More on the Nikon D800

Just another D700 picture courtesy of Nikon USA

Here are some more details on the Nikon D800:

  • ISO range:  100 - 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600.
  • There will be a different D800 version/model (or maybe even a special edition) with the antialiasing filter removed.
  • At least two other products will be announced with the D800 (probably lenses). I believe all this is in addition to the consumer DX lens that will announced later this month. Basically we should have at least two more Nikon announcements before the end of 2011.

Again, the Nikon D800 specs published yesterday should be generally correct but I could confirm only what I have listed above (the ISO range and the two addition products are new information, not previously posted).

The Nikon D800 DSLR camera should already be out in the field in several different countries right now, hopefully we will get some spy shots and more detailed specs soon.

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  • Camaman

    501st !!!!!!


  • This camera seems perfect for my needs. I was thinking about buying a D3x for my studio, and now it seems I can get a better camera at a lower price. ISO 100 is perfect.

    If the dynamic range at iso 100 is as good as D3x, it will be a great studio camera. The D3x dynamic range crushes the D3S dynamic range at low ISO.

  • broxibear

    Nikon says first-half sales beat expectations…
    “Nikon’s April-September sales and operating profit beat expectations thanks to a healthy performance by its camera division, the company’s president said on Wednesday.”
    “the firm expects to sell several hundred thousand units of its new compact “mirrorless” interchangeable lens cameras by the end of the financial year in March 2012.
    Advance orders from dealers for the Nikon 1 models, which go on sale on Oct. 20, are stronger than expected, he said.”

    • rhlpetrus

      On the J1/V1, it’s likely from Asia, where m43 and NEX also have had success. Much less in US if Amazon list an indication (much lower than NEX5N and NEX7, you need to go close to #50 to see them for the first time)):

      • Lenses

        I think the problem is lack of pancake lenses and lack of primes. American DSLR lovers want a full system, not just a compact mega-zoom. There are scores of cameras that can do that.

        V/J are only valuable if Nikon starts pumping out VERY BRIGHT primes for it or some serious pancakes.

        Nikon — get to work on those primes and flat lenses! No more zooms for J/V for now!

        • Lenses

          Not to mention the cameras haven’t actually been released yet! So people are only pre-ordering…… expect sales to jump when its actually available for instant gratification and snapping.


  • Chris

    everybody is complaining about the specs – though it´s only a rumour. I expected something else too, like most of us. But befor I cry, I just wait until it is official, and maybe until I really hear/see something about the lowlight/ISO-performance. I now “why” you all await ‘not so good ISO-performance’, but maybe Nikon has done it right and the performance will be better than we currently think/await?!

    And second think I wonder about are the new lenses that hopefully will come/be announced… When I remember right, with the D700 there came the 24-70/2.8?!
    What can we await now with the D800?
    I myself hope for an updated 24-70/28 (maybe something like AF-S 20-85/2.8 VR G ED N) and a 100-500VR (or (new/better) 80-400VR) or a fast uw (new 14/2.8).
    Do we have any further infos/rumours on that?

    Oh – and if I remember right, there were some rumours about a completely new and revolutionary AF-system in the past (some month ago) – what about this?

    • YoureRight

      You’re right — the lenses are the JUICIEST part about this rumor (unless youre a studio photographer)… and we don’t have any details!

      Details on the lenses please! 😀

    • Problem is that high megapixel number seem to be quite a certainty. Physically, for the same level of material technology this must mean that Nikon have chosen poorer low light/high ISO performance and poorer dynamic range vs. decision to use that same technology for say 18 megapixel sensor. There is no middle ground here – lower megapixel sensor must perform better than higher one of the same size and technology, no way around it. So, the question is did Nikon indeed pick 36 megapixel resolution? Hint that top ISO is 6400 (also rumor) is in sync with this decision.

  • Ewlmo

    You have been asking for a D700 replacement for the past million years. SHUT UP! Accept the fact that this is a D3X replacement( Maybe). Perhaps they finally realise what canon has done for the past billion years and put a high density sensor in a cheaper than pro body.

