The state of the Nikon D800

Since there were no significant leaks up till now, I would say that the Nikon D800 will not be announced this week. Pretty much all the information I have been receiving in the past few days says the same thing - the D800 announcement is postponed (including digicame-inf0 who first mentioned the October 26th announcement date). If something changes in the next two days, you will be the first to know.

I just want to remind you that I never received any reliable information (see also this post) for the October 26th release, except maybe the rumored product presentation in Marrakech. If you have read my previous comments here on [NR], my estimation was always "announcement in 30-60 days". We will never know if there was really a Nikon D800 event scheduled for the 26th and then postponed because of the flood in Thailand.

I still believe that the Nikon D800 and the specs described before are real. I do not have any other updates for now.

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  • Some Guy

    Hey there… just want to get something of my chest…
    With all that anticipation going on about the D800, I cant’t loose the feeling that this 30++MP camera is only targeted at Landscape and Studio enthusiasts.
    Slow frame rate and regarding the high MP probably not the new low light king on the market.
    I really don’t want to complain, but if this is it and nothing else follows and the new D400 will be DX, then all the people who bought the D700 and loved it because it was a mini D3 will pretty much be left in the dark :(. I have no use for a slow high MP camera but don’t want to give up FX just because, as a part time wannabe photog, I don’t want to carry around a big D4 or even spend that much money on a camera.
    So will this be the new setup for Nikon? Extremely expensive D4, a pretty expensive D800 and a DX D400? I can’t imagine that Nikon would just forget all their loyal D700 users and just cater to the MP fans. Will there maybe be two versions? Like the high MP D800 and a let’s say 16-18MP D800s for all the normal people :D?
    I hope I won’t be disappointed at the end of 2012 🙂

    • Anonymous

      To won’t be. Has Nikon ever really disappointed? No. They amaze. You may have to wait for it, but it’ll be amazing. That’s my two cents.

      • Jake


        That’s really it. No one seems to get that Nikon has yet to disappoint anyone in the DSLR market, except maybe with the D5000. Just wait and see.

        • Brad

          “Just wait and see” — This should be Nikon’s new ad campaign. I realize that this most recent delay is not Nikon’s fault. It should, however, make Nikon think about changing their manufacturing approach. A plant in Europe or the US would not be a bad idea. Redundancy is not a bad thing when you are a large company that caters to millions of people.

    • What people fail to see is that although new cameras may have some additional features, by no means does that make a D700, D3S or D3X an outdated obsolete camera. These are still in high demand and probably will rule the the top end for a while. Even the new 1Dx from canon wont be available for another 1/2 year which still leaves the D3S at the top of the food chain. And when their new flagship camera does become available, the D3S can still compete against it.

    • Ivo

      That is something I do expect for while already. Why not release D800 and keep D700 (or upgrade to D700s)?
      Many people would probably buy both. Win situation for Nikon.

    • Marcelo

      I Think Nikon will come out with D800 30++ MP and a second version at some point with lower MP and Hi ISO performance. Since D700 was their first FX camera outside the D3/D4 lineup and the D3 has 3 versions, it´s possible that they have 2 or more versions of the D800!
      My only complain is that is taking too long…
      I work with Advertising and D700 is my main equipment. In Brasil is too expensive to afford a medium format digital, and a 24++MP camera would be awesome!

    • I agree, I am (will be) disappointed if (and that is a big IF) the rumors are true that Nikon will NOT be releasing a D-800, but instead coming out with a D-800X. It doesn’t mater what they call it, 36 MP is an X. Disabling the D-800 with an unusable 4 fps to satisfy the megapixel myth would leave more people unhappy than Nikon realizes. Now if Nikon announces a D-800 AND a D-800X, that would be smart! Very very smart!!!

      @ Anonymous,
      “Has Nikon ever really disappointed?”

      Yes, the Nikon D2h.

  • Some Guy

    Now I’m not saying that these Cameras are all of a sudden useless or bad… But I see no problem in upgrading after having used a digital camera for about 2-3 years. The pictures from a D700 will not suddenly get worse 😉 but if I can get better technology why not use it :).

