Nikon released two new EDG fieldscopes with VR technology

Nikon announced two new EDG fieldscopes with VR technology (world's first). They can be attached to a DSLR with an adapter - see this guest post for more info. Both models are priced at $5,499.95.

Key features:

  • The world's first fieldscopes featuring Nikon's lens-shift type VR (Vibration Reduction) system (as of October 2011)
  • It reduces vibrations to approximately 1/8*2 during observation, providing the equivalent of a shutter speed approximately two stops*2 faster in digiscoping
  • Easy VR operation; after turning the VR lock knob, pressing the VR button once activates the function
  • VR function turns off automatically after approximately 30 minutes of turning VR on (Auto power off function)
  • Readily available AA-size batteries are used
  • Extra-low dispersion (ED) glass for chromatic aberration compensation and brighter, clearer viewing
  • Phase-correction-coated roof prism for high resolution
  • Dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coating on roof prism for the brightest view (straight model only)
  • All lenses and prisms are multilayer-coated for the brightest images
  • Waterproof (up to 2 m/6.6 ft. for 10 minutes)*3 and fog free with nitrogen gas (body/eyepiece joint and body/battery holder joint are water-resistant*4)
  • Stylish design
  • Three tripod mount screw holes provided for flexible mounting; optimum balance achieved through CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)
  • Seven eyepieces exclusively for EDG Fieldscopes are optionally available
  • Built-in sliding hood protects objective lens
EDG VR Fieldscopes EDG Fieldscope 85 VR EDG Fieldscope 85-A VR
Objective diameter (mm) 85 85
Close focusing distance (m) 5.0 5.0
Length (mm)*5 379 398
Height × width (mm)*5 141 × 104 141 × 104
Weight (g)*5 2,400 (without batteries) 2,400 (without batteries)
Vibration Reduction effects (at 25 °C)*6 Observation: Degree of vibration is reduced to approx. 1/8Digiscoping: Equivalent of a shutter speed approx. 2 stops faster
Power source AA alkaline battery ×4, AA lithium battery ×4 or AA Ni-MH (nickel metal hydride) battery ×4
Battery life (at 25 °C)*7 Approx. 17 hours (AA alkaline battery), approx. 31 hours (AA lithium battery), approx. 15 hours [AA Ni-MH (nickel metal hydride) battery]
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  • Canon User

    …waiting for more D800 rumors 🙂

    • Mock Kenwell


    • tifkat

      I’m waiting for a rumored announce date, not that I’ll be buying one.

  • Kalkman Photography

    I dont like the red rings. Makes me think Canon.

  • R!

    This is great,Canon can’t compete on that…!

  • jdsl

    Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs …

    • Kurt Low

      Ya, RIP for Steve, but wait….why suddenly about this? 0.0

      • jdsl

        Because SJ was one of the pioneers in the industry who changed our lives.

    • R!


    • Royster

      While I mourn his death, I’m not exactly sure what Steve Jobs has to do with Nikon rumors. Is it okay to bring up political leanings here as well? How about our take on increasing educational standards in our country?

      • This is why I did not do a separate post on it, I just added the apple logo on top.

        • Royster

          Yes, I can’t disagree that you’ve done it appropriately – very subtle, very classy. I was commenting more on the regular posters, as I’ve also seen comments on Job’s death in a post from yesterday.

          • Iris Chrome

            I don’t think that mourning Steve Jobs death on a public board can in anyway be equated with expressing political affinities. For one, this is not a forum. It’s a comment board. I believe the format and rules can be a little flex more here. Besides, NR does have a separate forum section where threads are differentiated by topic and even there, a thread dedicated to Mr. Jobs’ death wouldn’t be inappropriate. Just like Ren Kockwell below said, Jobs had a great impact throughout the electronics industry.

      • Ren Kockwell

        No one has had more impact on the electronics-purchasing consumer than Steve Jobs, so yeah, I think it’s relevant. But one need not dwell on it.

        • jdsl

          I concur 🙂

      • jdsl

        Showing respect to what Steve Jobs had done to the industry is worth mentioning in any form of forums, discussion boards or whatever.

  • texajoe


  • texajoe

    Wait. NIKONRUMORS.COM has an apple logo. Yes rip Steve. I love his products. I’m posting this on an iPhone now. Any rumors about nikonrumors adding an applerumors (not that name it’s already taken) to the site? Or is that category already over crowded?