    • venancio

      the thing is, did any D3X user ask for a D3X replacement? what can the D800 offer to entice even a D3S user to upgrade? a real D700 replacement will allow a lot of users to replace or upgrade their gear, and increase the SALE of those fantastic Nikon glass… on the lighter side, there is a D800 version for the neekon crowd, and a different version for the nye-con crowd, just like there is a J1/V1 on the mirrorless offering…

      • Ewlmo

        Nikon didnt say this was the D700 replacement. This isnt even official. Just very likely. Anyway, if this has the same DX pixel density as the D7K, we can expect at least that much noise performance, which is excellent. In Singapore where I live, canon shooters fill every nook and cranny and nikon shooters are rare. I get mocked by my fellow canon shooters for my lack of MP. I then squash that with my pictures DR sharpness. But I do hunger for more MP sometimes. Waiting for D400. Expecting at least 16mp.

        • D400

          D400 will have same density as D7K, I guess. But if you go by the prices of the D800 rumor — then expect to pay 50% more for that D400 than the D300s.

          As for your friends laughing at you — you know that is just a lame excuse to justify new expenditure and doesn’t matter worth anything. If your pictures look nice and are sharp, then these 36MP are complete garbage, unless you are in studio setting.

          Outside the studio and in the real world, 36MP is going HURT every photographer with this camera — you can already see that it is SLOWER than a 4 year camera. And it not any improvement in light sensitivity compared to much-lower-end model (D7K).

          It will probably not be sharp for most people who use is, sad to say. Why release this first, Nikon? We want D700S. Not D700X.

          • Sahaja

            Why release this? Because Sony’s 36mp FX sensor is ready now and Nikon’s own probably isn’t quite ready. Could Nikon afford to let Sony, Canon, and maybe others release new full frame cameras while they have nothing new?

            This may stop many of those who want more megapixels etc. from going over to Canon and attract some more Canon users to Nikon.

            If you want or need a high iso, high fps camera to replace or upgrade your D700 0r D3s then wait a few more months until Nikon come out with new FX cameras with their own high iso, less mp sensor.

            For me the D7000 is more than good enough for the kinds of subjects I used to shoot on 35mm film – this camera looks like it can handle the type of subjects I used to shoot on medium format film.

            Several times over the past couple of years I have been sorely tempted to buy Sony’s A900 for that job – but this looks even better.

  • AM

    I’ll go back to sleep.

    • Really?

      Why do people even add this. I think this is totally pointless and adds nothing to this discussion (just like my post; but seriously I highly doubt anyone interested in the D800 rumor could care less about if you comment that you will go back to sleep or not)

      Back to the topic, I would certainly like to have more information before I decide if (the rumored) D800 is worth an upgrade.


      • +1
        If you don’t have something constructive to add…

      • AM

        Back from sleep.
        What do I have here? All right, two people actually cared about my useless comment.

  • mark

    I held out for 4 months buying a d3s and when i seen the last announcment for the v1 was thought that was it for this year. I bought my d3s 5 days ago and feel a bit gutted that its probably getting replaced. i mean who the hell will buy a d3s or d3x when this appears.

    • Me!
      Because I’ve compared the noise quality of the D7000 to that of my D700 and found that the latter not only managed much better the noise, but also produced more details with the same lens and at 6400 ISO (Jupiter’s satellites were invisible with D7000). I’m still convinced we need a low Mpix FF camera to replace D3s and D700…

      • mark

        I was totally convinced that its impossible to have high pixel count and high iso. I have wondered if 24mp is the absolute optimum pixel count for full frame low iso and fps ans 12mp is the optimum for high iso. maybe im wrong you cant be and 100 metre sprinter and a marathon runner.

    • bowlor

      I can probably take it off your hands if you’re just going to let it sit in a drawer…

    • WhatDoYouMean

      What do you mean, “gutted”???

      People will definitely buy this instead of the D3X — but lets face it — D3X is much long in the tooth and needed a replacement. So this is an excellent time for it.

      But you didn’t even buy D3X — you bought D3S, which isn’t even comparable!!

      D3S is an INCREDIBLE camera and low-light capability is astounding and it is extremely fast and what a great camera. How can you compare a low-light speed machine to this terribly slow mega-pixel behemoth. Are you planning on printing out wall-sized posters??

