More Nikon D800 bits and pieces

The AF and viewfinder coverage of the current D700 will be improved with the D800

Just few more updates on the Nikon D800 specs:

  • 100% viewfinder coverage (Nikon D700 has "only" 95% frame coverage).
  • Improved AF with face recognition - not sure yet what this means exactly, but the D800 will not have the same 51 points AF system as in the D700 and D3s.
  • I was also able to confirm the dual memory card slots but I am still not sure if they will be SD, CF or both (the initial specs mentioned SD+CF).
  • USB 3.0 - there is talk that Nikon has been purchasing USB 3.0 chips for some time.

I am still trying to confirm the remaining details and get some additional info. The initial set of specs seems to be accurate (so far the info I published matches with the specs).

Yes, 36MP is a lot, but keep in mind that Nikon has to stay competitive in the future since they will probably not replace and will continue to sell this camera for another 4 years.

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  • vinman

    If they can get it on US shelves at under $3500, I’ll work really hard towards getting one. If it hits closer to the Yen exchange rate, I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it. $3500 is a big enough stretch for a serious hobbyist with no money!!

  • Sam

    The flood of rumours in the last few days can only mean the D800 is coming soon!


    • enesunkie

      Ether that or a flood of wishful dreamers in the same dream!

    • Art

      Naw … It is only a feint designed to get us to buy more t-shirts that say:

      I Am Comings

    • Worminator

      Yes. If it wasn’t obvious before, nikonrumors is de-facto a Nikon PR site. We get no more info than what Nikon decides we get, and we get it when Nikon decides we get it.

      The D800 was kept off the rumors sites to keep things clean for the Nikon 1 launch. Now that’s over with, Nikon PR can go ahead and start building the buzz for the new FX dSLR.

      Call me cynical if you want. It’s how the game works.

      • Rob

        You honestly believe that, even though almost every rumor on this site is first published elsewhere?

        • Worminator

          Yes, every bit of information is given out by Nikon, willfully and precisely. Doesn’t matter where it shows up first, it will be picked up and transmitted by this site and others.

          There are a couple of exceptions, actual leaks, but they are far and few between.

          • Ke

            You’re giving far too much credit to just how easily Nikon can control all the people it has working for them, not to mention any product testers, or reviewers.

            In any company as large & important as Nikon, leaks will happen. There’s no need for a conspiracy.

            • Aleksandras

              Dear Nikon Corporates!
              Im enthusiast photographer and making photos is more than hobby to me. I owe d90 and thinking to move forward to FX body, obviously the price rumored is the way to high for me 🙂 Im suggesting to think wider and keep D700 price tag for future models, not everybody can afford to spend 3000Eur 🙂 and I dont think you want to distribute cameras only for professionals 🙂 who actually earning money with it? What about photography lowers? You really want to ignore them? I dont think I will be alone ignored there..

  • Walrus

    So much negativity! No faith in NIkon, anymore? Was not the D7000 a great release? You seem to forget that Canon is due to release new models, also. What good would it do Nikon to release a 5D mark II clone now and in two months Canon releases the 5D mark III, which blows it away? I’m just going to spend my money on a new lens and wait and see…

    • Gio

      And yet, still waiting for a cheap FF… I’m wondering when the big two will decide to release a FF DSLR for the masses: no weather sealing or fast fps or 1080p (720p is enough for some enthusiasts) or even pentaprism or 100% viewfinder. I would trade all these for a barebones FF for around 1K. Maybe in 4-5 years?

      • Charlie Martin

        Here ya’ll are bitching, moaning and groaning about leaked rumors on the D800 rather than embracing what is being leaked. Consider yourselfs lucky as I now have to face the reality of replacing my 80-200 2.8 and 300 f4 because some schlepp decided to steal them from me. Sometimes I think ya’ll are no better than the schlepp who stole my lenses.

        • Gio

          If you wanna go this way let’s go:

          If this is your biggest problem you are a happy man. People are dying due to hunger, wars, lack of medical care and you are bitching about you stolen lenses! Consider yourself lucky!

          • Deadend

            and some people are dead. Consider YOURself lucky.

            Honestly this “some have it worse, so don’t complain” logic is old. Complaining is relative to a persons situation.

            • Gio

              The irony was on purpose because he came to a thread of comments for the rumored D800 and, unprovoked, blamed EVERYONE as no better than the thief who stole his lenses. Re-read his post.

              Think again about what YOU are complaining about.

          • GARY H PARHAM


            • Gio

              When my car was opened and partially destroyed I did not show up in irrelevant car discussions blaming everyone as no better than a thief because they were complaining about engine power, reliability, whatever!

