Nikon D4, Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G lens now available for pre-order (update: sold out!)

Update: Nikon D4 sold out at Amazon and they are no longer taking pre-orders.

Nikon D4 is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $5,999.00:

The AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G lens is also available for pre-order:

Expect more pre-orders options in few hours.

FYI: Amazon US is now shipping outside the USA.

The Nikon D4 is expected to start shipping on February 16th, 2012.

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  • Fred

    Sweet !

    • still same poor AF points placement, no sun readable screen, no radio for flashes
      i am skipping this one. nikon really dropped a ball here.

      • Jason Tran

        Radio for Flashes? What do you mean?

      • gt

        nikon dropped the ball…into a puddle of awesome.

        btw invest in pw flex tt5s — game changers.

      • jorg

        built in triggers:
        the US has different radiofrequencies than europe for this kind of thing. germany ist veery strict with this freq-business for example.
        imagine also countries with not only other freqs but restrictions for such stuff. nobody markets a camera that would be illegal to operate in other countries or would need a permit/license to even operate/ being carried into the country.
        just take a look beyond your own market, as large as it may be…

        • Alex V

          I quite agree. A built-in radio control would create a manufacturing nightmare, as buyers in different markets must conform to different regulations. It would just raise costs.

          • really? you mean same as WiFi or RC car market?
            oh god…
            even if it meant additional module it would be worth it.
            optical path just dont cut it

            • suprchunk

              Yes, really.

              I couldn’t even bring our baby monitors over here to Germany. They are in the same freq range as emergency channels.

              So, again. Yes, really.

      • Kevin

        get pocketwizards, they are the industry standard for remote flash work

      • “still same poor AF points placement, no sun readable screen, no radio for flashes i am skipping this one. nikon really dropped a ball here.”

        If these are insurmountable obstacles to you, it’s not because of the gear.

        • Jason Tran

          Stupid CANON Fans hating on Nikon who are leading the Professional Photography Industry.

      • Jabs

        Perhaps you failed to read the Nikon Press Release.

        Two out of three features that you complain about have been taken care of in the new D4.

        Radio triggers is the only thing missing, as that would be a nightmare if included in the body, as worldwide standards are different causing widespread rejection and interference problems PLUS not being able to sell a camera in certain markets – NO thanks!

  • Placed mine order . . . can’t help it . . . .

  • El Scorch0

    Just pre-ordered, thanks!

  • benck

    Got my order placed at 1:10 AM CST. Now to just cross my fingers that it arrives near the announced availability date!

  • Denton

    Hmmm… To D(4) or not to D(4)


    • Well said, if you can afford it, stop trying to justify it and just order.

      • Christina

        lol this is how they suck you in.
        liquid crack nikon

  • gt

    Am I the only who still can’t even afford a D700?

    • Zobbie

      No You are not…

      Still shooting D300 and having wet dreams about something bigger…

    • NRC

      I broke the bank on a D7000. Need an IPO at the company I work at to afford anything else!

    • Radu

      No… Last year I could bearly buy a D7000. I don’t have money for great lenses not to mention D4.

    • I got the D700 two years ago, but I had to take a loan from the bank, lol. I use it with a collection of cheap but good primes, such as the sigma 20 1,8, nikon 35 2, 50 1.4 afs, 85. I’m very happy with it, but technically, it still isn’t mine.

    • Willian

      Wish I could afford a d90 here in Brazil!

  • Just pre-ordered mine. Thanks for the link! Nice to finally see McNally’s shot from the swamp shoot I was supposed to work on. For those interested, it was shot in the Okefenokee swamp in southern Georgia.

    • That final picture is so poor, from the swamp, the one in his article. He messed up the smoke, only half the picture, the other half is of some trees with super-dark areas. Also, there is a whole lot of distortion on the girl, from the 14-24 I presume. Not impressed.

      • Eric

        Your pictures aren’t bad, but I’d be very careful thrashing McNally…
        He probably let the half left so dark in order to show the dynamic range of the pic.

  • Benny Ginn

    Waiting for D400……1 stop less than D4 for a fraction of the price babbyy

    • gt

      wow. you sound legit! tell us more, mr. soon-to-be-disappointed.

      • Benny Ginn

        You will be disappointed when u unnecessarily lose a fraction of your fortune……hahaha

  • bigbt

    2:47 email confirmation…sigh. A little slow on the trigger. Was too busy watching all the great new videos after reading from admin it was not going to be available for Amazon pre-order 😉

  • Zoron

    D800 will be half the price of D4…..and D400 will be half the price of D800…..differences is only 1 stop ISO performance………


      i think its more like 1/3 than 1/2……D4 $6000, D800 $4000, D400 $1800-2000…..we’ll see soon enough

  • slt

    “Amazon US is now shipping outside the USA.”