    • Yes, except the servers this blog is 100% made on Apple products. Windows users will not see the logo.

      • JorPet

        Made me go to the iPad to view it.

        Very appropriate.

      • Windows User

        Windows users see  instead. (F8FF)

        • WB

          I have been wondering for two days now, what the heck  was!!

  • plug

    As I mentioned at the time, there was a mock-up of one of these at the British Birdfair back in mid August. For birdwatchers like myself this is an exciting looking product.

    • PHB

      For this particular piece, surely a Nikon 1 adaptor would be more useful than F-mount? The coverage of the lens is probably going to be rather less than the full 35mm frame, its a bit small to see a D700 on the other end. And if you are carrying a DSLR then you would probably carry a DSLR lens to go with it??

      Just a thought.

  • Camaman

    What are these actually used for in real life to justify the technology and especially the price?

    • plug

      Birding… the don’t really mix with photography that well. try identifying a LBJ at 100metres without a scope.

    • Jabs

      Look at the ‘guest post’ ABOVE you.

    • PAG

      This could be huge in the birding market. It’s totally unique. Study after study has shown that the birding market is large, growing, educated, and tends to have money. That’s the kind of demographic any company wants to lead in.

      I’ve also noticed that digiscoping is a gateway drug. I’ve watched multiple birders get very into it and be happy … for a while. Then they want really crisp, clear shots and want to be able to take flight photos and they come over to the dark side. Nikon is doing great on the gateway department, but they are behind the curve in lenses for birders. Bring on a 30mm VR f/4, 400mm VR f/5.6, and 80-400mm update!

      • Yes, agree we need update on thoses lenses and that would be the superb combo with Digiscoping hehehe 🙂

      • Keith

        “This could be huge in the birding market. It’s totally unique.”

        And utterly, utterly pointless.

        I’ve birded for nearly 40 years, in that time, I’ve never – not once – felt the need for a stabilised scope.


  • svx94

    I am really interested in its earlier model but the availability seems low. I even went to B&H NYC store to try it out, but they don’t have it on demo at that time. The VR is absolutely a nice addition to a great scope. I hope they can price the DSLR adapter more reasonably. Good stuff!

  • andy

    birding and guided astrophotography – it’s a much cheaper alternative to a Nikon super tele lens

  • jimyjonjojo

    D800 – D800s – details

    • Quit Your Whining

      Obsessed a little, are you?

  • AM

    I hope this is not the rumored announcement expected in October.

  • The invisible man

    Very usefull to see in details all the 36mp from the D800’s sensor !

  • Christino

    Is there any Nikon 1 adapter???

    • The invisible man

      BTW do you guys know why Nikon called it the Nikon 1 ?
      Because so far they only sold one !

      • Anonymous

        Wrong… see previous blog posts on the large number of pre-orders for the Nikon Mirror-less cameras.

      • JorPet

        TIM made a funny! 😀

  • Matt

    I have the VR binoculars and they are awesome. I have been looking at the scopes for long range work but I suspect I would want a D3s to go with it. That is, the high ISO would be helpful with this lens system. Does any body know if there is anything better or longer? I have not researched that yet. Thanks!

    • PAG

      Check out Leica, Zeiss, Swarovski, and Kowa. Their best scope models, along with the Nikon EDG, are the top of the line available today. I think most, if not all, have some type of digiscoping connection for a DSLR.

    • If you need longer reach, scope, eyepiece and compact camera is the way to go and you will get over 3000mm than FSA-L2 adapter on DSLR 🙂

  • Jabs


    THANKS for the ‘Apple’ on your top banner.

    We lost a giant for sure – no more comment.

    • Many posts here on [NR] were done on a iPhone while driving 🙂 He changed the way we interact with computers and I am thankful for it.

    • The apple logo will be visible only to Mac users, Windows users will see an empty square.

      RIP Steve.

      • Ren Kockwell

        +1. Thanks for the memorial. The world lost a visionary.

      • Jabs


        Sorry but I promised ‘no more comment’ – so here goes as I now break this promise.

        On Linux, you see the Apple
        On Win7 I see a little square

        Just checked it.

