Top 10 posts for October 2011

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for October 2011:

  1. The name will be Nikon D800, the sensor will be 36MP (99% probability).
  2. More on the Nikon D800.
  3. More Nikon D800 bits and pieces.
  4. Canon EOS-1D X will be announced tonight, now Nikon has the ball.
  5. The state of the Nikon D800.
  6. Thailand flooding reaches Nikon’s factories.
  7. Chasseur d’Images: two big major Nikon announcements expected in the coming weeks have been postponed.
  8. The rumored D800 delay is not Nikon’s fault.
  9. The situation in Thailand doesn’t look good for Nikon.
  10. A possible scenario for the “other three products” expected to be announced with the Nikon D800.
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  • Soft

    Talk of the month, D800, yet no D80 yettttt

    • Zorro

      And it’s getting quite boring!

      • steph

        He Admin,

        You’re on vacation….or are there still no remours/news. It’s been more then a week since last update, what’s up?

        • refresh your browser and empty your cache and cookies – there are many posts since last week

          • steph

            Hey Admin,

            The RSS feed is not updating, igoogle is still on last weeks post.

  • The Top Seller of Nikon will be the D800, but Nikon doesn´t listen to the costumers, listen to the N1 mirrorcrapness white plastic pod lego camera.

    Just wait, wait, wait, and wait!

    • David

      K Rockwell is guessing today that Nikon is giving up on FX for the more consumer DX. I have been waiting on the D800 release to switch, I sure hope he is way wrong!

      • Fred

        What would Ken Rockwell know?,

        • Bondi Beach


      • I honestly have no idea whatsoever. I don’t have any kind of inside scoop. But I can tell you with 100% certainty that he is dead wrong.


        • The invisible man

          With what happened lately, 100% is not enough, I don’t believe anything if it’s not at least 680% sure !

          • Bondi Beach


          • Then let me chime in: 690% sure. Ken is dead wrong if he even thought of insinuating that Nikon is getting out of FX.

            • NikonTheAvenger

              Actually Ken is double dead wrong that FX will not be in Nikon’s lineup in forseable future or is he? I think he just know how to make rumor himself to troll everyone to his site. Marketing 101…think outside the FX(box)

            • Anon

              The best thing is to click the button “Share an Automatic Monthly Donation” and the highest amount on the list, $99.99 🙂

            • PHB

              Well I can’t even find the story on his blog so I suspect he didn’t even say it.

              The launch of the CX line probably means that Nikon will eventually get out of the DX DSLR line. CX definitely gives 95% of the bang from DX DSLR in a much more compact, much cheaper to make format.

              DX is going to face pressure from above and below. FX will get cheaper and CX will get better.

              FX is going to be the ideal sensor size for F-mount because that is the sensor size F-mount was designed for. The problem for most serious amateurs is that Nikon has not delivered an FX DSLR at a reasonable price point for them yet. My D300 works just fine and if I am going to spend $3K on camera gear I can get a much bigger return by purchasing a couple of professional lenses than a D700.

              In five years time it will be possible to buy a pro FX body for D300 type money and there will be separate CX lines for consumer and pro. The cheapest CX bodies costing Coolpix type money and the most expensive being 24MP. There will probably be some DX bodies being sold but I expect them to be much less important than they are today.

            • PHB:

              It’s his October 31 post that starts out with: “Boo! What’s my costume? The Invisible Man, of course!”

              He rambles on about how his non-discerning eye believes DX is just as good as FX so there’s no reason for Nikon to pursue FX further.

              Oh, wait. That was my interpretation of his posts.

              I think Ken Rockwell’s shortcoming is that he can’t tell good quality from great quality. It’s fine if he doesn’t care about top quality, but to preach that “good” is good enough (when for many professionals it clearly isn’t) sounds pretty silly to me.

            • PHB


              Thanks, now I see why I missed it. I suspect its just Ken blowing his mouth off to drive traffic to his site. Trolling can be quite profitable.

              His facts are all correct, FX is not even a break even proposition for Nikon. The advertising budget for the D3x does not even cover revenues from the D3x.

              But they are halo effect models. People pay a premium for a Coolpix or a D3100 because they come from a professional range. And most of the development we see at the top of the range tends to trickle down over time.

              The 36MP for the D800 suggests to me that Nikon is thinking of phasing out the pro DX line though. Maybe not on this iteration, but that 36MP body will also deliver 16MP of DX resolution.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Yeah, and at the same time, he loves to rant about the superior quality of his Oly Trip film plus a scan, MF scans and how superior his Takihara is for large format landscapes. He changes his mind when the wind blows.

      • spam

        Ken has been increasingly unreliable lately and seem desperate for attention. Maybe he’s loosing his customers to the rumor sites? People looking for unreliable info will find even more unbelievable stuff at the rumor sites (except NR of course).

        • spooky

          He is just guessing that DX is more profitable and Nikon concentrates more on DX. If you look at the last years products he actually is right. Sure they will not give up FX, but we maybe have to live now with 4 year product cycles for overpriced FX bodies and lenses.

          • PHB

            No, the FX line is almost certainly a loss maker for Nikon. But Nikon must have expected that going in.

            The launch of the D700 has probably steered the FX range back towards the black, but it is still likely that they make a net loss on the FX range.

            The only way to change that is to launch a consumer FX body. Which is what I think the D9000 will be. A while back I asked if FX users would buy a plastic body like the D90. Nikon must have been thinking along the same lines as the D7000 came out in a part magnesium body soon after. The launch of a D9000 should bring the FX line into profit. It will also mean the f/4 lenses start to make some sense (no putting an f/4 lens on a $3000 camera does not make sense).

            • silmasan

              Again, PHB, you mixed “f/4” with “consumer quality”, when it could be just as good or even better than the f/2.8 (you’re talking about zooms I suppose) ones, just one stop slower, smaller and lighter 😉 The made-in-Thailand Nikon’s 16-35 f/4 VR is unfortunately not a good example of this, but Canon’s 70-200 f/4 L is.

              The difference between D700 and D7000 in weight is not as significant as that between 70-200 f/2.8 and f/4. Yes, I can see people (not just consumers) putting an f/4 lens on a $3000 FX body easily. Take for a spin, the measly priced 50 f/1.8 AFS. No way people are going to put a $200 lens on a $5000 D3s? Guess what, it performs better than a 24-70/2.8 at 50mm 😉

              I agree with you on the need for smaller FX body though. Just exactly D7000-like, mostly magnesium frame with non-load-bearing plastic parts, only maybe a little bigger (or at least a little smaller and lighter than a D300). Realistic pricing would be around $1700-1900, which is what a brand new D700 should be sold at now anyway.

            • PHB

              The f/2.8 lenses on the DX body will give you precisely the same depth of field as the f/4 lenses on an FX body.

              The f/4 lenses are lighter of course, but you have to have more lenses to get comparable range to the DX setup.

              The lightweight lenses make much more sense on a D9000 than a D700.

            • silmasan

              minor hairsplitting: I played with a DoF calc once, and IIRC the DX with f/2.8 will still give slightly deeper DoF than FX with f/4. but anyway.

              DoF is just one factor, and not everyone do need shallow DoF in their photography. Which brings us to my point: what doesn’t make sense to us may still make sense to others.

              Yes, the lite FX D9000 (D600/D500 I think) would suit the lite kit better, but I can also see landscapers putting the 70-200/4 on their D800 (both theoretical) or even the full-sized D3x, unless the lite FX has exactly the same sensor as the top end or even better (which is a little tough to ask from a supposedly ‘entry level’ FX model).

        • The invisible man

          I used to make donations to him (great reviews).

          But when I had my problem with the 14-24mm f/2.8 (if you read NR you probably know what I’m talking about) I sent him an email asking if he had any idea of what was going on with my 14-24mm, I never get any answer, so now, no more donations to him !

          He could at least answered to me “sorry I don’t see what the problem is” or “sorry I’m very busy this week”, but nothing….

          • spam

            Check out his Canon S100 review, sound like he just wrote it woitout ever using the camera.

          • spam

            Btw, I think has a lot of valid points, do some interesting stuff, including a lot of his reviews, but you really need to be an expert yourself to sort out the good stuff from the unreliable.

      • Sahaja

        Yeah sure Ken. If Nikon is giving up FX for DX , where are all the pro quality DX lenses? To me it looks more like Nikon may give up DX cameras above the D7000 level.

        • T.I.M

          +1 Yes.

          • PHB

            No, the D800 is the D7000.

            The D300 is still vastly more successful than any FX body. With the D300s it has outsold all the FX bodies in all configurations. So expecting it to disappear is rather silly.

            The D7000 does not have the full pro controls which D300 users expect. I see at least one more generation of DX professional cameras before they migrate to FX completely.