      Stick to your incredible D3S!! 🙂

  • Simon

    Canon 5DMk2 replacement is not going to be a over 30MP camera but instead going about improving noise and DR. A 16bit MF style mode with reduce fps would trump any 12 or 14bit for IQ.

  • The real question is will it be available for my wife to buy me one for Christmas.

    • Sahaja

      With your money?

  • Jason Stone

    I don’t want this D800, I want a D800 that has what the D700 has plus Video, same or faster fps, a bit more resolution (18MP would be already enough for me), maybe included GPS Sensor and improvements in low light performance and AF.

    If that monster really comes out like this with just 4 fps and over the top MP, then I don’t know honestly what to do. I hate Sony, I dislike the usability of Canon… and I don’t want a DX sensor. Maybe a used D3x?

    Just hope for once that this is a false alarm like so many in the past years….

  • Garni

    Any update?
    i hope it is not just a mega monster

  • Stabbed

    Why don’t you wait what is coming next from Nikon?

    Don’t waist the time of your boss in internet blogs like this one speculating which camera is coming next, with which you will make the same boring photos of your neighbourhood or wildlife safaris in the local Zoo like you did before.

    Just focus on that what matters the subject and composition of your picture, the camera doesn’t matter at all! The camera is just a tool.

    When you are not a journalist or sports reporter why would you need more than 1 fps? I never used high frame rates per second even all of my cameras where able to shoot at least 4fps.

    Or high ISO performance: Do you realy need more than ISO 6400? In analog film times (thank god they are still not over for real artists) this was the highest ISO you could get for most of the films (push processed) and nobody was complaining.

    • Markus

      Hahahaha! you did not grow over the time that ‘real’ artists only used film and looked arrogantly down at anything digital.

      No problem, use your film and scan it, I do it too. And oh boy am I glad that I use mostly digital cameras’, but I use it for my work.

      • Stabbed

        You are absolutely right Markus.
        Digital cameras are a very convenient tool. For my work I use a DSLR and I am glad that the workflow is much easier than waiting for the film to be developed. And of course you are right about some snobist artist who see(n) in the digital stuff a kind of devil.
        But still when I have the time or while I am traveling I use my F6 in addition to the DSLR (there mostly my wife uses the digital one) and defreeze enough rolls of Scala, Fomapan or Velvia (according to the pictures I want to get) and at home I will watch them projected or scan the best of them with my Coolscan V to have them digitalised. It is always a nice surprise what you got after weeks or months abroad not knowing the exact results, but anyway I am satisfied with 95% of the shots I do analogue, also because I think twice if the scenery or object is worth it to be captured on film. With this pictues I don’t have to earn money they are just much fun for me.

    • andrew

      yes i need more then 6400 ISO, I shoot sports and some of the fields on my D300S and 300 f2.8 i can be at ISO 6400 and ss only 1/320 MAX! !!!

      so a clean 12800 would be perfect

  • Michael Devonport

    You guys might want to check this out. Kodak Hires Legal Adviser Amid Talk of Bankruptcy

    • Richard

      Isn’t it amazing how everyone has become accustomed to shooting at ISO 6400 and wants more. With film it was possible to shoots very few types at ISO 6400, but with grain that became an art form of it’s own. It was used largely for surveillance work and very stylistic available light photography.


  • Shay

    I can’t see Nikon jumping up to 36 MP out of the blue like that, it just isn’t in line with their current business model.

    I, like a lot of people here am looking to make the jump from DX to fullframe and I want to do so with it costing as least as possible. I’m already losing a tonn by selling off all my gear for cheap.

    I wish Nikon would release a full frame camera 16-20 MP, 1080P video, 4 FPS, D3s noise control capabilities, with great auto focus for $2500.

    I’d love to buy a D700, but its 4 year old technology and I’m sure we’ll be blown away by its replacement when its finally released. I’ll continue holding off as long as I can.

  • Ren Kockwell

    1300+ comments for the D800 and climbing in two short days. So remind me why we’re such an insignificant niche audience again?