        • AM

          Which Linux? I am using Ubuntu and don’t see the logo.

          • Jabs

            Kubuntu 11
            Ubuntu Studio 11
            plus others

            All using Firefox 7.01

  • The invisible man

    I had a dream…….the D800 was available for Xmas at $2,900.00, I was able to make my wife believe that It cost less than my D5100, Nikon had a combo D800+200mm f/2.0 at $5,900.00
    But then, the fuk**g neighbour’s dog woke me up.

    • Hdshsdhy

      Lol u made me laugh bro.

      This rumour sorta sucks Peter… :p

    • Quit Your Whining

      Obsession is bad for you.

  • StorkMan

    Hello all. I was wondering how this would compare to a long tele? Obviously not as good, but in what way? What is their aperture/focal length on an slr? I’ve always been confused by the nomenclature of binoculars/scopes/telescopes. Thanks.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Hook one of these up to the V1 and you could see back in time.

  • The invisible man

    *** More details about the D800 ***

    – Li-ion rechargeable battery
    – 1/4″ tripod socket
    – built-in flash
    – speaker
    – microphone input
    – accessory shoe (for optional flash unit)
    – HDMI output
    – infrared receiver
    – Diopter adjustment control
    – playback button
    – delete button
    – live view switch
    – power switch
    – memory card access lamp
    – shutter-release button
    – self-timer lamp
    – lens release button


    • JorPet

      Dude, you are on a roll today (with lots of ham)


    • NikonTheAvenger

      You forgot built in swimsuit model.
      RIP Steve Jobs.

  • i am using a mac thank you mr. jobs rip

  • scurvy hesh

    Oh well. it looks like nothing is going on over here. Guess Ill go back to pestering Zeiss fanboys on that great site Photorumors! Btw those scopes look doooope!

  • yrsued

    Call me stupid, but….

    Why would you need VR on a Spotting Scope??

    Everyone I have ever known to use one, uses it on a tripod!!

    You don’t spot for an Elk at 600 yds and handhold the thing!!

    Waste of technology!!!

    • The invisible man

      Well, it’s designed for the Japanese market only, of course they use a tripod but the VR can be usefull in case or earthquake !

  • nau

    Admin any word on AW100 review?

    • The Nikon Coolpix AW100 review will be a guest post and I am expecting to get it on Monday.

      • Nau

        thank you…. holding back on my purchase 🙂 … even that Im pretty much sure thats what Im gone get for this summer 🙂 (australian time)

  • Peter

    OK, have not seen anyone say this so here goes. Why VR on a spotting scope? They are designed from the ground up to mounted on a tripod. Turning on VR to take a picture with this would introduce vibrations that would decrease image quality. Admittedly I don’t use a spotting scope on a lot of trains, planes, or automobiles. Plus taking pictures during an earthquake is a bit iffy. Someone explain the value of VR on a spotting scope that be design is intended for solid base viewing. I.D. my sniper is lying next to me and I am lying next to her. I am calling ranges but am not hand holding the scope…

    • We never know if the VR is made for tripod usage similar like Nikon’s prime lenses with VR II 🙂

    • clechien

      Dont forget VR was originally introduced in the super-tele’s. Originally it was designed for tripod mounting to allow smoth pan shots.

      They’re probably doing the same thing here.

  • pethunia

    It DOES remind me that I would love to have a good (birding) telescope!
    The use of VR is not obvious to me, unless ‘digiscoping’ (taking images through it) is also involved.
    A longer stay on a cold, windy place would probably kill the batteries in no-time.
    But anyway, I would also consider the Nikon offerings when choosing one. time..

    • Andy

      sanyo eneloops perform very well in extreme cold. Energizer litium (non rechargeable) too.

      • pethunia

        Good to hear – I am using several sets of them now for the first time! Thanks.

  • $900.00 for the adaptor for one of these puppies.

    • Aviphile

      $900 for an adaptor? That’s even worse than the BR-2A!

  • juha.espo

    Have some of you used e.g. Zeiss’s stabilized binoculars? Even at smaller magnifications than with a powerful scope, our eye resolution can benefit from using stabilisation. In some cases it’s very important to distinguish as many details as possible before the object/taget is too near or gone. I’m really interested to test these scopes. Hope the price is not too high.

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