Nikon’s April-September sales and operating profit beat expectation

Makoto Kimura, President, Member of the Board (source: Nikon)

Today Reuters published an article on Nikon's first half sales results - the company is basically doing great and is not experiencing any sales slowdowns:

"Nikon's April-September sales and operating profit beat its expectations thanks to a healthy performance from its camera division, and advance orders for a new model are also better than expected, the company's president said on Wednesday."

Nikon's President Makoto Kimura also told Reuters that advance orders from dealers for the Nikon 1 mirrorless camera are stronger than expected.

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  • Hmm

  • I’m really rooting for the Nikon mirrorless stuff. They compete in terms of MP/noise but really shine in video ingenuity. I really hope to see some of the video stuff in the v/j show up in the DSLR bodies.

    • Agreed! Phase detect – contrast detect hybrid AF on sensor is really exciting.

    • iamlucky13

      If Nikon wants to try pushing things further, they could adapt it into a mid-level consumer camcorder. The 10-100 seems somewhat inclined in that direction considering the power zoom.

      • plug

        +1. I hope for something along the lines of the NEX VG-20, but more compact, with superior handling characteristics for video and able to use my main Nikkor lenses alongside the 10-100.

  • Jabs

    Glad to see Nikon doing really well and expected too after all this great innovation of theirs recently.

    D7000 upped the ante
    D5100 raised it further
    Nikon 1 System brought up the lower end to DSLR like status as in a new systematic way of presenting smaller cameras as a system
    Now the expected D800 and D7100 probably will raise the bar so high, that others will be scrambling to keep up or out-innovate them.

    Fuji just announced a seeming response to the Nikon 1 and their intention to beat everyone in their new mirrorless thrusts, so more technology to make cameras and gear more responsive and us better able to express our various talents in newer and even better ways.

    The iPhone 4s and a few newer smartphones with up to 16megapixels are ‘hunting down’ P&s cameras now – lol

    So great to see so much progress and growth after all the recent troubles and disasters all over Earth.

    Have a great day and stop whining so much, please!

    • Anonymous

      A great and sensible post. Darn, you must be one of the few non-whiners on here. 🙂

      • Jabs


        Not the only non-whiner here – lol

        Often knowledge, perception of your own self importance or even faith replaces selfish whining.

        Maybe being 1 of approximately 6 billion humans on Earth and that reality should curb egos gone awry, perhaps.

        Whine and expend energy = wasted time that could have been spent thinking up solutions, perhaps.

        Work on it and then you have little time to complain!

        • +10000000000000000000000000

          I’m glad to see Nikon doing really well. This means more r&d cash flow to allow Nikon to do what they do best – innovate. All eyes are on them right now, and rightfully so. What Nikon does in the coming months(as well as what they’re currently doing), will shape the landscape for years to come.

      • Mock Kenwell

        He’s just having an off day.

    • Hom Thogan

      For the first time I am going to be serious here: Well said chap.

    • enesunkie

      Are we really expecting a D7100 anytime soon?

  • Dweeb

    And we didn’t waste any money developing new pro cameras or lenses either!

    • Mark V

      No, they spent good money trying stuff out on the consumers so it can be ready for prime time at the pro level. Essentially they used the consumer market to test things out, and the consumer market paid for the testing. That means that things will be better/more stable when they hit the pro line. Clearly part of the ‘building up’ strategy if you ask me.

  • One More Thought

    What…this can’t be…Nikon doing well…according to so many people complaining in their posts on this board, Nikon should be going under about now because they haven’t released the D4/D800 yet…

    It is indeed a great time for photographers…

    I think the end of this year and next year will see a veritable explosion of amazing cameras hitting the market…the D800/D4 from Nikon…the 5dmkiii from Canon, the new Fuji mirrorless, the Sony Nex-7 and a new Sony FF, probably a new Leica…and who knows what else…

    And no matter what your favorite brand is, there is no doubt that all of this competition will improve the product from every company…

    • Yagion

      I guess the whiners don’t like to see this. No whining posts … yet…

  • Not to be snarky, but lets see how the sales float if there’s no new DSLRs from Oct-Dec. I’m really hoping the D800 is released shortly, as I want to probably get it. Need to keep the spirit alive Nikon!

  • Been there guy

    The earning report is a routain, corp report doesn’t show us how the N.A. market is doing.

    The last line is directly focused on us–we voiced a lot of unhappiness about the mirrorless stuff. This is a P.R. technique tring to tell us to shut up. In reality, nobody can predict how much actual sales will come from the pre-order. I have placed two pre-order already, I will not buy any…

    If they only focused on the globle market, they could be right, a lot of places on earth would buy their shameless (mirrorless). But, they sure as hell would not win N.A. pro’s heart by coming up with V1 and J1…

    • Mark

      Nikon states their intended market for the V1/J1 is the Point & Shoot upgrader, not pros.