    • 1300 comments? How many people is that assuming some post many times? 500 at best? Sounds insignificant to me.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Not when you look at typical forum posting metrics. Dozens of people read here without ever posting. Ask Admin how prodigious his traffic is. It’s easily in the tens of thousands. And those are ENGAGED consumers spending 2.5 minutes or more, not random traffic. I’m tired of hearing the old, “Nikon doesn’t make money on their DSLRs” line. Nikon doesn’t do anything that doesn’t make them money.

  • If you take the D7000 sensor’s resolution and you extrapolate it from DX to FX you end up with: 36 MP…. So the pixel density will be more or less the same as the D7000 which most likely will say something about it’s high ISO performance: it should be at least as good as with the D7000, which isn’t probably as good as with the D700, but still pretty impressive i think. But i wonder whether there is some information about the D400? i’m waiting for a semi-pro dSLR with a DX sensor, since i’m mainly shooting photos underwater (still with a D200…) and i like the crop factor of 1.5 for my macro photography and my beloved ultrashortfocussing Tokina 10-17 mm Fisheyezoom, which is only DX.

  • nofunben

    This is for everyone that is disappointed with the new D800.

    • rhlpetrus

      Great! Thanks

  • F4 Lover

    Think I am gone keep my good old F4. Already has enough ISO and is all I need as a photo-camera. Do not want to make full HD video in 1920 × 1080/30p with a photo-camera. Want a video-camera for video and a photo-camera for photo’s. Prefer a removable viewer instead of a headphone jacks on my Nikon photo-camera.

    All I want is a digital back end for the F4. Do not need the fancy stuff on a digital camera, only need the light from the lens to be digitized when it hits the sensor. Sensors are already full-frame. There is not much hardware needed  to put all that is needed in a back end for the F4. The F4 has power from
    batteries. A digital back end with a full frame sensor and a lot of MP’s and ISO’s for the F4 would be the best invention by Nikon.

    • zen-tao

      Is not that easy. Digital backs for analog cámeras need quite a few things to work properly. Sinchronizing shutter is complicated. The extra features that digital cameras have are very helpfull. When I discovered the virtual horizon, autocleaning sensor and autofocus posibilities of my D7k I said Wow! I can even see my fotos in my PDA while I´m taking it with an Eye-Fi card. The most dificult to learn how to do all the features the camera delivers but when I finish a job, I now before hand tha my work is well done, correct. That’s great
      Big format cameras hasn’t been as seccesful as they promised. Old analog cameras: Sinar, Linhof,etc have been deeply refurbished. You should now how nany dust dots and little shred Big format ownners have to be corrected with photoshop. But everyone is free to use the camera they want.

    • Jabs
      • F4 Lover

        And that was a long time ago. Now with the smaller hardware it must be not that difficult for Nikon to make it more handier

        • Jabs

          @F4 Lover

          LOL – just teasing you. Indeed it should but would it make Business sense for Nikon to do this?

          Loved the F4s too.

  • Yagion

    Some people here think they know more about imaging technologies than Nikon, starting to bash about this and that is not good or not possible… c’mon. Over the past years, Nikon has proven to me and many people that it knows its stuff and knows what DSLR photographers want. I’m so waiting for the next generation of DSLR because I think it will be nothing but awesomeness, just as the D700/D3s gen.

  • broxibear

    New Nikon advert, not for the D800…sorry…
    Ive noticed Nikon are doing a lot of tv advertising of the D5100 here in the UK, don’t see many dslr adverts on tv here usually it’s just the coolpixes.

  • Shy

    Technology can offer two choices: a. more MP (at cost of less ISO) and b. High ISO (at cost of less MP). Photographers can make good use of both. Those who can have both is ok, those who can have just one, the choice depends on their needs.

    • Sh

      Some discussion are really structured as “I am right you are wrong” where the statement is “what I do require is choice a / b”.

    • Andrew

      Not quite. There is a third choice – newer technology with more MP and at a higher ISO, though increasingly more challenging to accomplish.

      • shy

        You arte right that is the perfect solution altough I think it is not technollogically ready 🙁

  • zen-tao

    I’m going to buy a Geiger meter to gauge my future D800 camera.