            If the D800 could be made for $2000 then the math would be rather different and the argument for a D400 would be rather less.

      • this is BS, Nikon is not giving up on FX

        • Nobuyoshi

          Agreed. Nikon firmly stand behind the FX product line.

          Equipment and clean room issues at the Sendai and Ayuthaya plants have caused part sourcing issues that can’t be rectified overnight. Resuming full operations is Nikon’s number one priority.

          Rest assured, the D800 will be released soon enough.

          • silmasan

            Nobuyoshi, I hope you are a Nikon employer. 🙂

          • Monkey Nigh Mow

            Japanese are pretty efficient, so they’ll be back (faster than a Western company can do it at least). It’s just hard waiting.

        • T.I.M

          “BS” french translation: “caca de vache”
          Sound more romantic right ?

      • Anon

        Link please?

    • AnoNemo

      I think Nikon really gave up on its most valuable users, those people who are interested buying a new FX.

      Nikon does not and did not have a D800. Nikon does not have any new products and that is why it has not been announced. Why would they need a new FX? The current line can be produced for the next 10 years and there is no need for new products in this category.

      Now they can focus on testing the different colors for that Nikon 1 system. I really hope they will start making matching T-shirts and hats to improve the photographic value of it. 🙂

      • Ren Kockwell

        A little too cynical, even for you AnoNemo! Clearly, there is a D800 in the works. Nikon has not given up on FX (an utterly idiotic claim), but they did drop the ball waiting so long to provide a response to the 5D Mark II. A D700s would have kept everyone quiet for a long time. Instead, they kept their mouths shut and still refuse to let their faithful know their intentions. A truly antiquated way of doing business.

        • paf

          “…A truly antiquated way of doing business….”

          well put!

          • +1

            Actually my thoughts.

          • Thomas

            +1, Indeed

          • R R

            +1 agree

        • AnoNemo


          I loved the way you put it “A truly antiquated way of doing business”.

        • I am convinced that the D800 was ready to be released and was pulled out in the last moment. I do not know how to prove it to you. I hope after Nikon announce the beast, they will come up and say that it was delayed and explain why.

          • AnoNemo

            That would be beneficial.

          • The invisible man

            So, do you have any new informations ?
            Even at 0.01% sure it will make me happy !
            I heard November 18th as the new release date, did you ?

            • Where did you hear this? As of today there are no Nikon press events scheduled and I doubt Nikon will announce the D800 without any major PR coverage.

            • T.I.M

              Yes, not a Nikon event, and it’s a Friday, so maybe just for new compacts cameras or F1 shit.

              Well, it’s only 16 days from now, at least we don’t have to wait too much.

              Just crossing my fingers (and my toes)

          • Landscape Photo

            Do you think some number of D800 are already produced, packaged & stored in a safe place ?

            • The invisible man

              @Paysage Photo
              Of course the D800 is ready but probably not enough for the expected demand.

              Nikon don’t want to annouce a product they have been working so hard on it and would be out of stock after few weeks.

              I remembed the F801 (N8008) was so polular that the waiting list was 6 months (without flooding !)

              I’ll be the first one on the list for pre-orders, don’t matter the price.

            • Jabs

              Yup – already built and in testing, so they are probably just waiting for the flood of new announcements to be over to determine WHEN to formally announce their new gear.

              Olympics 2012 is Nikon’s goal and not our goals as their aim.

              They are a Business and not our personal babysitters or one’s involved in merely pleasing us.

              Nikon sells more Pro gear to Corporations than the general public = perspective.

              When you can buy 1000 D800’s, then you will know what is upcoming via NDA’s plus maybe get a few test bodies before a formal announcement!

              If not, then you wait!

            • I do think so.

          • Jabs

            There were RUMORS of an announcement but not an actual announcement from Nikon, so no need to explain why?

            When they announce it, then time to schedule a delivery date and give out samples to the Press and Testing web sites.

        • Darkness

          First rule of business, never tell your competition (some of whom masquerade as faithful) what you are doing. Show me a company that does…just one.

      • nikonlover

        If you’re not trolling you’re going to feel very stupid in a few months time.

        • AnoNemo


          We’ve heard that sentence for over 2 years now. I think at this point it is safe to say that Nikon does not have any new products to be announced in the next 6 months especially FX. Those 3-4 year old gears are the latest from Nikon and were shown at the PDN as new products. Thus, Nikon thinks these can be produced for the next 5-10 years. No need for 1080p video in FX (you can find this in your phone) and no need for more than 12mp. What you actually need is 1 big frickn’ pixel. With that you can capture anything under any condition. That’s Nikon’s answer for those who invested into their glasses and equipments since they are kept in the dark. 🙂

        • Jabs


          They fail to learn and now realize that Nikon’s Pro line is usually tied to the four year cycle of the Olympics and since the next on is in London in summer 2012, they have lots of time left to both test and release new Pro gear.

          People here foolishly want Nikon to tip their hand to appease them and thus idiots.

          Earth to them – they have a schedule for REAL Pros who buy their gear in bulk and not for amateur web site complainers or backseat drivers wannabe trying to get Nikon to be the way they want them to be – That is why Canon and especially Leica is in the pickle they are now – they listened to their idiotic customers instead of their real Pro users and more importantly their Pro BUYERS!

          Olympics are every two years and every four years = Nikon’s KNOWN release schedule.

          Winter and Summer Olympics – forgot?

          • Keepin it real

            “That is why Canon and especially Leica is in the pickle they are now”

            Are you on some kind of hallucinogenic? Take a look at the change in market share. Enough said, I have wasted enough skin cells in typing this reply to you already!

            • Jabs

              Canon is in a pickle because they could not produce a REAL Pro FX camera for so many years and the ONE Pro FX body caused them grief and has had many, many serious issues still not fixed.

              Leica is in a pickle because they went on with their development of cameras despite where the Market went and attempted to leapfrog everyone else by making their new S2 line. They now are producing Titanium COLORED cameras and attempted exotic gear which are basically rebadged Panasonic cameras now with calf’s leather cases and thus what do you think of that.

              1. Canon had to pre-announce something in a Pro FX line though they could NOT deliver it now, as Nikon has had two generations of successful FX Pro bodies since Canon last released a FX Pro body. The last Canon FX Pro body was released before the Nikon D3, the original one too. A 5DMK2 is not considered a Canon Pro body!

              2. Leica just got sold to an Investment Group after basically becoming irrelevant from making overpriced gear now easily upstaged by a cheap Nikon D5100 and other such gear – in real performance.

              That is what to be described ‘as being in a pickle’ means – terminology meaning SOUR results from like pickles or sour cucumber pieces in brine or dill.

              Being in a pickle means then – results gone sour.

      • Nikonite

        well Nikon doesnt make the big bucks on the top models for sure,
        for every Top FX how many will buy a DX, how many will buy a Mirrorless, how many will buy just a p/s ?

        1:100 ? 1:500 ? more ?

        considering this has been the time of damages (Japan-Thailand)
        i think it’s more the time for cashing in on PS and ML rather than creating a monster machine for a few, no, i dont say never anymore, just not now.

      • PHB

        Bzzt, the most valuable customers are the ones who buy the low to mid range DSLRs.

        FX still does not sell in sufficient volumes to break even. But it certainly will in time.

        • paf

          consumption has little to do with FX vs DX – it has everything to do with price point.

          Now imagine an FX camera at 1699 USD…

          • BartyL

            “Now imagine an FX camera at 1699 USD…”

            Stop it! You’re teasing us!

        • paf

          I suppose I should add that I agree with you and that ….

          “consumption has little to do with FX vs DX – it has everything to do with price point….”

        • Jabs

          Sorry but FX does make Nikon lots of money, as they are not in the charity or subsidy Business – that’s Sony.

          D3 and D3X plus D3s and D700 has made lots of money for Nikon.

          Even the D3X made lots of money though many here denounced it, it sold in droves.

          It is Sony that is in financial turmoil and NOT Nikon – remember?

    • Sahaja

      No matter that it is certainly the camera NR readers seem most interested in, the top seller of Nikon won’t be the D800 – I’m sure several Nikon DX cameras will sell more.

  • plug

    All the rubbishing of the Nikon 1 cameras. Why don’t you offer one as a prize in a draw and see if all the whingers aren’t prepared to enter? 🙂

    • Matt

      I actually im interested in botha Nikon 1 and a FX camera. The only problem is you need to get new lenses, so so pretty much have to decide which you want. Right now, i think its FX.

      • PHB

        With only 4 lenses on offer for FX you can buy the full system for less than the price of a D700.

  • The invisible man

    Anybody here own a 24mm PC-e f/3.5 and D700 ?
    Does it works well with the D700 ?