    Unfortunately not Electronics, like the D4 … I already tried. Will have to wait for B&H and Adorama instead…

  • A quick word to Admin to say Bravo for your rigorous follow up on the long awaited new wonders from Nikon. Thank you.



  • shaggy

    Thanks for the announcement!

  • Alegar

    Done this morning…yeeeah!!

  • FM2Fan

    6998 CHF in Switzerland – that is much less than the D3X when it became available.
    Still a lot of cash for a camera, that seems to be closer to the ideal one.

  • Not Surprised

    So this has the same ISO as the D3S, right?

    That’s too bad. Better for a photographer to just get D3S, and save $1,000 dollars.

    • Not Surprised

      By the way, I thought we were supposed to have improved ISO — what happened? Maybe D4S will be worth it.

      Even D700 is 6,400 ISO — so this D4 being 12,800 ISO is not much better.

      D700 or D3S, if you’re an ISO lover. Forget this one at this price.

      • What are you reading? It goes to 102k and expandable to 204k.

        • nvm. I stand self-corrected.

        • Kevin

          yes it does, but as with all cameras it’s useable range in regards to quality is limited when compared to its actual range. My D7000 goes up to 25,600 but i never use anything higher than 1,600

      • Read the specifications again .

    • Benck

      Some of the people who have talked to the Nikon reps and have had hands-on experience with it (one of the videos the admin posted) said the D4 is one stop better in ISO performance. So ISO 6400 on the D4 will look like ISO 3200 on the D3s. That’s not insignificant. It’s also not the only difference from the D3s of course. There are MANY other improvements.

  • I wish I could afford such luxuries .Maybe in next 5 year or maybe in next 100 years lol

    • BartyL

      Salt a bit away every year. This will probably not be superseded for 4 years, and the price will come down over time (and it will still be an awesome camera in 6-8 years time). The first 2nd-hand ones will probably start appearing after 12 months (if not sooner).

  • Chris

    Canon 1d X or Nikon d4?

  • Nikon D4 Currently Unavailable on Amazon…. 🙂
    Must be a Pre-Order Meltdown.

    Am now waiting to see how much Nikon Australia will slug us for this Camera.. Betting on at least AUD$7000.00

    • slt

      Don’t hold your breath for that … I bet you AU$7999 or even AU$8999 … because we’re getting that $2000+ worth of “special” customer service from our dealers!

      • BartyL

        Yep. It’s beaut how we’re so special, innit?

  • Pfft

    Nikonrumors nailed it. The D4! Pfft.

    Of course, if you predict something over and over for a few years, even with no inside information, eventually you will get it right.

    I predict the D6. You heard it here first folks.

    • BartyL

      What will the specs be?

  • the d4 is now unavailable for preorder on amazon ….

  • Adrifter

    Looks like they just stopped taking pre-orders. Glad I was able to get my order in on time.

  • T

    from Amazon’s description:
    “Technical Details

    Fast aperture medium telephone lens”

    LOL! – can you make calls with it??

  • Nikon D4 sold out at Amazon and they are no longer taking pre-orders.

    • Jabs


      That was quick – 2012, year of the Nikon Invasion.

      Started in 2011 with the Nikon 1 and now the D4 in 2012.

      On to the D4X and the D800 plus the D7100.

  • Slawomir

    Nikon D800 (!) and D4 are available for pre-orders in Geneva in one of the biggest photo shops in the city – Euro-Photo:

  • broxibear
    • broxibear

      Got some information about D4 stock in the UK, if you pre-order now delivery will be mid February at the earliest…I guess that’s when Europe will get it’s first shipments from Japan.
      Park, Jacobs and WEX are all taking pre-orders at £4800 for those with deeper pockets (or more credit cards) than I lol.

  • FYI:-

    Just Noticed that B&H Photo have an availability date of 15th February.

  • Make that 16th February…. Been staring at the Monitor tooo Long today. 😉

  • I’m curious to know how many units they had.

    • Eric


  • STROBISTphoto

    Hi this is my first post in this site but i am a old reader…
    is just my eyes, or were the hell gone the metring button??

    • Woifee!

      “The Command Lock button [on top of the drive mode dial] is replaced by the Metering mode button.”
      Quote from [] which made a first hands-on preview!

  • Now I need to ask, are the Nikon rumors about a D800 with a 36 MP sensor still valid? If the more expensive D4 was presented at 16.6 MP would they really undercut the value of their flagship with an amazing sensor for a little more than half the price?

    Or am I missing something?

  • Christina

    although you can pre-order , add to cart on , and although they ship internationally, they still limit what they will ship …warranty limitations etc.
    When i put in my address (Canada) say to pre-order the lens, amazon will not ship to this address. Is there a work around then?… doubt it, unless you have a po box in the states etc.

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