  • 3-4 years from now, the bashers will be at it again when Nikon is set to release the D900, a replacement to the D800. “Who the heck needs more than 36MP? The D800 is awesome and should just be made better. I wish they would come out with a D800 with better ISO performance and faster frame rates, maybe feature x. Why do we need 50MP and this new crap on the D900. D800 4 Life!”

    • Jabs

      @Mike – lol

      That is why they have trained Engineers and Product planners who think in to the future and then make it happen versus people who dream about what they want and cannot make it themselves nor know if it is even possible to do that.

  • andrew

    I have been waiting for a D700 replacement. why? I shoot sports (only fields lights at times), i shoot low light without flash, and astrophograhy.

    all need HIGH ISO performance. if the D800 does not have better ISO then a D700 then i don’t need it.

    I don’t want a d3S because i don’t make much money, its a hobby. and to big. where the D700 i can remove the grip.

    The only reason I’m holding out better ISO, and I’m not talking 1/2 stop or 1 stop better. I’m talking 2+ stops better. I prefer to buy the new tech, even though i spend more money I will hold onto it longer.

    • sh

      Hi Andrew, I have a D700 nad it is just gorgeous. I wont replace it, I´ll keep it. I am saving for the D800, any one needs a kidney? 🙂

    • Sahaja

      If you need a D700 replacement for low available light just be be patient and wait a few more months. Nikon will undoubtedly soon release other FX camera bodies using their own sensor which are better for low light and sports and probably have a few less megapixels.

      • Andrew

        i’m waiting im not buying until next year anyway. even then if “these” are not up to what i expect i have no issues getting a nice used D700 🙂

  • I love the specs!

  • Tags

    The 36mp makes perfect sense.

    They want the D700/D800 line to stop cannibalizing their d3/d4 line.

    The D800 is Nikon’s answer to the 5dmII, and the D4 will be the next best high iso/speed demon.

    Both cameras will be priced within $2000 of each other, and the decision will mostly reside on what the priorities of the photographer are. They will both be considered pro models.

    The D400 will satisfy the “pro on a budget” speed and high iso requirement. The D400 may be Nikon’s budget-friendly full frame model. I don’t see the point in going DX sensor for D400 as the D7000 really fulfills a lot of requirements by pro shooters still using DX.

    DX format can be used for pros, but Nikon knows that it’s future is an amateur format. For some reason a lot of hobbyists demand pro-spec cameras even though most really don’t need them.

    D800 news is great I think. They will take care of those who want a compact, high iso camera in the D400 (whether full frame or aps-c).

    • Nitpicker

      @Tag: “…as the D7000 really fulfills a lot of requirements by pro shooters still using DX.”

      I can’t really confirm that. Using the D7000 next to a D3s on a professional level, I find that the D7k autofocus really runs into some trouble in low light (whereas the D700 or D3s have no problems locking on at all) and the flimsy mode dial gets continuously knocked into “wrong” settings by mistake if the job is a bit more “physical challenging”. So if I’d need a professional DX Nikon I’d replace the D7k the minute something new becomes available (atm I’m holding on to it since I like an need the D7k’s video capabilities). It will be retired when I can pair my D3s (oder D4, maybe) with a nice D800, along with it’s pretty nifty Tokina 10-16 lens. Or maybe I’m gonna keep it for fun and travel. Well…. we will see…….

  • pethunia

    200 new comments and only 2 new at the end.. amazing!
    This definately is not a linear thread.
    There seems to be a serious spiralling-inwards of several related discussions before this possibly last post in the article.
    Shall I shout “last” already? Or is that not appreciated? 😉

  • Anybody has any idea what lenses are going to be released?

    • Jeffp

      Nikon would be smart to release a 70-200mm f/4, 50mm f/1.2 af-s, 300mm f/4 af-s VR.

      • John Candy

        The only worthwhile lens you mentioned is the 50mm 1.2

  • Mort

    For those concerned about how 36mp will affect dynamic range et al. this is from an interview this year:

    On the megapixel race – will Nikon compete with Canon and increase megapixel counts?

    “Yes, maybe we will. If customers want more pixels, then we will respond to this request. However, it must be done cautiously with increasing definition, we sometimes lose important things like the sensitivity or dynamic range.”