    • Bondi Beach

      Yes – like a beauty! There are some issues with bumping into the pentaprism, but it is just a matter of rotating “the other way”. I find the mechanism of the tilt and shift to be a little sloppy and imprecise – I would be very interested in trying out the Hartblei one but have never seen it in the flesh. Their 35mm focal length may not appeal to you though..

      • The invisible man

        @Bondi plage
        Thanks you,

        I was worry about the prism issue, it know it works perfect with the D3 (D4?) but I don’t want a pro body, too big, too heavy.

        I had a D700 few years ago and I really like the shape, weight and feel of it.

        The 24mm PC-E remind me my student years with the Combo view camera, that was a pain, the 24mm PC-E seems to be much easier to use.

        I think I’ll give it a try but I’m waiting for the D800 first.

    • Landscape Photo

      I have a 20mm. I do the rest on PS perspective control (if I need). It is a good software alternative to PC-E lens 😉

  • T.I.M

    “Les dommages causés par les inondations et l’impact sur les chaînes d’approvisionnement ont des conséquences graves sur l’économie non seulement du Japon mais aussi de l’ensemble des pays d’Asie du Sud-est”, a déclaré Osamu Fujimura, lors d’un point de presse.

    L’Etat nippon prévoit une mesure spéciale autorisant, sous conditions, des Thaïlandais à venir au Japon pour permettre aux firmes nippones d’augmenter leur production dans l’archipel.

    Environ 30 firmes sont pour le moment susceptibles de profiter de cette mesure, qui ferait venir au Japon plusieurs milliers de travailleurs, selon l’Etat.

    Les procédures détaillées doivent être mises en place dès la semaine prochaine par le ministère de la Justice.

    Par ailleurs, plus d’un millier de chercheurs thaïlandais employés par des groupes nippons et également privés de laboratoire seront aussi autorisés à venir oeuvrer dans des centres au Japon.

    Plus de 400 entreprises japonaises subissent les répercutions des déluges d’eau qui se sont abattus sur la Thaïlande et ont noyé des centres industriels.

    Les constructeurs d’automobiles, dont les géants Toyota, Nissan, et Honda, des groupes d’électronique (Sony, Canon, Nikon, Pioneer) ou encore des entreprises d’agro-alimentaire ont notamment été obligés de stopper leurs usines sur place.

    L’arrêt des sites industriels de nombreux sous-traitants bloque aussi les arrivages de composants et pièces détachées dans les usines d’assemblage ailleurs, ralentissant l’activité dans toute l’Asie, voire au-delà.

    Toyota est par exemple forcé de réduire les horaires d’exploitation de ses usines jusqu’aux Etats-Unis et au Canada.

    L’Etat nippon et la banque centrale de Japon ont déjà annoncé cette semaine un programme de garantie de prêts et de financement pour aider les sociétés japonaises affectées par ces intempéries historiques.

    you won’t get your D800 anytime soon

    • AnoNemo

      There was no D800! It is just a fairytale.

      • AnoNemo


        No, it is not a lie it is a fairytale! 😉

  • Cash

    Wow… So much pessimism.

    Nikon have given up on FX!

    There is no D800!

    The sky is falling!

    I’m switching to decaf Canon!

    I guess you guys have your own ways of dealing with grief. 😉

    • The invisible man

      easy to say when you name is cash !

  • Kon_head

    Top 10 Disappointments in October…. I am switching…… to decaf ! 🙂

  • Jake

    I’m tired of waiting. 🙁 Nikon, please give me a D400 to spend my money on!

  • george

    Thom Hogan just posted a very thoughtful (as always) comment on his site about the current situation and what to expect.

    • GeofFx

      Has anyone talked about the (remote) possibility that the forecast 36 mpx sensor could be something like a dual 18mpx sensor sort of like the Fuji Super CCD technology? I know it’s doubtful, but possible?

      • Twoomy

        Well apparently, you just have. So there you go… another fresh rumor! 🙂

  • New to Canon

    After waiting a lifetime for the new d800, I gave up, sold up and made the move to canon. Trust me, knowing my luck the D800 will be announced any hour now.

    Oh well, made the decision, have invested in a heap of quality glass.

    No looking back now, it doesn’t matter how good the d800 is!

    • silmasan


      I don’t want to defend Nikon here. I strongly suggest the reasonably wealthy ones to invest in at least two systems simultaneously (won’t take more than the cost of a new car or two) for the sake of flexibility.

      When it comes to Canon glasses, here’s my personal shortlist:
      * 17/4 L TS-E
      * 24/1.4 L II
      * 50/1.2 L II or the much cheaper 50/1.8
      * 85/1.2 L II or the much cheaper 85/1.8
      * 100/2
      * 135/2 L
      * and the 70-200 zooms, f/2.8 II and f/4 L (their fast wide and normal zooms aren’t up to snuff with Nikon’s, but dunno about the 24-70 II)
      * the long big white primes you see in sports games (just the cost of another new car, no big deal)

      While waiting for the 5D III, you can get a lightly used 5D II (which is still a great camera even now–shame on you for not switching sooner) for a bargain and then sell it later to a film student without much loss.

      If you can do with manual focus, I strongly recommend a F-to-EOS adapter so you can use your Nikkors proudly.

      Or if you can only afford one system, you may find this useful (a pro’s experience from going all-Nikon to mixed bag to all-Canon):

      Considering limited stocks and raised demands lately. this is a good time to sell your Nikon gears & glasses. (What are you waiting for–so far there is no rumor that says there will be a better time to sell your Nikon gears in very late 2011 to Spring 2012)

      (a big wave of switching might push Nikon to speed things up a bit but we can only hope)

      Go switch to Canon. I know you want to.


      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        5Dii is why I switched from Canon to Nikon. Sure it’s got MP and good video. But the AF is horrid.

        After I bought a 1DIV I released how bad it actually is too. Which made me sell up and get a D3s and lenses.

        Super happy.

        Each to their own I suppose.

      • Jabs

        If you play the ponies with your career or play the investment game as an equipment collector, then maybe investing in two systems completely might hedge your bets but then you have two incomplete systems or too much overlap and then a steeper learning curve.

        Would make more sense to me to buy a Nikon D3s, and then a medium format body-system plus rent a Canon if needed.

        Buying two systems is akin to buying a car with two steering wheels and then two drivers working opposite each other. Can’t decide, then RENT the one you use the least – simpler too!

        Dream gear is for collectors or the rich and undecided, but a real photographer would not do something so asinine, to me.

        Fantasies usually make you broke plus ineffective, as it is not like all this gear is CoolPix price?

        Do any of you here shoot any gear for a living?

        Buy one system, complete that system first and then add bits and pieces of another incompatible system to me makes the most practical sense, instead of tying to go two completely different directions at the same time.

        Have you personally ever tried shooting with a Nikon and Canon combo yourself?

        It is hard enough to do a Nikon or Canon and a Medium format system combo much less now Nikon and Canon – what purpose does it serve?

        Making up some idealized wish list and then recommending that to anyone, is definitely not what I would do even of they had the money. Counter productive at best!

        Do you actually realize how expensive a well stocked Nikon or Canon system really costs? I mean one from say 16mm to 600mm and not the amateur version of things plus three bodies, flashes, Gitzos and the needed accessories???

        When people come here and say they have switched or such, I just laugh and say to myself – sucker – you bought a worse body and now you expect some type of an applaud here – lol.

        Give people some reality and not fantasy, perhaps.

        BTW – it takes about $50-100,000 US dollars to buy a Pro system designed to shoot and earn a living that pays for all that gear too, so perhaps perspective instead of dreams.

        • silmasan

          Jabs, I feel kind of pity you didn’t get the joke(s) 🙂

          • Jabs

            Stupid joke directed at someone’s concern – yeah right!

            • silmasan

              Well, my condolences to you if you were concerned that much.

              Of course everyone who’s about to spend the sum of “a few new cars” should read a “switch to Canon” mini-guide at a Nikonrumors site!


      • silmasan

        Duh, just noticed. Last line should be:

        “Go switch to Canon. You know you want to.” 😉

      • Tom


    • Jabs

      Typical amateur posturing trying to make people feel sorry for them – get real.

      Switched from what to what?

      Bought what lenses and sold what?

      Sob stories for suckers, maybe!

      Who in their right mind would buy a 5DMK2 now, when the rumored 5DMK3 is right around the corner perhaps?

      • AnoNemo


        Thank you!!! Finally, this is the first post from you that is not a page long! 🙂

        I am teasing you

  • At least we know that the name of the beast would be D800. But wait…

  • D800 sounds more like vaporware for now.

    • silmasan

      Duke Nukem800 Forever

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        and duke nukem did come out… and it’s crap.