    • Been there guy

      I agree with you. There is nothing wrong to get the best and newest toy we can. That’s how the ecomony works, at least in US.
      Unlilke some, I do wanted the D800 for landscape, so, the 36MP will be a blessing for me, although the price would not be.
      I think the digital sensor technology has approched to a point where we have already at a peak point, there isn’t much more to do with the sensor technology unless we have discovered new material for the sensors.
      So, whatever Nikon come up next, it would be the best of the DSLR for a long time to come.
      Aside from the new discovery on the new sensor, I think they should improve on the camera body designs like (working with Apple) to come up with something more striking designwise.
      I am suprised very few people actually complaint about the design. I don’t like the design of this DSLR camera body, that is why I am an Apple fan. I dig a really good design.

      • photonut

        “I think they should improve on the camera body designs like (working with Apple)…”

        Apple? Do you want to become Nikon even more expensive?!?!?

        • Discontinued

          I was less worried about the price if Nikon was going to make designs like apple but about the hardwares rough- and toughness and its reliability. Lenses suck (mostly for the golden writing) but Nikon’s camera design is perfectly alright with me.

        • 120-300 os

          Not nessecery mabe price falling why steve jobs compagny brings out new versions of cell phones at the same price

  • MGD

    the last thing nikon wants is to repeat its mistake of downselling a huge chunk of D3 potential customers to D700 because they don’t need a jillion frames per second.

    the new lineup would actually be very clearly delineated – D4 for sports/news pro, D800 for landscape/studio/everyone-else-who-wants-FX, D400 for the wildlife birders.

    the best would be if D800 is a hybrid of 5D3 and Sigma Foveon – 36MP if you need ultra-high res, and 12MP (12 x 3colors) to provide super sharp and accurate pixels (sans AA). *that*… would be game-changing.

  • Sanin_Noldy

    With Nikon’s advance tech coming up… whether it is the new D800 to replace the D700 or an extraordinary ground breaking camera…buttom line it’s still a tool…its kinda like a high end brush that a painter use to paint a masterpiece. With that comaprison it is really about the user’s skills and not so much about the high end camera that makes photography an art. Sure, advances in technology aids us but it could never substitute for skills.

  • jk

    Admin, is there any news of a D800 being released this week? j/k

    Apple and Nikon are two of my favourite companies…However, I am not a fanboy and as far as I am concerned they both have “major oversights” with their products. But you have to realize they are trying to design something as universal as possible and sometimes it just doesn’t work with some people.

    The last thing I want to see is people swiping their cameras screen all geaked out…. Custom, menus, and standard camera setting s are all I really care about. I am shooting pictures not browsing the web etc….

    • Been there guy

      When I said Apple is because I admire their sleek industrial design. Steve Jobs was a visionary and did not fall into the average computer cookie cutter design. Sony tried with their VIAO, but not as successful in terms of industrial design.

      People accepted with SLR universal design for so long, they think that’s the way SLR has to be. We need another Steve Jobs to come up with a complete new design, then, we would say “WOW… ” I hope some design student in college right now would come up with some really cool design for SLR.

  • Sky Show

    I’m through with Nikon. Whether it’s Nikon’s fault or not, they consistently fail to get product into the hands of the consumers. It took forever to get my hands on the original D3. Then when my D300 broke down, it took months to find a D7000 DX replacement without getting gouged.

    I’m tired of suffering because of lack of availability. I’m tired of the higher prices. I’m tired of the inferiority complex a lot of Nikon users feel toward Canon – there’s always something we have to catch up on. I’m tired of speculating whether Nikon will even survive the onslaught of a world that has fallen in love with mirrorless cameras.

    • Inferiority Complex? You should see a psychiatrist about that one. lol. A camera is not the cure.

      As far as mirrorless cameras go, they have caught on in Japan pretty big, but not here in the US. I see more higher-end DSLRs around people’s necks than low-end mirrorless cameras. That should say something. I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone here with a mirrorless camera.

      • Same here in germany. Many many DSLRs, very few mirrorless. Maybe that’s going to change, but right now DSLRs are everywhere

    • scurvy hesh

      inferiority complex? Speak for yourself dawg

    • alvix

      mmh..I dont own them ..but we as nikon shooters have the d3x ..highest megapixel camera…the d3s highest iso clean present I dont feel in a inferiority situation..IMHO..

    • Nikonians usually have a superiority complex – sometimes to a fault. We have some of the best equipment the industry has to offer. You can make amazing images with the current DSLR and lens lineup.