    • Yes, what I have been waiting for is a FX upgrade from DX that will provide me with more low light sensitivity and broader dynamic range.

      High megapixels is secondary.

      • Patrik

        Than the D700 will fill your needs… Why wait.

        • Jason

          Because I want video too.

  • clueless

    Does anybody know anything about the D700 replacement? I was wodering if we may finally get it soon?

  • Landscape Photo

    Hopefully we may see a quality compact walkabout lens to stay mostly on the body, i.e 28-105mm or 28-135mm VR about the size of 28-200mm G. That’s the main missing item in Nikon’s lineup.

    • Patrik

      What’s wrong with the 24-120 VR?

      • Landscape Photo

        * Too big to be compact
        * 24mm end has too much barrel distortion
        * 120mm end is soft at corners even stopped down

        28-X type lenses are easier to design and they have better optical quality in a smaller size. Just look at 28-200mm G, it is sharp corner to corner @ f/8 throughout its range, and only as big as the 50mm f/1.4.

        It shouldn’t be hard to achieve even better quality with a 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR design. This is something to keep on the camera most of the time on hiking while other specific lenses (ultra wide, low light, etc) may stay in the bag.

        I’d also admire if Nikon can bring a compact 135mm f/4 prime like the Minolta Rokkor 135mm f/3.5 which had excellent sharpness after f/5.6. For landscapes fast apertures are of second concern, since most photos are shot between f/8 to f/11 due DoF.

        • Richard

          I guess a 28-135mm is easier to design with fewer compromises than anything with 24 at the wide end, even a 24-105mm. Too bad because 24mm is so alluring. I had a 35-105mm as my walking around lens on an OM-2 that was really quite nice even though the speed of the lens was not as fast as I might have liked in order to keep it compact…something not to be overlooked.

          The recent Fuji announcement of a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera by this spring that will exceed the performance of a full frame camera may just have the desired effect of “freezing” a lot of buying decisions. While I doubt that this will affect a lot of professionals’ buying decisions, I think many enthusiasts will be waiting to see just what Fuji has to offer. Nikon had better be prepared to respond to whatever this may be.

          • Jack-O

            14mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 200mm – Only lenses you need…quit buying these crappy zoom lenses.

    • Henrik Jansberg

      what about a 50-150 2.8 – which is one Thom Hogan thinks is missing..

      or a 16mm f2 UWA prime or a 24mm 1.8

  • Phos

    Rumour: Canon 5D3 will be shipping with lens adaptor for F-Mount for all those people flocking to Canon.

  • zen-tao

    One cámera with 36 mp. may be designed for very professinoal uses. Only very high perfomance lenses would be leveled to that ammount of pixels. It’s likely prime lenses.
    Now a day Nikon only have a few of them capable to take advantage of that CMOS . 12 mpx were very few and 36 mpx are too much. Don´t expect making more sharpen pictures, only bigger. Regardless of the proved quality of Nikon lenses, buyers should have to purchase adapters for hasselblad lenses or Zeiss or something else.

    • Anon

      My lenses resolved extra info on D300 that D700 couldn’t (at the same focal). This was due to pixel density. D300 would be 27mp if extended to FX. Most lenses’ central portion should be improved, but the edge & corner areas may be problematic.

      It will be wise to use the best primes for max. benefit from D800.

      • Most reviews say that the 14-24 is better than any prime in the range it operates so I’m not sure your statement is entirely true.

        • Anon

          Yes, and the zooms like the holy trinity…

        • zen-tao

          Have a look into 24-70mm was the Nikkor flagstone, but it¡s time is going to the end. Good resolution in the center but barrel and espherical distortions on the border. Sometimes I wondered why Nikon Co, was so reluctant to launch high mpixel cameras. perhaps the optics can’t keep pace with sensors. I make zoom with photoshop over an image made with my D7k and I notice a lack of sharpness on most of my lenses. I save Nikon 50 mm f1,4, Nikon 80-200 f2,8 , Hasselblad lenses adapted an no more I have a lot of lenses old an new and everyone have its limits. To have a bigger picture isn’t the same than having a more resolutive one, you might process the picture later but it’s not the same.

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