  • Risky

    All the comments on the D800 I can’t think they are coming from fotographers. For your profession or hobby you should be able to live with the existing cameras and do not pretend that your (fotographic) life depends on a new camera.
    So, have patience.

    • davix

      +100 i posted my comments quite at the same time as yours…

  • davix

    Well guys..enjoy your current Nikon equipment…and wait, sure that you can already shot great ones and wait for more. Very few here are really “pros” with a marketing need for a Lastest Edition. I am also waiting for the D800 and i am also frustrated in some way…but that’s the way it is and what is going in Thailand should help us to keep our feets on earth on that.

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    IMHO the D700 is still a great camera. Sure it doesn’t have video, there’s only one card slot and it’s “only 12MP”. But for a lot of us, that’s all we need.

    I have a D3s and I never use the video on that. I do use it on my D7000 (which I mainly brought as shallow DOF video camera to compliment my Canon XF300. I shoot in 720p most of the time so lacking 1080 25p isn’t a big deal for me (I shoot events which are mainly burnt on DVD anyway or given to them as files, so no big deal not shooting full HD… anyway 720p is pretty darned good if you ask me).

    So anyway, my point is the D800 might have a bazillion MP and video up the wazoo but I’m probably just gonna buy a D700 as a 2nd camera and wait and see what Nikon do in the next year. Then if the new cams come and are so amazingly awesome I can’t live without them (lol) I’ll sell the D700 (and maybe the D7000) and buy one. If not I still have a collection of cameras that meet my needs, so whatever.

    Also… buy some freakin’ glass why don’t ya?! 😉

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Before someone says that the D3s has 720p so why don’t I just use that… it’s not so well implemented in the D3s as the D7000 IMHO, plus I put video lights etc. on the D7000 and shoot stills with the D3s (events) at the same time. So I don’t want to make it so I can’t use the brilliant stills capabilities of the D3s because it’s all rigged up for video.

      • baked bananas

        Well said monkey man. The point is use the equipment you have now. Sure I’m pissed at Nikon for not releasing the d800 this year and wholeheartedly agree with the bitchery and complaints on this board …and I want d3s ISO performance in a d700 format… with 20 yesterday ….or i’m gonna maybe switch to Canon … but that wouldn’t make me a better photographer… wouldn’t it?

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          36MP is obviously what you need mate. 😉 LOL

  • broxibear

    “November is nearly with us and still no hint of new FX DSLR’s from Nikon Australia. The 36MP D800 seems a tad unlikely to us in spite of 99% probability predictions from the rumour mills.”
    “rumour mills” ?…what rumour mills lol ?

    • AnoNemo

      I think Nikon simply does not have anything new to offer. 2011 was the year of crap-gadget (CoolPix and Nikon 1) and maybe the back end of 2012 they will show us something.

      Look, there is no need here for new FX. That 12mp can serve us for the next 10 years. Besides, everyone should be happy with the current gear because that is what Nikon said. Nikon is getting pathetic and working hard to slowly break down the brand loyalty. I think in this regard they are doing a great job.

      • broxibear

        Hi AnoNemo,
        I’m not as pessimistic about Nikon as you, I’m sure if it wasn’t for the earthquake and flooding Nikon would have announced at least one new FX model if not two. Yes they could have handled things better from a marketing and customer point of view but there you go.
        Different photographers have different needs, for some the current line up will last them for many years, for others it won’t…you have to find what’s right for you and go with it.
        I don’t know about brand loyalty, I use Nikon because I’m comfortable with their cameras, the quality is high and they do what I ask from them. I’ve never considered changing because I’ve had no reason to do so.
        The problem Nikon, and every other manufacturer has, is that the world is in economic turmoil. A lot of people will not be changing or upgrading in the next few years because they can’t afford to, and that includes professional photographers.
        As I’ve said before, I am surprised Nikon haven’t followed Canon and announced a D4 or D800 6 months before launch just to reassure potential customers…I think it was a really good marketing move by Canon.

        • AnoNemo

          I am not pessimistic, I am sarcastic. 😉
          I think Nikon is marketing disaster. They cannot even differentiate between consumer and pro products and that is what pisses of many.

          Yah, economic turmoil? Ask Apple … they have never sold that many iPhones in just couple of days. Of course they are not affected with natural disasters although they source many parts from those regions. See, that’s the difference between Nikon and Apple.

          I agree, Canon was brilliant with this announcement. They stole the show and now they are capitalizing on it. I still do not understand why Nikon could not follow that strategy. The result is that the most loyal Nikon users are pissed and question when and what. And I did not want to mention those who actually want to plan their next year budget (individuals and companies). We are at the end of 2011 and many wants to determine their next year investments and Nikon just does not not get it.

          Besides, we have the Nikon 1 which is the ….. (fill in the blank). But that is what Nikon pushing down in our throats. 😉

          • pabs

            “I agree, Canon was brilliant with this announcement. They stole the show and now they are capitalizing on it.”

            How can Canon capitalize on something not yet available nor will be for 6 months? If Nikon announces their product in four months with availability at the same time as Canon’s what has Canon gained?

            • broxibear

              Hi pabs,
              I think Canon have capatalized on it.
              From a marketing point of view look at all the media buzz created by the 1Dx, the whole point of PhotoPlus is marketing…the 1Dx was the camera people were talking about, writing about and wanted to see. It was very similar to what Fuji did with the X100.
              The other thing is that Canon have given their customers a heads up, they’ve said here’s the new camera, and it’ll be out on this date. I have friends, professional photographers who use Canon, who liked the fact that they know 5 months in advance what’s coming out. It helps them plan their budget and decide if they want to upgrade bodies or lenses.
              I don’t think this was Canon’s plan from the start, I suspect the early announcement was to take advantage of Nikon finding themselves in a hole due to events in Japan and Thailand.
              Just from a marketing standpoint it’ll be interesting to see what Nikon do with their D800/D4 launches. Will it just be another IAM or will there be something different ?

            • AnoNemo


              Canon used the 1DX to create the buzz and now today canon will have on its side Martin Scorsese. Again, this is going to be a big buzz but for a different set of professionals. Together (film + 1DX) they will occupy again the news and raising the brand image.

              So where is Nikon? Well, they just go with the “I AM” whatever which only targets the consumer. In the meantime those who are loyals are scratching their heads.

              I think it is getting embarrassing for Nikon. And look what will happen tomorrow when Nikon will deliver terrible financial outlook with no mention of when and what type of new products will be on the market.

              So in one hand Canon gets the buzz in the other hand Nikon will get the investors’ (and I include here those who are heavily invested in Nikon gear) anger. That is because I cannot see anything from the tomorrows financial announcement from Nikon that will create a buzz for their products. Simply put Nikon marketing displayed amateurish practices.

        • AnoNemo


          …and tomorrow, Canon will further steal the show with its planned movie related announcement…

          This is not going down well for Nikon. This year Nikon did not show any commitments to serve the pro base while Canon is just doing that.

      • I disagree, Nikon has the D800, a DX lens, a FX lens and new flash ready to be released. The question is when they will do it. They usually send invitations for press events 2-3 weeks before the date. So far there are no invitations sent which means there will probably be no announcement in November (there are holidays at the end of November in the US). The last chance is the first week of December – Nikon has made several December announcement in the past. If not, the PMA show is in January 2012.

        • AnoNemo

          They will not announce this “imaginary” D800 in December. If they don’t announce it within the next 2 weeks we can safely say “that’s it for 2011 folks”. I am inclined to say this right now!

          NR Admin, don’t get me wrong but there is absolutely no evidence (except your claim) that a D800 exist and it is ready for prime time. I’ve been saying for a long time now that there will be no new FX in 2011. The reason is simple, sony did not give a new sensor. So whatever you might heard could be just “plans”. Sony was clear that no new FX this year. So why on earth would Nikon release anything new when there is no competition? This situation is fine for canon as well. That is why we do not have anything new this year.

          Look at the mirrorless segment. In that area Nikon waited for the last minute and arguably arrived late at the game (with the Nikon 1). Nikon will do the same again with the FX line. They will wait until first sony comes out and then canon. Only after that will Nikon feel the heat to release anything.

        • Sahaja

          Even if it is not released until March or April, I’m sure Nikon must already have D800 cameras being tested.

          From EXIF data of different sample shots I’ve seen, the D7000 was already being tested 9 months before it was announced. The new D800 will likely be tested for a similar period.

          There was some rumor that Sony was going to let Nikon release a camera with their new 36mp sensor before Sony release their own. If this is still going to happen, the time frame must be pretty small.

          I think the D800 has already set a new record: the most discussed unannounced camera of all time.