      I’m not bitching, I’m just making images with my gear. Maybe we should all just get back to being photographers and watch NR daily until the new gear we’re waiting on gets released. While we’re waiting, let’s have a good time!

    • Richard

      I hope you enjoy whatever new system you choose.

  • paul

    It seems that the entire issue of predicting the release of the D800 revolves around what, if any, parts for the D800 were to be produced in Thailand, ie, Sony sensor, etc. Does NR have any insight into this?

  • Been there guy

    Most of Nikonian don’t have the “inferiority complex” , especially when we holding a DSLR of some sort. We breg about the functionality, we show off how good the glasses are, but very few question the aesthetic aspect of the camera. We simply just accepted this is the universal look of a SLR. Because, most of industry design follows a same old pattern— design follows the function. We design things around its function.

    It is not easy to come up with a WOW design, I have to agree. Just take a look at those design copy cats from South Korea, and Taiwan. 5 years after the iphone, their new smart phones caught up with a lot of technical functionalites, but in terms of design aesthetic, they are the second rated copy at the best.

    Take a look at Ben & Olfson and their contribution to the stereo system design, it was revolutionary at the time.

    I think it’s time to have a Ben & Olfson or Steve Jobs for the camera industry. It’s time to give our same old SLR camera body design (some would called legacy deisgn) a revolution. We should have a design first, and then re-engineering the functions to fit into the design. It’s about the time to do just that, since technical aspect of the SLR camera has pretty much reached its zenith.

    • Form equals function with tools – it should stay this way if the tool is going to remain a good one. Should we redesign a hammer because we don’t prefer it’s looks? A hammer has it’s form to equal it’s function. A professional DSLR camera is no different and Nikon’s are the best with regards to ergonomic function, because they are designed around the functions they need to perform. I find Nikon’s design approach better due to the fact that they perform better ergonomically. Nikon is the Apple of cameras, IMHO.

    • Linus

      No more Jobs, thank you. Wonder why the Iphone has/had network problems? Because of it’s “design”. Spare our pro tools from stupidness that only impress apple fangirls and -boys.

      B&O is a typical case study on how increasing the price also increases the wow-effect and desire. What, are we willing to pay more just because we got interested in it because it is expensive? Keep focused on whats important.

      That said, I’d might change my mind when I see a beautiful pro camera design!

      d800 wish list:
      – More cross type AF points and all over the frame (corners are important in composition) 101 for a beginning
      – non expanding rubber that lasts sweat and heat
      – kevlar or similar shutter (good for 500 000)
      – no anti alias filter
      – faster 2 dimension manual white balance adjustment (the 2 dimension is now behind the menu, the 1 dimension is fast behind a button+wheel)
      – WLAN & GPS, it should be so easy to implement!
      – dual CF slots, a disaster recovery company told that CF is better for recovery, works almost every time
      – I’d like to use my lenses with video, but I can’t stand the rolling shutter effect. If you can’t solve it, don’t provide video.

      And … thanks Admin for this great site. =)

      • Richard

        @Linus I do not know if you have experience with Kevlar in things as small as a shutter, but my experience with it in items larger than that is that it is a PITA to work with. Carbon fiber, by comparison is a pussy cat although it is somewhat more inclined to catastrophic failure than Kevlar when subjected to forces in excess of the design parameters.

        I do agree that better sealing with durable seals should be a priority even for cameras that are not the absolute top of the line products. Outdoor photography can subject you and your camera to sudden, unexpected environmental conditions that will cause trouble for a camera that is not adequately protected.

        More cross type AF points would be a well received update as well.

        One thing I will comment on about the new Canon 1D X release is the fact that Canon are using three separate ASICs. I have no idea which process node they use to manufacture their chips, but something down around 32 to 28 nm should have allowed them to produce a system on a chip (SOC) in much the manner that the ARM architecture is deployed with different modules that can be plugged into the design to be fabbed on a single chip which reduces power requirements and speeds processing and, not co-incidentally, reduces costs. I would hope that Nikon are working on a multi-core SOC for their future releases. It would make life better all the way around to my way of thinking.


