          Hello McDonalds ads!

        • Andrew

          Richard, before the D4 came out, I was of the opinion that Canon had the edge in video. The D4 is a game changer. My distinct impression is that it has erased the one area where Canon had an edge. The D4 in my opinion puts Nikon in a class of its own. The D4 is the first camera to cause me to say WOW.

  • Nathan

    Can I ask a general question? When they show people free climbing to the top of shear mountains that’s open on all sides when you get to the top, how do they get down? I know this is stupid because it’s a movie, but in the beginning of Mission Impossible (one of them I don’t know which) there was a scene of Tom Cruise free climbing to the top. He had to jump from one rock to another and is pretty impossible to do it the opposite way. When he got to the top there was no other way down than to jump or grab that helicopter.

    How do real people do it?

    • Landscape Photo

      There may be an easy way down or a via ferrata (ladder) / fixed rope at other side of the rock.

    • Andy

      As Landscape Photo said, or they climb down. However, you can’t make a promo video of someone climbing down so they don’t show it. 🙂 Or if you’re rich and famous, i.e. Tom Cruise, you take the helicopter to the hotel for the evening. 🙂

  • NicoOZ

    Hi everyone,

    I am not sure if this info has already been mention somewhere on Nikonrumors but I just saw on Vincent Munier (French wildlife photographer) facebook page that he just came back from Tibet where he tested the D4 in extreme conditions. So far, there are no sample pictures or videos. However, it should be coming soon along with his comments on the D4 performance.
    Here his original facebook post: “Vincent est de retour d’une mission pour Nikon Corporation au Tibet, où il a testé le nouveau boîtier professionnel Nikon D4 sur les hauts plateaux, à 5 200 m et par -35°C ! Sur cette photo, Vincent, Tserang, Soichi et Laurent. / Vincent is back from a mission for Nikon Corporation in Tibet, where he tested the brand new Nikon D4!”

    For those who are not familiar with Vincent Munier’s work, he particularly likes to photograph wildlife in cold and snowy condition. He also was one of the photographer chosen by Nikon to test the D3s a couple of years back where he took stunning pictures and video (“Summer Variations”) in Scandinavia.
    I am looking forward to see the work he has done in Tibet!

  • Leonardo

    2.7x crop mode matches Nikon V1/J1 sensor size… just to have the same FOV…

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