    • Another person who cannot read (talking about that Australian website). The 99% was only for the name (D800) and the MP count (36). For some of the other specs I had 90% confidence, I mentioned in several posts that I am not sure about the announcement date.

  • D700guy

    Well, Nikon cant afford to design and release a new FX. They have to pay Ashton first.

  • getanalogue

    folks, not only nikon has huge problems to announce new gear, sony and canon in the same way. I think it is just honest NOT to announce a camera to be available March / April next year as canon does. Nokon is waiting until they can evaluate the possible date of availability, and then announce the product. Just HONEST type of making business IMHO.

    • D700guy

      I believe that is a real possibility.
      It would be nice though, if Nikon would issue a statement about the products, if they actually exist. The problem for some of us is financial planning. Do we invest in a new body, or do we plan on other avenues? The success of the fiscal year going forward for those involved in small businesses depends on strategic planning

      • PeterO

        I agree 100% with you D700guy. In addition, I believe that as loyal Nikon customers (those of us who don’t threaten to change systems every few months) we are completely justified in pushing Nikon not only to be more open but also to constantly improve their products. Why? Simply because we are protecting our investment in their system.
        The P&S cameras will not exist in a short time, so it actually seems logical for the 1 system to appear. As technology improves, there may come a time when FF will no longer be necessary, but at this point the laws of physics have not been superceded enough to allow for this.
        Having said all that, I still think that Nikon missed the boat with the 1 system as a truly pocketable higher quality system. Obviously their target audience was not the professional but the middle income buyer who can afford the iPhone. No doubt, the D3, D700, D300 will be amazing but I will continue to push Nikon for more and better products to protect my investment. Oops, sorry. I was trying to keep it shorter than a Jabs epistle…

        • PeterO

          I meant D3, D700, D300 upgrades…

        • Sahaja


          Despite its limitations, I’m sure the Nikon 1 system will sell well to the market it is aimed at (and it had better because Nikon don’t have much else new to sell just now) – and it takes all pressure for them to release a mirrorless system.

          I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Nikon also release another, larger sensor, mirrorless system in 3-4 years time.

      • Nikon will never make an official statement before the announcement. Hopefully they will say something after the D800 gets announced.

      • Sahaja

        I agree – it would be useful to their customers planning if manufacturers announced DSLRs that people use professionally say 6 months before release like Canon have just done.

        I’m sure the spec of these cameras is pretty well set months several before that ~ and 6 months isn’t nearly long enough for competitors to make major changes either.

        People have already been holding off purchases for more than a year in expectation of the D800 and D4 – so an earlier announcement isn’t really going to hurt existing sales either – especially since the existing models are not that easy to find.

        If they announced things earlier and then there was some unforeseen delay due to a natural disaster or something I think most customers would understand.

        For consumer level cameras I can understand not announcing things until late.

        • PeterO

          Absolutely correct on all counts Sahaja. Unfortunately these arguments must seem bizarre to the entrenched 19th century thinking that rules corporate Japan.

          • Jabs

            Actually the people that count, already know and are testing the bodies and new gear.

            It is the Public that is in the dark.

            It has nothing to do with Japanese culture or such but PLAIN Business savvy – missing from most posters here, as they basically do not know much about Business Intelligence or strategy.

            MAYBE, Nikon is waiting to see what Sony DID and what Canon now does on November the 3rd, to now take the spotlight solely to themselves.

            Why would you release anything in a crowded market of competing releases and then get buried in the ensuing rush?

            Does that make sense or have anything to do with so-called Shogun mentality – a myth too???

            • PeterO

              Jabs, you seem to know quite a bit about Nikon is doing/thinking – or want us to believe that you do. It seems that no matter what anyone else says you always have the right and only answer. Are you Nikon’s mouthpiece in this forum because if you are, then you know a lot more than you’re letting on. As for your statement about Nikon’s business savvy and our lack thereof, I need only point out that Apple never worries about other company’s announcements. If Nikon were in the same league in the camera world, they wouldn’t give a damn about what everyone else is announcing.

            • PeterO

              Further to your comments:
              -are you implying that we long time Nikon customers don’t count?
              -again, we are not the public but their customers – the ones who actually keep them in business.
              -if you read my comments carefully, I was refering to Japanese corporate culture, not japanese culture.
              -obviously you know a lot about the japanese to make reference to Shogun mentality. I don’t understand your point and assume that whatever translator you are using does not express your thoughts clearly.

            • Jabs

              I am in Business in America.
              I have been a long time Nikon user since the F3 days.
              Nikon has repeatedly said over the years HOW they do things.
              I speak to and deal with Corporations and know how they purchase gear.

              1. Gear is purchased on a Cycle and then when the gear is finished with, it is auctioned off or sold.
              2. Gear is a tax write off in America whether it is bought outright or has been leased.
              3. Nikon sells their Pro gear to many Photographic users such as large News Organizations, the US Military, NASA and such via Government or Private Procurement. There the specs are known and listed BEFORE the bidding process begins, not after.
              4. Nikon is KNOWN to test gear up to several years before its’ release.
              5. Many posters here have stated that they have been told by friends or associates about several new Nikon bodies and gear that they are currently testing but they cannot show them or tell them much because of NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) or legally enforced Agreements that if you talk or reveal absolutely anything, you get sued and injunctions against you are filed against you.
              6. I have been involved in several Product roll-outs in my field in America and thus I know how it works here.

              No body tells the public anything, basically – except desperate Companies trying to thwart a mass exodus to their competitors when they are losing Market share.

              Plain enough!!!

              I am involved and most here are guessers and clueless too, as web site readers.

            • Jabs

              In America – it works like this:

              Those who buy the greatest quantity of a thing GET first rights to look at and test the gear themselves.

              That means Corporations and not us mainly – we have to wait or hope there are leaks – hence Nikon RUMORS!

              English is my native tongue and I live in America.

              Just wait!

            • PeterO

              Thank you Jabs for setting us all straight. There’s no question that we “single” buyers are the lowest on the totem pole. I’m happy to wait for Nikon’s future offerings. In the meantime I’m swinging over to the Fuji camp to have a look at the X10. I really like the retro look and that I can slip it into my pocket.

            • Jabs


              Glad to be of help here, as many people complain and complain while unaware themselves as to how things occur. Me, I try and bring a dose of reality here and thus clashes are evident, as many like to complain JUST to complain.

              A Corporation is a huge thing and their Policies are usually sales driven plus geared towards the Market they work in, thus different policies worldwide, hence Subsidiaries or Divisions in each important Market staffed with people who know that Market and how people do Business there.

              We can all criticize any Corporation, but to want what you want when you expect it to be released is rather silly and childish of you especially when there is little to no possibility of that occurring then.

              Like barking at the Moon – you might as well go to bed and sleep off the ‘madness’ – lol.

              Expectations without a dose of reality, usually means that you don’t understand much in life but are merely a selfish person dedicated to your own personal wishes and then you need to go buy a Company and then make what you wish for yourself, or just be patient or buy something else already on the Market – simple!

        • j

          Yes people have been holding off purchases for a year in anticipation… but every now and then you hear of a person still shooting a D70 and preaching that they are waiting until Nikon releases something worthwhile…that is just silly.

          it is a big purchase but it is also ridiculous to be in a constant state of uncertainty. If you can afford a D3 for personal use then just buy one and sell it later at a bit of a loss. If you need a camera to make money then just get the best available and shoot it in to the ground….

          Photography is expensive and some of you act like this is your first and last camera purchase of your lifetime but your words are in contradiction to that.

  • Landscape Photo

    12mp for a lifetime. 12mp forever. Yay!

    I used MF film for 4 years
    D200 for 2 years
    D300 for 2 years
    D700 for ???

    • Landscape Photo

      Forgot to say, I used 35mm film for countless years.

      Even D200 was better than 35mm film drum scan, (no matter what some people say it contains gazillon mp of info, film was visually equivalent to about 6-8mp digital)

      D700 is as good as it can be, but not as good as MF Velvia drum scan. Yet I hope the D800 will be with its plenty 36mp resolution.

      • You drop to mention that nothing matches Velvia color rendition. Resolution is not the only case…

        • Jadewatcher

          Plus, he forgot to mention the print size possibilities, that is why i think the term “visually equivalent” came out.

      • Jabs

        PRINT film is about 6 to 8 megapixels except of course B=W film like Kodak Tech Pan.

        SLIDE film like Fuji Velvia 50D Pro or 64T Pro are more like 10-12 megapixels.

        I still see lots of scanned Fuji Pro 50D Velvia that beats many digital bodies by a mile.

        Hardly notice any Kodachrome that beats it though.

        I shoot with both digital and film plus have my own 50D and 64T Fujichrome shots to compare directly myself.