  • Been there guy

    beating expectation is another P.R. word. Do any of you out there remember what was Nikon’s profit forcast from half a year ago, or even 3 months ago? …… That’s right, no one knows or remembered, it’s just P.R.

    • Ke

      They actually did release numbers months back & said what they were aiming for. So if they were doing better than that, then well done them.

  • sirin

    just the focus alone makes this camera a win.
    good job, Nikon.

  • Been there guy

    Another look at the title makes me think twice. “The sales and operating profit”, these are the operating words too. sales profit doesnot reflect sales volume of the cameras. They keep charging crazy price like D3X that carries a huge profit, it doesn’t take very many units to make a good profit. You could sell 100 camera body and make $100,000 or selling 1,000 body and still make $100,000. It’s all depend on the profit margin. Which means they have only 100 happy onwer out there, but the corp has made their money.
    If Nikon Corp disclose the sales units, then, we can compare to the other brands to check if they are indeed popular amoung the buyers.
    I will not pay attention to these P.R. stuff.

    • hello moto

      For someone who states he won’t pay attention to the P.R. stuff, you sure are paying a lot of attention to the P.R. stuff. We know you understand this is all a sham, good for you. I’m pretty sure any intelligent person here besides the first few Nikon fanbois and shills who posted will understand it the same way you do.

    • Hom Thogan

      You don’t know much about economics do you? if demand is high then it is easier to maintain high prices, when the demand is low then in order to get more demand you lower prices to sale more (distributing profit in really high number of sales).

      The fact that the D3x is still up in price is a healthy sign that Nikon didn’t had to push their prices lower to move their stock :).

      • Mock Kenwell

        That is an overly simplistic description of market side economics. They can only push their price down so much or they erode their pricing structure. FYI, the D3 price has steadily dropped since it’s release.

    • D3S Guy

      Dude, no offence but you need to take some business courses. Do you know what is an elasticity in economics/finance?

      • D3S Guy

        Sorry, my previous comment was @Been there guy

  • coco

    1 per-order more than expect – of course he will going to said that, check amazon u see it not even in the top 50

    • JED

      When did Amazon become the worlds sales barometer?

    • Andrew

      I checked Amazon and here are the top selling Digital SLRs – #1 Nikon D3100, #2. Canon EOS Rebel T3i, #3. Nikon 5100, #4. Canon EOS Rebel T3, #5. Nikon D7000

  • Jabs

    I hate to get philosophical on you all here but here goes –

    One of the alarming realities now facing people in especially America, is how they have become not as important as they formally were in sales or Market share.

    This is one of the reasons why we note so much complaining from many here, perhaps.

    Big world of many other emerging nations actually passing America in importance and sales numbers, so maybe it is hard to fathom this or even accept this.

    Many ‘developed’ countries are now teetering on financial ruin and deficits so high plus joblessness also high – that many Manufacturers including major American Companies are now pointing towards other places for profits and Market share.

    See the new Apple world iPhone thrust – writing on the wall then!

    No more comment!

    • Hom Thogan

      If America manufacture products then it would be another story but when you have shipped all the factories to other countries it is hard to keep cash flow in the economy, the Iphone isn’t made in America, it is being made in China, what’s the boom in China’s economy: they manufacture products something you people aren’t doing anymore because you want everything at rock bottom prices.

      The problem is the mentality of the USA and not other countries.

      • Andrew

        America is a great nation, its people are generous, innovative, and entrepreneurial; and it is the world’s largest economy. Some of its challenges are its fault – from outsourcing to shipping factories overseas. But some of its challenges are the result of piracy – it’s intellectual properties are stolen in some of these “boom” economies – from software, to routers, to movies. So contrary to your statement, there is not a mentality problem with the USA, the problem is that you do not understand the USA. Please do not reply, we are here to talk cameras.

        • yes please, let’s stay on the camera topic or I will have to delete those comments

  • Ren Kockwell

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    • IanZ28

      whats a “gitch”?

  • FM2Fan

    it is a great achievement, if you consider the dificulties to execute business since March 11th – this should be considered being a trigger to allow higher R&D budgets … shouldn’t it?

  • Jabs

    Steve Jobs has died and we lost a Technical genius.

    Sorry Administrator for the philosophical talk.


  • Moth Flopwell

    Nikon’s President Makoto Kimura also told Reuters that advance orders from dealers for the Nikon 1 mirrorless camera are stronger than expected.

    The Great Spin Doctor Makoto!!!!

    • Anon

      They’re expecting very low order. Even low order is stronger than that.

  • IanZ28

    I can’t believe people are buying the Nikon mirrorless cameras. Seriously!

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