        • Jabs


          Regarding this from you:

          … “One thing I will comment on about the new Canon 1D X release is the fact that Canon are using three separate ASICs. I have no idea which process node they use to manufacture their chips, but something down around 32 to 28 nm should have allowed them to produce a system on a chip (SOC) in much the manner that the ARM architecture is deployed with different modules that can be plugged into the design to be fabbed on a single chip which reduces power requirements and speeds processing and, not co-incidentally, reduces costs. I would hope that Nikon are working on a multi-core SOC for their future releases.” …

          Nikon beats that by a mile to me – read up on Expeed 3, as that is what got me excited on the Nikon 1 the most – lol.

          Nikon has lots of digital channels and thus has done away with the A/D converter (analog to digital converter) in that application purpose and Expeed 3 is actually multi-core plus multi-channel.

          Scared everyone of their competitors too it seems.

          Imagine a Nikon DSLR with two not one, Expeed 3 sub-systems. Maybe quad core and I think over 24 channels of digital readout. Makes ARM and others look tame by comparison.

          Can we say rapideeeeeeeeeee!

          I can’t wait to see what VR-3 looks like and does just from reading the Expeed 3 specs and then also the real performance of the released V1 and J1. Also what will Nikon do with all that new found digital processing power to the rest of their new cameras?

          Look at some of the Patents on VR and lenses that NR had posted a while back!

          Laying a ‘smackdown’ on the competition perhaps!

      • Jabs


        Like your list except the built-in GPS, as that limits a camera if GPS malfunctions or is improved drastically over its’ lifespan. Same for Wi-Fi as I prefer a plug in unit instead of built-in. Plug in means that other manufacturers can compete with Nikon and offer a better one or even Nikon can make and release a better one themselves.

        I think Nikon already uses non metal in the shutters of the current Pro bodies, but not sure. Expect the upcoming Pro bodies to use more carbon fiber or composites, as they are stronger if done right.

        You can also get a USB to Ethernet adapter, so no big deal like the ‘Canonistas’ like to herald – lol

        Right now, I would prefer more megapixels, more dynamic range, more bit depth structure in a Nikon body only, as other Manufacturers do not have the sub-assembly to handle the larger files. Nikon’s are already 16bit in their sensors but not 16bit in their output file, except I think the D3X. A 16bit output in a D800 and above would be revolutionary and take 35mm digital photography to a new level to me.

        Expeed 3 is already here and it is digital with more channels versus the older analog Expeed versions, so Nikon is already perhaps prepared for the future better than almost anyone.

        Look at the real performance of the Nikon 1 for a clue – outrageously fast and that is the low end of their newest line. What will the high end be like then?

        Rolling shutter is supposed to have been cured in the Nikon1, so it looks real good for Nikon now.

      • 120-300 os

        I am in for this nice talking man.

    • Jabs

      I am familiar with Bang and Olufsen from years of Hi-Fi use, but I would not want them to design anything for me in photography.

      They may be ‘zen’ in their approach, but hardly realistic and too esoteric (weird and different) for the average Nikon user to want to buy that.

      They are usually too expensive and too different in their choices of looks that only maybe a few people would get it and thus not for me or most Pros.

      Both Canon and Minolta tried that type of thing years ago and it failed miserably and now Sony and even Fuji seems to be trying that to great applause, but then the stuff does not work particularly well but looks really pretty though.

      I prefer performance with actual breakthrough specs that are an improvement in real terms like the old AR or NHT did and not esoteric looks that wow your friends and then drive you crazy trying to do a simple thing with it – no thanks!

      B+O looks great in the Museum of Modern Art or such places, but in the world that I live in, I use cameras as tools and not as art masterpieces.

    • Richard

      @Ben there guy,

      I do not have anything against “industrial design” as such. I just fall more into the school of form following function. Things that work well have a beauty of their own.

      I remember the Bang and Olufsen stereo equipment which was very trendy in design, but often short in function and vastly overpriced for what it is in either event. I have not followed their stuff in recent years, but I would much rather have something that worked well rather than something that looked nice or simply was different for no particular reason. I specifically recall their tangential tone arm turntable which was one of the first ones of that design. Very neat and it sort of worked OK unless you were playing a challenging direct to disk or digitally mastered vinyl album (OK, not everybody here remembers vinyl). There simply were better alternatives for a turntable. One needs to be careful what one wishes for.

      In other news, the Japanese government is reported to be preparing a loan package for businesses hurt by Thai flooding.

      • Jabs


        LOL – dating yourself.