        Slide film got finally passed by the D3 series and got buried by the D3X to me.

        • Jadewatcher

          Pardon me if you find my statement rude, but you obviously never printed scanned slides that much. I challenge you to use correct hyperfocal focus with a really good lens on velvia 50, scan the slide @ 4000 dpi with a seriore scanner and then have it printed at the maximum resolution by a professional printer. Then, make your comparison and you’ll see that only a d3x can come really close @ 100%, and only in terms of resolution. Digital 35mm is fine for lots of things, but i still keep both 35mm film and MF for critical landscape work for that same exact reason.

          • Landscape Photo

            I find this skeptical. I forgot the number of drum scans I’ve seen. They were the at the highest stretch of quality. The best ones were coming from Leicas. They had a stunning acutance. No need to mention the highlight transition of film too.

            But when it comes to resolution, the info is lost among the film grain.A properly converted & sharpened D200 nef file @ ISO 100 even exposed by inferior zooms looked better than Leica primes + Velvia. Also this combination had an awful light falloff on blue sky when scanned & printed.

            I used to ignore D700 for some time since my D300 was 12mp too, and at low ISO, they should be equal. It was indeed at first glance. Yet D700 files have beter acutance, some kind of unmeasurable quality. D700 nef can be tortured more than that from D300. It has more hidden DR & less noise even at ISO200. Under good contrasty light, there is not much to look for, but think of a photo taken on a foggy day.

            D700 nef on ACR 6.2 can be considered like 16mp compared to 12mp of D300 nef. The extra detail revealed on D700 (compared to NX2) is thanks to its noise-free sensor; while at the same setting that ACR extra detail is lost within noise at D300 with most images.

            That’s it. Yet D700 does not have the resolution I saw from MF slide scans. A 36mp D800 about D700 high-iso would be perfect. It will be like 2 cameras in one body, FX & DX. On occasion, I may even have a 2x tele crop & still get a printable image.

  • G

    And…the 80-400mm replacement will be announced in 2019.

  • broxibear

    “The owner of a 2001 Ford Escape reported at 7:53 a.m. Friday, Oct. 21, that someone had broken into the vehicle. It had been parked overnight in a driveway in the 900 block of Carolina Parkway Northwest. Damage was estimated at $250.
    Stolen from the vehicle was a $40 pink purse and a $200 pink Nikon camera.”–camera-stolen-from-parked-car
    Do you think the car was pink too ?

    • PeterO

      Oh dear broxibear. What have we sunk to, but needing to report on the theft of a $200 pink Nikon. Thank you for bringing some levity to the current situation.

      • broxibear

        That’s the latest news there is from Nikon PeterO…there’s nothing else happening lol ?
        The world’s turning pink…I feel left out so I might spray my D3 pink just to join the party.

        • PeterO

          Pink is soooo last year. Fuschia is the new pink.

          • silmasan

            Ahaha sooo cute and soooo agreeable! 😀

  • derWalter

    i guess, i say: 2012

    just in case…

  • IvanAker

    ok, this is getting boring.

    Let me say you something:
    D3s is the best camera in its class.
    D3x is the best camera in its class.
    D700 is the best camera in its class.
    D300s, well maybe 7d is better camera.
    D7000 is the best camera in its class.

    And you want a new camera from Nikon!? why? Switch to inferior products if you like it.

    Nikon don`t need to make a new camera, they have great cameras.

    I want Nikon to make something like this:
    FX 12mp sensor,
    big bright VF
    plastic made in china built quality
    2 fps shooting
    1 center focus point
    no video
    no built in motor
    no top LCD
    no live view
    make it cheap FF camera and you will make some big cash.

    • jabs

      And then lose Nikon’s reputation for making great functioning gear.

      Canon already tried that with the 5D MK2.

      It costs more to dumb down a camera or remove features!

    • Anon

      What a senseless entry. In your opinion Nikon has the best cameras in their own class, so they don’t need anything better. 12mp & forever… There is a word: “progress”.

      You seem to be desperate for any camera that is FX & cheap. Why don’t you buy a 2nd hand D700 for $2K and a couple of cheap but good primes?

      • Ivanaker

        Nikon is not the best in its “OWN“ class, but in a class it fells into.
        D3s – 1dmkiv
        d3x – 1dsmk3

        @jabs, it doesnt mean that it wouldnt work well, they can make it work great, just simplify it. I`m a still shooter, i dont need 250 focus points, just one, i dont need video, i dont need 2 screens, i dont need motors, there are a lot of af-s lenses….

        • Jabs


          I got you, but my point is that when you delete functions from a camera, it sometimes is MORE expensive to do that, as you will be re-Engineering the whole camera SYSTEM.

          You have to start with a simpler design first and then make that then – the problem now is – WHO wants to buy a ‘dumbed down’ camera for maybe more money or even less money?

          You can’t have your cake and eat it to – comes to mind.

          Basically it makes little economic sense for any Manufacturer to make a simpler camera, as the features are already there. In the film era, that was easy to do, in the digital era, it is pointless mainly.

          Look at Leica – they tried simplifying a digital camera and look at the price?

          It is easier to put BUTTONS or switches to turn off features than to delete them, as many parts are made by other Companies in bulk thus saving costs and then when you change the design, it becomes a more expensive short run part.

          Now, you run into too many buttons or switches or too deep a MENU system and user confusions takes place. The Era of simplicity died and thus I would not expect that to return except in a Nikon 1 System or equivalent. Technology moves forwards or even sideways at times but hardly ever backwards.

          Nikon made that choice in the D3X of using short run Production custom made chips and look at that price?

  • Soft

    For those who can’t wait. Why not buy a new D700? When the D800 comes out, trade it in or resell it. The resell price is pretty good, or in Hong Kong it is. At least it beats all this waiting and complaining.

    • silmasan

      +1 Always my recommendation as well, Soft (at least when in serious mode). If one is actually, really using her camera, all the things she could create/produce with a ‘temporary’ D3/s, D700 or D7000 (or any alternative from other brands/systems even) in a few months time far outweigh any resale loss in trading it. People just have to believe in their own capability, that’s all ^_^

      P.S. Other than following [NR] for entertainment purposes 🙂 I also consider ‘actually, really using a camera’ to be much more productive than whining at Nikon (or defending them ferociously) (Unless some consider that as a form of entertainment 😀

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Right, that’s what I always say. BTW I’m also in Hong Kong.

  • Jabs

    RED just announced via their Blog, that on November 3rd, they will release a high end professional camera named Scarlet.


    Let’s see what Canon announces also on Nov. 3rd.

    Things are getting interesting, no wonder Nikon held back on their release – LOL.

    • AnoNemo


      Nikon does not have anything that can match the Scarlet or the new Canon that will be announced.

      There is absolutely no evidence that Nikon actually has any new product. Just because somebody said that my friend’s janitor’s friend is testing something … that is not proof! Prove it that Nikon has any new products if you can! And please don’t mention the NDA bs because Nikon is not in the league of Apple.

  • Nikon user by chance

    Hi Guys, I need some expert advice.
    Hi guys,

    I am wanting to get back into photography where I was planning to start with a 7d crop, with the view to upgrading to a new FF canon (5dmkIII) However I managed to get my hands on d700 for sub $1000, and now that i’m with nikon, I need some advice on the glass.

    I am prepared to invest in some quality glass, but don’t want to go over the top. My interests include street photography, wildlife & semi-action (horse riding/ kids in action & dogs running at full pelt etc).

    I did a lot of research for the 7d, the packages I’ve come up with were

    Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM (didn’t fit on a FF so found making this decision difficult)
    Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L IS USM
    Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

    What are some of Nikon equivalents for the FF D700


    • silmasan

      you’re that “New to Canon” dude/dudette above, right? Same gravatar (=same email).

      you wrote:

      “After waiting a lifetime for the new d800, I gave up, sold up and made the move to canon. Trust me, knowing my luck the D800 will be announced any hour now.

      Oh well, made the decision, have invested in a heap of quality glass.

      No looking back now, it doesn’t matter how good the d800 is!”

      Hmm, I don’t want to sound rude but I’m really concerned–do you have multiple personality disorder? With one side of you already “moved to Canon” and the rest of you just picked a “d700 for sub $1000”? (I’m impressed that you two seem to be able to share one email address just fine though)

      Pls pls forgive me if I’m wrong

      thx’k’bye ^o^

      • Nikon user by chance


      • Tard patrol

        Even if your right silmasan, the message on nikonrumors says emails are not shared!

        So either you are lying or admin is sharing email details.

        If the latter is true, be careful people, as it may be the case that [NR] admin is lying when they say

        “Your email is never published nor shared. Required fields are marked *”

        • silmasan

          “So either you are lying or admin is sharing email details.”

