Nikon 1 to start shipping on October 24

According to Amazon's listings the Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras will start shipping on October 24th. Amazon UK has listed the same date.

The official US press release listed the shipping date as October 20th.

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  • LGO

    The more important question for Nikon dSLR owners who will buy this is when will the F-mount adapter be available?

    • LGO

      For those who plan to use the Nikon-V1 or J1 with non-Nikkor lenses through a 3rd party lens adapter, best to remember Dante’s Divine Comedy: “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

    • chimphappyhour

      Yup, I’m wondering that too. I wouldn’t mind having a J1 to throw in with my other gear but I’d also like the option of using my other lenses with it too. My fear is that it won’t be available until next year. (I need to make a decision before the end of the year.)

      • Adapter

        The adapter should have come first, in my humble opinion — as a KIT package option. Its very strange that with all the lens resources out there, Nikon wouldn’t “upsale” this item from the beginning.

        Huge sales potential for that one piece.

        • f/2.8

          Nikon wants you to buy the new systems lenses first. They don’t want to to just buy the body and use F-mount lens with adapter.

          The adapter will therefore come a little later.

  • Royster

    For the price of the Nikon V1, a person could buy a Canon 60D with a kit lens. I want Nikon to succeed in the mirrorless arena, but it’s priced way above its competitors.

    • those aren’t at all set up to be competitors. For the price of a Lotus Exige, you could get several Corollas, but, you know, size and quality matter.

    • Andrew

      Are we comparing apples with oranges? What about the Nikon J1, it costs hundreds less than competing models. The Nikon J1 at $650 is competitively priced and it’s extremely small size is unbeatable, especially for a near DSLR performance. Where can you get this level of performance from a camera the size of a Smartphone?

      • Andrew

        correction – its (not it’s)

      • MK

        how quick do your panties drop when ashton kutcher pushes that shutter button?

        e-pm1 with a larger sensor, smaller lenses, better lenses, and less $. i love how the CX super zoom is $750 for garbage aperture and the same size as a regular super zoom.

  • Greg C.

    I am wondering whose going to purchase this at that price and why?

    • broxibear
      • scurvy hesh

        Can I have all four???

        • broxibear

          Yes…just don’t break them lol.

          • YesTheyWillBuy

            Of course their demographic is those with less DSLR experience (my first purchase was a high-end camera — not a bottom-level) who want a GOOD purchase.

            Their demographic is someone smaller possibly with small hands or shorter body or lesser muscle mass (for which DSLRs are a huuge burden).

            And their demographic is both travel and convenience photographers, especially those who dont care about advanced features, but mostly just want something they can sling along yet still rely on to keep the dslr image (I would buy one of these + full frame camera — its far more ideal than a DX camera for convenience, and it will beat the pants off of a phone camera — therefore, perfect for tons of occasions).

            Consider this — many many many DSLR owners bought a Canon S90/S95. They had cell phone cams. And they had high-end DSLRS. So why did they get the S90/S95?

            Now you know the buyer.

      • yrsued

        YUP, good question!!

      • Greg C.

        HAHAHAHAHAH, thats too funny. I think you hit the nail on the head with that one.

  • OMR

    By the same V1 price I can buy a D5100 with two lenses.

  • Patrick

    who cares.

    • The invisible man

      Nobody cares, not even my cat !

  • chimphappyhour

    Oh! And to cut the whiners off, “Oh no! It’s going to ship 4 days late? FAIL! What was Nikon thinking?!?” 😉

    • Actually

      Actually, Nikon simply delivers to its distributors. The distributors have their own ship-out times (but clearly must have received them prior to processing and shipping).

      Therefore, Nikon will have made its deadline. Ready to ship on time.

  • Been there guy

    The Fujifilm X100 seems to make more sense for me. The only problem is it’s on back order.

  • Been there guy

    With Fujifilm X100, and Nikon D800. I can take landscape and have fun walk around.

  • Worlds most expensive P&S camera.

    • The invisible man

      Wait few months, that crap will be selling for pennies on Ebay…

  • Anand

    Hey Admin,

    I thought you said you weren’t going to post anything related to these stupid Nikon mirrorless cameras????

  • broxibear

    Some retailers are already offering giveaways if you buy a J1.
    Warehouseexpress are selling the J1 with 10-30mm Lens for £549 and are giving you a free Nikon 1 Camera Accessory Kit worth £150 (kit includes a Nikon 4GB SD Card, Lens cleaning cloth, Nikon 1 training voucher, Joby Gorillapod, HDMI cable, and a Nikon T-shirt)
    Amazon have already slashed the price of the P7100, last week it was £499 it’s now £373…the P7000 is down to £285.

    • broxibear

      P.S. Sad news, I hear Steve Jobs has just died.

      • Yes, RIP Steve. This blog is made on a Mac.

        • Global

          56 years old was far too young….

  • Apple’s hero, Steve Jobs is dead! 🙁

  • That’s actually my birthday, but I’m not gonna buy one.

  • Bart B

    I’ll be waiting until Santa comes, he’ll make the price drop 50% 🙂

    • Royster

      Actually, low sales due to an inferior product compared to its competitors will make the price drop.

      • Bart B

        The Nikon 1″ sensor has great potential, it’s a good camera, nice picture quality, …
        But the price is to high now, it will drop. Market will decide how much.

        I think 650€ – 700€ for the V1 with 10-30mm or 10mm lens is a reasonable price.

  • CRB

    39 comments so far…that pretty much says it all….

    • JY

      Because all the whiners have got their D800 news
      They realised the nikon 1 isn’t that bad after all :p

      • CRB

        I couldnt care less about the D800, but i was really expecting something better from nikon (mirrorless) regarding IQ….m4/3 isnt all that good already….

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