        Yeah, remember that but preferred the AR-XA and XB to them, as they actually worked even with direct to disk lp’s. Had several too including the famous one by the new Dave Brubeck – Take Five on Concord label, if I remember right. That was an awesome LP and I even bought it later on CD to play on my Sony combo-Laser Disk-CD player back in the days.

        Real good recording way better than the mp3 crap thrown at us today.

        Used Micro Acoustic or whatever was that name – cartridges too and the AR was one of the few turntables on the market that would actually stay in the groove of a direct to disk lp. Vinyl was great until CD took over and then DVD audio came and mp3 ran it away as we succumbed to convenience and cuteness.

    • mikils

      I guess you’re talking about Bang & Olufsen lol. As for the design, I’m afraid there are so many ways to wrap hands around a sensor holder (body) and a lens; i do like Apple style but wouldn’t care less of wow factor when it should bring loss of handling confort

  • Dweeb

    More earthquakes north of Tokyo. Back next year eh Nikon? Why not just build a plant in Iowa? Wot? No slave labour between the ages of 24 and 25?

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin,
    This thread is getting longer and longer.

  • Again postponed? I can´t wait anymore!, it´s done!

    Switching to Polaroid!

    Thanks Nikon!

    • NikonTheAvenger

      Lol! Didn’t you just bought three D700 from B&H last month? Switch and sell them to me for under 1k each.

      • Yeah Baby , the D700 will be the backup for my polaroid!

        Tired of this D800 crap, waiting for the new D950xs =D

    • Jabs

      @Bernard Vaghi

      LOL – what Polaroid?

      SX-70 or one of them new fangled little itty bitty new digital Polaroid cameras with the little bitty prints.

      Your customers would call the Mental House on you too.

      Look – we overworked the photographer and he went ballistic plus retro – Oooops!

      Hey Madge, I told you to not bug the photographer with that whining hair spray request for the third time – LOL

  • another quake today

  • saywhat?

    I am so amused by so many people believing rumors that were based on other rumors! Manufactures develop new technologies, many, many months if not years in advance. The technology we think exists today has already been developed, in advance. Manufactures would like us to speculate and discuss these issues, it is free marketing! Depending on business models and strategies with regards to announcements and marketing, photographic technologies generally follow a calculated timeline, no different to that of Moore’s Law… It is a science, give or take a few weeks here or there, but seriously, who is writing all of this stuff? Creating a rumor out of the obvious could only mean your are either uninformed or uninvited, if the latter implies, I’ll let you know once I’m back.

  • new d900 is 20 mgpix, not bigger than d90, with a armband i can use properly, and will take beautiful snapshots, like on phipop.
    that’s it

  • nikons lacking in the video dslr apartment which is only being postponed by the delays on the d800 and d4 are seriously hindering my photo video capabilities given im waiting to update from my d300… i may just switch to canon

  • Hello, it seems most people are upset that they cannot plan for future purchases. I have a little information that will help. I can’t give you specs, but alternatively I can give you a release date. Nikon will announce a new FF DSLR on January 6th, 2012. I can tell you this with 100% certainty.


    • Thanks for the info. I hope you’re correct. Can you give us details regarding the model? D800? D4? D700s? Or the camera this FF DSLR is replacing?

      Many thanks.

      • Not a single spec has been released yet. I can’t begin to speculate whether the much talked about D800 specs are correct or if those are way off base. All I know is Jan 6th is the next FF DSLR announcment.

      • Magnus Carling

        Yes, more information please. You said release date, but it looks like an announcement date. How long after the announcement should a release be expected?

  • Sahaja

    Perhaps Nikon will be able to take some of their workers from Thailand to help produce the D800…

  • I just want a full frame with HD video! D3s is way too expensive… and only 720p…Wouldn’t say no to a D800 RIGHT NOW!

  • Looking forward to owning this (soon).

  • gaaaah, so ready to get one soon.

  • Even if I am quite curious to see the new D800, my D700 still gives me everything I need. Seriously, right now I can’t think of a better camera. But if the specs of the D800 are true, it will be a completely different camera. We’ll see!

  • Sarah

    Does anyone know why none of these cameras have built in gps? Onboard geotagging should have been standard years ago and even now only a small percentage of pocket cameras have it but no DSLRs. WHY OH WHY?!?!

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