        • yakker

          Wow Charlie, classic example of why comment boards on the internet can be such an unpleasant place. The guy expressed a want for a cheap FF camera. He’s certainly entitled to that opinion/want. Didn’t see the need to jump down this throat and call everyone a thief!

          • Rob

            In his defense, we DID all steal his lenses.

        • IanZ28

          Costs very little to buy insurance for your gear. You might want to consider it in the future.

      • Go buy used canon 5D if you need cheap FF

      • David

        Well if you’re open to other manufacturers, the Sony a850/900 is pretty much that. It’s cheap but has a HUGE viewfinder (largest on the market IIRC). 3/5fps “only”. No vide. No live view. It’s a still photographic camera only. There is pretty good weather resistance too as a bonus.

        Put some Zeiss glass in front – 16-35, 24-70, or 85, 135 etc and you’ve got an amazing full frame setup that’s sensibly priced.

        Jus’ sayin’

        • Gio

          I’ll check the prices, thanks for the suggestion, although I have already some F mount FF lenses..

  • J.

    So disappointed… can’t tell you. I wanted a new D700 with better ISO performance, 100% coverage, video and dual card slots, a few other improvements. The trade of excessively high MPs for the better ISO means I’m not interested.

    • GeofFx

      You got EVERYTHING you wanted (except for possibly ISO. ISO could be better though.. who knows). So you get everything on your want list (with one possible exception) and you’re “so disappointed”? Some people are hard to please.

    • Andrew

      The D800 seems to be the upgrade to the D3x – higher MP, higher ISO, and potentially Expeed 3 (since all the specs are not out yet). Its ISO should match that of the D700. So then the only place Nikon disappointed you is the lack of a higher ISO than the D700, is that correct?

      • Art

        I agree. Quite frankly, we are not talking about Olympus, Ricoh, or some other small sideline camera company. We all shoot Nikon because Nikon has shown themselves to be the best overall camera manufacturer for our needs time and time again. So we need a bit of faith that the D800 will totally rock. It will I’m sure have great low light capability. Yea, perhaps not as good as a 6MP sensor But for most people, that isn’t a good tradeoff either. Just think, low light will rock with a 36mp sensor!!! I can’t wait to see some pics and other specs as they “leak” out!

        I for one welcome our new Nikon overlords!

        • Couldn’t have put it any finer Art. I have total faith that the D800 will be amazing! Four years ago Nikon amazed us with the D3 and D700. I really do think that the D800 will be a step in the right direction. More Megapixels is fine by me! Memory and storage is cheap, computers can handle the files, I just hope my current lenses can do the sensor justice. I’ll be putting in my order as soon as I can!

    • I share J.’s concern about the MP race. Same physical sensor size, thrice the number of pixels => each pixel smaller => higher noise tendency. I wonder if the chip quality and/or the denoising algorithms improve in the same way (or more) than the pixels shring in physical dimensions to compensate this.

      But that is not a reason to condemn the D800 – as GeoFx said, everything else J. was hoping for seems to come with the new model. Video, dual memory card slot, 100% viewfinder – actually that is why I chose the D300s above the D700 when I was buying a new camera. Now I hope the D800 will complete my “collection” 🙂

      I have another concern with 36 MP images. That means 36 MB RAW files. Increased demand for disc space (ok, which is pretty cheap), increased handling time in post. Larger files, more computing power necessary to process the images. Darn, new MacBook pro which has to be bought…

      • “Darn, new MacBook pro which has to be bought…”

        One small problem, Apple decided on Thunderbolt/USB2 and no USB3. The rumor says Nikon is possibly going with USB3. So how do us Mac users tether. If USB3 is backwards compatible with USB2 it is going to be very slow with those 36mp images??????

    • atmichael

      You should start your own camera company and give us all these features in a sub 1000 dollar camera.
      I’ll even put a pre-order in today.

      And you can show these noobs at Nikon how it’s properly done (huge sarcasm)

      Thank you so much J.

      • Gio

        I remember the time when PDA’s were the thing and two different models where available from a certain brand: one without bluetooth, the other with it. Price for the first was 250, price for the second 350. Actual cost difference for the manufacturer: 0 (same hardware, different firmware).

        I know about the huge price difference between APS-C and FF sensors but what I mean by the example is that you should not trust manufacturers so much for asking the least possible price for any product. They charge what they know will be paid by an adequate number of buyers (like you) who are familiar with the idea that it CAN’T be cheaper.