          Um, I guess you suddenly moved your pointing finger to another direction, but if that wasn’t the case, I swear I compared the gravatar addresses and they looked the same (oh they still are).

          Not sure about the second “Nikon user by chance” though… Could be his/her twin flame (or simply a clone drone)?

        • emails are not shared with anyone, the gravatar that is displayed in the comment is linked to an email, this is what silmasan wanted to say

    • Jabs

      Let me try and answer your question before you get swamped by all types of basically useless accusations.

      Here is Nikon’s USA web site with their lens selection:

      Now for your question about:
      1. Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM (didn’t fit on a FF so found making this decision difficult)
      2. Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L IS USM
      3. Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

      Nikon equivalents to me:
      1. AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED

      -or- for a little more reach at the long end:
      AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

      2. Nikon does not make an F4 70-200mm zoom, but makes a 70-200 F2.8 and an 80-200 F2.8 which is cheaper but focuses slower, yet is quite sharp too.

      70-200 F2.8 Nikkor zoom:

      80-200 F2.8 Nikkor zoom:
      I did not find it on Nikon’s web site, but you can ‘google’ it yourself.

      3. AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G

      Hope this helps you.

      • Nikon user by chance

        Thank you Jabs,

        very very helpful 🙂

  • NR Fan

    AAArrgghhh! Someone with a proper question


    Hey the rest of you. Are you for REAL? I come here for the crac to see the rumours (yup I’m English) and then I clicked on comments just to see what people said on a rumours site and I discovered you bunch of wittering morons.

    See, me, I Think NR Admin is great – he goes out does a bit of journalism asks questions adds a bit of his own experience and posts here I think that is really cool.

    Only then to have a bunch of slack jawed idiots 1/ complain if they *think* isn’t true 2/ disagree with him if it doesn’t fit their world view and 3/ go off on a tangent that generally ends up with Nikon being the bad guy for not wearing its metaphorical skirts short enough.

    Good grief – have you not got something better to do than bleat how much you NEED a D800?

    Can you really imagine a photo journalist in, say, a war zone, head down due to incoming, saying ‘this would be so much better if Nikon actually told me that there was a D800 coming along, and the lack of information on the D4 is really rather irritating’.


    Some years ago I was taking pictures in Bosnia when it was still a bit iffy. As ever my F3 was brilliant, and when it banged VERY hard against the tank I was shooting from it simply chipped the tanks paint and just carried on. THAT, my children, is a camera you want.

    Until you know that the latest camera will take what life hands out to it wetting yourself to get one is just a bit, well, immature.

    Tin Hat: ON.

    • Troll

      Lol y u shoot film?

      • NR Fan

        Used to.

        I’m not a pro photog, but I am a journalist.

    • Spooky

      First, not everybody is a war journalist where place is more important then megapixels or image quality, second, for some photography is also a very important hobby and they care deeply for it.

      Some of us are waiting really for YEARS on the camera without any official info at all. So I am sorry that a Troll like you passing by does not understand that the emotions can go high when you wait, think the camera is there, wait longer, think now it’s coming, wait and wait and get your hopes up & destroyed again and again.

      Yes, the world has bigger problems, but small problems keep civilized men and women to keep their sanity. My personal opinion is that [NR] does a great job and hangs in there like we all; but if I read trough the comments I think that most anger and disappointment is clearly going Nikon’s way not to [NR].

      Take the comments as what they are, the only clever way to get steam off while waiting a little bit longer.

    • PeterO

      Hi NR Fan,
      Yes indeed there are those on this forum who are constantly crying out from the back seat: “are we there yet?”, but I believe that the vast majority of readers and posters viewing this site do so for entertainment purposes (as silmasan put it). Thank you admin. Condescension and name calling only adds to the “noise”. In fact someone who experienced the old Jugoslavia as you did, should know that it is precisely this kind of behaviour that for centuries kept the feuds simmering. As a tourist in that country, I had an unpleasant experience simply because I was wearing the wrong coloured towel at a public beach. Jabs has educated us on how business is done in America, yet has never said whether he thinks it’s good or bad – just that it is, the way it is. Well, wasn’t it business as usual in America that got us into this world financial mess in the first place. Perhaps if Kodak’s groupies had kept the heat on maybe they wouldn’t be close to bankrupcy. No one here would deny, that Nikon is an innovator and leader in photography, but people do sometimes get impatient – all part of the human condition. Let it be.

    • Jabs

      @NR Fan

      It would appear that many here are ‘professional complainers’ instead of professional Nikon camera users – LOL.

      Yeah, the good old F3 series, my favorite film body.

      Tough as nails and great consistent results – owned three too.

      Overlook people here as this is like a juvenile delinquency area at times:

      Gimme this, gimme that and then fussing about wanting an unannounced Nikon D800 while unsure of either the specs or features – lol on that.

      Yeah, flying blind into uncharted waters and then expect to be congratulated for your apparent brilliance while most would say – ignorant buzzard.

      Look – I sold all of my gear for an unannounced camera and look they are late with it or it’s a ‘faiy tale’ or vaporware now!

      Intellectually challenged but don’t wake them up – shhhhhh!

      Nikon should now make yearly new Pro cameras to make all of their gear worth more and then allow them to sell the older gear on E-Bay to uninformed suckers – basically.

      New gear every year would devalue the Nikon Pro gear and give us fluff features, but never mind – I WANT what I want right now = being adamant and also clueless too. Real genius then.

      Maybe they have been drinking at the praised Apple fountain for so long, they think that Apple sells Pro cameras and not consumer gear.

      Basically no Manufacturer does that one year cycle in Pro gear, but the clueless and web site posters want Nikon to do as they wish – WOW!

      Nikon made their last FX Pro gear (D3s) but that’s so passe’ to them, as they don’t use gear but merely complain here (reminds me of that name for a female DOG!).

      • NR Fan

        Well I think I’ll go back to just reading the stories.

        Paul, I am a fan, we have spoken in the past (and I’m still a fan 🙂 ) and I just think the people here ought to respect NR more.

      • LOL

        Are you talking about yourself Jabs. Because it seems like it. :X

  • Jabs

    The State of the REALITY of the current Pro Market in 35mm DSLR’s – apparently lost on many here as they try and convince us that they aren’t clueless – LOL.

    Canon has two bodies.
    1. An older 21meg FF which has had lots of problems and was released before the Nikon D3 series.
    2. The Canon MK4 which is a cropped body or DX in Nikon parlance.

    Sony HAD two Pro bodies, as they are supposedly discontinued (not 100% sure).
    1. Sony A900 – a 24 megapixel body
    2. Sony A850 – a 24 megapixel body that is cheaper than the A900

    Nikon has four Pro bodies.
    1. D3X – 24 megapixel FX body
    2. D3s – a 12 megapixel FX body
    3. D700 – a 12 megapixel FX body
    4. D300s – a 12 megapixel DX body.

    Now, if you throw in the bodies that Pros are also using:
    1. Canon has a 5D MK2 of 21 megapixels.
    2. Sony has maybe an A580 DX equivalent body of 16 megapixels.
    2. Nikon has a D7000 DX body of 16 megapixels.

    Now, based upon this data PLUS when they were introduced – which Company is more current and who needs a replacement right NOW.

    OK – some will say that all of them need replacements right now and of course you will get the usual – give me X amount of resolution and features or delete some features and give me a Pro body for $1999.99 US dollars – lol.

    This to me is what most of the arguments boil down to here!

    Maybe we can add a few more bodies, so what do you think need to be added?

    • AnoNemo


      Do you have a dedicated button on your keyboard that when you press this long text pops up? 😉

      BYW, the entire FX line is outdated and it is so 2007ish

      • Jabs

        NO – I have a working brain and I don’t bark at the Moon nor try and goad others into clueless pursuits or complaints like you do.

        Could not answer the question, eh?

        LOL! – thought so.

        I am also a fast typist.

        • AnoNemo

          I think the entire Nikon FX line is badly outdated.

          • I think the FX line outdated or not is depend upon individual perspective, surely it can’t be more outdated compare to other manufacturers eg. Canon, well Canon has not release a new FF camera since the 5dmark2.

      • Jabs

        WHEN did they release the D3s?

        • AnoNemo


          The D3s = D3 with revised sensor

          • Jabs

            The Nikon D3S is a 12.1 megapixel professional-grade full frame (35mm) digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) announced by Nikon Corporation on 14 October 2009.

            • Jabs

              More Facts:

              The α850 (DSLR-A850) was Sony’s second full-frame digital SLR , introduced on 27 August 2009.

              Therefore Nikon released the D3S at a later date, making it the most current FX 35mm DSLR camera on the Market.

              If two years means ancient for you, then sorry for you even more.

              Here is what I posted repeated just for you to now possibly reread:

              The Nikon D3S is a 12.1 megapixel professional-grade full frame (35mm) digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) announced by Nikon Corporation on 14 October 2009.

              Bye and end of this useless charade – enjoy your role as mocker while I go do some real work.

          • Jabs

            Actually if you spent as much time bellyaching here as you did any RESEARCH, then you would know that the D3s is a completely new model based upon the previous D3.

            It has sensor cleaning which the D3 did NOT, revised electronics, an upgraded BUFFER that was previously an expensive Factory installed option (you had to send your camera to Nikon for it to be done), plus a new sensor with increased low light and High ISO response plus much higher dynamic range than either the D3 or D700.

            2009 = the last time that a Pro Nikon body was released.

            When did Canon last release a Pro FX body, not announce, but release one?

            All of us are not mere idiots here, remember?

            • AnoNemo


              No, the D3 was released back in 2007. The D3s is the same. They only added the “s” otherwise it would be called D4, right?

              The Nikon FX lines is outdated period.

              Besides you quoted above the D3x. Well, the D3x would not be here if Sony didn’t develop and gave that sensor to Nikon. So, I think we must give credit for Sony. Now, on the top of it you cannot buy a D3x because it is out of stock. The D3s and D700 are also rare. I think Nikon should discontinue them because they are anyway not available. They should introduce a new FX camera with one big pixel. You will be able to capture day and night.

            • Jabs

              I quoted the D3S and not the D3X which was released before that camera.

              Since when does a newer D3 model need to be a D4???

              Therefore you are just the equivalent of one blind as a bat and frustrated about Nikon not doing as you wish.

              There is probably one ‘pro’ FX 35mm body released after this NEW D3s – that is the Sony A850, if memory serves me well.

              You seem to create all this hysteria to perhaps cover your own stupidity or even cluelessness.

              What is it that they say about incessant complainers?
              Do you even read what a person posts before you respond?

              I really am beginning to feel very sorry for you.

              No Business acumen, no or little understanding, no or little reading comprehension and not much reading ability – fine – make your own camera then and time to leave you alone again, as it seems you revel in complaining and doing nothing about it.

              BTW – Nikon’s entire FX line is newer than everyone NOW as Sony has stopped making their entire FX line.

              Makes your complaints look lousy and vindictive, but we all know that already, so many here just humor YOU!

              I figured that you could NOT answer the questions nor admit anything, as it would absolve your mindless pursuits here, apparently.

              Bash Nikon without FACTS – enjoy yourself as all of us here are NOT fools – we actually read and remember facts, forgot???

              Grandstanding in a bowl of Nikon users and fans – lol

              Get real.

            • Jabs

              The Facts:

              The Nikon D3X is a 24.5 megapixel professional-grade full frame (35mm) digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) announced by the Nikon Corporation on 1 December 2008.

            • AnoNemo


              The D3x has Sony sensor.

              BTW, I bet you cannot write another long post like the second above. (That starts with “I quoted the D3S and not the D3X which…)

    • PeterO

      Jabs, this is what I meant about Japanese corporate culture. This is from an article in Tuesday’s New York Times by Steven M. Davidoff entitled: “Olympus scandal reveals how little Japan has changed”. The quote – “The Olympus scandal exposes the all-too-cozy nature of Japanese business that was subject to so much praise in the 1980s. Japanese corporations are dominated by insiders, and companies are often run for the benefit of these insiders rather than shareholder interests.”

      • Jabs


        Same in America and probably the same worldwide – but not sure about the rest of the world.

        They just arrested the head of a Major arm of Corporate America for insider trading. The second one too.

        That is also how things work here in America – from Government to large Corporations, hence no need to answer or comment on that, as I live in a real world and not some imaginary domain that is web based.

        LOL @ the NYT telling us about insider info – where do they get their data from?

        Throwing pot shots at others because their currency has passed yours and you both do the same thing – lol.

        Yeah – NEWS to who?

        Ever heard of Professional Organizations, Lobbyists, Corporate Associations, Masons, Sororities, Fraternities and such?

        • PeterO

          Well thank you again Jabs for er clarifying. I am a little confused by your insightful thoughts such as “probably the same worldwide – but not sure about the rest of the world.” Is there a world beyond this world that you are refering to that I’m not aware of? The statement about throwing of potshots because of currency fluctuations kind of escapes me but I’m sure you know what you mean. Yes I am aware of and belong to certain organizations, but what exactly is your point? In fact I have a great real life and except for this forum don’t live my life online. Thanks again for bestowing your wisdom on us.

          • Jabs


            Yeah, it was slip up.

            I meant that I know how things work in America, but not necessarily how it works for sure in the rest of the world, though I have heard and read that basically it is the same or very similar to here in America.

            Grafts, payola, kickback and influence peddling are basically world wide, while people deny this.

            Of course there are different cultures and habits, but with the Globalization Process, many ‘foreign Companies’ are now run by Americans and many American Companies are run by ‘foreigners’ which blur the line between Corporate Culture a lot.

            I try not to speak for everyone or act like I know what goes on in every country, as that would be insane to make such a claim – lol.

          • Jabs


            Regarding this:
            “Throwing pot shots at others because their currency has passed yours and you both do the same thing – lol.”

            There is an unfortunate culture in America of badmouthing any country that surpasses the US dollar in value and thus a reference to that.

            The NYT is not well regarded in America, basically.

            Hate to get political, but truth is truth. The problem was that the Olympus head was a non-Japanese person and thus I don’t know what happened, but many claim that he ran afoul of Japanese sentiments or Business practices, so don’t know and also don’t care.

            I look at the performance of a Company and its’ products and not the nationality of the Leader or their country of origin, as not some bigot or elitist. People have disputes and they take them to the public even though they are not supposed to by Contact, so their problem basically. That is why I did not answer before, as I hate politics, basically – too divisive for me.

            My motto in life – when you go to a foreign land, you play by their rules and not yours.

            • PeterO

              Aha, thanks for clarifying.

  • broxibear

    Thailand Flood Update:
    “The situation is improving,” Amara Charoengitwattanagun, director of the park, told Reuters. “The water at Rojana has now receded by about 30 cms measured from a peak around Rojana power plant area of 2.80 meters.”
    “Amara said it would take roughly one month to drain away the floodwater. “Most operators on our estate are waiting for the water level to come down a bit more before getting to their sites to start assessing the real damage,” she said.
    Rojana planned to build a concrete dike up to 4 meters (13 feet) high around the estate to defend it in the future.
    “Once the water recedes to the same level of the dike of each estate, we would immediately get in and start the draining process,” Amara said, expecting it would take up to 45 days after that before the situation returned to normal.”

    • AnoNemo

      This means that 30 days to drain + 45 after that before the situation returns to normal. This is approx 75 days. Now, it will take another 2 weeks to decide to scrap the entire plant because you cannot put hightech back where the swimming was. To put into context, I think Nikon can write off its entire plant and move somewhere else.

      Having said that, we are not going to see one new product until next fall.

      • broxibear

        I did hear there was going to be another notice from Nikon regarding the flooding this week, maybe on Friday along with the latest finance figures ?
        Personally I don’t think there will be much that could be salvaged from the plant. Even equipment on the second floor would have been affected by the humidity if not directly by the water…wait and see ?

        • AnoNemo

          I think that plant is complete loss.

          Yes, tomorrow Nikon will deliver the news that they lost 90% of their production and “working hard” to find a solution. In the meantime Canon is announcing products…. and Nikon just delivers bad news.

          I just read that on …rumor that sony will not ship the NEX-7 to the UK before March 2012. This again lowers the pressure on Nikon to release anything new. As I said before, no new equipments for the next 6 months. For Nikon, you will not buy a new FX before June/July 2012.

          • Soft

            So does that mean you are switching to Canon?

  • alvix

    now i see why nikon postponed the D800 or whatever….not to be caught in the RED vs Canon war…mmhh…new line of Red dot canon 1D series..4k and new 300C or similar products…

  • Jabs

    RED wipes out Canon for a lower price too – LOL

    Scarlet packs a similar punch as her older brother, so she can shoot 5k (5120 x 2700) resolution stills at 12fps, or shoot your next cinematic masterpiece in 4K at 25fps. The Red Scarlet also can use all of the Epic’s accessories and comes with a Canon mount so you have plenty of glass to choose from, too. Best of all, Scarlet can be all yours for the low price of $9,750. That’s right, for the price of a used Honda Civic, you can shoot video that essentially looks as good as those made by pros like Peter Jackson and John Shwartzman. We’re about to get our hands on one, so stay tuned for our first impressions.

    OUCH – this is horrible!

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