        Do you ever expect them to say “Honestly, you could have a barebones DSLR with a full frame sensor for under 1000 but we won’t do it because then no enthusiast on a budget would buy d3100, d5100, etc. with the much larger profit margins”. Do you think, for example, that Nikon removed the autofocus motor from the low level models for your own good? Are you THAT naive? (No sarcasm at all)

        • atmichael

          I understand where you are coming from and i partially agree. But not at all.

          The amount of money that goes into research and development makes a huge price difference between the two.

          And you can’t make a crop sensor into a ff sensor with a firmware upgrade. (lmao.. how much were you drinking when you thought that one up ?)

          This is why old technology is cheap and new technology is expensive. And eventually the new technology will yet again be old and cheap opening the way for newer more expensive technology.

          So really it comes down to more of a.. Are you willing to put up the cash to have this technology now. Or are you ok to wait 4-5 years to buy it used etc.

          I’m in the if i have to put up the cash now to have it. then i will.
          But usually i use what i have until it breaks down to dust. (my d700s treat me well.. But i still have and use my d70 😉 )

        • laughsatgio

          Gio. I’ve read many uneducated posts on this site.

          But yours as to be one of the most uneducated moronic posts ever.

          • Gio


            The example was NOT to imply that the sensor difference is covered in firmware BUT to show that companies are not always honest about the cost of features. It was an example to show the attitude of manufacturers not a technical analogy.

            Did you read the second paragraph or just jumped at the chance to be rude and stopped reading? It doesn’t reveal YOUR education or intelligence believe me.


            Same here, the example was NOT to imply that the sensor difference is covered in firmware BUT to show that companies are not always honest about the cost of features. It was an example to show the attitude of manufacturers not a technical analogy.

            Think about this: I have seen and I am sure you have seen references of the FF sensor cost being 10 or even 20 times the cost of APS-C sensor. This argument is always used to justify the high price of FF cameras. So let’s accept this and accept the more expensive autofocus or whatever else needed to handle the FF sensor. Why then don’t we have much cheaper APS-C cameras? If they can produce a 5DII at 2500 on a profit why don’t we have a 250 (or, gasp, 125) APS-C camera (following the 10x or 20x factor and accepting the sensor as the main price defining parameter)?

            My answer is that the public has accepted the idea that DSLR is a high-end product and they are happy for paying “ONLY” 600 or 700 for a 3100 or a 5100 body. Since the public accepts this, manufacturers happily adopt it.

            But, please, don’t blame me for not trusting manufacturers in their pricing! As an enthusiast I may never need more than a 12MP camera, but I am almost sure that in 10 years there will be none around to buy, only the latest low-end 32MP model priced at (you guessed it) 600-700.

            • Gio

              That was meant to say “…more than a 12MP Full-Frame camera..”

            • NoName

              “companies are not always honest about the cost of features”

              Companies are NEVER honest. The only problem of a company is to make the more cash possible.
              The feature: a perfect 100$ note. The selling price: 95$ !!! the cost of the feature can be 16 cents or 9o$, it’s the problem of the company.

  • Dan

    I am confident the ISO will be fine. I want GPS!!! any word on that??????

    • Dino B

      Why you get lost when your out taking pictures? lol just j/k .. its a posibility some patents posted a little while back had some that looked like built in gps.. so we will see. And as you said ISO will be just fine i’m sure like come on people the D3S is just about night vision if I had something like that i wouldnt care much of what comes next… I now own a D50 .. and its an quite good slr but ISO is quite limiting but still good, so i’m waiting for either D400 or maybe D800 if its not more than $3400-3500 .. since i already colected some nice glass which also means a lot (n series 🙂 )

    • john

      I rather have Bluetooth support for off board GPS logger,
      1. On board GPS means draining and lot of power from the camera
      2. Most of the on board GPS device can’t preload Satellite data in it and it take ages to boot up(around a min).
      3. Can update to newer technology GPS logger when ever I want

      current I import GPS data to my Photo data from my GPS logger or my phone,
      It is easy with ViewNX/ViewNX2 as long as you set you camera time right.

      • Art

        I can’t speak to GPS, but Bluetooth is a battery hog. That is why it is a good idea to turn off Bluetooth on your cell phone if you want better battery life. The nice thing about onboard gps is that the camera can control battery usage. For example, you can get the gps coordinates everytime you take a picture and have the gps unit turned off or powered down the rest of the time. Other heuristcs can be used since pictures taken seconds apart probably are at re same point. If you are moving, then the gps would stay powered on etc. Bluetooth in contrast would need to be on all the time.

    • Darkness

      Its called GP-1

  • PeterO

    Ummm, pardon my ignorance, but why is it so important to have exact GPS coordinates for every picture? None of my clients have ever asked me for that. They all know exacly where they were getting their photos done.

    • yakker

      It would be nice to have for several years down the line when you’ve forgotten the location, especially in similar looking venues. If you’re trying to reproduce a shot, it’s helpful to have a record of the exact spot you took it from, too.

      One of the best features though is the ability to sort by location. No need to write a bunch of location keywords, with decent software you can find all your shots from a specified area or easily attach images to a map.

      • PeterO


        • atmichael

          I wonder if it also could be used to track your camera in case it’s stolen?

          I’m sure they have some firmware or feature to do just this.

  • Ken Fakewell

    I see this coming,

  • astroboy

    I want it to play mp3’s and cut my hair. :p

  • Mike

    Lo ISO @ 50 would be interesting. No one thinks it’s useful? Seems like many care about high ISO IQ..

    • IanZ28

      It’s definitely useful.

      But, so are ND filters.

      And, unfortunately they don’t make filters that increase brightness.

      • atmichael

        they do over at canon.. but then again they are superior. jokes

  • DX2FX

    Admin, a question..
    How come we are getting leaked specs of the D800 now but nothing of the D4 ? Does this imply that we will actually see the D800 announced before the D4 ?

    • The D4 will probably not be announced in 2011. Maybe in early 2012.

  • Khalid

    How long to wait for upgradarion of Nikon D700…get it on aired…whatever the feature I’ll buy one 🙂

  • cool. it’s time for them to release the power of d800 instead of the 1nikon

  • Shm

    Any word about the fps, 4 fps is to slow I think. Even with battery grip we supposedly get 6 fps. I would like to see 5 fps (8 with grip) like it was on the D700.

    • atmichael

      lol its 36mp man

  • AP

    Dream machine would be a video focused 4K sensor camera.
    Clean HDMI-out, antialias and moire free image (no interpolation), Dual CF slots.

    Stills at the same resolution .

    Frame rates.
    4K 1-120 FPS, 2K 1-300 fps, 1080p 1-500 FPS

    Price 6000 eur.

  • 36mp FX means it will be difraction-limited at the same apertures as a D7000? And that textures will look like ‘plastic’ as well? (like the d7000)

    I’ll pass…

    • atmichael

      prove it

    • Josh

      Don’t worry. Looking at your flicker photostream, you don’t even need a DSLR. Your photography is so sub-standard, that you iPhone is all that you should take. Don’t waste money on expensive equipment as you just don’t have the eye.

      • PeterT

        That´s rude!

      • pethunia

        Rude indeed, Josh. Very un-elegant way to argue. Doesn’t make the NR threads a better read.

      • Rob

        Link to your photos or shut up.

      • James Mendoza

        It’s not rude, it’s just totally incorrect. Anonymous Josh, who is obviously suffering from an acute case of jealousy, seeks to ridicule what he can’t reproduce, and denigrate what he wishes he could achieve.

        You’re a loser Josh, and what makes you even more pathetic is that you are also a bitter coward.

  • atmichael

    tachradarr as this, which seems more reasonable for the d700 upgrade.

    – 24-megapixel sensor
    – EXPEED 2 image processing engine
    – Enhanced Live View with full time AF
    – 1080p video
    – Full-time AF in video mode
    – 2,016 RGB metering sensor
    – 95% field of view videwfinder
    – Full HD (1080p) video
    – Sensitivity expandable to ISO 102, 400
    – 8fps contiuous shooting

    • atmichael

      with the current rumored specs on this site for the d3s/d3x replacement instead of the d700 replacement

      • Anonymous

        EXPEED 2? I don’t think so. Why would they put that in one of their best cameras when they have the all new, powerful EXPEED 3 to work with?

        • atmichael

          what’s wrong with expeed 2?. works fine so far.

          and maybe they would use the 3s for the flagship.

          there’s got to be something that separates top pro from pro from prosumer and consumer.

          which expeed engine do all d3s use? expeed 3?

    • NoName

      Reasonable upgrade:

      – 24-megapixel sensor
      – express raw non-processing engine
      – Enhanced Live View with full time AF
      – optional video
      – stone age light metering sensor (sufficient with HIGH dynamic sensor)
      – 99% field of view videwfinder
      – optional Sony video recorder on flash grip
      – Sensitivity expandable to ISO 10 – 12000
      – 4 fps contiuous shooting

  • djw

    I wish Nikon would just hurry up and release the Nikon D700 successor … then Canon will release the 5D Mark III!

    … then both camps will be very happy!

    • atmichael

      I’m still extremely happy with my d700.

      • djw

        With the general negative reaction to this d800 rumour I would think may are in your camp also.

        I don’t think upgrading is compulsory 😉 but it sure is nice to have the choice.

        • isaidit

          i wouldn’t label them general.. as they are mostly text junkies with no gear or capacity to use anything more then a point and shoot.

          You know.. people love to btch and whine on forums and blogs.. because in real life people care even less about their thoughts.

  • Ren Kockwell #4

    The ISO “number” is irrelevant. We can’t complain about “6400” yet.

    It is the QUALITY of the image at that given ISO that is important.

    If it has half the noise and is twice as sharp as ISO 6400 on the D700, is that not a significant improvement? Maybe even of about a stop? Whether it’s called 12800 or is just a much better 6400, we can’t split hairs yet.

    • Mort

      Exactly, you have people here bloviating about the lack of high ISO when we still don’t know much about this camera’s capabilities. Nikon has a good track record and producing quality DSLRs. It only makes sense to wait and see. Critising at this point is way too premature.

      • NotTrue

        That’s not true at all — it would NOTE that it was a 12,800 ISO (or more) camera if the ISO was better than the 6,400 ISO of the D700. But it is 6400 — just like the D7K — which makes sense. Probably exactly the same sensor with minor tweaks. Certainly not going to be a leap in technology.

        And we’ve already seen that the D7K is not better than the D700!

        So D800 is just a jumbo-sized D7K = not that great considering how long 6400 ISO has been around (several years).

  • Adrian

    Competitive? The D3 stayed competitive with 12 megapixels.

  • 640K ought to be enough for anybody.

  • PhotoGradStudent

    No news on the D4? I waited so long on the D800, and now seeing the specs of it, it just reminds me of an over glorified D3x. I might as well wait on the D4.

  • There’s no way in hell that a studio would bump up their workflow for 100+ weddings per year from 12 megapixels to 36. That’s just ludicrous, it straight-up tripples storage costs and at least doubles workflow time. And from my observations in processing Canon sRAW files, I’d prefer to avoid an sRAW format if I can. Although Nikon has shown no signs of developing one, even with the 24 megapixel D3X and 16 megapixel D7000. (Yet Canon has been trying to perfect sRAW since what, 10-15 megapixels?)

    All this leads me to believe that either 36 megapixels will actually be reserved for a D4X, or that Nikon’s D800 has a little brother, a la D700s, up it’s sleeve.

    Either way I don’t care; if I don’t get what I want then I’ll most likely just buy a used D3s for that “same” $4K… Along with thousands (millions?) of other hard-working professional photographers who couldn’t care less about megapixels or video.

    Bad move, Nikon, except for the bragging rights of prosumer fanboys. And landscape photographers, I suppose.


    • Josh

      LOL. Who the hell cares what you think? Are you some well known pro. Love when these wanna be’s come along and start chastising Nikon for taking out what the majority want. You think Nikon are stupid and will release something that will not be good? Now crawl back under that bridge and while you are there take some photography classes as your work is average at best (better than the other guy above though, if it’s any consolation).

      • Ren Kockwell #4

        You know, he does sound like a whiny little bitch.

        But… his work doesn’t seem that bad. I would say it’s “above average” rather than “average at best.”

        Considerably better than Ron Scubadiver’s work, FWIW. What is your work?

        • bobred

          Yeah like Nikon cares what he thinks lmao.

          Bad move Matthew.. now your whining/elitist post will be online for any who who searches your name on google.


      • Wow this josh guy is very rude. A good photographer will never talk that way.
        Well at least matthew has guts to speaks his mind.
        Now here’s my take on josh:

        1. He doesnt really know about photography. More of a hobby. Cause if he is,
        he wouldnt say matthew’s work plain average. Its quite good actually.
        2. This josh guy doesnt really have the dough to buy so called d800. He is just excited hearing bout new cameras & talk about them. I expect he only ownes somethin like d300 or even worst d80.

        All in all, i just dont understand why people like juat josh venture into photography. This kind of people better off with something else such as being a video gamer or whatever. Normally people like him doesnt know to make a good pic. They only know how to talk..

      • Rob

        Ban this troll.

  • i keep on saving and waiting to break the piggy bank that one day, which day i don’t know.

  • Jabs

    Here is something that might be relative to this?

    Maybe next year we will have a Shootout 2012 with a D800 and the other upcoming Nikon gear?

  • David

    D4 for London Olympics.

  • I bought D700 on february…but I would like to have more details..always

  • hewey

    i dont think much of Josh´s comments either but come ob Kerry why belittle the D300 & D80 they were and to some still on classic Nikons!
    Peace out everyone

  • hewey

    i dont think much of Josh´s comments either but come on Kerry why belittle the D300 & D80 they were and to some still are classic Nikons!
    Peace out everyone

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